Prison fuck-toy Part 1 (male themes)

It happened so quickly. One minute I’m at my desk, the next I’ve been shuffled off to an infamous prison on an island in the Caribbean. There is no explanation.

I try to get more information but I am denied at every turn. Once source says my wife tired of me and fabricated a crime I supposedly committed. Another says an ambitious young man wanted my position at the firm and framed me. I’m forced to wait in prison for the adjudication of my charges. But as the days go by I hear nothing, indicating my prospects don’t look too good.

My education into prison life begins my second day when I’m accosted in the shower. I’m forced to kneel and suck a large cock or I’ll get a shiv in my belly. And the few uncaring nurses I’ve seen around here indicates any kind of injury could prove fatal.

He thrusts hard into my mouth, seriously gagging me. It takes him no time at all to shoot his load down my throat. The thick, salty cream tastes nasty. But I’m forced to swallow it all the way down or risk a beating.

That same night in my cell another man comes in and accosts me, telling me he hears I give good head. I’m forced to suck my second cock, a great humiliation. What embarrasses me further is the way my own cock hardens at my treatment.

He starts to cum in my mouth when he pulls out. I get his jizz on my face and in my eyes. He tells me I’m quite the cocksucker and should become quite popular here at the prison. Those are not encouraging words, but they turn out to be quite prophetic.

I avoid the showers for a couple of days until the prisoner who raped my mouth in there grabs me by the throat as I’m passing by. “Time to try your ass, boy,” he hisses into my ear. “Don’t scream or call for help or it’ll go worse on ya.”

I’m dragged into the shower where he strips me naked and rapes my ass. My cock shamefully hardens right up as he hits my prostrate just right. It’s the first time my ass has been fucked. I’m embarrassed as hell as he shoots his load up my butt which proceeds to leak out of my rectum.

When he’s done he forces me to my knees and makes me suck his cock clean. I can taste my ass on his dick as he shoves it in hard. Then he leaves me kneeling in the shower with the water turned on.

Two nights later I get another visit in my cell. I have no idea how they are allowed in; they must get special favors from the warden. This one forces me to kneel over my bed frame, taking my ass from behind. My cock hardens right up again as he humiliates me by cumming in my ass. I’m forced to go to sleep with jizz leaking out of my butthole.

I eagerly wait for word on my case, but there is still nothing. Instead I get another visit in the shower by two prisoners. This time I am forced on my hands and knees, taking it up the ass while my mouth is severely throat-fucked.

Once more my cock hardens shamefully as I’m abused in both ends. I get a load of thick, sticky cream in my mouth and ass for my efforts. Then they pull out, laughing at me as they call me their cocksucking bitch.

When they’re gone I’m left on my knees in the shower with the water running. I can taste cum in my mouth and feel it leaking out of my ass. My cock is still hard from the effects of my rape.

It’s only been a few days since my incarceration and I haven’t had a release yet. My balls are full; I need one pretty bad. With the water still running I decide “what the hell” as I grab my dick and stroke myself.

In no time at all I cream the wall of the shower. The abuse was humiliating, but the release felt welcome. I head off to my cell, totally unaware someone witnessed my little masturbation session in the shower.

That night I get another visitor who comes in and orders me to strip. I’m stood up against the wall where he proceeds to rape my ass. Once more my cock hardens shamefully.

He hisses into my ear, “You like that, eh, sissy-boy?” Then he reaches around and grabs my cock, stroking me painfully while he fucks my butt. I harden even more.

“Stroke yourself, sissy-boy,” he demands. Shamefully I stroke my cock as he violates my ass. “Cum for me, sissy-boy” and I spurt as he fills my rectum with his seed. When he leaves I go to bed ashamed, yet satisfied from the release.

The next morning I awaken to find a package lying on the floor next to my bed. On it is a card that says, “Put this on and then report to the showers. Better do it, sissy-boy.”

When I open the package it contains a black dress. I can’t believe I’m expected to wear this. I look all around but no one is watching so I decide to try it on.

The damned thing is tight, the skirt hardly covering my ass. It covers my genitals but just barely. It is embarrassing as hell and I pray no one sees me wearing it.

At first I’m tempted to remove the damned thing. But something tells me I could end up in big trouble if I don’t obey. So I leave my cell and walk shame-faced to the showers in my little black dress.

Several guys are already there to greet me, all of whom I have sucked or have fucked me. All are sporting massive erections. “I told you sissy-boy would wear it,” one says to the others. “Deep down he loves it.” Then he orders me, “On your knees, sissy-boy.”

I fall to my knees as those cocks are pushed in front of my face. My cock hardens, lifting my skirt as it gets stiff underneath. “See, boys; he likes it,” the one tells the others. “Stroke yourself as you suck us, sissy-boy.”

I stroke myself as I alternate between cocks. It is humiliating as hell, but I figure I have no other choice. Besides, the release will be welcome after getting so hard from my humiliation.

The four cocks go off, spurting my face as I’m ordered to cum right along with them. When the forth load of jizz hits my eyes my cock goes off in my hand. They all laugh at me, telling me how much the prison is going to enjoy its new sissy-boy. I’m ashamed, but I figure I have to tolerate it while hoping my case is eventually adjudicated.

It isn’t long before word gets around the new sissy-boy is all dressed up for the part. I get more cocks in the shower as well as in my cell. It’s strange how I don’t see any guards, and my abuse goes unchecked.

I’m not the only one getting abused. I learn there are several others the prisoners are using to satisfy themselves. I start to recognize them when I see them; you can tell by the look in their eyes.

One afternoon several of us are taken out to the courtyard where the exercises take place. Five of us are lined up along one wall and butt-fucked to see which of our cocks spurts the fastest. My skirt rises as my cock hardens underneath and I’m ashamed when I win the impromptu contest without even touching myself. But there is far worse to come.

We all head outside to a different part of the prison, one I haven’t seen before. I’m horrified to see a gallows up along one wall. The noose hangs ominously and I see what looks like a trio of coffins lying nearby on the ground.

I turn to another prisoner and ask if they’re about to hang someone from death row. “We’re all on death row,” he tells me. His words send a chill down my spine.

I watch as one of the men I know named Marvin is marched up the set of steps by two men. He is balding and totally nude with his wrists bound behind his back. He looks scared out of his mind as the inmates all move closer to watch.

I feel one of my regular rapists step up behind me. He grabs me and pulls his cock out, lifting my skirt and pushing it into my ass.  “Stay close to me and watch, sissy-boy. Watch and learn.” I have a bad feeling about this.

There is some sort of drawing which one of my other rapists wins. Marvin is noosed up and then forced to kneel up on the platform. He is not given hardly any slack as the rope cinches tight around his throat.

One of the men up there with him takes his cock out and forces it down his throat. Marvin gags on it as though he’s never sucked cock before. But I’ve seen him being sexually abused on several different occasions. I think he’s one of the more resistant ones.

I look around to see other cocks have come out. Some of the others are being forced to suck or are being butt-fucked. It’s like an orgy has broken out. It would almost be comical were it not for the inmate noosed up on the platform.

The guy forces Marvin’s head down as though deliberately strangling him with that tight rope. He finally pulls out long enough to splatter thick gobs of cum on the poor guy’s face. Then he’s pulled to his feet. I’m shamefully hard and I don’t know whether it’s due to Marvin’s abuse, the cock up my ass, or the idea I’m about to witness some guy hang to death buck-naked.

He’s forced to the edge of the platform and I see fear in his eyes. All it would take now would be a small push to send him off the edge so the rope can catch him and strangle him to death. Then that other guy comes up behind him.

He kicks his feet apart and rams his ass hard with his big, thick cock. Marvin gasps as his naked body rocks. His dick stiffens visibly while he’s in the process of being fucked.

I can’t believe what I’m witnessing. I also can’t believe how hard I’ve become. I know what Marvin is experiencing being butt-fucked right now because I’ve also got a thick cock up my ass… and I’m shamefully hard.

My rapist reaches around and grabs my stiff dick. “I see you’re hard, sissy-boy,” he laughs sadistically in my ear. “Does it turn you on seeing him butt-fucked before he hangs?” I don’t want to be smacked or beaten so I don’t say a word.

Amazingly Marvin begins to respond as though he knows this is going to be the last fuck of his life. He reacts by pushing back into his rapist, his grunts echoing in the courtyard. The inmates cheer and jeer, calling him names and telling him he’s about to enjoy a special necktie party.

His cock is really stiff, the same way mine is now getting. It’s shameful as hell, but for now I’ve all but gotten used to it. There’s no point trying to hide the way my dick stiffens underneath the hem of my dress. And there’s no point trying to deny how much my body enjoys it despite my humiliation.

The guy raping Marvin suddenly cries out his release. The courtyard suddenly gets silent as though something is about to happen. For a moment all I can hear is the quiet sound of sucking and fucking. Then the bastard gives poor Marvin a push off the edge.

He lets out a cry as he falls over. The noose grabs him by his neck and pulls him up short. Then he’s wildly swinging back and forth out over empty air, his legs kicking as his body violently twists and jerks.

All around me the sexual sounds resume as though building to a crescendo. The rapist fucking my ass orders me to stroke myself, telling me to enjoy the show. After all, he says, that’s going to be me up there one day. My cock is hard and throbbing under my dress as I shamefully grab on, not needing to be told a second time.

Marvin rasps and gurgles as he fights the noose. The inmates all around me cheer and applaud. Others are being butt-fucked or are on their knees sucking cock, spared having to witness the horror of a man dying in the noose in abject humiliation.

Marvin’s legs jerk as though he’s just gone into seizures. Then his hard cock spurts. Cum arcs out a few times until it simply oozes out of the tip. Most of the inmates cheer as though that’s what they’ve come to see.

Marvin’s naked body goes quiet as he hangs limp. His cock softens until a stream of urine comes out and splatters the ground below. There are a couple of muscle twitches, but otherwise he is gone.

Up on the platform those two inmates are stroking their cocks. They’ve been stroking the whole time while he was kicking and dying. Now they move closer to the edge.

The inmates give out a cheer as they both shoot their loads. Jizz arcs out and spatters Marvin’s naked body. Stray muscles twitch as though he’s subconsciously reacting to his degradation.

My rapist empties his cock up my butt and I feel a hot load of cream. A moment later my own cock spurts. I’m ashamed of cumming while poor Marvin hangs there in death.

I get no time for reflection on what I’ve just witnessed as a couple more rapists I recognize come over with their cocks hanging out. “Hey, let’s bang sissy-boy here!” I’m forced on my hands and knees as they fill me in both ends. But I’m not the only one on all fours as others I recognize end up on hands and knees.

After 20 minutes Marvin is lowered until his feet are almost touching the ground. The winner of the drawing marches right up and gives the corpse a good, hard butt-fucking. When he cums in Marvin’s ass it results in more jizz leaking down his legs.

Marvin is taken down and used for about ten or fifteen minutes by anyone who wants to fuck a corpse. He’s “helped” onto his hands and knees as inmates gather around. More cum is pumped into both holes. I can’t believe they are sexually abusing a dead body.

When they’re done his naked body is tossed unceremoniously into the first coffin. Several guys gather around stroking until they start spurting all over his dead body. But by then I see another naked guy with his wrists bound behind his back being taken up onto the gallows by two different inmates. This one is named Waylon.

The noose is taken up and reset before they noose him up. The middle-aged Waylon is forced to kneel like Marvin did, forced to take cock down his throat. I’m forced onto my hands and knees and ordered to suck another cock just like he’s being forced to suck.

He’s on his knees for a good ten minutes, partially strangling in that noose wrapped tightly around his throat. My cock hardens again and I don’t know if it’s because of his abuse or mine. I fear it’s a little bit of both.

He gets a load of jizz in his eyes as I get a load in mine. Then he is stood up, the noose tightened again as I am stood up. He is butt-fucked as another guy I know all too well comes over to have a go at me.

“Stroke yourself, sissy-boy,” a voice hisses in my ear. “I’m gonna cum when Waylon hangs. And you’re gonna cum too!”

Hands wrap around my throat as I watch Waylon’s body react to each hard thrust. My breath is choked off and I start getting dizzy. “Stroke yourself, sissy-boy!” the voice hisses in my ear and I grab on and shamefully jerk my meat.

Waylon gasps for breath as his cock hardens right up. His rapist must be hitting his prostate just right. I’m ashamed how hard my cock is as I watch while I’m butt-fucked down here.

“Get ready,” the voice hisses sadistically in my ear. “I want you to cum the moment he hits the end of that rope.” I’m ashamed and humiliated as I stroke myself, not wanting to partake in this orgy but having no other choice.

Waylon cries out, his cock twitching as he gets a load of cum up his ass. Then he too is pushed off the edge of the platform. Hands tighten around my throat as he hits the end of the rope and starts to swing his life away.

Hot cum fills my ass as I rasp for breath, his hands so tight around my throat I can barely breathe. Then my cock spurts shamefully as Waylon kicks his legs, twisting and jerking wildly. It looks like it hurts like hell. But a couple seconds later his cock goes off to the cheers of the sadistic inmates all around me.

My rapist laughs at me as my ass oozes more man-cream. Waylon fights the noose for several minutes before he finally stops jerking around, his cock leaking sperm and then piss when it softens. He’s left up for another 20 minutes before the next inmate who apparently won a second drawing gets to go forward and butt-fuck his corpse after he’s lowered in the noose to ground level.

I’m soon back on my knees sucking more cock. But I get glimpses of him being taken down from the noose, his corpse sexually abused for the next ten minutes or so. He ends up in the second coffin and gets a 21 cock salute, coating his naked body with more jizz.

A third bound inmate is taken up the steps by two completely different inmates. The young, twenty-something Morris is noosed and then forced to his knees to suck while I’m still giving blowjobs. Hangman number one coats his face with jizz before hangman two stands him upright and proceeds to give him a good butt-fucking.

I’m finally left alone as many of the inmates draw closer or go searching for fresh meat. I stand and watch as Morris gets it good and hard up the ass. I have a similar sensation in my butt, perhaps the residue of all the fucking I’ve received so far. I can feel all that cream leaking out. But strangely my cock gets hard again.

Apparently this is the last one as many of the inmates surge forward for a closer look. Besides, there are only three coffins visible. Yet my cock hardens shamefully as Morris gets it hard up the ass.

Hangman number two cries out as he shoots his load up Morris’ butt. This time I see him force a huge plug up the poor guy’s ass. Then he’s pushed off the edge of the platform.

The noose catches him by the neck and Morris starts to kick and jerk around. My cock is shamefully hard and I stroke it a little as I watch. I’m embarrassed the way seeing a man hang to death has made me so hard.

His cock spurts, some of his jizz landing on the inmates below. After several moments his spasming body settles down. His cock softens and he unleashes a stream of piss that also splatters some of the lingering inmates.

He hangs there for the required twenty minutes before he’s lowered and butt-fucked while still in the noose. Then he’s taken down and sexually abused for several minutes. I haven’t cum and I’m glad; it would be too humiliating getting off to some poor guy’s hanging.

One of my rapists comes over and grabs me by the arm. “C’mon, sissy-boy; I see yer still hard. Come say goodbye to Morris.” I’m dragged over until I find myself standing around his coffin with several others as his naked body lies face up, his eyes glazed over with a look of vacant pain and horror.

“Say goodbye to Morris, sissy-boy. Stoke that cock and spurt all over him.” There are commands for the others to stroke and I notice it’s mostly the guys I refer to as us subs. I see everyone else stroking, no doubt afraid of getting a beating.

I stroke too, although it’s embarrassing as hell. I’m not sure I can do it, but I suspect there’s a beating awaiting me if I don’t. So I think of what poor Morris had to go through and my cock gets nice and hard.

I remember him forced to suck and my cock twitches in my hand. I think of him being butt-fucked and the sensation in my ass makes me even harder. Then I think of him fighting the end of the noose, his cock spurting.

At that moment cocks around me start to go off. Morris gets cum on his face, chest, legs and crotch. It’s enough to cause me to spurt as well, and I stroke a load for him as the hem of my dress fluffs from me grasping my dick.

The Warden loudly proclaims “Dismissed” over the loudspeakers. The guys start to walk away and I’m allowed to leave. One of my rapists comes up to me with a smile.

“How was it, sissy-boy? Can’t wait for your turn in the noose?” He laughs as he walks away. And just like that I’m given a foreshadowing of my eventual fate in here. It give me a shiver knowing there’s nothing I can do to prevent it.

The idea of me being helpless to prevent my death in here is more than I can bear. There has to be something I can do. Besides, I don’t like the idea of hanging shamefully like that in front of all the other prisoners.

I go to the first guard I see and ask to meet with the warden. He promptly laughs in my face. I tell him it’s urgent, but he sneers, “It’s always urgent.” Then he turns and walks away.

I go to another guard… and then another. Each time I am rebuffed. I’m indignant; after all, we’re supposed to have rights in here.

I go all over the prison facilities seeking anyone who might get me an audience with someone on the outside. My efforts prove futile. A fear sets in that I might die in here and never be heard from again.

I have no desire to ask any of the prison Doms for help – the guys I know as my rapists. I might earn myself a butt-fucking if I try to ask any of them. They seem to have all the power around here. But you’re literally taking your life in your hands if you ask them anything. And I don’t have anyone I feel safe confiding in.

If I can’t ask the Doms then perhaps one of the Subs might know something. So I start my rounds again, asking for anyone who might have any information I can use. None of them seem to want to help me. Perhaps they’re afraid it would go badly for them if the Doms found out they even talked to me.

I head back to my cell, feeling frustrated and alone. I can’t even get any word to the outside. For all anyone knows, I simply dropped off the face of the earth… that is, unless they know I was put in here.

Why hasn’t anyone come to my aid? Why haven’t I been given a lawyer? It occurs to me I might not want to know the answer.

I’m in my cell feeling depressed as hell when I hear someone clearing their throat out in the corridor. Someone says, “Hey” and I turn to see who it is. It’s another sub named Carlos who apparently has been forced to wear a short skirt and pantyhose.

“I hear you’re trying to get word to the outside.”

I look at him hopefully. “Can you help me?”

He shakes his head… “No. But I can give you some information… for a price.”

“What price?”

“The Doms have broken me. Now they’ve left me alone for a while. It’s been so long since I’ve sucked and been fucked.”

“They’d kill us if they caught us doing that.”

“I think they’re going to kill us anyway. I need it bad. I’ll tell you anything you want to know so long as you let me suck your cock and then you fuck me.”

“What about your pantyhose?”

“There’s a little hole torn in back. You don’t think they would deprive themselves of an ass to fuck, do you?”

He looks all around and then comes into my cell. He kneels right in front of me. Then he lifts my skirt and starts touching my cock. None of us Subs are allowed to wear any boxers or briefs in here.

“What do you want to know?” he asks as he caresses my manhood. I’m embarrassed the way it hardens from his attention. So I decide to start with the hangings. My first question is who authorized them.

“The outside,” he says casually as he licks the tip of my shaft. “The guards have nothing to do with it. Neither does the warden. Someone from the outside wants a prisoner dead, so they make it happen.” Then he takes me into his mouth.

That’s very ominous news indeed. Am I truly condemned in here? “Did any of them get a trial?” I ask quietly. He shakes his head as he continues to suck.

“Marvin. Tell me about Marvin. Why him?”

“His wife spent all their savings. She wanted his insurance policy. The company pays if he is executed in here.” Then he goes right back to sucking.

My cock twitches in his mouth as I ask, “And Waylon?”

“Waylon worked for a corporation. His wife was sick and she got his funds. Once she died they didn’t want to pay out anymore. So Waylon is gone and they keep what’s left.” He brings a hand across his throat in a slicing motion before going back to sucking on my dick, leaving me shamefully hard.

“And Morris?”

“Another wife situation,” he says quietly. “She found another guy and wanted to get married. You’ve either got to be divorced or dead. And she didn’t want to give him a divorce. Now fuck my ass if you want anymore.”

He turns and kneels over the edge of my bed. I decide to accommodate him by getting behind him and pushing my cock against the opening to his ass through his pantyhose. It slides right in pretty easily, indicating he’s been fucked there many times before. It makes me wonder if my own ass is getting that easy to penetrate.

I start thrusting in and out. He grunts and moans as though enjoying it. I have to admit it feels good being on the giving end for a change.

“How do I get a message out?”

“They always get… ungh… intercepted. Harder please. Fuck me like you mean it. And reach around and feel my cock.”

“There’s got to be a way, Carlos. How do I get a message out? People are dying in here and the guards don’t seem to care.”

“They don’t. The inmates run the place… at least the Doms do. They get special favors from the guards so long as they don’t make trouble. Harder, damn you.”

I thrust harder, starting to get angry. I reach around and grab his cock, which is bulging behind the nylons. “When are the next set of hangings?”

“Whenever word from the outside gets here. Usually they wait for three requests before hanging prisoners. But sometimes they don’t. Fuck, I’ve been needing this!”

“What about me, Carlos? What do you know about my situation? Surely you’ve heard something, right?”

“You don’t… ungh… want to know.”

“Tell me, damn you!” and I really start raping his ass. But instead of resisting, he acts as though he likes it… almost as though he needs it.

“I heard some guy… wanted your position at the firm. I think he was… seeing your wife… behind your back.”


I ram him angrily until he lets out a gasp. His cock spurts in my grasp behind the nylons, soaking them with his cream. A moment later I hear an angry voice behind me… “What the hell is going on in here??”

I turn to see one of my rapists, the anger filling his features. He backhands me, sending me sprawling across the cell. “Get the fuck out of here, sissy-slut!” he tells Carlos. “Sissy-boy and I have some unfinished business here!”

I try to rise up but he punches me in the gut, doubling me over. Then he hollers for one of the other Doms to get in here and bring the cuffs and gag. I don’t like the sound of that.

I try to rise up, but he smacks me down again. Then another one comes in, bigger and bulkier. He has a set of handcuffs in one hand and a pecker-gag in the other.

They force my arms behind my back until it hurts as they cuff my wrists together. Then they jam that gag deep down my throat. It feels like I’m gagging on it. Then they turn me around, kneel me over the bed and start raping me one at a time.

I cry out, but there is nothing I can do to stop them. A large cock pounds my ass until I’m sore and hurting. My cock shamefully hardens as he reaches around and jerks on it, making me cry out from the pain.

“This is what you get for snooping around, sissy-slut! I’m really looking forward to hanging you when the time comes.” Then he grabs my neck with both hands, choking me as he rapes me while sneering, “Let’s show you what it’s going to feel like when the rope cuts your air off.

I shudder hard as my head begins to swell. Then his cock empties inside my rectum. My own cock spurts shamefully as I get dizzy as hell.

He lets go of my neck and pulls out, causing me to huff and puff into the pecker-gag in my mouth. I’m hoping that’s the end of it. But I feel another cock force its way into my ass. I get another raping as a new bastard squeezes my neck again.

I’m not sure how many come into my cell and rape me like that. It feels like two or three hours, with a cock going off up my butt every ten or fifteen minutes or so. I have so much cum up my ass that it keeps leaking down my legs. The shame of it all is that I can’t stop myself from getting hard and cumming time and time again.

When the last one empties his load into my ass, there is darkness all around us. One of the Doms picks me up and throws me onto the bed. My hands are left cuffed behind my back and the pecker-gag remains inserted. I’m forced to sleep like that until morning. Exhaustion sets in, and I drift off into blessed slumber…

Fucking Carlos turns out to be a huge mistake. The next morning I’m accosted in the shower. I’m forced to kneel sucking six cocks before they take turns butt-fucking me.

It’s embarrassing as hell the way they lift up the hem of my tight dress and call me sissy-boy or sissy-slut. What’s more humiliating is the way my cock hardens from their torment, the way it lifts up the front of my dress for all to see my arousal. They laugh and make fun of me… and then they butt-fuck me until I’m raw.

I’ve gotten used to wearing the tight, little black dress despite the humiliation that goes with it. I once took it off and paid a heavy price for it. Now I’m used to having it on day and night.

I get all sorts of whistles and catcalls whenever the prisoners see me approach. They call me sissy-slut and promise to catch up to me later. The shame makes my cock harden, causing the front of my dress to rise from my stiffness, humiliating me even more.

I’m prevented from seeing Carlos again. I don’t know what’s happened to him. I hear he’s still alive, but I’m guessing he’s not allowed to see me anymore.

That evening after lights out I get another visit from one of my rapists. He bends me over the bed and fucks my butt while squeezing my neck. I can hardly breathe as my cock stiffens in humiliation.

I feel his cum up my ass, and my dick quivers. Then he jerks my meat until I spurt all over my mattress. I’m forced to climb into bed and go to sleep in a bunk wet from my own spunk.

The next day it’s more of the same – fucked in the shower, whistled at during meal times, fucked whenever someone catches me alone. The guards never say a word or lift a finger to help me. The other subs all stay away from me, and I feel isolated.

On Thursday I’m finally allowed to take a shower “unsupervised”, meaning no sucking or butt-fucking. I’m ashamed to admit to myself I almost miss it. By now I’m starting to become accustomed to being used as their bitch.

That afternoon I’m invited to their game at the basketball court. They give me pom-poms and make me do little cheers. The first time I hesitate I get a punch in the gut and a warning slap in the face so hard it knocks me flat on my ass.

There are guys in attendance, but they’re not really watching the game. They’re looking at me lustfully. I know what they’re thinking, and my face turns red as my cock hardens under my tight dress, making the front noticeably lift up again.

After the game I’m forced on my knees to suck the losers. Cocks are all around me, and it’s embarrassing as hell. Many of them tell me I do a better job than all their girlfriends.

The first cock goes off in my mouth, and I barely swallow it all. He finishes spurting in my face before the next dick forces itself between my lips. It goes off but I can’t swallow it all, and I end up with more cum in my eyes. By the time it’s all over, my face is so covered with spunk that I’m nearly blinded.

“We’re having more hangings this weekend,” a familiar voice tells everyone. “Sissy-slut here will be putting on a dance for everyone this Saturday! Who on the winning team wants a flying fuck before then?”

I hear several eager cries, and I try to leave the court. I’m grabbed and pulled back underneath the basket. A coil of rope magically appears, and my hands are tied behind my back. Then a rope is tossed over the metal bracket connecting the hoop to the backboard.

A noose is formed around my neck as the inmates all cheer. “We’re going to enjoy watching this one swing on Saturday!” a voice declares. “Let’s get a preview right now!” another adds. That’s when my feet leave the ground as I’m pulled up into the air.

I rasp and gurgle as my legs kick, my cock hardening until it lifts the front of my dress. The prisoners all cheer again, and I fear I’m not going to make it ‘til Saturday. Then I’m lowered until my feet hit the ground.

I rasp for breath, weakly asking them not to that again. My pleas fall on deaf ears as I’m lifted back up. This time I feel the back of my dress lifted up right before a cock goes up my butt.

I’m impaled on a dick, my toes just barely touching the ground as he fucks my ass. I rasp and gurgle, barely able to get a decent breath. “Look at his dress rise up in front!” someone laughs. “Sissy-boy here likes to hang!”

I feel an explosion of warmth up my rectum as the cock goes off up my ass. I’m lifted up to hang again as cum trickles down my thighs. Then I’m lowered long enough to feel another cock up my butt.

I’m severely strangled, my head feeling like it’s going to explode as I’m butt-fucked again. It’s hard to maintain consciousness with a lack of blood and air to the brain. I’m dimly aware of someone laughing as he jerks on my cock under my dress until it goes off in his hand.

Another load of cum shoots into my ass before I’m lifted up into the air to kick and struggle. Then I’m lowered as another cock pushes up inside me. He’s a little shorter and I’m able to get some footing beneath me.

It’s exquisite torture as I get a little more air. But it’s not nearly enough to catch my breath. He rams me hard up my butt until his cock goes off. Then I let out an “urk” as I’m hauled up into the air to enjoy another brief dangle again.

I get five cocks like that – the cocks from the winning team. Cum fills my ass until there’s too much to contain, shamefully leaking out of my butt and slithering down my bare legs. They go from calling me “sissy-boy” to “noose-whore” in record time, laughing as they tell each other how turned on I seem to be and how hot it’s going to be watching me hang on Saturday.

The fifth cock goes off as my cock hardens again. “Let the noose-whore experience what it’s going to feel like Saturday!” someone declares. Then I’m pulled up into the air under the basketball hoop.

Where the hell are the guards?? Is this standard protocol?? It seems the inmates run the asylum. Apparently they could care less if I even make it to Saturday.

My legs kick as I swing back and forth. I see the guys all standing around jerking off as I rasp and gurgle, my cuffed wrists jerking up and down behind my back. Once more my cock is hard and twitching, shamefully lifting the front of my dress again.

I shudder as the noose tightens. Then I’m dimly aware of my cock spurting. I stop kicking and hang limp, too tired to fight anymore.

My cock softens a little as piss dribbles out. Then someone lets go of the rope and I crumple onto the concrete. Amazingly I’m still alive.

The guys all gather around me as cocks start going off. I get cum in my hair, in my eyes, on my face and all over my legs and dress. It’s humiliating as hell. What’s even more embarrassing is how aroused I’ve become at their treatment of me. What the hell is wrong with me??

A guard finally comes over and calls them off. Strangely he doesn’t sound the least bit angry. “Save some for Saturday, gents!” he tells them with a laugh. And with that they all turn and walk away, taking the noose but leaving me lying there all cum covered and breathing heavily with my wrists still tied behind my back.

It takes half an hour for me to finally get my hands free. I head for the shower to rinse myself off. I don’t want to wear this cum around the prison all day long.

I keep an eye out for Carlos, but again I do not see him. I want to ask him if he knows anything about Saturday. From the way the prisoners were talking, it would appear I’ll be swinging from a rope in a couple of days. The idea fills me with dread. And yet I feel a strange arousal at the idea I’ll be dying with my neck in a noose.

I make it to the shower where I wash myself off. But three of my rapists come to find me one last time. The rope is in their hands.

I’m noosed up and hung above one of the shower heads while another shower sprays water on me. They laugh at me as I kick and dangle there. My hands fly up to jerk on the noose, but I can’t pry it off from around my neck.

They let go of the rope and I crumple onto the floor in a heap. They remove the noose while laughing at me. Then they tell me they’re looking forward to seeing me kick up my heels come Saturday…

After supper I retire to my cell, not wanting to give anyone any ideas. But it doesn’t matter as they come seeking me. I get five visitors before lights out, forced to suck them all and then take it up the ass before I can finally call it a day.

I go to bed wondering if there’s any way of escaping my fate. But I see no options left open to me. I finally drift off into a troubled sleep.

I’m roughly awakened early Friday morning when I’m pulled off my bunk, knelt over the bed and fucked from behind. I’m barely awake when I find myself getting another butt-fucking. My cock hardens shamefully.

“I have ‘morning wood’, sissy-boy,” a familiar voice chuckles into my ear. “But don’t go thinking I’m going to be the only visitor you get today. After all, you’re going to hang tomorrow. I’ll bet half the prison wants to experience your mouth and ass before you’re executed.”

I can’t stop my cock from hardening even more. “Want a reminder what it’s going to feel like to hang, sissy-boy?” Then rough hands wrap around my neck as fingers start to squeeze.

I rasp and gurgle as my sphincter clenches involuntarily. “Fuck, the hangman’s gonna love you tomorrow, sissy-boy! Your ass is really milking me! I’ll even bet you’re hard just thinking about it!”

He reaches around and grabs my hardened cock underneath the hem of my dress. “Go ahead and shoot, sissy-boy. You’ll be cumming a lot today! And I’ll bet you’ll be cumming in that dress when you hang tomorrow!”

My eyes start to roll as I can barely breathe. I feel hot spunk up my ass as my cock twitches in his grasp. A couple hard jerks later and I spurt all over.

I’m barely conscious when he pulls out and throws me onto the bed with a laugh. “I’m gonna miss fucking you, sissy-boy. At least the memory of you hanging in that dress will keep me warm at night.” Then he laughs as he exits my cell, only for me to see another prisoner standing framed in the opening to my quarters with a sadistic grin on his face.

Oh shit…

© 2017 (Written for Wllmfrnkln Jan 26 ’17 by riwa)

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    This was a really good read. I hope that you don’t end this one too soon. I would love for the little fucktoy have a good bagging!

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