The asphyxia bet

(Inspired by the picture below)

My boyfriend knew what an asphyxia slut I was. He often told me one day I was going to strangle myself to death. I just responded with a smile by telling him, “Yeah, but what a way to go!”

We were out of town one weekend at a nice resort when I got into one of my “moods” again. Justin looked at me and shook his head. Then he surprised me.

He told me to fetch my special glass dildo and some rope I’d brought along to help get me off. Then we went out into the courtyard and around the corner to a private little area. It had a nice cushioned wicker couch with some privacy, but was open to where anyone could walk in on us.

He asked me, “If you could entertain me while getting yourself off right now, what would you do?”

“Oh, that’s an easy one, baby!” I looked all around to make sure we were still alone. Then I went right to work.

I slung the rope up over a wooden brace above the wicker couch. I stripped down to just my black high heels before looping one end of the rope around my neck. Then I hooked the other end to my right heel.

I smiled coyly at him as I started playing with myself while applying tension to the rope. I used my dildo to rub my clit. Then I pushed it in and out of my pussy.

I could tell I was making him hard, and it gave me a thrill. I fucked myself until I experienced a delicious, breathless orgasm. Then I smiled at him as I got my breath back.

“That’s my asphyxiation slut,” he said with a smile. Then he gave me a mischievous look as he asked, “Care to make things a little more interesting?”

I was intrigued. “Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“I’ll bet you that new car you’ve been wanting. You spend all afternoon out here playing with yourself. If anyone shows up, you have to fuck yourself for them. Then you have to do whatever they want with no questions asked. After a while I’ll come out to get you and we’ll go out to eat, that is if you haven’t strangled yourself first while showing off.”

I looked at him in surprise. I must admit, the idea intrigued me, especially the idea of playing in front of others as they watched. Then I asked, “But… but what if someone decides to, uh… to take me a little too far?”

“That’s the bet. It’s the chance you’ll have to take, Sadie. When I come back out, you’ll either be alive or dead. But I’m betting you’re going to chicken out and come in early before I come out to get you. If you do that, no car. So what do you think? Want to take a chance by putting on a show for anyone who comes along? Or will you get too excited and strangle yourself before I get back?”

The thought of someone coming up and strangling me while fucking me both frightened and exhilarated me. To make matters worse, my boyfriend pulled down on my leg, tightening the rope as he took my glass dildo and fucked me with it. In no time at all I was cumming hard again.

He left me breathless after pulling out the toy. I was soaked and buzzing. I don’t think I was in my right mind when I murmured, “You got yourself a bet, baby.”

“That’s what I thought. See you in a few hours, Sadie… that is, if you’re still breathing.” Then he walked away.

Gawd; what had I gotten myself into?? The smart thing would have been to get dressed, go back to our room and admit I wasn’t that crazy. I could’ve told him he was right and that I took way too many chances. But then I started thinking about it.

First: would anyone even come around the corner to see me out here? It was possible I might get a visitor or two. But what would they do if they saw me like this?

Would they fuck me after watching me masturbate right in front of them? Would they take my toy and use it on me while I was sitting here half strangled? The more I thought about it, the more turned on I became.

I took my toy and started fucking my pussy with it again. At the same time I pulled on the rope with my leg, restricting my breath. It gave me another delicious orgasm. The cushions on the wicker couch were going to be soaked before I was through. But it was certainly going to be an afternoon to remember; that is, if I survived the ordeal.

My first visitors were an older couple in their 60’s. I think they were frequent visitors and had wanted to use the furniture to sit outside for a while. I don’t know who was shocked more when they appeared: them or me. But I remembered my bet… and after all, a bet was a bet.

I took my toy and started fucking myself with it as I tightened the rope around my neck. At first I thought I was going to disgust them. But they ended up staying and watching until after I shuddered in orgasm.

When I was done she grabbed her husband. “C’mon, Willard. Let’s go to the room.”

“What for, Mildred? You just got done taking a nap!” She just dragged him away.

The last words I heard were, “I don’t want to take a nap. C’mon, you old fart. That slut made me horny!”

Hearing them talk like that was such a turn-on that I began to fuck myself again. I worked the dildo nice and slow so as not to rush things. After all, it was going to be a long afternoon and I had to pace myself.

I experienced another climax before pausing to take a break. 20 minutes later I heard voices. This couple in their 30’s rounded the corner. As soon as they saw me they blurted out, “What the hell?? What that old couple said was true!”

I blushed with embarrassment. But a bet is a bet. I started playing with myself with the dildo right in front of them, spreading my pussy lips wide for them to see.

They didn’t take off while I was masturbating. I thought I might drive more folks off. But so far I was 2 for 2 with couples sticking around.

The guy liked what he was seeing as he gushed, “Just look at her, Melissa!”

“Damn, Joe! I thought that old couple was crazy when they said they saw her out here!” I felt the flush of embarrassment as I kept on fucking myself, incredibly turned on at my new set of voyeurs.

The woman came over and pushed down on my leg to help restrict my breathing. I struggled to get a good breath, but a bet was a bet. I just kept fucking myself slowly, trying to make it last before I was overcome with another orgasm.

The woman knelt close and started touching me all over while keeping the strain on the rope. I shuddered with arousal as I kept fucking myself. “Damn, Joe! She just keeps right on masturbating no matter how much I strangle her!”

She took the toy right out of my hand. Then she started pushing it in and out for herself. When she kissed me before licking my dripping snatch, I nearly lost it right then and there.

She pushed down on my leg, strangling me even more as she licked me while fucking me with my own toy. The guy came in and started groping my boobs. I shuddered hard before I went off in orgasm.

She let up on the rope and backed away. She turned toward her man and saw how horny he’d become. So she gave him a warning glance.

“I bet you’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you!” Then she dropped my glass dildo in my lap as she grabbed his arm and forcefully dragged him away. I don’t think she liked the way I’d turned him on.

I took advantage of the lull by catching my breath. I wondered how long it would be before Justin came back. At the rate this was going, I was going to end up a mushy puddle of cum on the cushions before it was all over.

I got a half hour break before this single guy came around the corner. He stopped and stared… “What the hell?” But I had to do what I had to do.

I looked right at him as I started playing with myself. I added some tension to the rope around my neck as I rubbed my toy over my clit. Then I split my labia to show him my pussy before pushing the dildo inside.

I fucked myself with it as I gave him a smoldering look. He came over and put his hands on my leg to add to the tension on the rope. I just kept masturbating with that toy.

He slowly took it from me and masturbated me with it. I gasped as I moaned, “Yes… yes… fuck yes.” He looked right at me as he applied some more pressure to my leg, which only made things worse… “Yes… fuck yes… strangle me!”

I shuddered hard as he fucked an orgasm right out of me with my toy. I could tell he had a huge bulge. I was almost glad to see him unzip his fly and pull out his dick. I needed a fuck!

He smiled as he pushed it right into my soaking wet cunt. Then he started fucking me as he applied tension to the rope. It set me off like you wouldn’t believe… “Yes… fuck yes… OH FUCK… STRANGLE ME… OH FUCK!”

He almost cut my breath off as he came inside me. Then he blushed as he pulled out and quickly zipped up. He bid me a hasty “Thank you” before rushing off. But the intense orgasm had been well worth it.

I got a well-earned break for another 40 minutes or so before these two guys showed up. I think they’d been told about my presence out here because they seemed to be looking for me. They looked like they worked for a construction company.

I smiled at them as I wasted no time playing with myself again. I thrust my dildo in and out of my pussy, working myself up into a lather. I got really turned on when they both unzipped and pulled their dicks out.

One came over to fuck me while the other got close enough for me to reach over and give him a blowjob. They teased me by pushing down on my leg, partially strangling me. It was so hot that I came all over that first guy’s cock as he unloaded his spunk inside me.

They switched places, and I got fucked again while sucking on a different cock. Once more they partially strangled me. It was so hot that I came all over again, orgasming around that hot cock up my twat until I got another helping of baby batter.

They zipped up and left, giving me another break in the action. The cushion I was sitting on was soaked clear through. I took the opportunity to catch my breath, hoping there wouldn’t be too many more. Otherwise I was liable to cum myself to death.

I was amazed when that old couple returned. I didn’t know if Justin was watching or not. But a bet was a bet, and I wearily went back to masturbating right in front of them.

“Damn, Willard! She’s doing it again!”

“She sure is, Mildred!”

“She’s turning me on again, Willard. In fact, I think it would be so hot watching you fuck her.”

“You think so? Do you really want me to fuck her?”

“Gawd yes, Willard! Fuck that slut! I think she wants it! You fuck her and I’ll strangle her!”

My breath caught in my throat as he unzipped and pulled his cock out. I couldn’t believe she was going to let him fuck me! He had an average sized cock that went right in as she pushed down on my leg, tightening the rope around my throat.

He thrust like a patient man, and I got a long, glorious fuck. She kept strangling me with my rope until I couldn’t stand it any longer… “Fuck me – fuck me – STRANGLE ME!” Then I came all over his cock as he gasped in release.

The woman looked at me and smiled. “Damn, honey. That’s twice you’ve turned me on! I think my husband here is going to get lucky again!” Then she grabbed my toy and started fucking my wet pussy with it while tightening the rope around my neck.

I rasped and gurgled; fuck, what a rush! I couldn’t believe how hot it made me to turn those old coots on! I saw him get hard again as she fucked me with my toy until I soaked the furniture again with my fluids. They thanked me before leaving all happy as clams.

I didn’t get five minutes before Joe was back without Melissa. Once more I started fucking myself with my toy. I was getting exhausted, wishing Justin would hurry up and get out here so I could win my car.

He wasted no time unzipping. Then he plunged his cock right into me, pushing down on my leg and strangling me as he fucked me. Gawd; I was going to cum all over again!

He scared me a little when he strangled me extra hard. He groped my boobs as he really fucked me. My eyes rolled as I shuddered hard in orgasm. Then I think I passed out.

When I came back around he was pulling out of my cum-filled pussy as I got a fresh breath of air. He looked like he was worried he might have killed me. I was woozy from that last orgasm, and I moaned softly before he rushed off.

I was getting exhausted. Where the hell was Justin? I was in la-la land from my many orgasms. Perhaps this time I’d bitten off more than I could chew.

I groaned inwardly when Joe’s wife Melissa came out 10 minutes later. She looked none too happy. But I wanted that car, and I dutifully started masturbating with my glass dildo again.

“Fuck my husband, did you? Did he come out and stick his dick in you?” She sounded a little angry.

I decided to say nothing. I just kept fucking myself with the toy. But this time I don’t think it worked.

“Fucking whore!” she snarled. Then she grabbed my toy and really started fucking me hard with it. At the same time she put a lot of tension on the rope around my neck.

I really started to rasp and gurgle as she fucked me. My stupid pussy responded as it always did. But this time I became more than a little alarmed at how hard she was strangling me.

I tried to play along. But it was like she was raping me with my toy while she was trying to strangle me to death! She pushed down on my leg and tightened the rope until I could barely get a whisper of air down my windpipe!

I went off like a rocket, my eyes rolling. She kept snarling, “Fucking whore! You fucked him, didn’t you! You fucking loved it, didn’t you!”

I got to the point where I couldn’t breathe at all. But she refused to let up. I couldn’t catch my breath, and I went from one orgasm right into the next… and then the next.

“Whore! Fucking whore! You want to be strangled? Then you’re going to be strangled, bitch!”

I couldn’t stop cumming; I just couldn’t stop cumming! I tried to make my arms reach out to stop her, but they had no strength. My eyes rolled as my tongue slithered out in surrender.

My orgasms suddenly faded. It was as though all my senses had shut down. Then strangely I was looking at Melissa from behind her, watching in astonishment as she kept fucking a woman sitting on the wicker furniture while strangling her just as hard as she could. That’s when I realized that woman was me.

My body was spasming, but I couldn’t feel a thing. My nipples were so hard, my pussy clenching like crazy. But it was as though it was happening to somebody else.

My body on the wicker couch settled down until there were only a few stray muscle twitches. She kept fucking me while strangling me with my own rope set-up. She finally exhausted herself, and she paused to catch her breath, panting like crazy while leaving my toy in my cunt.

“Take that, you fucking whore! You’ll never fuck my Joe again, that’s for sure! You can stay out here and get fucked by everyone who loves necro sex for all I care!”

She walked off in a huff, leaving me there with my eyes glazed over and my tongue sticking out. There was a definite red mark around my neck. My nipples were hard, one of them dripping from the drool that had spilled off my lips.

My corpse sat like that until that one guy came back. I think he wanted seconds. He looked all around to make sure the coast was clear before unzipping his fly, pulling my toy out and then sticking his dick inside my corpse.

I watched him push down on my leg to strangle me as he fucked my body on the furniture. But I didn’t respond. Didn’t he know I was dead?? Maybe my body was warm enough that he wasn’t paying any attention.

He finally took a closer look at me. He blurted out a shocked, “Oh FUCK!” Then he hastily pulled out, zipped up, stuck my toy back into my cunt, and then left. I guess it finally dawned on him he was fucking a corpse.

It was another half hour before Justin came out. He saw my body on the furniture and walked up to it. Then he checked for a pulse.

He shook his head with a heavy sigh, telling my dead body, “I knew this was going to happen one day, Sadie. At least you went out with a bang.” Then he unzipped his fly and started fucking my corpse.

I couldn’t help smiling at what I was seeing. At least he was enjoying my dead body. Besides, I knew my pussy was still wet as hell from all those fucks and all that cum.

He finally emptied himself inside me. Then he pulled out and zipped up. “Guess I’ll have to get around to calling the cops in a few minutes. I’ll have to tell them what happened. I don’t know if you did it to yourself or if someone else did it to you. Maybe it doesn’t really matter.” Then he slowly walked away, shaking his head.

All of the sudden my vision started to get fuzzy. It was like the scene was zooming out. My body was getting farther and farther away. Then it was gone, and I was in some sort of a starfield moving really fast toward some unknown destination, never to experience a strangulation orgasm again…

© 2017 (written for Sadie Oct 17 ’17 by riwa)

(Picture maniped by Sadie and used for illustration purposes only.)

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