Mother-sister competition


It was only supposed to be an engagement dinner. Alison and I were going to officially announce our marriage plans to her mother Evelick and her brother Ron, even though they both suspected what was already going on between us. There was no way of knowing it would turn into a night of something much, much different…


While Alison and her mother Evelick spent the afternoon in the kitchen whipping up a delicious homemade dinner for the four of us, Ron and I spent the afternoon hanging out together. Naturally our discussion turned toward his mom and sibling. Like so many times before, we spent some time idly wondering what it would be like to rape and then snuff the two of them.

Of course our discussions were fantasy oriented. Neither one of us even remotely figured it would go any further than that. Still, we couldn’t help talking about it.

As much as I loved Alison, I couldn’t help finding her mom to be one sexy bitch. On more than one occasion I’d seen her giving me the eye when I was there visiting with her daughter. I swear there were times when that woman seemed to be hitting on me. I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to have a go at her.

Ron’s desires were even kinkier that mine. But for some reason I found them equally compelling. He told me he had these fantasies of doing perverted things to both his mom and sister… especially his mother He’d previously seen them both naked, and he admitted each time it had gotten him all hot and bothered.

On one occasion he told me he’d snuck a peek at his mother as she was showering. As soon as he saw that body of hers, he told me he’d started wanking off as he thought about all the nasty, perverted things he wanted to do to her. Then he said he’d had to rush off to his bedroom to finish jerking off. He told me there were times when the thought of fucking either one of them – especially his mother – was more than he could bear.

I thought the idea of a son fucking his mother or sister to be arousing as hell. I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to watch Ron fuck the shit out of Evelick… or even Alison for that matter. But it wasn’t just the sexual fantasies we talked about.

We spent a lot of time discussing how we might snuff them both were we ever to get the chance. Naturally these were fantasies as we never thought it would actually happen. But his two family members looked sexy as hell, and our imaginations often ran wild on us.

Our favorite was the hanging fantasy. We often imagined one or even both of them dancing up a storm for us. They would be totally nude except for a pair of nylons or maybe some high-heeled shoes. When we talked about fucking them in the noose as they hanged for us, it really got us all worked up.

We probably should have picked a less arousing topic for the afternoon. By the time we got over to his house, we were horny as hell… well, at least I certainly was. I could only assume Ron was just as worked up by our discussion.

“Hi, mom; we’re back!” he called out when we walked through the door.

“Smells good!” I added… and indeed, it did smell scrumptious.

“You boys are just in time!” I heard Ron’s mom call out. “It’s almost ready! We’re going to change and then be right out! Help yourself to something to drink!”

There was a bottle of wine at the dining table along with the rest of the plates and silverware. Ron grabbed a couple of goblets and poured us both a drink. We ended up waiting until they returned.

I finally heard Alison’s agitated voice from the kitchen declare, “Now mom; don’t go making a scene on me! He’s my fiancé now! For gawd’s sake; don’t flirt with him, ok? Damn; can’t you dress in something more appropriate?”

Her mother responded, “Honey, you know I always dress appropriately!”

Ron couldn’t help grinning at me. “Well, buddy; tonight should be interesting. Sounds like the two of them have already been going at it. You know how mom gets when you’re around. It sure drives sis crazy. And it sounds like they’ve both been drinking again. That ought to liven things up!”

10 minutes later both women emerged from the kitchen bearing steaming plates of food. Ron’s mom was in a black, slinky gown that didn’t seem to cover half of what it was supposed to. She had on black nylons and black high heels. She looked sexy as hell with those large tits of hers that were barely covered.

Alison was in something equally stunning. She was wearing a red, slinky outfit with a slit well up her thigh. If I didn’t know better I would’ve sworn they were competing with each other simply in the way they had dressed up.

I felt extremely underdressed in my plain slacks and shirt. I think Ron felt the same in his shirt and pants. But it was too late to go change into something else. So we decided to do nothing about our current attire.

We all sat at the table where I saw both Alison and her mom quickly go for the wine. Evelick beamed at me as I sat down; I swear she winked at me. Alison sat across from me with her mom on my right and Ron on my left. When my fiancé scowled at her mother, I suspected it was going to be a long night.

There was very little discussion concerning our pending nuptials. Both Ron and his mother already knew, so the meal was just a formality. But the way Alison and her mother chatted, you would’ve thought they were both battling for my attention.

The flirting from the both of them was more obvious than it had ever been before. Their sexual innuendo hung heavy in the air. What’s more, they kept drinking way more than us guys.

Ron grinned at me, especially at all the attention I was getting. I could only imagine how aroused he was with his mother and sister all dressed up the way they were. They almost looked like high-priced call girls.

The meal was excellent, although Alison and her mother went back and forth between who had fixed what and whose dish tasted better. Their competitiveness hung heavy in the air. I couldn’t help wondering if having a meal together hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

When we finished eating, the two women got up and helped each other clear the dishes away. Evelick offered us some cake she’d made special. But Ron and I decided we were too full and that we’d have dessert later. His mom gave me a knowing look at the mention of “dessert”, and she made a point of licking her lips at me.

After the dishes had been hauled away, Ron’s mother began to flirt more intensely with me than ever as the four of us sat around the table. It was obvious she’d had too much to drink. I could tell it was starting to get on my fiancé’s nerves.

Evelick suggested the four of us should play a game of cards together to pass the time away. Ron got a couple decks of cards with some chips. It seemed innocent enough.

We started off by playing pinochle with partners. I could see Alison’s competitiveness rise up within her. Since I was already sitting across from her, it was decided she would be my partner while Ron would partner with his mom.

I should have known things were going to get out of hand when his intoxicated mother spoke up. She asked, “What’ll we play for? We can’t just play for nothing, you know.” Then she smiled suggestively in my direction.

“If we were playing a different game, we could play strip poker.” Ron winked at me as he leered at his mother, no doubt wanting to see her out of that dress.

Evelick blushed, but she didn’t seem put off by her son’s remark. On the other hand, Alison was not amused. “Oh, Ron!” his sister groaned, rolling her eyes.

Clearly she was not amused. Unfortunately her mother thought it was a splendid idea. “What a wonderful suggestion!” she gasped before taking another drink from her wine goblet.

“Let’s liven things up a bit around here, shall we? Losing team has to remove their tops. What do you think, Riwa?” and she winked knowingly at me.

“MOM??!!” Alison was shocked at her mother’s audacity.

“I guess it would be ok,” I replied, feeling my cock start to quiver. Seeing Alison or her mother nude would be a real treat. But Ron was the most enthusiastic of the bunch.

He looked lustfully at his mother and then at his sister before saying, “Fine by me. I like the idea. Let’s do it.”

“RON??!!” Alison was appalled.

“What’s the matter, honey?” Evelick innocently asked her daughter. “Afraid you might lose and be forced to show off those modest tits to your husband-to-be? Or are you afraid I’ll lose and get to show him mine?”

“Just deal the damn cards, ok? We’ll just see who has the better tits around here!” I looked at Ron who grinned at me as though a dream was about to come true.

The first game didn’t last very long. Ron and his mother both lost despite what should have been two winning hands. Evelick sighed in resignation as I collected the cards. Then she grinned at her son.

“Well, son; we lost fair and square. I guess we gotta take our tops off, honey!” And with that she stood up, unhooked her dress from behind her back and allowed it to fall to the floor.

She stood there in a sexy black bra and panties. Then she started modeling as she pranced around. Alison rolled her eyes in disgust.

I got quite an eyeful as her mother turned and faced me. Then she deliberately hefted her large melons in my direction. “Like what you see, baby?” she asked, giggling like a naughty schoolgirl. Alison sighed heavily.

“Aren’t these GREAT?” Evelick persisted. “They’re better than the modest little mounds you’ll be getting when you marry my daughter. But don’t worry. As your future mother-in-law I believe I’m contractually bound to display them to you whenever you’re around.” Then she grinned as she hefted them again in my direction.

“MOM??!!” Alison was outraged.

“Looks great,” I stammered, causing Alison to give me the evil eye.

Ron was out of his shirt in a flash before taking in his mom’s impressive cleavage with a lustful eye. “Great tits, mom! That’s one hot rack!”

“Thanks, son.” She even hefted her breasts in his direction for him to admire. Obviously the wine was getting to her.

I heard Alison angrily mutter, “I’ll bet she lost on purpose, the fucking whore.”

“What was that, dear?”

“Nothing, mom. I didn’t say a damn word.”

“Care to put your money where your mouth is, sweetie? Of course it’ll cost you your dress when you lose, because you aren’t going to win the next game.”

“Mom, you couldn’t win a game of blackjack being dealt the ace – king!”

Evelick turned and smiled sweetly in my direction. “Just deal the cards, baby. I really want to see you out of that shirt.”

“The hell you will!” Alison challenged. “You’re going to be fucking naked before he has to take his shirt off for your slutty gaze! Deal the fucking cards, Riwa!”

The next game went quickly with both sides doing relatively well. Unfortunately I took a gamble on the last hand and lost. It pushed Ron and his mother’s score over the top.

My fiancé was furious. “Damn you, Riwa!”

“Honey, I’m sorry. It was a calculated gamble.”

“The hell it was!”

“You thought I wanted to lose on purpose?”

“You lose, dear,” Evelick slurred at me. “Let’s see it. You too, honey,” she said to her daughter, waving at her. “Take it off, baby; we all want to have a look!” Ron was grinning at the excitement of getting to see his sister’s tits.

After I removed my shirt, Evelick reached over to inspect the merchandise, running her hands up and down my chest. That seemed to infuriate her daughter even more. It made Alison want to display her own set of cleavage to me.

“You wanna see something hot, baby?” she purred at me. “Well get a load of this!”

She proudly slid out of her dress. Everyone was astonished to see she was wearing a bra that held her breasts up without actually covering them. In an instant she had everyone’s attention.

“Hubba – hubba, sis!” Ron enthused. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

In an instant Alison went from being indignant at losing to proudly showing off her assets. It was like she finally had something on her mother. “Like ‘em, honey?” she boasted at me as she posed. “Don’t you think they’re spectacular? They’re much better than mom’s saggy old tits, wouldn’t you agree?” Then she turned to her brother.

“How about it, Ron? Whose do you like better?”

“I like yours, sis!” he gasped. I figured the only reason he said that was because he was getting to see them exposed.

Alison had gotten quite tipsy or I doubt she would have asked her brother what he thought of her tits. Ron didn’t seem to care. I could tell he loved the direction our game of pinochle was going.

We played again and promptly lost again, leaving me somewhat suspicious at my partner’s style of play. Alison never once hesitated. She quickly removed her bra, fully exposing her breasts.

She posed for a couple of minutes, showing them off to everyone again. But her time in the spotlight was short-lived when I removed my pants. Once more I had her mother’s full attention.

Her tongue was almost hanging out as she drooled over me and my package. She had me stand up and twirl around before I was allowed to sit back down. It left my fiancé none too happy.

“Let’s play again!” Alison demanded indignantly. I thought maybe we should have stopped the game before it went too far. But Ron seemed eager to keep playing… and so did his mom.

The cards were dealt, only this time it was Ron and his mother who lost. I thought it was a game they could’ve won… maybe even should’ve won. But that didn’t seem to matter.

Evelick promptly got up and did a slow dance, teasing us before she removed her bra. Her tits were definitely bigger than her daughters, and they were very nice. My cock was getting harder by the minute.

Ron was forced to remove his trousers as well. Interestingly enough it was his sister who made him twirl around in his underwear. I could tell it excited him by the way his bulge showed in his briefs.

His mother made a comment about his nice package. I attributed it to her heavy intake of wine since he was her son. Then she motioned grandly, her words slurring…

“Whoever loses this last game has to totally strip!” Then she looked lustfully in my direction.

“But I propose one small addition… just a teeny, weenie addition.” She brought her thumb and index finger together to illustrate how small she thought the addition was. But something told me it was going to be significant.

My fiancé was instantly suspicious. “What sort of addition, mom?”

“Why it’s very simple, honey! The losing male has to stroke himself until he shoots his load all over the face of his partner for losing!” Was humiliation to be the reward for losing now??


Alison was shocked. But Ron’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I could tell in an instant he was looking forward to the opportunity of shooting his cum all over his mother’s face.

“What’s the matter, honey? Afraid you’re gonna lose? Personally I can’t wait to see your fiancé’s cum all over your face!”

“You just wanna see his cock!” Alison retorted indignantly. Her mother simply grinned at her.

Alison looked at her and then looked over at her brother. Something must have occurred to her because she suddenly looked back at her mom as though getting hit with inspiration. Then she got this strange look of triumph on her face.

“You got a deal, mom.”

“Hunh?” Now her mother was confused at the sudden change in attitude.

“This is gonna be great!” Alison observed, her eyes flashing. “I’m gonna love watching Ron cum all over your face, mom! I’ll bet he’s wanted to do that for years! Am I right, little brother?”

Apparently Evelick hadn’t considered what would happen if they lost. “But isn’t that incest?” she asked uncertainly, looking at her daughter and then her son. Ron’s eyes gleamed with excitment.

“No, mom; it’s just cum!” Alison laughed at her. “Unless of course you don’t think you can win the next game! Oh I forgot… whores don’t know how to play cards!”

Evelick bristled at the comment before looking sternly at Ron. “This is it, son! Your sister is going down! And I want no cheating on this one, ok? We’re going to put her in her place once and for all!”

“I won’t, mom,” Ron replied.

I could tell he was unhappy, especially since it was obvious his mom had deliberately lost a few hands here and there. Then he looked at his sister, and this strange smile broke out all over his face. Maybe he was imagining her with a faceful of my cum.

His mother just smiled as she looked in my direction. “I can’t wait to see that cock of yours shoot its load all over my slutty daughter!” Then she licked her lips suggestively as though she wouldn’t mind licking my cock… or maybe licking my cum off her face. It sent a shiver of arousal running down my spine.

“You’re going to have to wait until hell freezes over!” Alison stated indignantly. “There’s no way in hell you’re going to win this next game! I’m looking forward to seeing my brother shoot his cum all over your face! It would serve you right, mom… having cum dripping off your face like the slutty whore you are!”

“Never going to happen, sweetie!” her mother smiled sweetly. “After we kick your ass this next game I’m going to enjoy watching Riwa here coat your face with his delicious goo!”

“Bring it on, bitch!” Alison demanded. Right then I knew it was the alcohol talking. I couldn’t believe she was disrespecting her mother like that.

“You’re going down, cunt!” her mom responded in challenge. “You’re going to look great with a face full of cum!”

The cards were dealt, but this time no cheating was necessary. Alison and I got nothing but shit dealt to us. We were easily beaten.

“Time to pay up, my darling daughter!” Evelick gasped excitedly. “Take those panties off, sweetheart. Then get on your knees. Your mother wants to see her lovely daughter’s face all covered in creamy goo.”

“Fine!” Alison stated angrily as she removed her panties. “Riwa? Get your ass over here! I’m going to give you a blowjob you won’t ever forget!”

She glared angrily at her mother as she told me, “I’m going to show her how to suck cock!” But her mom stopped her cold, lifting a hand while shaking her head.

“Uh – uh – unh! That wasn’t the bet. You don’t get to touch him, honey. You have to just kneel there on the floor and let him jack off all over your face.”

“But MOM??!!”

“No ‘buts’, honey. You lost fair and square. So pay up, you slutty little whore!”

Alison grumpily got onto her knees and waited for me to come around to her side of the table. “Now don’t be shy, honey,” Evelick encouraged me. “Just go over there, jack off and give your fiancée a good coating. I can tell how hard you are, and I want to see that gorgeous dick of yours. Besides, we all know she’s going to love it, right?” Alison gave her a dirty look, but said nothing.

I didn’t think I could perform. But it was amazing how hard my cock was. I got up from the table and pulled my briefs down, exposing my hard cock. It caused Evelick to ooh and aww at it.

I went around and proceeded to jack off right in front of Alison as her mother and brother stood and watched on either side of us. Both of them seemed oddly aroused by it all. Strangely I didn’t have any problem staying hard.

Ron looked especially excited. “Cum all over her face, buddy! Gawd; I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time!” Amazingly his sister smiled at him.

I was surprised how much Alison’s mother got into it. “Gawd; that’s a big dick, baby! Coat her face with your spunk, Riwa! Give the slut a good facial! It will save her a trip to the beauty parlor!”

Her daughter glared at her before turning back in my direction. Alison opened her mouth to receive my creamy load. But her mom told her to close it, saying it was supposed to go on her face.

She dutifully did as she was told. I stroked until I came all over her face. I was amazed how much cum I coated her with.

The drunken slut actually moaned happily as I gave her my spunk. I swear her mother have a little orgasm watching the whole damned thing. I’m surprised Ron didn’t cream his briefs. But maybe he did and I just didn’t notice. After all, I wasn’t really looking in his direction.

Evelick told her daughter, “Now use your fingers to clean it up and swallow it. Wipe it all off and swallow it down like a good whore, honey! Go ahead… show your fiancé what kind of a slut he’s marrying!”

Amazingly Alison eagerly did as her mother suggested. Maybe she was trying to prove she was a better slut than her mom. Her eyes flashed as she scooped it up with her fingers, giving me a knowing smile.

I watched her seductively stick her fingers into her mouth. Then she sucked on them, moaning delightedly as she swallowed it down. She smirked at her mom as though glad she was the one who’d gotten my spunk and not her filthy mother. She even opened her mouth to show me before gulping it down.

We all went back to our chairs and sat around the table. For the longest time no one said a word. I guess we were all thinking about what had just happened.

Alison looked at her mother, her eyes blazing. “How about one last game before we have dessert?”

“What are the stakes, honey?”

“Same stakes, mom”.

“You slut! You mean you want another facial??”

“Not gonna happen this time, mom! This time I’m gonna get to watch Ron shoot his load all over your face. He’s wanted to do that for a long time, and I think it’s high time he gets to do it. Don’t you agree?”

She smiled sweetly at her mother before looking over at her brother with a twinkle in her eyes. His eyes lit up excitedly. “Never gonna happen, honey!” her mother replied. “You can’t play pinochle worth a damn!”

“We got some bad cards last time. That’s the only reason why we lost.” Then she looked at her mother challengingly.

“Care to make things a little more interesting, mom?”

“What’ve you got in mind? I can take anything you can dish out. Bring it on, bitch!” Then her mother waved her hands at her daughter as though inviting her to come right at her.

“After we beat your ass, you’re not going to get a nice hot facial just from your only son.”


“You’re going to get a double facial after my fiancé and your very own son both fuck the shit out of your face! How do you like that? You’ve always wanted Riwa’s cock! How about adding Ron’s dick to go with it?”

I couldn’t believe it! Was Alison actually suggesting her mother suck off both me and her own son?? I looked around wondering if it was high time we stashed all the alcohol away for the night.

“You filthy little slut! That’s INCEST!”

“No mom; it’s cocksucking!” Alison corrected her. “And we all know what a filthy, cocksucking whore you are! So what’s it going to be, mom? Are you game? Or are you afraid of losing and having to suck Ron’s cock?”

“I’m not afraid of your pinochle playing, that’s for sure! You realize what you’re saying, don’t you? If we win then your very own brother’s going to slam that cock of his so far down your throat you’ll be puking your guts out! Honey; that’s something I just gotta see!”

“Prepare to be disappointed, mom, because we’re not going to lose! Besides, I never throw up! Just ask Riwa!”

“Good! Then you’ll be able to deep-throat your brother’s cock like a good little whore!”

“I won’t have to because you’ll be the one gagging on cock like a $10 whore, mom! I’m even going to let my fiancé give your tonsils a good hard dicking! I’ll bet you’re gonna like that, am I right?”

I could tell Evelick wanted my cock. But she wasn’t quite so certain about getting her son’s in the bargain. “No,” she said, shaking her head.

At first I thought she was going to back out. Then she proclaimed, “I’m going to watch my son fuck your filthy little mouth. And then I’m going to watch him shoot his cream all over your face.”

“Fat chance, mom! You’re the one who’s about to get a double facial!”

“We’ll just see about that!” Then she looked around before angrily declaring, “Would someone please deal the fucking cards?”

Both of them paused before defiantly taking a sip from their wine goblets. Ron looked at me and then eagerly snatched up the cards. Clearly he was in.

I could tell how excited he was. It was a win/win situation for him. One way or the other he was going to get to shove his dick into the mouth of one of his family members. I could only imagine how hard he probably was.

The game went back and forth, each team gaining ground and then losing it right back. Both teams were pretty close in score. That’s when Evelick paused and looked at her daughter, flashing her a wicked smile.

“Care to up the ante, hun?”

“Bring it on, mom! We haven’t lost yet!”

“I think I should get to have a little fun too.”

“Oh? What do you mean by that?”

“Since you’re going to lose and you’re going to taste your brother’s cock anyway, you might as well have the blue-plate family special.”

“What the hell is the ‘blue-plate family special’?”

“It means I get to go first, sweetheart. I’m gonna sit on your face and you’re gonna get me off. After I’ve had my fun, the boys are going to double fuck your face. What do you think about that?”

“You’re joking, right? You mean you’d make me eat you out and then suck off my own brother? You BITCH!”

My fiancé seemed to think it over. Then her eyes narrowed coldly. “Guess what, mom? You’re going to be getting me off. Then you’re going to suck off your own son. Boy, you really blew it this time, you drunk, stupid whore!”

Her mother just laughed at her. “I’ve watched your insufferable pinochle playing long enough to know you’re blowing smoke up your ass, honey. I’m betting your fiancé wishes he had me for a partner right about now. Of course he’s going to enjoy fucking your face when you lose. Hell, he’s probably fucked it every night this week.”

“Not like he’s going to fuck yours, mom. You’ve been wanting his cock for a long time. So I guess it’s finally time for you to get it. What’s more, you’re going to get your own son’s cock as an added bonus!”

“You’re the one who’s going to be sucking on your brother’s dick, you ungrateful bitch! It’s going to be so good teaching you a lesson you’ll never forget!”

“Bring it on, mom! You’re the one who’s going to get the lesson! Now whose turn is it to deal those fucking cards?”

It was my turn, and I thoroughly shuffled the deck before dealing to everyone. I was more than a little astonished how the night had turned out. Both women had gotten competitive as hell.

No matter which team lost, I was going to get to fuck someone’s face. What’s more, Ron was finally going to get to put his cock into the mouth of either his sister or his mother. I don’t know why I was so hard thinking about that, but I was.

The game see-sawed back and forth, and at times it got downright tense. Alison yelled at my card-playing while her mom lit into her brother over little mistakes he made. But we finally came to the very last hand where no matter what happened, one of the teams was going to go over the top.

As it turned out, I was the one who had the winning hand. You should have seen the look on Evelick’s face. She was absolutely stunned, certain they were going to beat us.

When the last card was played, Alison let out a yell of triumph. She stood up and started to crow… “WE WON – WE WON!” Then she gave her mother an evil look.

“Now what was it I get to do to you?” she asked innocently. “Seems to me you said something about the loser laying on her back and getting off the winner? Well now’s your chance, mom. Let’s see what kind of tongue you got.”

“I’m a hell of a lot better than you’ll ever be!” her mother shot back. “You wanna know how to lick pussy? I’ll show you how to lick pussy!”

“Let’s go, mom!” Alison demanded. “Get your ass on the floor! I’m horny as fuck!”

“Why you incestuous little cunt! You really want your own mother to lick your pussy? Then let’s see that pitiful excuse of a cunt you’ve got, baby girl!”

Evelick got out of her chair and sprawled out on the floor on her back. Alison gasped in surprise. “You’re actually willing to do it, aren’t you! You incestuous whore!”

“We lost fair and square. I pay up my wagers! I swear I’m gonna give you the licking of your life!”

“You couldn’t lick a postage stamp!” Alison shot back as she stood over her mother’s face. “But you can sure as hell give it the old college try. Now get me off, you filthy slut! I’ll just bet you’ve licked a lot of pussy before. So this shouldn’t be a big deal to you!”

Before her mom could say another word, Alison crouched down onto her face and smothered her while facing Evelick’s feet. “Eat me out, mom!” she demanded as she began grinding herself into her mother’s face. “Lick my cunt, you whore!”

I was utterly astonished! It didn’t seem to bother Alison in the least the way she was making her own mother eat her out. I attributed it to an excess of alcohol. But it was still arousing as hell to watch.

Alison settled into position, straddling her mother’s head. Then she ground her pussy into her mom’s face. “C’mon, mom! You’re so fucking smart! Now you can eat me out! Lick that cunt, you filthy whore! Hell; I could do a better job than that!”

“Oh, yeah?” her mother responded drunkenly. Once more I saw her competitive nature rise to the surface. “We’ll just see about that, honey!” Then her mother really started licking as Alison squatted on her mom’s face.

I heard the urgent sounds of moaning and slurping as Evelick worked on her daughter’s pussy. I was totally surprised at the way things had turned out. Was the kinky slut actually getting into licking out her own daughter? The fact it was incest didn’t seem to bother either one of them.

It wasn’t long until Alison started to moan as her breathing became heavy and labored. “Gawd, yeah!” she gasped. “Lick that shit! Fuck; that feels good!”

Alison got a glimpse of Ron and I standing nearby, our hard cocks at the ready. We didn’t know what else to do other than await our turn. She grinned at the two of us as she began taunting her mother.

“Gawd, mom; you’re going to look so fucking hot taking two cocks in that mouth of yours! I’m gonna love watching my brother fuck your face! Serves you right for flirting with my fiancé, you filthy whore!”

Alison started to bounce up and down on her mother’s face until my cock got even harder watching her. Ron’s cock was in his hand, hard and throbbing as he stroked. She could tell he was ready and eager to go.

“Gawd, mom; you should see these cocks ready and waiting for you. You’re going to get it so fucking good. I’d be jealous if I wasn’t enjoying myself. Gawd, bitch; lick me…right there… yes – yes – yes… OHGAWD!!”

Alison stiffened for a moment. Then she arched her back, crying out in orgasmic release as she shuddered hard. Her mother grunted underneath her.

I could only imagine what was going through her mind as she made her daughter orgasm. Then Alison sat up on her knees, gasping for breath. “Gawd; that was good, mom!” she panted. “You really are a whore, aren’t you!” Then she motioned us boys in.

“Get on your knees like a good whore, mom! It’s time for you to suck some cock!”

Evelick obediently got onto her knees, her eyes flashing at the two of us as she eagerly opened her mouth. Ron exclaimed, “Gawd; I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, mom!” Then he moved in, allowing his mother to grab his dick and stuff it into her mouth.

Evelick eagerly sucked on her son’s cock like she’d been hungry for dick for weeks. She moaned excitedly before grabbing my nearby cock, stroking it like a lusty whore. Alison watched as her mother played with both of our cocks until I honestly couldn’t tell if she was angry, shocked or jealous.

Her mother sucked us both down, taking turns until I felt it boil up inside me. Gawd; I’m gonna cum!” I gasped.

“Then cover the slut’s face!” My fiancé told us. “Coat the whore!”

Ron and I let loose until we covered his mom’s face with our spunk. Alison shook her head, commenting on that cum while calling her a slut. Her mom just thought she was jealous.

© 2009; 2017 (Written for Alison, Ron and Evelick Sep 25 ’09; ed. Jun 22 ‘17 by riwa)

(Pictures found on the net and captioned for illustration purposes only.)

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