Strangle Anniversary

(Note: Story written for Jikoseiai. Characters belong to her and are used with her permission.)


Airi couldn’t find Mali. Now where did that special girl of hers run off to? She had to be somewhere nearby, right?

She felt rope wrap around her throat as she was caught from behind. Then she was pulled backward onto the bed. She’d found Mali… or rather, Mali had found her.

“Did my slut Airi forget what day today is?” Mali giggled. “It is our one year anniversary. That means I get to kill you and make love to your cooling corpse all night long.”

Airi rasped and gurgled as she reached for the rope around her throat. It was the purple rope she’d bought her lover as a very special strangling present. Now it was being used to kill her yet again.

She tried to breathe as those familiar feelings blossomed in her loins. Instinctively she groped her bare breast, even as her body fought against the strangling sensations. “It feels wonderful, doesn’t it?” Mali breathed into her ear. “You cum so hard each time I strangle you to death. And it makes me cum hard too just watching you! I love you for it!”

Airi tried one last time to pull the cord away from her neck. “You can’t fight me, my sexy slut,” Mali giggled. “Besides, you want this every bit as much as I do.”

Airi gave up trying to loosen the rope around her neck. Instead she savagely groped her breasts as she started rubbing her crotch. If she hurried, there might still be time.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Mali gasped with great pleasure. “You’re going to cum hard while I kill you! Then I’m going to fuck your dead body all night long. Then tomorrow you’re going to wake up and do it to me!”

Airi rubbed herself just as hard as she could as she started to spiral away. At the very last second she began shuddering in orgasm. “Yes – yes; my slut Airi is cumming!” Mali gasped with delight. Then she pulled even harder on the cord.

Airi’s vision began to spiral away. She was cumming all the way down as she plummeted into oblivion. The last thing she thought of was the best way to get her lover back when she awakened tomorrow.

Mali felt her pussy explode as Airi’s body began to shudder in its death throes. One more hard pull finished her. Then she was all over her, kissing her lips and then sucking on her erect nipples.

She pulled down the soaked panties and began licking the dripping fluids. Death cum was always the best. Somehow Airi always gave her as much as she desired.

She licked and slurped until Airi’s cooling corpse shuddered. “My slut is cumming for me after death!” Mali cried out joyously. Then she climbed aboard Airi’s face and rubbed her wet pussy all over her lips until she experienced another orgasm of her own.

Mali quickly fetched one of the dildos they often used on each other. Then she began fucking Airi’s corpse with it. She was rewarded when the body trembled from another death cum. It was so erotic it sent Mali into an orgasmic frenzy.

She fucked Airi’s corpse well into the night before all those cums exhausted her. Then she tenderly kissed her lips before she fell asleep with her head on her chest. It had been a very special anniversary.

The next morning Mali awakened to a rope around her throat. She looked up to see Airi was strangling her with that same purple cord. “So you killed me yesterday for our anniversary, eh Mali? I guess that means today I get to kill you. Did I cum for you after I died, Mali? I hope so, because you’re going to cum so hard for me after I kill you!”

Mali rasped and gurgled as her lover pulled the purple cord deliciously tight around her neck. Instinctively she reached down and started fingering her extremely wet pussy. If she hurried she might be able to experience that cum before her lover killed her.

“Aww, do you want to cum before you die, Mali? Should I let my slut lover cum? Or should I strangle the very life out of you and deny you that wonderful sensation?”

Mali gawked as the rope tightened ominously. She furiously fingered herself. Damn, that wicked Airi was not going to let her cum in time!

The rope suddenly eased up around her neck just enough to give her a little sliver of air. Mali resisted the urge to fight the rope by furiously fingering herself. Then the rope tightened ominously. That wonderful fear mixed with the sensation of breathlessness was enough to send her over the edge.

Mali shuddered as Airi cackled at her. “Is my slut lover cumming as she dies? You look so sexy when I strangle you to death, Mali! Now this is for yesterday!” And with that she pulled hard on the rope.

Mali tried to cry out. But she was unable to get any breath out of her throat. Then she was cumming a second time, cumming violently as she spiraled away into oblivion.

“Yes!” Airi breathed as she watched her lover cum herself to death. Then she was cumming too, screaming Mali’s name to the heavens.

When she came down from her orgasmic high, she produced the dildo her lover had used on her corpse the previous day. “This is for you, my love,” she gasped breathlessly. “I’m going to fuck a ton of death orgsms out of your sexy corpse.” Then she thrust the dildo hard into her lover’s soaked pussy and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow…

(Written for Jikoseiai Mar 22 ’17 by riwa. Inspired by the picture found on the Internet and used for illustraiton purposes.)

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