Confessions of a Realtor: Dorinda

Confessions of a Realtor: Dorinda

Dorinda was another client I ended up going the extra mile for. She was a businesswoman, and to be honest she initially came across as a little uptight. The house she wanted had to be perfect.

I showed her what I thought were quality locations. But nothing seemed quite right. She was so busy making decisions for her business that she seemed incapable of making one for herself, finding fault with just about everything.

I finally took her to the Ainsley house. I thought it would be ideal for her situation. But she didn’t agree, nitpicking every little thing.

It had a backyard soaking tub I thought would do her wonders after a long day at work. But that day I suppose I was thinking more of myself. I just wanted a nice soak before going home, especially after trying to deal with her many idiosyncrasies.

We were out back looking at the soaking tub when she finally gasped in exasperation, “What’s so great about this place, Rosanna?” For some reason she seemed uncomfortable calling me Rosie.

“To be honest, Dorinda, I was planning a little soak out here after we parted company. This is the last house I have to show today, and I wanted to get wet and soak for a while before going home.”

She was astonished. “Rosanna, you were actually going to use their hot tub? Do you have the Ainsley’s permission that?”

“I always check with my clients first, Dorinda. I tell them I like to use their tubs or pools if possible. That way if a buyer wants to know what it’s like, I have firsthand information to share with them. And I always pay for the upkeep while their house is on the market.”

She eyed me dubiously as though my conduct was unprofessional. Then she asked, “Have you been in their tub before?”

“A couple times already, Dorinda. Once I had a very trying day, so I came over and checked the place over. I checked the tub to make sure it was in good working order. Then I got in for a nice dip… ‘checking the water’ you might say.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Not at all, Dorinda. Care to join me for a soak? I could use one right about now.”

It surprised her even more the way I was willing to get in while she was watching me. But I could tell she was actually thinking about it. I figured a soak would do her a lot of good… would probably do us both good.

Naturally she balked at the idea as she murmured, “Well I don’t know…” But that didn’t stop me.

“If the place interests you in the slightest, I see no reason why you shouldn’t try out the tub. You once told me your business can be quite stressful. A soak after work would be a great way to relax and shed the worries of the day.”

She went silent for a moment. But I could tell she was giving it some thought. Maybe it was because I was being so brazen, catching her off guard by taking the situation out of her control.

At that point I kind of took a chance with her. I started stripping out of my clothes until I was in my light blue bikini I’d deliberately worn underneath, choosing that particular color simply because she’d once told me she liked things that were light blue. Then I climbed down into the water and took up a seat.

For the first time since I’d known her she seemed not to know what to do next. She certainly was giving me the eye in my bikini. So I waved her to come on in.

“You’re welcome to join me if you want, Dorinda. We can discuss some of the finer points of what you’re looking for. A relaxing soak while going over your preferences won’t hurt anything.”

“But I don’t… I mean… I didn’t bring anything to wear.”

“No problem. You can dress down to your underwear if you want. Or you can just get naked if you don’t want any of your clothes to get wet. I certainly don’t mind.”

“I, uh… well, I… I suppose…”

She slowly undressed as though she was still trying to decide. Then she reached her underwear and stopped. I understood her hesitation when I saw she was wearing a lacy bra and panties that were probably a little pricey. So I smiled as I told her, “You can wear those or you can take them right off so long as you’re comfortable either way.”

To my surprise she stripped out of her underwear. Then she tentatively stepped naked down into the water. I reassured her by telling her I probably would have gone nude if I hadn’t planned ahead and worn my bikini under my clothes.

I must say I liked what I saw. Looks seemed important to her as she had a toned body that indicated she did a little working out. Maybe she felt she had to look perfect for her business contacts.

Her dark hair, C cups and neatly trimmed landing strip made my mouth water a little. But I wasn’t there to play. I was there to put her mind at ease while we discussed what she was looking for in a location.

We started talking about some of the little things she wanted in a home. As I listened, I realized the Ainsley house actually had much of what she was looking for. But I decided not to say anything to avoid embarrassing her.

During the three weeks we’d been together I’d gotten the impression she was into girls. I’d even gotten some subtle hints she might be into me. If possible I wanted to use that knowledge to help lower her barriers to be more comfortable in my presence without taking advantage of her.

There was a pregnant pause in our conversation. That’s when I told her I was looking forward to her leaving so I could spend some quality time in the tub. But I quickly reminded her she could stay and enjoy the soak for as long as she wanted.

She looked at me curiously. Then she asked, “What do you mean by ‘quality time’, Rosanna?”

“I don’t want to embarrass, offend or upset you, Dorinda. I was just looking forward to, well… getting off underwater… if you know what I mean.”

“Getting off??” At first she acted confused. Then it seemed to register.

She gasped incredulously, her eyes opening wide. “You mean to say you were going to, uh… seriously, Dorinda?? Have you done that out here before… gotten yourself off, I mean… right here in this very tub??”

“On a couple of stressful days, yes.”

She seemed astonished. Then her expression changed. I could tell she’d become a little curious.

“Uh… what did you do… er, uh… I mean… what DO you do in here… that is, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Is it ok if I show you?”

“Of course.” Now she seemed really curious as she leaned forward, the anticipation showing in her features.

I felt a jolt of erotic tingles as I moved to the center of the soaking tub. Then I took a deep breath and submerged. I went down to the bottom on my back, released some air to help me stay down, and then started to grope and fondle myself all over.

At first she looked shocked. Then she appeared intrigued as she came away from her seat for a closer look. It turned me on knowing she was watching me as I touched myself.

I surfaced and gasped mightily for breath. She seemed impressed. “How long can you stay down?”

“Long enough to, uh… well, you know.”

“You mean… you mean you actually masturbate while holding your breath underwater??”

I smiled coyly. “You make it sound so dirty, Dorinda.” Then I chuckled as I added, “Sometimes I bring a toy to use on myself.”

“A toy??”

“Um – hmm.”

She paused for a moment. Then she revealed a hidden part of herself as she carefully asked, “You ever, uh… have you ever, uh… ever done it with another female… underwater, I mean?”

“Oh, I’ve played underwater with females a time or two, Dorinda… but not out here in the Ainsley tub. In fact you’re the first client who’s even asked about my proclivities… not that I mind sharing that information with you. Like I say, I thought it only fair you get to try out their tub in case you had any interest in their property. And as I mentioned before, I had planned on using it anyway after you left. So I’m glad you’re here enjoying a soak with me.”

It was a big moment for the two of us. I thought she was starting to open up to me. That way I could find out what she was really looking for in a home. If there was some subconscious blockage making it hard for her to choose a house, I hoped I might be of some service.

For a minute there I thought we might have a little fun loosening up. Maybe then I could learn why I had not succeeded in finding the right home for her. But her damned iPhone picked that moment to ring, and the mood was broken.

She blurted out an obscenity as she climbed out of the water to answer it. My heart sank, believing I’d lost the moment and was going to end up all the way back to square one with her. When she answered it, what I heard made it sound like work was calling her back.

I quickly got out and retrieved a couple towels. She hastily dried herself off. Amazingly she apologized for having to run off. It was the first time she’d ever shown me any consideration.

I smiled as I told her not to worry about it. But I was already anticipating the old, stiff Dorinda meeting up with me for our next series of home visits. The call had certainly come at an inopportune time… and in more ways than one.

Before she left she asked if I could show her the house again. I told her I’d be happy to show it to her at her earliest convenience. Then she startled the hell out of me by giving me a warm smile.

“Thanks, Rosie… I mean… you said I could call you Rosie, right?”

I was shocked. But I recovered quickly to give her my warmest smile. “Uh… certainly, Dorinda. Of course you can call me Rosie.”

“My close friends call me Dory. I think I’d like it if you’d call me that too… that is, if that’s ok with you, Rosie.”

“Certainly, Dory. You have my number, right? Give me a call when you have some free time and want to return to this house or go look at any others.” And with that she smiled and thanked me before turning and rushing off.

I sighed at the missed opportunity of soaking a little longer with her. But it felt like something had changed, especially now that she wanted to call me Rosie. Perhaps my prospects of getting her out of her shell and finding the right house for her were looking up…

I got a call from Dory a couple days later. She wanted to look at the Ainsley place again. And she wanted to see it after hours.

I told her that could be arranged. Then she caught me by surprise when she asked, “Rosie? Would it be ok if we tried the soaking tub again? I was thinking about what you said about relaxing in it after a stressful day. Maybe you could show me some of your, uh… ‘de-stressing techniques’?”

“Certainly, Dory. I’d be happy to show you what I do sometimes to relax.”

“Great? Tomorrow night? About 8:30?”

“I’ll meet you there, Dory.”

“Thanks, Rosie.” Then she ended the call.

I had a certain feeling of anticipation about her after that call. So on the night of our appointment I took a little something extra with me in my purse, just in case I needed to further break the ice. Then I drove over to the Ainsley house to meet her.

Her car was parked in their driveway when I got there. We went inside and I showed her throughout the empty house for a second time. This time she examined things with a different eye, renewing my hopes.

Issues I originally thought were deal breakers were now becoming not so critical. She told me what she liked about the place and how she thought she could make some things work. I got the distinct impression she was fighting with herself… as though she was trying to talk herself into buying something she really liked but that she couldn’t yet admit to herself.

She finally told me she wanted to see the soaking tub again. So we went outside. She murmured something about how she thought it might be really nice after a stressful day at work.

She paused for a moment as though embarrassed about something. Then she hesitantly asked if we could use it again. I told her, “No problem, Dory. Let’s get wet.”

I smiled encouragingly as I started to strip without the least hesitation. This time I took everything off. Her eyes lit up when she saw I was going in naked. Amazingly she did the same thing with only a minimal amount of hesitation.

We both got into the water together. Right away I noticed how hard her nipples had become. I got the distinct impression something interesting was going to happen between us before the night was over.

This time we sat closer together as she told me about the stresses of her job. She said she felt like she had to be in control the entire time. Sometimes she had moments where she didn’t want to make any decisions and that she just wanted to be told what to do for a change.

I’m not sure what it was that made me say it. I smiled with a chuckle as I told her, “You mean like if I were to tell you to come over here and kiss my nipples right this very minute?”

It was a flippant remark, thrown out there just to get a laugh and to further break the ice. But maybe a subconscious part of me was serious about it. Instantly I wished I wouldn’t have been quite so brazen.

To my astonishment she actually came closer. Dory got down into the water and started kissing and sucking on my nipples as she caressed me all over. She was sensuous and affectionate, and I moaned softly.

I looked at her and got this really wicked idea. “So you think this would be a great way to relieve stress, eh? Why don’t you show me? Dory, I want you to lie on your back on the bottom, hold your breath, and then touch yourself all over like I was doing the other day.”

What the hell was I thinking?? But the moment had presented itself. I’ve learned from past experience to seize the opportunity once it shows itself or it might be lost forever.

I watched in astonishment as she took a deep breath before going right under, bubbles trickling out of her nose. She laid flat on her back where she released more bubbles to stay down. Then she started rubbing herself.

I leaned over to watch, turned on like you wouldn’t believe. She touched and groped herself until more bubbles started coming up as her stomach rippled from her breathlessness. She finally came up gasping loudly for breath.

I smiled as I told her, “Not bad, Dory.” Then I seized the bull by the horns by asking, “So how good are you at eating things out underwater?”

I was taking quite a chance. But I was getting the impression she wanted me to dominate her, at least if I was reading her right. And after all, I wasn’t above being a little dominant so long as we both enjoyed it and got what we wanted.

She took a deep breath and then submerged with a burble. She moved into my crotch and started kissing and licking. I gasped and moaned, unable to believe a tightly wound business woman was doing such a great job eating me out underwater.

There was another eruption of bubbles before she finally came up panting quietly for breath. “Do I get a turn?” I asked carefully. She nodded her assent with a smile, her eyes flashing excitedly.

“Let me know if I cross any lines, Dory.” Then I allowed her to take a deep breath before I pushed her to the bottom on her back.

I went between her legs and started eating her out, sexy bubbles coming out of my mouth and nose. She moaned and bubbled as she writhed at the bottom of the soaking tub. It was such an incredible turn-on.

Her lungs were starting to heave when I let her surface. I gave her a few moments to catch her breath. Then I told her, “You’re going down again. This time I’m not letting you up until you make yourself cum. Understand?”

I held my breath, wondering if perhaps I’d pushed it too far. But she nodded with a flash of excitement in her eyes. Then I allowed her to get a good breath before I pushed her down.

She proceed to rub herself all over before she started fingering herself. I pushed down on her boobs, rubbing and squeezing them. She finger-fucked herself with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.

I kept her down until her lungs started heaving. For a moment I thought I was going to have to let her back up before she orgasmed. Then she stiffened as she cried out.

She lost the last of her air as she shuddered hard. I could tell she was orgasming underwater. It was such an incredible turn-on that I nearly came myself.

I let her up and she came up panting wildly for breath. I told her, “Now it’s my turn, Dory. You’re not coming back up until you get ME off. Understand?”

Again I held my breath, wondering if I’d pushed too far. She just nodded her head. I no longer saw her as a businesswoman having to be in control all the time. Now I saw her simply as a woman wanting to be pushed around and dominated a little.

I went down to the bottom lying flat on my back. She came down between my legs and started licking me out. I grabbed her by her head, forcing her as I humped her face.

She was incredible; I never knew she had it in her! I made her stay down until I just couldn’t hold back any longer. Then I screamed my breath away in orgasm before we both surfaced.

We panted heavily for breath, our gasps echoing in the back yard. I told her, “That was incredible, Dory!” Then I grinned as I added, “I think you’ve earned a special reward.”

I climbed out of the tub and went over to my purse. I reached in and pulled out a nine inch dildo I’d brought with me. Then I smiled at her as I brought it back to the soaking tub.

She looked at it in astonishment as I stepped down into the water. Then I heard her quietly gasp, “I was hoping you might have brought along something like that.” Her words gave me an erotic jolt like you wouldn’t believe.

“Time for you to get fucked, Dory. I hope you can hold your breath. Otherwise you just might drown.” Then I started to push down on her chest.

She gasped as she willingly went down onto the bottom of the tub on her back. I went down with her where I slowly inched the dildo all the way into her pussy. Then I started fucking her with it… slowly at first, but then faster and faster.

I had her writhing like crazy as I occasionally took her clit into my mouth. Then she screamed her breath away from an incredible orgasm. I let her back up and we gasped for breath.

“My turn; ok?” I asked hopefully. “One last one and then I suppose we’d better be going.” Then I took a deep breath and went under onto my back.

She came down with the toy in her hand. She pushed it into my pussy and then proceeded to fuck me with it while nibbling on my nub. I was so horny that I went off like a firecracker.

We both surfaced and sat close to each other while catching our breath. I quickly slipped back into realtor mode by asking, “So what do you think of the place, Dorinda?”

She didn’t once hesitate. “Actually I think I’d like to make an offer on it, Rosanna. I think it’s going to suit me just fine.”

“That’s great. I just want you to have a place you’re going to be happy with.”

“Oh yeah. I think I’m going to enjoy this place… a lot.” Implied was the idea she might be spending a lot of her evenings out here getting rid of some stress, especially the way she looked knowingly at me.

We climbed out of the water, and I retrieved a couple of towels. We dried off and put our clothes back on. Afterwards she gave me a polite kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, Rosie.”

“My pleasure, Dory. I just want you to be happy in the right house.”

“I think this one will be just fine.” Then we headed out to our vehicles. The next day the Ainsleys accepted her offer…

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