The Aquarium Christmas Party


The Aquarium Christmas Party

It was my first Christmas party at the aquarium. I’d only been working there nine months so I didn’t know what to expect. My friend Benny told me to bring a Santa hat and not to worry about the rest.

I was well liked as I did a lot of the tasks some of the others didn’t want to do. I had no problem getting into the tanks and cleaning them around the fish. Being geared up in scuba or going down on a long breath wasn’t a problem for me.

I’m not sure when I first noticed Alexis Duhaley. Maybe that’s because our paths didn’t cross very often, although I usually saw her during the day. Often I was working in one part of the building while she worked in the other.

A couple of times I caught her flirting with me, or so I thought. Benny told me he thought she wanted me. I just brushed it off. After all, one couldn’t be too careful approaching women in this day and age.

There were some other attractive women who worked at the aquarium. But I got the impression they were all taken, including Alexis. So I did my job, made some friends and kept my nose clean.

The party had just gotten started when Gunderson said Alexis was ready in the tank. Everyone got their drinks and headed off. I followed Benny, asking him what the fuss was about. He just smiled at me as he told me, “You’ll see.”

When we got there I saw Alexis was already in the tank. She was in this sexy red Christmas outfit as she swam around the bottom with red weights on her ankles. She blew bubbles at all of us as she surfaced and then came back down.

She went into this dance that struck me as being part synchro routine and part stripper pole performance. She bubbled and gyrated as we all watched. I noticed a number of guys sporting hard-ons just like I was.

Damn; that girl could hold her breath! I got a look at my watch and kept track of one of her times underwater. She came damn close to pushing three minutes.

One of the nearby girls called her a slut, although she acted jealous at how long Alexis could be underwater. Benny told me, “She’s looking right at you, Trevor. I think she wants you.”

There was something in her eyes the way she looked at me. I concluded she was definitely fuckable should I ever get the opportunity with her. But I knew how dangerous workplace romances could be. Since I liked the aquarium I wanted to be damned careful about keeping my job.

She concluded her performance and burst up to the surface gasping loudly for breath. We cheered her loudly as she swam over to the ladder. One of the guys rushed over to give her a nearby towel when she came down off the metal steps.

She caught my eye and smiled knowingly at me. I smiled back before Benny grabbed my arm. “C’mon, man. Let’s get back to the booze.”

We all headed back to the upper room where the party continued. Alexis showed up in that same red outfit that looked amazingly dry. Someone told me she had another one stashed away that she usually wore after her performance.

I got a little confused, so I asked if she’d done this before. I was told this was her third year of putting on a little underwater Christmas performance for the party. I decided I would have to go over and give her my appreciation.

Several guys hung around her, even though I knew a couple had girlfriends. I played it casual, waiting until they cleared away or were dragged off to speak to others. Then I went over to her.

“I loved your performance,” I told her as I raised my glass to her. “You can hold your breath really well.”

“Thank you, Trevor. I’ve seen you in the tanks a few times without any gear. You seem to be able to hold your breath pretty good as well.”

“Oh, I doubt I’m as good as you,” I told her with a smile. “But I don’t mind getting into the water and holding it while I’m cleaning a particular spot on the glass.”

“I’ve noticed you seem more willing to do that than most of the others around here. For some, getting geared up and getting into the water seems like a giant pain in the ass.”

“I don’t mind so much.”

“So I’ve noticed.”

We silently watched the party for a little bit. A couple guys were starting to get loud, and I saw a couple of girls already acting like they were well on their way to getting drunk. Then Alexis got my attention.

She said into my ear, “I’ve got a special Christmas present for you if you’re interested.”

“You didn’t have to go to any trouble, Alexis. Besides, I feel bad because I didn’t get you anything.”

“It’s quite all right, Trevor. Meet me back at that aquarium I swam in, ok? Give me five minutes to get ready. Then come on back and do what comes naturally.”

“Sure thing, Alexis.” I wasn’t sure what she meant by that last comment. But I assumed I would find out soon enough.

She gave me a quick peck on the lips. I took it as a hopeful sign of things to come. Then she headed off.

I checked my watch to mark the time. Then I mingled. Everyone seemed in a good mood, especially with a little extra liquor in them.

I made it a point not to drink too much. I still couldn’t remember anything that had happened during my last two Christmas parties. I wanted to make sure I woke up the next morning knowing exactly what I’d done the night before.

Benny asked if I was having fun, and I told him I was. Then he looked all around and noticed Alexis was missing. Without thinking I told him she had a special present she was preparing for me.

He got this big smile on his face. “Damn, Trevor.”


He just laughed as he waved dismissively. “Oh, you’ll find out.”

I checked my watch and saw I was a minute late. I looked all around before quietly slipping away. I didn’t want to attract any attention in case Alexis might be in the mood to make out or something in private.

I made my way through the building until I came to that same tank she’d swam in earlier. That’s when I stopped, stunned at what I saw. Once more Alexis was in the water. But this time she was a little less dressed.

She was kneeling on the bottom with a gloved hand rubbing her bare crotch. Her corset had been pulled down, exposing her breasts. Her Christmas cap was on her head, and she was moaning and bubbling as she rubbed herself.

I stood there stunned at what I was seeing. She was actually masturbating at the bottom of the tank! She seemed oblivious I was standing over by the ladder.

“Do what comes naturally” she had said. Now I had a pretty good idea what she’d meant by that. Already my cock was starting to harden under my trousers.

I quietly slipped away and retrieved a couple of ankle weights for myself in case they might be needed. I stripped out of my clothes before I put the weights on. Then I stepped over by the ladder and grabbed on as I watched her.

She moaned and bubbled as she rubbed herself, her nipples visibly erect. My cock stiffened as I watched from the ladder. If she knew I was there she gave no indication.

I was getting ready to climb the ladder when she became really animated. It looked like her chest was heaving from lack of air. But she was rubbing herself as though she wanted to get off before she went up for her next breath.

I was going to climb the ladder, but I wanted to see what was going to happen next. She really moaned and bubbled as she furiously rubbed herself. Then she tipped her head back and blew her breath away in what certainly looked like an impressive orgasm.

She finally shot up to the surface gasping loudly for breath. Then she caught sight of me standing there naked. She gave me that “come hither” look, indicating with a finger she wanted me to join her.

I climbed the ladder as she watched me like a hawk. Then she took a deep breath before she went down to the bottom. She stretched flat on her back, a hand near the bottom of the ladder to help keep her stable. Then once more I got that finger indicating I should come down to join her.

I filled my lungs and then let go of the ladder. I sank to the bottom where she grinned coyly at me. Then she squeezed her breasts together before looking longingly at my erection.

Sensing what she wanted, I straddled her before putting my cock in that fleshy valley. Then I cupped her boobs together and gave her a nice, sensual titty-fuck. She moaned and bubbled, gazing hungrily at my cock the entire time.

Gawd; that was hot! I couldn’t believe it! Right then I decided I was getting the best Christmas present a guy like me could have ever received!

I stayed down for as long as I could, thrusting between her mounds. At one point she took them from me and squeezed them together around my cock as I thrust really hard. It was one hell of an erotic thrill.

My lungs began to heave, and I grunted as I forced myself to stay with her a few seconds longer. Then I had to surface. She grinned up at me before she came off the bottom and slowly surfaced.

We clung to the ladder together as we panted for breath. Then she kissed me deeply. It was another sexy present I had not been expecting.

When we came up for air she told me, “Meet me on the bottom again?” I nodded as she filled her lungs and submerged. I got a really big breath before I headed down after her.

At first I wasn’t sure what she wanted. She made me kneel facing the latter. Then she propped her feet up on one of the rungs as she took my erection into her mouth. Her hands were flat on the floor as though she was doing some sort of kinky push-up.

She slowly took me in and out of her mouth while pushing up off the bottom. It was erotic beyond belief! My Christmas present from her just kept getting better and better.

I was determined to stay down with her for as long as possible. She had better lungs than I did, and I wanted to at least impress her with my breath-holding skills. Besides, if this blowjob was to end when I surfaced, I sure wanted to get my money’s worth.

She moaned and bubbled as her tongue swirled all the way around my shaft in her mouth. Then she glugged bubbles as she took me deeper. It surprised me how much cock she could take into her mouth while holding her breath.

I finally felt those breathless stirrings in my chest. I groaned as she gobbled me down. I pushed myself to stay down a few seconds longer… and then a few more seconds after that. But I finally had to abandon that incredible blowjob as I pulled out and headed for the surface.

I grabbed onto the metal ladder and gasped for breath as she looked up at me with a sexy smile. Then she released a mouthful of bubbles as she came up to me. Her head came out of the water and she gasped for breath before she gave me another soulful kiss that could have melted lead.

“Not bad at all,” she panted when our lips separated. “Ready for round two?”

“There’s a round two??” I had already been treated to more than I ever could have imagined.

She just smiled at me before filling her lungs. Then she let go of the ladder and sank to the bottom. This time she landed flat on her ass.

She groped her tits as she looked up at me while licking her lips. I crammed as much air into my lungs as I could. Then I let go of the ladder and sank to the bottom.

I landed close to her. She pulled me down into a crouch and then took me into her mouth. She gulped me down as she grabbed onto the ladder to steady herself.

I thrust into her mouth, only for her to grab my hand and put it on the back of her head. Then she took my cock deep as though gagging on it. I got the impression she wanted me to be a little rough with her.

I started thrusting harder and was rewarded with the sound of gagging and bubbles. She moaned as she reached down to grope her boobs. The harder I fucked her mouth, the more turned on she seemed to become.

I thrust good and hard, wincing with pleasure as I hit the back of her throat. She just glugged up more bubbles as she moaned lustfully. My hard cock twitched in her mouth as she vacuumed it like a pro.

Damn; what a woman! I almost had to pinch myself. I couldn’t believe I was holding my breath getting a hot blowjob at the bottom of the aquarium from a girl who seemed more mermaid than human.

The rougher I got, the more she groaned. She was really working over my cock in her mouth. I hit the back of her throat again, and she really seemed to go nuts.

It wasn’t long until I felt those gentle heaves originating in my stomach. I looked down to see her acting like she hardly needed any air. I thrust hard into her mouth, wanting to do something that might drive her to the surface before me. But she was just too damned good.

I finally had to break away and head for the surface. When I got there I looked down to see her rubbing her pussy as she looked up at me. But I could detect her chest beginning to heave as though she was running out of breath.

She finally rose up and came up to meet me at the surface. She gasped for breath before kissing me hard, ramming her tongue down my throat. We groaned into each other’s mouths.

When we came up for air I saw her give me a naughty grin. “Now it’s my turn, Trevor.” Then she filled her lungs before she headed back down.

I saw her lie flat on her back. Then she parted her legs invitingly. I had a pretty good idea what she expected from me.

I filled my lungs and then went right down. I stuck my head between her legs, grabbed onto her thighs and then started feasting. I was rewarded with more moans as she groped and fondled her tits, her legs split and raised allowing my mouth easy access.

I gave her my best effort, wanting to show my thanks for the incredible blowjob she’d given me. I focused on the task at hand, plowing her field with my tongue while nibbling on her nub. She bubbled and stiffened as she groaned and whimpered.

I took my time licking and nibbling, trying to relax as I held my breath. She whimpered and bubbled, her sexy reactions making my cock hard underneath me. I redoubled my efforts to please her with my mouth and tongue, wanting to reward her for the way her mouth had pleased me.

I was relaxed and horny, and I had her writhing and squirming. She lost a few more bubbles as I ate her out. It felt like I was staying down longer each time.

I finally felt my chest begin those gentle warning heaves again. But this time I was rewarded by seeing her chest heave as well. Was she getting worse? Or was I getting better? Maybe it didn’t matter.

I stayed down for as long as I could before I finally had to surface for air. This time she was not too far behind me. We both burst up gasping loudly for breath.

She gave me another long, hard kiss. Then she pulled away. “Damn, Trevor! I think you’re getting better! Now it’s YOUR turn to lie on the floor on your back!”

She gave me a push, and I inhaled just in time. Then I sank right to the bottom. She didn’t waste any time following me down.

I ended up flat on my back, only for her to straddle my head. Then she mashed her pussy against my lips. She grabbed my face for good measure, grinding against me as she moaned and bubbled.

I licked her juicy muff for all I was worth. It was so hot that I couldn’t help stroking my cock while I was eating her out. She was kind of dominating me but I couldn’t complain, not after the sexy blowjob she’d just given me.

I tongued her twitching twat, causing her to moan as she ground her crotch against my face. It was hotter than hell, especially with her eyes closed and her moaning in bliss. Amazingly the water didn’t feel all that cool to me anymore. It felt like together we were both heating it up.

While I was underneath her it dawned on me I wouldn’t be able to get up without her permission. Would she force me to stay down beyond my ability to hold my breath? It was a terribly erotic thought that really made me tongue her quivering slit.

She moaned and bubbled, continuing to grind against my lips. I finally felt those warning heaves start in my stomach. But I swallowed them down, determined to stay down longer.

I relaxed as I nibbled on her button while plowing her labia with my tongue. She writhed and moaned as she lost more bubbles. Then I detected those warning heaves in her chest.

I moaned as I licked harder. She groaned and bubbled again, furiously grinding against me. Her lungs heaved once… heaved once again… and then she lost a burst of air as she got up and headed for the ladder.

I was a little dizzy when I surfaced. I gasped mightily for breath before she kissed me deeply. When our lips parted I exhaled mightily as I panted for breath.

“Damn, Trevor!” she gasped. “You can hold your breath pretty damned good! Now I want you to fuck me on the bottom of the tank.”

“But I don’t have a condom, Alexis.”

“Fuck me, damn you!” Then she filled her lungs and submerged.

I went down after her, watching as she got onto her knees. She patted her ass, motioning for me to come in from behind. As I knelt behind her she grabbed my cock and tried to force it into her pussy.

I heard her bubble, “Fuck me, damnit! Fuck me now!” Then I slid into her slit. It was tight and clenching a little.

She bubbled, “OH FUCK!” as she pushed back against me. I grabbed her arms by the wrists and pulled them back. Then I really started to give it to her good. My Christmas present had just been enlarged upon.

She let out a bubbly “FUCK!” as I started thrusting hard in and out of her. Her breasts wobbled back and forth as I pounded her pussy. “FUCK ME!” she cried out again, pushing back against me as I thrust hard into her throbbing cunt.

“FUCK – FUCK – FUCK! Oooobllolgblgblblgfblglbl!”

Her pussy clenched like crazy as I thrust hard in and out of her. I groaned my pleasure, losing a few bubbles as she cried out some more. I couldn’t believe how hot she was for it, holding her breath underwater while getting the shaft so to speak. Maybe that one girl was right. Maybe she was a slut… an underwater slut!

I wasn’t able to hold my breath as long. But then again, neither was she. We both finally had to bail at about the same time.

We shot up to the surface panting like crazy. This time she dispensed with the kiss as she tried to get her breath back. “Gawd, you’re good, Trevor! Now I want you to fuck me on the ladder until we both cum!”

She shifted her position until I felt her impale herself on my cock. Her back was too me as she reached down and rubbed her crotch. “Now take me down and fuck me ‘til we both cum!” And with that we inhaled deeply before submerging.

She grabbed the ladder partway down and started rubbing her crotch as I thrust hard into her pussy from behind. I had her right leg lifted up to grant me deeper access. She moaned and bubbled as she cried out, “Fuck me – fuck me – FUCK ME!”

I closed my eyes and focused on the task at hand, enjoying the sensation of her warm flesh against me, the feeling of her tight, silky smooth pussy enveloping my quivering member, and her erotic moans as I fucked her. She bounced up and down as though trying to impale herself even deeper on my shaft. It was the best Christmas present I could have ever received from her.

She became more animated, bouncing harder on my dick. “FUCK ME!” she bubbled as I thrust harder. “MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FUCKING COCK! CUM INSIDE ME; GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING CUM!”

Her eagerness made it impossible to hold back. I closed my eyes tight as I focused on the incredible sensations. A moment later her pussy clenched tightly around my shaft.

She let out a bubbly scream… “OH FUCK; I’M CUMMING!” Then she shuddered really hard. I let out a roar as I thrust hard and deep until my cock erupted inside her.

“YES!” she screamed “YES! GIVE IT TO ME!” Then it felt as though she went from one orgasm right into another one.

I held my cock deep inside her as she milked every last drop out of me. Then I opened my eyes. The entire Christmas party had adjourned down here as every last damn one of them were watching us.

They let out a cheer as she cried out again. Then they all started applauding. I blushed a deep crimson as I lost my breath. Then I got her up to the surface.

She panted weekly for breath as they guys all shouted “THATABOY!”  “WAY TO GIVE IT TO HER, TREVOR!” “MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU TWO!” Even the bitches were cheering us on. I looked at her but she whispered, “I saw them come down and couldn’t help myself. I guess I’m an exhibitionist!”

I started to tell her, “I should have known” only to have my words cut off… “Mmmmph!” as she kissed me hard and deep. I was still inside her and she was still riding me. I finally softened until I plopped out of her.

So that was my first Christmas party at the aquarium with Alexis. About once a month we sneak off to fuck in that damned tank. And she’s already told me next Christmas she wants to put on an even bigger show for the gang.

Damn! I think she’s determined to make me as much of an exhibitionist as she is…

© 2017 (written Nov 22 ’17 by riwa)

(Vidcaps are from a JustPaul animation and are used for illustrations.)

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