Victor’s Guillotine 5


I don’t think I was nervous about being naked in front of them so much as I was nervous about getting into that damned guillotine again. And this time I’d really stepped in it! I’d all but told Renard to fuck me while I was strapped in.

I finished undressing in front of them. I was trembling a little as Prudence unhappily put her clothes back on. I got the impression I’d taken the spotlight off her by my actions.

She covered herself well by putting on a smile that seemed only partially forced. “Going to try the guillotine with Renard, eh? Let’s see if daddy’s going to end up with a second roaster before it’s all said and done.” Her words didn’t reassure me very much.

I slowly climbed onto the cushioned bench face down, staring at the opening for my neck. I slid myself forward, making sure my legs hung off the end with my ass exposed. Then I pushed my head all the way through the lunette.

I looked down and saw Rita’s blood staining the wicker basket below. I’d forgotten all about that, and I inhaled sharply as I started to get the shakes something fierce. It was all I could do not to slide back out and climb off the bloody thing.

While I was lying there I heard Prudence ask, “Want me to help you strap in your girlfriend, Renard?” She sounded a little indignant over the way he had apparently gotten over her by moving on with me.

“Oh, I think I’ve got it, Prudence. I can strap Julie in myself.”

“Oh no; I insist.”

I felt movement as they got on either side of me. Together they strapped me down with my arms at my sides until I could hardly move. It scared me even more knowing there was no escape for me until someone decided to let me out. I was both frightened and aroused like you wouldn’t believe.

I think Prudence cinched me down a little too tight because I felt a strap snug me down until it pinched me. I yelped and whimpered as I tried to shrug it off while those digital numbers stared me in the face reading 35:00. “Just making sure you don’t fall off, sweetie,” the bitch observed, her attitude showing through as she tugged on the straps.

I felt a swat on my ass, making me flinch. Prudence laughed as she gasped, “I bet you tap that a lot, don’t you, Renard?” I could tell she was trying to enjoy herself despite the fact I seemed to be upstaging her.

“Every chance he gets,” I responded bravely, trying to put on a good front. “Now step around here so I can see your cock, baby. I want to get you n-nice and hard for my pussy.”

I had butterflies in my stomach as I tried to calm my wildly beating heart by taking deep breaths. Renard came around until he was standing right in front of me. When he hesitated, I tried to make Prudence think I’d sucked him many times before as I gasped, “C’mon, baby. Let me t-taste that glorious dick of yours. You know how m-much I enjoy it.”

He hesitated again as though wanting to give me the opportunity to back out. When I didn’t respond, he slowly took it out. My eyes widened in surprise at how nice and thick it was as it started to grow.

He had to help me by sticking it into my mouth. I took him between my lips and started to suck. In no time at all he began to swell until he looked to be a good seven inches long. I decided right then and there Prudence was a fool for giving him up.

I grunted and moaned as I sucked on his thrusting shaft. I was fully aware what he was going to do with it next as I got him nice and hard. Once more I found myself wondering what the hell I was thinking. Then I grunted as though indicating I was ready and that he should go around behind me and fuck me.

His cock slurped out of my mouth from the suction as he pulled out. I was trembling like crazy as I gasped, “I’m really looking f-forward to this, baby. Make it a f-fuck to remember.” If anything I wanted him to do whatever it took to put that bitch in her place despite the risk I was taking.

When he stepped away I again saw that digital number on the wall monitor right in front of me. I glanced down and was reminded of my stupidity when I saw Rita’s blood staining the wicker basket. It really gave me the shakes.

What was I thinking?? Was I totally insane for doing this again, this time with more time showing on the timer? Was this really such a bright idea? What if my head ended up on a pike next to Rita’s??

“Looks like you got a live one here, Renard.” Prudence sounded jealous. Then I heard her tell him, “I’ll set the timer in motion while you start shagging your girlfriend.”

There was a clatch as she fastened the latch to the lunette, locking it down. The digital numbers started moving… 35:01… 35:02… 35:03. It hit me with an erotic jolt as I realized I was now committed to the guillotine for the next five minutes if not longer, depending on how much time Renard took with me.

I felt a nose push up against my puckered anus as a tongue started licking my twat. I gasped and whimpered, unable to wriggle around very much as I was filled with a surge of wildly erotic tingles. What the hell was he doing to me back there??

I stared at the timer, remembering Rita didn’t get to ride the guillotine very long before the blade fell. Then I made the mistake of looking down into that wicker basket again. Once more I saw all those blood stains, and it really set me to trembling like mad. Bloody hell!

Was I to suffer a similar fate?? Had I made a really stupid mistake?? I was filled with fear as well as an incredible arousal as that tongue pushed into my cunt while a nose pressed against my anal opening.

“Getting her all worked up, eh?” Now Prudence really sounded jealous. I half expected her to tell her boyfriend to pay attention, but she didn’t say anything else.

I gasped and whimpered as Renard made me wet as hell. My eyes were locked on those red digits as they ticked my life away… 35:24… 35:25… 35:26. I was frightened of course… and yet I felt such an erotic thrill at the predicament I was in.

A finger pushed into my pussy as he licked and nibbled. I writhed and whimpered as I gasped, “Oh fuck; just like that!” We’d never fucked before, but he was certainly pleasing me as though he knew exactly what would push my buttons.

He rimmed my anus, and I quivered and moaned. He pushed his tongue inside, and I gasped and whimpered. The digital readout passed 36:00 as my heart pounded in my chest.

Rita had gone barely a minute and a half after her program had started. Was I going to go the same way?? For some reason that thought really scared me, and my eyes opened wider as I started to tremble while the timer ticked 36:18… 36:19… 36:20.

He went back to licking my pussy, fingering me as the timer passed 36:35. I winced and whimpered, noting I’d gone longer than Rita. Maybe I was going to be all right after all. But I still had to ride it to 40:00 before I’d be allowed to get out of the bloody contraption.

Renard went back and forth, tonguing my clit and pussy and then rimming my ass. The timer passed 37:00 as I moaned and whimpered. When he tongued my opening as he fingered my cunt, I went off like a rocket.

I shuddered hard in orgasm as my vision dimmed. I panted for breath until it passed. When I looked up, I saw the timer at 37:21… 37:22… 37:23. That’s when Prudence unhappily muttered, “She just came, the lucky bitch.”

I moaned as his face pulled away. Then I felt his cock push right into my pussy. I groaned as he slowly filled me until I was really gasping and whimpering.

He fucked me nice and slow as the timer reached 38:00. I had two more minutes to get through if I was going to survive before the blade fell. But he felt incredible inside me as I writhed and moaned, and I gasped for breath as he fucked pleasure into my cunt.

His thrusts were nice and gentle as though we were in the middle of a long, lazy fuck with no urgency whatsoever. There was nothing either one of us could have done about it at any rate. I was locked into the bloody guillotine until the timer hit 40:00.

He was really thick and hard in my pussy. Instinctively I clenched around his shaft as though trying to pull him deeper inside me. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, especially while staring at that damned digital display. Glancing down at the blood staining the wicker below my head only added to my erotic anxiety.

Prudence came around front into my line of sight until I saw her legs. “Liking that, are we?” she asked. There was a tinge of unhappiness in her tone. She sounded jealous as hell.

“Fuck… you have… no idea! Renard, you never told me… it would be… this incredible!” I said it because I believed it… but also because I was still determined to put the bloody bitch in her place, even if it cost me my head. What the hell was I thinking offering Renard my cunt in the guillotine while his former bitch girlfriend stood and watched??

He was thrusting nice and slow when the timer reached 39:00. There was no change of pace at 39:30. Bloody hell, was he going to take me right on past??

A part of me was expecting the whole thing to shut down at 40:00. But the timer kept going as he went right on fucking me. Now I felt like I was living on borrowed time.

I gasped and whimpered as he started to pick up the pace at 40:43. My pussy felt like it was on fire from an insane arousal. A good, hard thrust at 41:27, and I was orgasming again. But he still hadn’t cum yet.

I felt an erotic jolt as I reconsidered the matter. Had I miscalculated the whole damned thing? Was he going to fuck me until the blade fell just to get back at Prudence?? What had I gotten myself into??

A part of me wanted him to stop; gawd, how I wanted him to stop! But a part of me wanted him to keep on going. I was headed for another orgasm again, and I wanted it before the blade took my bloody head off!

At 41:55 he picked up the pace. I whimpered as he smacked my ass. It just added to the wildly erotic sensation of being helplessly strapped down and fucked while waiting for the damned blade to claim my head.

At 42:31 I heard Prudence grumble, “Lucky bitch. That’s how you’re supposed to fuck me in the guillotine, Kevin!” Then Renard really picked up the pace.

I gasped and moaned as he fucked me harder and faster. Another swat of my ass made me whimper as I began to rock in the guillotine. I found myself wondering how many seconds I had left before the blade fell.

I glanced down to see the blood-stained wicker. Instinctively I closed my eyes for a second, telling myself “This is insane!” as I whimpered anxiously. Was I about to lose my head??

I could hardly catch my breath as the timer reached 43:15. I shuddered hard in orgasm again, wondering if he was going to fuck me until the blade fell. Then I heard Renard cry out behind me as he rammed himself deep inside me.

I felt the warmth of his seed in my pussy, and it set me off again. That’s when I found myself cumming the hardest. At the same time it was the moment I was the most frightened. Just my luck, the blade would come down and sever my head right before he could pop the latch to the lunette.

I came down from my high as Renard slowly thrust in and out of me. I heard him tell her, “Now, Prudence. Pop the latch.” But for some reason she tarried.

He suddenly pulled out of me before he stepped forward. Then I heard the click of the latch. The timer abruptly stopped at 43:36.

I panted heavily for breath as I stared at the digital display, astonished I was still alive. Then I shuddered hard one last time. A moment later everything went black as I passed out.

When consciousness returned I felt hands working to free the straps to my body. Strong hands pulled me out through the opening and helped me sit up. I saw Renard standing there pulling his pants up while looking at me with this smile of sexual satisfaction on his face.

He seemed appreciative of my efforts.  Prudence just scowled as she stood behind him next to her date. “So how was it, Julie?” she asked, sounding jealous as hell.

I had to compose myself for a couple moments before I could answer. I could actually feel his cream leaking out of my pussy. In a trembling voice I told him, “Babe, when you told me about this guillotine, I think you left something out.”

“What did I leave out, Julie?”

“How hard I was going to cum from such an incredible experience.”

I stood up on wobbly legs and kissed him deeply, my naked body pressed up against him. He wrapped his arms around me and returned the kiss. When we pulled away I saw him smile appreciatively.

I had to pause a moment to catch my breath as he handed me my clothes. That’s when I saw Prudence with a distinctly unhappy look on her face. I could not hide my smirk of satisfaction as I started getting dressed.

At that moment I saw Lorraine come into the room. She sighed as she shook her head, putting her hands on her hips. “Prudence? I should have known.”

“Julie rode it too, mom!” her daughter responded indignantly. “Hell, she even rode it longer than I did!”

Lorraine looked at me for a long moment. She must have seen it in my eyes because she chuckled as she shook her head. “At this rate, Victor’s going to start having roasters every time we get together. All right; everyone upstairs. I’m turning it off.”

“Oh, mom!”

“Up!” Then she walked over and did something to the controls because the digital numbers winked out.

We all headed back upstairs. Renard and I went up arm in arm. I leaned close and told him, “That was bloody incredible! No wonder some women want to ride it again and again!” He smiled as he hugged me. Behind us I heard Prudence disgustedly mutter something to her date which I couldn’t make out.

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