Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 6


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At that moment it occurred to me I was standing there buck naked acknowledging all that applause. I don’t know why I suddenly became so self-conscious, considering everything I’d done right in front of everyone while hanging Emma. I decided it was time to get down off the stage and find my robe.

Stewart was down there in his robe clapping and smiling, my robe draped over an arm. Dorothy stood naked right next to him. She looked white as a ghost, perhaps over having just witnessed me hanging her sister.

Nearby I saw a woman in expensive black domination garb enthusiastically applauding my efforts. She was holding a leash attached to the collar of a naked woman in her late 20’s with large breasts and brunette hair. The leashed woman’s arms were behind her back – cuffed or tied, I presumed – and she had a red ball-gag in her mouth.

“Wonderful performance!” Monique said from behind me into my ear loud enough for me to hear. “One of the most erotic hangings I have ever witnessed.”

“Thank you,” I replied before I scooted for the steps leading down off the stage, suddenly wanting out of the spotlight.

I was almost there when I scanned the crowd. For a moment I thought I saw a familiar face that made me hesitate. Then I caught sight of Stewart coming to meet me with my robe.

Getting covered became a priority as I rushed down off the stage. I accepted it and hastily put it on as the nearby guests applauded my performance, causing me to blush again. I felt better once the robe was on.

I looked at the crowd, trying to spot that familiar face. I could have sworn I’d seen… Then I shook my head. It wasn’t possible.

“Damn, Janelle!” Stew gasped as he hugged me. “That was hot as hell!” That’s when it occurred to me I was super horny from my time up onstage. I needed to fuck again.

That woman in the black domination garb came right over with the woman on her leash in tow. She was dressed even more expressively than what Monique was wearing. “A wonderful performance, Miss. That was truly impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more erotic hanging.” I thanked her as I blushed again from her hungering look.

“Here at the Club they call me Mistress Chastity. I just love attending these sexy executions. You made my mouth water with the way you hanged her while licking her out. Whew; is it hot in here?”

She fanned herself as she smiled at me. The girl on the leash whimpered something. Mistress Chastity looked at her, tugged on the leash and then smiled at me.

“Where are my manners? I apologize. I forgot to introduce you to Clarinda. It seems she’s been a rather naughty attendant lately. She’s on probation as I haven’t decided what to do with her just yet.” Then she tugged on the leash again as she added, “Isn’t that right, Clarinda?”

The woman whimpered again as I looked at her admiringly. I liked her sexy body and her large breasts. Then Dorothy whimpered, causing me to look over at her.

Mistress saw me look at her and asked, “And who might this be?”

“This is Dorothy,” Stew said in reply. “We ran into her and her sister Emma alone in a snuff room. When Emma’s sensor popped, your attendant Nicole said we could hang her if we wanted to. And since my sis— er, uh… since Janelle here wanted to participate in a hanging, we thought we’d hang her out here on stage instead of in private.” He hesitantly added, “Nicole said there might be some sort of compensation?” I was glad he quickly corrected himself about us being brother and sister.

“Of course,” Mistress smiled in reply. “I was made aware of the situation at about the same time you were. Yes; if you check your pager it should show the appropriate change in your funds.”

Stew pulled it out of a pocket in his robe. His eyes lit up as looked at it in astonishment. Mistress Chastity looked alarmed as she added, “What… not enough?”

“My goodness… uh… no, Mistress. This is MORE than we were told we’d be receiving!” When he showed it to me I gasped at the additional $10,000 that had been added.

“I couldn’t help myself,” Chastity told us with a smile. “When I saw how erotically you hanged that lovely lady I just had to make sure the Club added a generous tip to the funds you’d been promised.

“Thank you so much!” I gasped happily.

“Oh, it’s my pleasure.”

I looked at Stew and he looked at me. Then we both looked at Dorothy standing there naked. She was trembling noticeably, her nipples hard and her pussy glistening.

“Is something wrong?” Mistress asked as she noticed our expressions.

“Uh… no, Mistress,” Stew told her. “It’s just that… we haven’t yet decided what we’re going to do with this one. Her sensor hasn’t popped so she’s not due for any kind of execution. We were so focused on her sister that we hadn’t even thought about what we’re going to do with her.”

“I see. Well, since she’s in your possession it’s totally up to you whatever you want to do with her.”

“You mean we could… I mean… we can snuff her if we want?”

I looked at Mistress in surprise, not expecting that. In the beginning I was kind of nervous when she came over and told us who she was. I thought maybe she was here to scold us or tell us we’d done something wrong.

“It’s entirely up to you,” she replied reassuringly. “Don’t let me sway you fine folks one way or the other. I’ve already gotten far more than I bargained for with your wonderful performance up onstage.”

I looked over to see Emma dangling there quietly. Her neck had lengthened as she hung there, and it gave me a surge of erotic tingles. Most of the area around the Entertainment stage had cleared out, the guests having gone back to their gambling or whatever the hell they were doing. Only a few were still loitering about.

Stewart pointed at the dead sister and asked, “Is she supposed to just… hang there like that?”

“We’re waiting until you folks are done or have left the Entertainment area. We don’t want to rush you or anything. We always leave them up until everyone leaves… unless requested otherwise.” Dorothy looked at her dead sister and whimpered through the ball-gag still in her mouth.

My brother asked, “So what do we do with this one, Janelle? I’m not really sure what to do with her. I don’t know if we should set her free, yet I’m not sure we should execute her either. What do you think?”

“I don’t know, Stew. I was too busy thinking about hanging her sister Emma. I’m not sure either.” I didn’t want to admit it to anyone, but I was kind of thinking about wanting to snuff her too.

“You folks seem uncertain whether to execute the remaining sister or let her go.”

Stewart looked at me and we both nodded before he answered, “I guess that’s right, Mistress.” But I wondered if maybe deep down he wanted to hang her or snuff her as well.

“I have a possible solution if you folks would like another option to consider.”

“What’s that?”

“You could let our roulette wheel decide the matter for you.”

She motioned over at the wheel where gambling had resumed. Monique was over there hovering over the other attendant who was taking bets and running it like she knew what she was doing. Stew and I looked over and then back at Mistress Chastity as she smiled helpfully.

“How would that work?” I asked curiously.

“It’s rather simple actually. We have the two colors: red and black. If one color comes up, she lives. If the other comes up, she dies.” She paused before conspiratorially adding, “We could even strap her down naked into one of the guillotines if you’d like.”

“Really? We could do that?”


Dorothy whimpered in alarm, her eyes flashing with fright at what Mistress was proposing. I looked at Stew and he looked at me. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was seriously considering the matter.

“Oh, it’s quite an erotic scenario,” Mistress went on. Then she looked at Stewart as she added, “You could even fuck the sister while the wheel is being spun. I’ve heard the way they clench with their cunts when they’re beheaded is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.”

I looked at Stew as an erotic thrill went down my spine. The idea of him fucking Dorothy when the blade came down on her neck really appealed to me. Besides, I wanted him to have some fun here at the Club. And since I’d already had mine I wanted to make sure he had some too before he hanged me.

“What do you think, Janelle?” he asked with growing excitement.

“I think you should do it, Stew! I got to lick Emma while she hanged! You should get to fuck Dorothy while she’s being beheaded!”

Dorothy let out another muffled grunt of alarm. Then I saw hesitation in Stew’s face. “Wait a minute, sis… er, uh… Janelle. Do you really think we should, uh… kill both sisters?”

I looked anxiously at Mistress. But there was no response at his slip of the tongue. Perhaps she hadn’t noticed.

Inwardly I breathed a little sigh of relief as I quickly replied, “You wouldn’t be killing her, Stew! It would be entirely up to the wheel! Isn’t that right, Mistress?”

“That’s exactly right. It would all depend on one spin of the wheel if you wish. The fact these two lovely ladies even set foot inside the Club indicates they knew the risks coming in.”

“Stew, I think you should do it!” Now I was really getting excited just thinking about it. Mistress seemed not to have caught Stew’s calling me “sis”. After all, I wasn’t sure if we were breaking any rules being here using the sex rooms as brother and sister.

Stewart still seemed a little hesitant. Then Mistress smiled at the two of us. “How about if I sweeten the pot?”

“Sweeten the pot?” he asked uncertainly.

“How about if Clarinda here joins you up onstage in the other guillotine? That way we’ll be guaranteed a beheading.” She tugged on her attendant’s leash for emphasis.

Clarinda stiffened as she let out a muffled grunt of alarm. I felt another erotic jolt at the idea of witnessing a live beheading. Stew was impressed as he blurted out, “Wow! You mean we’d be guaranteed a beheading for sure??”

Mistress smiled and nodded. “It’s my treat, especially after the wonderful performance you allowed me to witness this night.” Then she gave me a nudge as she added, “If you like, I’ll even let you fuck Clarinda here with a strap-on so you two can be together up onstage enjoying the moment.”

“Really??” Now I was stunned and breathless. Clarinda looked downright alarmed. And for a minute there I thought Dorothy was going to faint at what she was about to face.

“It would be my pleasure. Say the word, and we’ll make it happen. But don’t let me sway you. After all, the decision is totally up to you. I just want you to enjoy yourselves if you should decide to go through with it.”

“We’ll be naked onstage?” Stew asked nervously. But I was already starting to get excited and horny again.

“Naked and fucking a girl who might lose her head, Stew! It’s a win-win! If I can get naked again, you sure as hell can! Let’s do it!”

“Ok, Mistress,” he said with a nervous smile. “You talked us into it.”

Dorothy and Clarinda both grunted in alarm as their eyes flashed the horror of what they now faced. Mistress beamed from ear to ear as she clapped her hands together. “Splendid! I’ll alert Monique to bring the guillotines forward. You two choose who gets what color. If the marble lands on that color, they get to keep their head.” And with that she put Clarinda’s leash in my hand as she went over to the roulette wheel to get Monique’s attention.

I had Clarinda and Stew was holding Dorothy. Both naked women whimpered with fright. I could tell by the look in their eyes just how much they didn’t want to go through with this. But I was becoming more aroused by the minute.

I whispered to my brother, “Damn, Stew! Can you believe this?? Now we get to take part in an actual beheading!”

“What about Dorothy here, sis? Do you think it’s right we have a part in executing both sisters?” Apparently he was still trying to rationalize it to himself.

“You heard Mistress Chastity! They knew the risks coming in! Besides, it’s up to the wheel, remember? If we hadn’t walked into their room when we did, the Club probably would have executed both of them anyway!”

Dorothy whimpered into her ball-gag the way we were calmly talking about her fate. Clarinda grunted anxiously as she looked over at Mistress Chastity who was talking to Monique. I didn’t know what she’d done to be put on probation. But it was sure turning out to be one hell of a sexy night.

At that moment that red glow up in the ceiling came on. I hadn’t even noticed when it had gone off. Mistress and Monique came back over, the executrix all smiles.

“Returning to our Entertainment stage for seconds?”

“Oh yes, ma’am,” I replied with growing excitement. “That is, if it’s all right with you.”

“It’s perfectly all right with me and the Club, Miss! We want your visit with us to be special.”

I almost told her it was going to be perfect once I hanged for my brother. Instead I excitedly told her, “So far it’s been great!”

“Wonderful. Let’s get you all up onstage and get these lovely ladies strapped down to their guillotines.”

(Oct 31, ‘17)

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