“How about it, big boy?” she asked coyly, sitting provocatively on the bed.

When he didn’t move, she changed her position. “Well? Are you gonna just stand there or are you gonna come join me?” She patted the bed for emphasis.

He still didn’t move, but she could tell he was interested. So she invited him over with a wiggle of her finger and a lustful gaze.

“You got something for me to suck on?” she asked innocently. To emphasize her point she stuck a finger into her mouth and started sucking on it thoughtfully.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “How about it, big boy? You wanna sit here next to me and whip it out?” She made slurping sounds as she sucked on her finger. Unable to resist, he moved to the bed and sat down next to her.

The slutty little whore was on him in a flash, working to remove the belt from around his shorts.

She couldn’t wait to get it off him! In seconds she had it unbuckled.

“Gimme that!” she breathed excitedly as she worked to pull it off.

A moment later it was in her hands. “I’ve got your belt!” she said triumphantly as she waved it at him. “Now let’s see what ELSE you’ve got hiding down there.” She moved to unbutton his shorts.

“I have a BETTER idea!” he said as he grabbed for his belt, pulling it out of her hands.

“Oh?” she asked with a smile as she relinquished her hold on it. “What are you gonna do with it?  You certainly don’t need it anymore!” He just looked at her as his eyes flashed menacingly.

“Let’s just wrap it around that slutty little neck of yours!” he announced dramatically. With a flash he had it wrapped around her throat. Her mouth instantly fell open in total shock.

A moment later she opened her mouth, only to discover to her horror that she couldn’t scream… couldn‘t even breathe!

Her hands instantly flew up to the belt around her throat in a desperate effort to pry it lose. She tried to scream again but nothing came out except a wheezing gurgle.

She couldn’t pull any air into her heaving lungs and she couldn’t pry the belt away from her neck!

She tried to scream, tried to breathe, tried to claw the belt off from around her neck as the room started to spin all around her.

He pulled her backward onto the bed as her vision started to blur. She tried to pull his arm away but her muscles felt all numb and tingly. There was a roaring in her ears as she tried one last time to scream. Instead there was a death rattle that emanated from somewhere deep inside her. Then she stopped moving altogether as everything went dark all around her.

He waited for another minute but there was no need. Her lifeless eyes gazed upward, her mouth frozen open from her last attempt to pull air into her tortured lungs. He got up and looked down at her, satisfied that she was gone.

“I’ll bet this wasn’t what you expected,” he said grimly, looking down at her death stare.

He glanced at the clock and discovered to his dismay that he needed to go. Instantly he began to think of how he was going to dispose of her body. Looking around, he found a large bag that he lifted up, measuring to see if she would fit inside.

It looked like it might work so he lifted her upright and pulled the bag over her body.

“You wanna give me a little help here?” he asked with a sadistic chuckle.

A moment later he let go of her body, allowing her to fall backward onto the bed.

Realizing she wouldn’t fit without cramming her in, he turned her over onto her side.

He stuffed her legs up inside until she was all curled up in the fetal position. At least it looked like she was going to fit in the bag now.

“C’mon, bitch!” he said with a sneer. “Monday’s trash day and I gotta have you out to the curb when the garbage truck comes by.”

Only her toes were left sticking out, which meant he just had to cram her inside a little more before sealing up the bag.

“You ready, bitch?” he said to her lifeless body. “I got places to go and people to see… and you got a date with the landfill!”

© 2007 (written May 20 ’07 by riwa)

(Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

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