Janet’s erotic dreams: The gator

(Bonus story to end October)

I guess you could call me a water baby. I love being in the water as often as possible. Whether you call it aquaphilia or whatever, it means I find myself getting wet every chance I get. That means I end up with some pretty far out underwater dreams.

The Gator

One day I was watching some cheesy gator movies on one of those sci fi channels. A lot of times I watch them just to see some guy or chick get dragged off. The dry land scenes don’t do much for me. It’s only when they get attacked in the water that I really pay attention.

For instance, I love it when they get pulled under, water spewing out of their mouths as they’re screaming their breath away. Anything in the water is exciting. So you know I love the underwater scenes the best.

I can’t begin to imagine that helpless feeling they must have experienced knowing they were going to drown and then get eaten. I guess it got into my subconscious because that night I had a dream about it. You have no idea how erotic it was.

First off, I was in the water in my black latex one-piece swimsuit and my white swim cap. I love the feel of tight latex hugging my body. It’s what I like to wear when I want to experience underwater orgasms.

Anyway, I was in this pond determined to get myself off. It was a hot day, so I was hot in my latex. It made my skin all wet and slippery, and I was really horny.

I didn’t see any warning signs posted so I thought it was all right. I only wanted to swim to the bottom, hold my breath to get off, and then return to the surface. I had no idea I was being watched.

I swam out to the middle of the pond where it was deepest. Then I dove right to the bottom. The pond was muddy, so I stuck my feet into the soil so I wouldn’t drift back up. Then I started rubbing my crotch.

It felt really good. I think I held my breath for a good minute and a half before I needed to go back up. So I headed to the surface and popped up gasping for breath.

I looked around but I didn’t see anyone. So I went back down. I swam to the bottom, stuck my feet into the mud again, and then started touching myself once more.

I was getting pretty close to cumming when I thought I saw movement. I tried to see who or what it was through the murky water as I rubbed myself. The idea of someone sneaking up on me to watch me masturbate was pretty exciting.

I was almost about to cum when I saw what it was. Instead of another swimmer, I saw this huge gator looking right at me. It scared me so bad that I orgasmed right then and there.

It eyed me as though it was checking me out. I tried to get up out of the mud, but my feet were stuck. That really scared me, but it also excited me sexually.

The latex suit was really tight on my body, and it was really rubbing me. Every nerve felt like it was on fire as I tried to get out of that mud. That gator came toward me and I was sure it was going to eat me. Then it sort of bumped me with its snout.

It jarred me loose from the mud, and I shot upward spewing bubbles out of my mouth. I reached the surface gasping and sputtering. But the gator was nowhere in sight. I figured it was somewhere right below me waiting to grab me by my legs, pull me under and drown me.

About that time I saw some people standing on the shore. A girl hollered, “Hey; what are you doing out in that pond?? Don’t you know there are gators in there? Didn’t you see the sign?”

I hollered back, “What sign?”

“This one!” she yelled back as she pulled it out of the ground. She turned it around and showed it to me. It read “Danger: gators present!”

I hadn’t seen it there before, and I was already in trouble in the water with that gator lurking about. So I started swimming toward shore just as fast as I could. That’s when something grabbed my legs and pulled me down to the bottom of the pond. Then it let me go.

I turned and saw that same gator looking at me. I tried to swim away, and it chased after me. I hid behind some post sticking up out of the ground like in that movie Lake Placid. It just twisted onto its side and closed its jaws on either side of the post, narrowly missing me because it couldn’t close its jaws around that post.

I shot up to the surface but I was alone. All those people must have cleared out. Then that gator came up and started coming after me.

I tried to swim to shore, but it grabbed my legs and pulled me under again. By this time my suit was really rubbing against me, turning me on something fierce. I remember crying out as I orgasmed hard while losing my breath underwater.

Somehow I must have gotten loose because I floated up to the surface on my back. That gator came up to the surface and swam toward me. Before I could move it grabbed me in its mouth, gulping my legs down and nearly swallowing me whole.

I knew if I went down its gullet I was a goner. So I grabbed onto its snout, trying not to get myself swallowed as it held me up out of the water. I could feel it trying to swallow me, so I held on tight and wouldn’t let go.

It tried and tried, but it couldn’t swallow me. My suit was so tight I could tell I was going to cum again. I could feel its mouth trying to work me into its stomach, and I was both scared and aroused.

It lowered its head into the water, totally submerging me. It held me underwater like it was going to drown me, and I had to hold my breath. I got so aroused with my latex suit so tight that I went off again in orgasm, wriggling like crazy in its mouth.

It lifted me back up out of the water and I gasped for breath, still caught in its mouth. Its eyes gleamed hungrily at me as it tried swallowing me again. When I hung on tight and refused to let go of its snout, it submerged me again.

This time it swam me all the way to the bottom of the pond. I struggled to get out of its mouth, but it had me in a really good grip. My tight suit was driving me crazy as it rubbed me just right, and I went off in orgasm once more.

I wriggled and writhed in its mouth as I had a pretty intense orgasm. I lost a lot of bubbles as it tried swallowing me. Then it took me back up to the surface.

My lungs were screaming as it lifted its head up. Somehow I got another good breath while it tried swallowing me again up at the surface. Then it took me back down into the water. I barely got one last breath before we went under.

We went all the way to the bottom where it tried swallowing me again. I could feel how tightly it had me in its mouth. It made my suit so tight against my pussy and clit that I went off in orgasm yet again.

Everything went dim all around me when I had that orgasm. That’s when I realized I’d lost my grip on its snout. I could feel it swallowing me, pulling me deeper into its stomach.

I did everything I could as I thrashed about in its mouth. But it wouldn’t let me go or take me back to the surface. My lungs were on fire; I knew I couldn’t hold my breath much longer.

I was all the way inside when it started to close its mouth. That’s when I knew I was a goner. I started cumming so very hard as my tight suit rubbed against my crotch. Then everything went black, and I was cumming and drowning inside its stomach.

Then I woke up…

© 2017 (written for Skip and Janet Sep 14 ’17 by riwa)

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