Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 3


You have no idea how excited I was when we pulled out of the driveway and headed off toward the Club. I was trembling like crazy and wet as hell. I nearly creamed myself when I told myself I wasn’t coming home because Stew was going to hang me for his sexual enjoyment before the night was over.

He got horny when I told him about mom and Brad. I asked him what he thought about mom and I on our knees together sucking her boyfriend’s cock. He said he didn’t know what to think. But judging by the bulge in his pants I knew exactly what he was thinking.

I grinned as I asked him, “Do you want to fuck mom now, Stew? How’d you like to double-team her with Brad?”

“I’m driving Janelle, ok?”

“After you hang me, you can come home, fuck mom and then hang her before dad gets back. Who knows? He might not mind so much.”


“I’m really looking forward to hanging for you tonight, Stew. Gawd, I can’t wait to hang on stage in front of you and all those other horny guys.”

“Damnit, Janelle; I’m trying to drive, ok? I’m going to wreck us if you keep that up!”

“What’s the matter? Can’t drive with a hard-on, Stew? Want me to fix that for you?”

I giggled as I unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. The poor guy must have been hurting having it bulge in his pants like that. Then I leaned over and began sucking on it.

He gasped as he swerved a little. Then he slowed down. I think he was trying to drive real careful. But he sure was panting like crazy.

I think we pulled up to a stoplight. That gave me extra time to take him deep down my throat. That’s when I heard some guys whooping and hollering in the car next to us.

“Janelle?? Jeez! They can see you!”

The light turned green and he took off. But I heard the car pull up next to us as those guys continued whooping and hollering.

Stew suddenly went off in my mouth. I couldn’t contain it all as some of it leaked out around my lips. I sucked as much cum out of his dick as I could before I sat up.

Cream hung off my lips as I smiled at Stew. In the car next to us I saw the heads of two guys out the front window with two more in back. I grinned at them as I used a finger to wipe all the cream off my lips and then swallow it down.

They whooped and hollered again. That’s when Stewart made a right turn and we lost them. “Damn you, Janelle!”

He looked at me and shook his head as he mumbled to himself, “Why does my sister have to be so damned hot and sexy?” It gave me a warm, gooey feeling inside, making me decide more than ever that I wanted to hang for him at the Club.

The parking garage was nearly full when we got there. We had to park all the way in the back on an upper floor. “Looks like the place is full,” Stew observed as he shut off the engine.

“That just means I’m going to have a huge audience when I dance in the air for you up onstage, Stew.”

He looked at me and sighed heavily. “Look, Janelle. I don’t know how this is going to work tonight, ok? Can we just go in and enjoy ourselves first?”

“Certainly, Stew. Don’t mind me. I’m just your slut snuff-date for the evening.”

He rolled his eyes again. But I could see he was starting to get a bulge once more. So I decided to try and play nice for a while.

“I know you’re not sure about all this Stew. You know what I want. I’m just so excited, ok? But I’ll try to tone it down a little for you.”

“I’d appreciate it, Janelle. Otherwise my cock is going to be hard all night long.”

“I guess we’ll just have to make sure to help you out whenever it gets too hard, right?” I giggled as I rubbed his bulge again.

“Alright; that does it! Out of the car!”

“Sure thing, Stew. Eager to hang me already?”

His eyes rolled once more as we got out. Then we made our way down the garage to the main floor. A short walk and we found ourselves rounding the corner to the Club.

There was a huge line outside. Maybe that’s because it was a Friday night. I felt a surge of erotic excitement at the idea there might be a packed house waiting to enjoy my hanging. Too bad all those sexy bitches in line couldn’t come inside and watch me give ‘em a show.

A lot of girls called out to us, asking us to take them in with us.  I had my arm protectively through Stewart’s as I quietly asked him, “What do you think, Stew? Want to take one inside with us? We could hang her first before you hang me. I bet you’d love that.”

“I don’t know if we have enough money for another girl, Janelle. Maybe later.”

If you have plenty left over I want you to promise me you’ll come out, find some hot slut to fuck and then hang her sweet ass before you leave. Promise me, Stew.” I smiled coyly at him as I clung to his arm.

“No promises, Janelle.” But I thought I saw the gears turning in his mind. With any luck maybe I could turn him into a sexy snuff-dater before the night was over.

We showed our IDs to the bouncer. Stew also showed him the cash we’d brought along. He smiled as he waved us right inside, telling us to have a good time. “Oh, I plan on it,” I told him with my best smile.

Once inside we checked our cash with an attendant who gave us a pager. Then I got my pregnancy sensor. I pushed it in right in front of her, letting out a yelp as it penetrated before that little green glow came on.

“Looks like you nice folks are all good to go,” she said with a smile.

“That’s right,” I responded. “Two check in, but only one will check out.”

I smiled knowingly at her as Stew gave me another dirty look. But I could tell he was sporting a growing bulge again. The attendant remained unfazed.

“Thinking of visiting the stage or one of our snuff rooms? If so, you probably won’t be the only ones tonight. Enjoy yourself, folks.”

“Really?” I asked hopefully. “Are others going to get snuffed tonight?” Now she had my full attention as Stew looked at her in surprise.

“Oh yes. Friday nights are very popular around here. What’s more, we have a group of businessmen with their wives and dates back in one of our conference rooms. I understand there may be an execution or two taking place back in that room.”

“Really? Wow!” Now we were both impressed.

I wanted to ask for more details, but decided against it. Then Stew escorted me inside. Immediately we were hit in the face with the sound of all that gambling with all those jangling machines.

I told Stewart I wanted to take it all in first. Maybe a part of me wanted to parade around in my slutty attire just to see how many looks I could get. I was considering the possibility I might get to play with a few other cocks before it came time for me to dangle in the noose up onstage.

We walked around a lot of machines, and I got a lot of appreciative looks. But some people ignored us as they stared self-absorbed at their one-armed bandits and video machines. They seemed more obsessed with gambling than acknowledging the likes of us.

We made our way to the back of the club where we found the Entertainment stage. For the moment it was not in use. But I stared longingly at the noose in the gallows as I panted heavily for breath.

“Fuck; it’s really real!” I gasped. “Gawd, Stew! That’s where you’re going to hang me tonight!”

“Not right away I hope, Janelle.”

“Oh no,” I told him with a smile. “I need to get fucked first… and with more cocks than just yours. Maybe there’s some stuff we can watch before it’s my turn. You can even whore me out for a little extra dough while you go fuck some other slut.”

“Do you really want me to fuck anyone else but you, Janelle?”

“Why else do you think we came here, Stew? We came to fuck and watch executions, and I came to hang for you. I want to experience it all. And I want you to feel free to fuck whomever you wish!”

He just shook his head as he sighed, “Gawd! I think I could use a drink!”

“Good idea, Stew. I’m getting thirsty and horny.”

We headed off to the lounge and sat in a booth. We ordered drinks and then looked around at all the other people who were talking and drinking. It made me wonder how many were here for the gambling and how many were here for the sex and the Entertainment stage.

How many had come hoping to witness an execution? How many had come hoping to get a chance to see a slut like me hang by my neck for them up on stage? It gave me the erotic shivers, and I quickly took another sip of my drink to steady my nerves.

“So what do you want to do first, Stew?” I asked as the liquid burned down my throat. “Want to play one of the roulette wheels for a bit… a little blackjack maybe? Wanna try one of the gambling machines? Or do you wanna go find one of the rooms and fuck?” Then I leaned in close as I added, “I sure could go for some ‘meat’, if you know what I mean.”

There was a burst of laughter near one of the bigger tables on the opposite side of the room. Then a bunch of people rose up. I stared in astonishment before I quickly gasped, “Duck down, Stew! Quick! Duck down and don’t look!”

“What, Janelle?”

“Damnit, Stew; duck down! It’s daddy!”

We both scrunched lower in our booth so as not to be seen. I could tell right away it was our father. He had an attractive brunette wrapped around his waist.

He and the other guys headed for the exit on the other side of the lounge with their dates. They went out the opening and were gone. I breathed a sigh of relief as I sat up straight.

“Ok, Stew. He’s gone. Whew; that was close!”

“Are you sure it was him, Janelle?” He sounded like he was a little anxious about us getting caught here at the club.

“Damn right, I’m sure! He had a sexy slut on his arm. For a second I thought he looked right at me.”

“Did he see us?”

“I don’t know, Stew. Maybe he didn’t. I didn’t see anything in his expression that indicated he saw us. He didn’t motion at me or anything. Your back was to him, but I got a good look, Stew. It was daddy all right.”

“What the hell is he doing here, Janelle?”

Stew turned to look, but the group was gone. Then he looked right at me. “Are you sure it was him, Janelle? Maybe it was some guy who looked like him.”

“C’mon, Stew. Let’s go have a look.”

We finished our drinks in one gulp. Then we got up and headed off in the direction they had gone. I had to lead the way as I was the one who had seen where they were going.

For a minute we lost them in the casino. I led Stew down an aisle and turned a corner. That’s when I saw a group heading for a hallway.

“That’s them!” I gasped as I pulled Stew back out of sight. When I took another look I saw they were all heading away. I grabbed Stew and pulled him along as we trailed after them.

We followed them down the hall at a discreet distance. They paused at a door before starting to go inside. Stew and I ducked out of sight around a corner before peering down the hall to look. That’s when we both saw daddy walk inside with that brunette on his arm. If he saw us, he gave no indication.

“Well?” I asked with my hands on my hips when they were all inside. “Is that daddy or isn’t it?”

“It sure as hell looked like him, Janelle. What the hell is he doing here??”

“Didn’t you hear the attendant in the foyer? She said there was a group of businessmen here. And she acted like maybe they were going to snuff somebody.” The idea of getting to witness an execution this early in the evening was getting me all excited.

I felt an erotic jolt knowing daddy was here in the club with us. I looked at Stew, but he had already read my expression. “Oh no, Janelle! I’m not hanging you while dad’s watching!”

“Aww, why not?”

“Are you crazy? He’d kill us both!”

“He can’t kill me if I’m already hanging for you, Stew.”

“Damn you, Janelle!”

“I wonder if there’s any way of seeing inside that room they all entered.”

“Seeing inside what room?”

We both turned to see an attendant standing there with an empty tray. Stewart stammered as he told her, “We were, uh… we were just curious about that room down there is all.”

“Oh, that’s our group of businessmen for the night. I think you can pull them up on a monitor in one of the sex rooms so long as the room is unlocked.”

“Unlocked?” I asked curiously.

“Unlocked… the cameras turned on so others in the club can watch on private monitors. There are monitors in the sex rooms as well as the snuff rooms.”

“I’m really curious, Stew. Let’s go have a look, ok? We’ll want a sex room anyway, right?”

“Ok, Janelle.” Then he asked the attendant, “Uh… which way to one of the sex rooms?”

“This way, sir,” she said with a smile. Then she led us off down the hall in the opposite direction.

We didn’t go too far before we found an empty room. Stew checked in with our pager. Then we followed the attendant inside.

The first thing she did was lead us over to a monitor on the wall to show us how to bring up any of the rooms in the club. She told us, “If they have it unlocked, it means anyone can view inside.” Then she brought up the room with the businessmen. “It seems they haven’t locked us out yet.”

There were three different screens showing views from three different camera angles. We saw daddy sitting at this really large conference table along with that brunette at his side. What caught my attention was a small stage with a stripper pole back along one wall.

“Let me know if you folks need anything else.” Then the attendant stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Stewart and I looked at the monitor. But nothing was happening inside the room. It looked like they were just talking about how well their company had done during the year.

We sat on the bed where I reached out and started groping Stew’s bulge. It wasn’t long before I unzipped his fly and pulled him out. Then I started lubing his cock with my mouth as I bobbed up and down on it.

He gasped appreciatively as I gave him a really good blowjob with deliberate slurping noises. Then I told him I wanted it up my ass to start with. “I’ve been really naughty and slutty tonight, Stew. So I want you to fuck my ass good and hard.”

He grabbed my head and forced me to gag on his delicious meat. I loved the way he was treating me. Besides, I deserved it after teasing him relentlessly ever since we’d left the house.

He took my top off and started slapping my boobs as I gobbled him down. I just moaned like a bitch in heat. Then he observed, “It looks like they have a couple of strippers entering their room, Janelle.”

I glanced over at the monitor to see what was going on. Nothing was really happening just yet as they took up their positions on the stage. He slapped my tits again as he gagged me with his cock. Gawd, I was getting all hot and horny.

He roughly undressed me before telling me, “So you want it up the ass, eh?” I whimpered as he turned me around and bent me over the edge of the bed. That meant we both got to watch the monitor.

He pushed into my ass none too gentle. I cried out, “Oh FUCK!” as he rammed it in deep. Then he really started giving it to me good.

He fucked my ass as we watched the two women on the monitor start to ride the stripper pole in that conference room. Actually, it looked like a blond slut with big tits was riding it while a black haired bimbo molested her while helping to remove all her garments. Everyone else in the room seemed to be watching appreciatively.

Both bitches were soon nude and were nice to look at. But the action was starting to get boring. Then the slut with the black hair produced a dagger from seemingly out of nowhere. She displayed it as though it was part of the act.

I gasped as I told Stew, “Fuck; she’s got a knife! What the hell is she going to do with a knife??”

“Damned if I know, Janelle.” Now we were both curious.

Stew slowed down his thrusts up my ass as we paid a little closer attention to the girls on the monitor. The cameras were able to get good views of them together, the one dancing against the stripper pole while the other brandished the dagger. The girl fucking the pole either seemed oblivious to the weapon or she just didn’t care.

My heart started beating fast as the one holding the dagger began wiping the blade along big-tit’s skin. She just kept on dancing as though it was no big deal. But I noticed everyone else in the room seemed to be watching intently.

“Fuck, Stew; what’s going to happen next?”

“How the hell should I know, Janelle?” But I noticed he was starting to fuck me a little harder.

I got the impression something was definitely going to happen soon. But I didn’t know what. A moment later I jerked with a start the moment the black haired woman stabbed big-tits in the stomach… “FUCK, Stew! She just stabbed her in the gut!!”

There was an audible gasp in the room as everyone leaned forward. Big-tits grabbed the hands of her friend holding the knife. Then she slowly began to pull the dagger up her belly as though she was deliberately helping to gut herself!

I gasped again as I stared in astonishment. Stew understandably began fucking me harder. Was he really getting off on this?? I found it both horrific and arousing as hell.

Together the bitches dragged that dagger up big-tit’s stomach until it suddenly split open. I swear her intestines started spilling out. Then she seemed to stagger as…

Fucking hell! Was she cumming?? It looked like she was cumming!

I told Stew to fuck me harder, but he had already picked up the pace. That bitch with the opened belly looked like she was really orgasming. The other girl looked like she was helping hold her upright.

Were we watching a “death by dagger” show in that conference room? I couldn’t believe it! I reached down to furiously finger my cunt as Stew fucked my ass harder, the two of us gasping and murmuring our shock.

The black haired bitch suddenly withdrew the dagger. With one sharp slash she cut the neck of big-tits. The poor woman’s eyes flew open as the one who cut her was abruptly bathed in her blood spewing out of her severed neck.

For a moment she was still being held upright as she gurgled for her next breath. Her windpipe and a major artery must have been severed. A moment later the girl let big-tits crumple naked to the floor, writhing and spasming as she jerked in her death throes. I swear she was cumming the entire time. Hell, I think both of them were cumming!

I felt an erotic jolt as it swelled inside me. I screamed for Stew to fuck me really hard. But he was already ramming my ass with his cock.

I furiously fingered my clit as I cried out in orgasm. That’s when I felt Stew’s cock explode in my ass. A moment later big-tit’s eyes glazed over as she shuddered hard.

Stray muscles fired as she went into her final death twitches. There was a ton of blood covering the stage where she lay bleeding out. Then applause broke out in the conference room before one of the businessmen declared, “Thank you, Dorita. And thank you Lucille for volunteering to be tonight’s main dish for us here at the Club.”

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