Condom roulette (17&18)



“Uh… honey? Don’t you think we ought to wind things down?” I don’t know if Eric asked because he was getting tired or if he was just trying to keep me alive. But the look in Dana’s eyes told me she was really giving it some thought.

I’ve got to admit: the idea of fucking my husband with my life on the line was more erotic than I could have possibly imagined. After the night we’d all had, I suppose there wouldn’t have been a better ending than for me to go out with a bang. But I decided if I was going to play, then Nikki and Dana needed to take a chance as well.

“Fuck!” Daniel gasped. The look in his eyes sent a chill down my spine. I think the bastard actually liked the idea!

I looked over at Dana, only to see she was really starting to tremble. “Honey?” Dustin asked nervously. “Surely you’re not thinking about…”

“If we’re going to make Alison risk her life one last time, the least we can do is join her. I think it’s one hell of an idea!” I couldn’t believe she was actually in favor of it!

Eric quietly observed, “Um… that’s taking three of the remaining five condoms out of circulation, guys. Chances are we’re going to lose one of them. So what the hell do we do if we have a corpse to dispose of: throw her in the dumpster out back??”

“Can’t we have a neighborhood barbecue?” Daniel asked Dustin. “There’s a lot of people we could ask over. I’m sure some of the girls will find it hot to learn what we did tonight. Hell, the widower might end up taking one of them home with him.”

“Will the meat be safe to eat?” Dana’s husband wondered.

“I’ll go find out,” Daniel said as he got up from the table. I asked him where he was going. He told me he was going into the bedroom to check out the box of condoms.

I took a deep breath to compose myself. But I found myself getting wet at the thought one of us bitches wasn’t going to survive the evening if we all played condom roulette one last time. Would it be me? Or would it be one of the others?

Nikki looked at Dana who looked all flush with excitement. “You’re not seriously considering this, are you?”

“Why not? Why should we make Alison take one last condom without taking the risk ourselves? Besides, I think the idea is hot as hell.”

“Dana, that’s three out of five!”

“I know; that’s what makes it so hot! Chances are: one of us is going to go out with a bang tonight! Who will it be?”

I turned and breathed into Eric’s ear, “Somebody’s got to make her shut up.”

“Why’s that?” he whispered back.

“Because the more she talks about it, the wetter I get.”

“Kinky bitch.”


About that time Daniel came back with the box in his hands. Apparently he was reading the warning label. “It says the effects of the poison are dissolved in the blood stream. The meat would be fine, but it would be advisable to thoroughly cook the cunt steak.

“Don’t you want to eat my cunt, honey?” Dana giggled as she nudged her husband.

“If he won’t, I will.”

“Aw, Daniel; you’re so romantic.” He just grinned back at her. I think of the three husbands, he liked the idea the most of us wives risking our lives.

“So what happens after someone dies?” Eric wanted to know. Daniel had the answer to that.

“We have a hot necro party for a few hours while fucking the corpse. Then we stow it away in the freezer until tomorrow morning where we adjourn to our place to set up the barbecue. After we all get a few hours of shut-eye, we invite the neighbors over for a big block party where we set up the widower with one of the many hot chicks we know.”

“I’m in!” Dana gasped aloud. “Fuck, I’m gonna wet myself just thinking about it if we don’t hurry up and get started. Besides…” and she looked right at me. “I can’t wait to fuck your hot, sexy corpse, Alison!”

“But what if it’s yours?” I replied in a trembling voice. Damn, I was getting hotter by the moment.

She just grinned at me as she replied, “I’ll be the hottest necro-fuck you’ve ever had, baby! Take that strap-on and rape my cunt until my dead body jerks and twitches. I know the guys will love it!”

“Hell yeah!” Daniel agreed. There was no need to convince him. He was in the moment I had suggested the wives join me. Maybe he figured with three of us taking condoms, there was a good chance he was going to get to fuck a corpse before the night was over.

“Honey?” I said to my husband. “What do you think?”

Eric looked at me and smiled. “There’s not much use trying to get you to change your mind once you commit to something crazy and erotic. There’s a four in five chance you won’t get the condom of death. But there’s still a one in five chance you will.”

“And that means…?” I asked breathlessly.

“I guess I’ll enjoy fucking your corpse after I fuck death into your cunt… that is, if you’re the one who draws the lucky one.”

“Fuck; you say the hottest things!” and I kissed him hard.

“Dustin, let’s play!” I heard Dana gasp. She might have been more turned on at the moment than I was… and that’s saying something! All that left was Nikki and Daniel.

I could tell by the expression on his face he was fully into it. “How about it, honey?” he asked his wife.

She looked at him and then looked all around at us. Somehow I don’t think this was how she envisioned this going down. I think she wanted to watch me die and then fuck my corpse with her strap-on afterwards.

She was in a bit of a bind and she knew it. But if I knew Nikki, I suspected it wouldn’t take much convincing. “Oh hell; I’m in,” she gasped nervously. Dana all but squealed with delight.

“So where do we do this?” Dustin wanted to know.

“The bedroom?” Daniel offered. “We kneel around the bed so we can all watch each other. We fuck our wives from behind while getting a good view of the others.”

“Works for me,” Dana blurted out. “That way you bastards get a good view of my spasming body.” Then she grinned as she added, “…or we all get a great view of Eric fucking death into Alison’s cunt.”

I felt my breath catch in my throat. My pussy was unbelievably wet. What the hell was I thinking??

“Well?” I asked Nikki in a trembling voice.

“Well?” she asked back.

“Fuck; let’s go!” Dana declared as she stood up. “I’ll go check if Alison’s got another latex glove in the bathroom.”

My breath caught in my throat again as we all got up and headed back to the bedroom. For the first time since Eric had bought the box of condoms I was actually feeling a little nervous. But I think I was more aroused than at any other time I had ended up taking one.

Eric and I took up the left side of the bed. Nikki and Daniel took up the right side across from us as he placed the box of condoms in the center of the mattress. Dustin waited at the end of the bed for his wife, who soon returned with a latex glove on her hand.

She retrieved the other two gloves and handed one to each of us. Then she knelt at the end of the bed with her husband before asking, “So who draws first?”

“Home field advantage goes to Eric,” Daniel said with a smile. “I say his wife picks first.”

I took the box and looked inside: pink, blue, green, and two yellow. I tried to fathom which one might be the condom of death. “Aw, fuck it!” I declared as I took the pink one.

Nikki still seemed hesitant, so Dana went next. She took the green one before handing the box over. Nikki reached in and removed the blue one. If we were lucky, it was one of the yellow ones no one had decided to touch.

“Blowjobs first!” Dana declared as though taking over. “Guys will have to stand up for this. Besides, I want to taste my man’s cock one last time in case I draw the lucky one!” She was really getting into it.

We all turned around and started working on our husbands cocks, facing away from the bed. I looked at Eric and smiled as I stroked his cock. Then I took him into my mouth.

I gave him the best blowjob I could, wondering if it might prove to be my last. He smiled and then started to moan as he tipped his head back. He was always putty in my hands whenever I wrapped my lips around his tasty dick.

For several minutes all that could be heard in our master bedroom was the sound of mouths sucking and slurping cocks, along with the moans and gasps of appreciative husbands. I would have liked to have seen what was going on behind me and beside me with the other two couples. But I decided it was probably best to focus on the man I loved… the man who had always given in to all my kinky sexual ideas.

Eric was wonderful; his decision to purchase the box of condoms pure inspiration. I didn’t know if I was going to die or not, although it certainly felt like this time I was taking a major risk. We all were… that is, unless the poisoned one was one of those two yellow ones remaining in the box.

I took him deep down my throat, giving him my most seductive smile. “I’m glad you bought the box, baby,” I told him with a lascivious grin. “I’m so fucking wet right now.”

“I’m glad too!” I heard Dana gasp nearby, apparently having overheard us. “This is so fucking hot, I think I’m going to explode!”

Every time she acted enthusiastic, it made me all the hotter and all the wetter thinking maybe this time I’d bitten off more than I could chew. But I decided if I had, then I was going to fuck Eric’s cock like he had never been fucked before. I looked up at him with a mouthful of dick, smiling coyly as he reached down to grope and fondle my boobs.

“Condoms on!” Dana declared. She had taken charge, but I decided I didn’t mind. She was having a blast, and I wasn’t about to intrude on her enthusiasm of the moment.

I opened my wrapper and pulled it out. I peered at it for a long moment, wondering if I’d just drawn the poisoned one, if one of the other crazy bitches had, or whether it was still in the box. I decided I would find out in just a very short time.

Eric was rock hard as I rolled it onto his cock. I think he was also turned on at this turn of events. “If it’s me, I want you to enjoy my death,” I breathed seductively at him. He smiled back and nodded.

“All right, bitches!” Dana declared. “About face!” Then she told her husband, “If you feel me dying on your cock, I want you to choke the shit out of me and enjoy my death, baby!”

We all turned and knelt over the edge of the bed, looking expectantly at each other with our asses in the air. Dana’s face was flushed; she looked like she was going to explode. Her husband gave me a smile and a shrug of the shoulders as though he was going through with it, come what may.

I looked across at Nikki who looked a little pale. “Now push those cocks into our cunts, guys!” Dana declared. Nikki gasped, “Oh fuck!” and I saw her wince.

Eric slowly pushed his way inside me. I gasped and moaned; I was so fucking hot. “Yes!” Dana gasped, and I turned to look at her. Then she begged her husband, “Now fuck me hard, Dustin!”

Eric started thrusting in and out, causing me to gasp and whimper. Was I going to die now; was this the one?? What if I was about to watch one of our friends get fucked to death by her husband?? It was the craziest thing I had ever done, and I was so fucking horny.

I saw Daniel grab his wife by the hips and start fucking her hard. Her tits shook as she rocked with his thrusts. She gasped and moaned as though she was really getting into it.

At the end of the bed Dana was going crazy as she whimpered and moaned like a bitch in heat… “Fuck me – fuck me – fuck me! Fuck death into my cunt, baby! Choke me, damn you!” Then he wrapped his hands around her throat and started to squeeze.

It gave me an erotic jolt like you wouldn’t believe as Eric chose that moment to thrust a little harder. What would it feel like? Would I get to see it in the face of one of the other two? What would it feel like if it was me? Maybe it was yellow and safely tucked away in the nearly empty box. Maybe we were simply having the time of our lives with the uncertainty of not knowing what might happen.

Nikki suddenly gasped as she stiffened a little. That’s when Daniel reached down and started choking her hard from behind. A moment later I felt Eric wrap his hands around my throat and start choking me as well. Had they done it on their own? Or were they taking Dana’s advice given to her husband? What the hell did it matter??

The three of us bitches began to gasp and shudder as we got the fucking of our lives. Dana’s face was starting to turn red as she rasped and gurgled. Dustin was really ramming her hard, seemingly enjoying every moment.

Across from me I saw Nikki getting the shit fucked out of her. Daniel’s fingers locked tight around her throat and she was bucking and shuddering. Her breasts wobbled as she rocked from his thrusts.

I could barely breathe myself when I felt something fiery in my cunt. I stiffened and gasped as I started to shudder. Was this it?? Or was it because he was choking me so hard?

My heart began to race as I tried to breathe. My cunt wouldn’t stop clenching; I was furiously milking my husband’s cock. Across from me Nikki was going off, bucking and shuddering as her face took on an incredible shade of red.

I heard a gasp from Dana. Then her eyes began to roll as she started to shudder. I couldn’t tell who’d drawn the lethal one; was it her… me… or no one?

I suddenly started cumming like I had never orgasmed before. “My wife’s cumming hard!” I suddenly heard Daniel cry out. “Mine too!” Dustin gasped. Eric just pounded my cunt like there was no tomorrow.

I couldn’t breathe; fuck, I couldn’t get a breath! He was squeezing too hard; I couldn’t get a damn breath! My mind started spinning, my body shuddering as I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.

Across from me Nikki’s mouth was open and she was drooling onto our bed. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head. I couldn’t turn my head enough to see what was happening to Dana, although I could faintly hear her husband raping the shit out of her.

My pussy was clenching; I couldn’t stop cumming! I was furiously milking my husband’s cock as though I was never going to stop. My heart was hammering so loud I was sure it was going to explode right out of my chest.

I saw Nikki buck and shudder as Daniel pounded that poor cunt. She looked like she was having the orgasm to end all orgasms. But I was sure mine were more powerful and more intense than hers was. I was certainly going to have one hell of an experience to share when this was all over. Then something exploded in my head, and I couldn’t see or hear anymore as everything went black…

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Nov 21 ’16 by riwa)



Alison’s pussy was clenching like crazy as I fucked her hard and fast. My hands were tight around her throat, and she was shuddering hard. A part of me thought she had drawn the condom of death. So I was following Dana’s request to her husband by enjoying choking the shit out of my wife as I fucked her.

Across from me Nikki was really getting it good. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, and her face was a dark shade of red as drool spilled out of her mouth. It seemed Daniel kept raping orgasm after orgasm out of her as he choked the life out of her.

I noticed she wasn’t reacting much. Maybe she had passed out. So I glanced over at Dana. Her eyes were wide; she looked like she couldn’t stop cumming either.

My cock exploded in Alison’s cunt, making me wonder if the condom would contain it all. Daniel roared out his release a few seconds later. It looked like he might have been squeezing even harder. But Nikki wasn’t responding anymore.

Dustin cried out with a loud, “FUCK!” Then he backed off and apparently pulled out, panting like crazy. It looked like he was winded.

Dana collapsed onto the bed, her eyes rolled up into the back of her skull. She was twitching and spasming a little. I thought she was still alive, but for a moment I wasn’t sure if maybe it was just a reflex action.

“Fuck; that was hot!” Daniel panted tiredly. Then he grinned at me as he added, “So you decided to kill her off after all?”

I looked at him in confusion as I tried to get my breath back. Nikki still wasn’t moving. “No; Alison got the condom. You mean you choked Nikki to death??”

“What do you mean ‘Alison got the condom’? Nikki was the one who got the condom, Eric. She was clenching and dying on my cock like she couldn’t stop cumming! It was hot as hell! ‘Condom roulette’… what a hell of an idea!”

“But I thought…” Now I was really confused.

Danna was groggy as she tried to rise up and look at her dead friends. “You mean you killed them both??” She sounded shocked. But there was a strange look of rapture in her dazed expression.

Daniel looked at us in confusion. “But… but… I was sure…”

“I thought I’d drawn it!” I interrupted, slowly pulling my softening cock out of my wife’s dead cunt. The condom was still on. The tip contained all my seed and had not broken after all.

Dustin looked at us both before realization set in. “Fuck; you mean you guys choked your wives to death??”

“Which one of us got the condom, Eric?”

“How the hell should I know, Daniel??”

Shock was starting to set in. Had I choked my wife to death in my excitement, thinking she’d drawn the condom of death?? I’m sure she would have told me it was all right if she could. But damn…

“I’ll find out!” Dana suddenly gasped aloud.

We watched in shock as she slipped into her strap-on. She pushed me aside, rammed her phallus inside Alison’s ass and gave it to her good and hard. My dead wife let out a sigh as though Dana was fucking the last breath of life out of her. But except for a few sporadic muscle spasms she didn’t react at all.

“Fuck! Seems dead to me! What a fucking rush!” Then she pulled out, went around to the other side of the bed, pushed Daniel aside and slid her strap-on into Nikki.

The lifeless body rocked with her hard thrusts. But Nikki’s eyes never blinked. She just stared with a mixture of shock and euphoria in her eyes as though she had cummed herself to death.

“Fuck – fuck – fuck!” Dana was raping Nikki’s corpse like a woman possessed. A moment later she cried out from an orgasm of her own.

“This one seems dead to me too, guys!” she panted excitedly when she got her breath back. “Fuck; what a rush! Let’s get this necro party started, ok? I’ll go get the drinks!” And with that she got up and left the bedroom, her strap-on still dangling from her waist.

I was still a little numb with shock when Dustin came over. “You don’t mind, do you, Eric?”

“I, uh… I guess not. She probably would have wanted it this way.”

“Fuck yeah! I’m going to fuck your dead wife’s ass!” Then he managed to stick his cock into her butt from behind while she still hung bent over the side of the bed.

I looked across at Nikki and then reached down and turned my wife’s face toward me. She had this astonished look in her expression as though she hadn’t expected it. But there was something else there… as though she’d cum so many times her heart couldn’t take it anymore. But I’m not a physician, so what did I know? I was still questioning which one of them had drawn the condom of death!

Dana came back with drinks for everyone. When she saw Dustin fucking my wife’s dead ass, she grinned at him. She set the drinks down before moving behind Nikki… “You fuck that one; I’ll fuck this one, baby!” Then she rammed her strap-on home, making Nikki’s corpse rock from her thrusts as husband and wife fucked dead bodies together while facing each other.

I took one of the drinks Dana had left on the dresser and sat in the chair, drinking half of it down in one gulp. I didn’t know what the hell to do. My wife was dead, and it was quite possible I had choked her to death rather than her dying from the laced condom!

Daniel’s wife was dead too. Had she drawn the condom of death? Or was it one of the yellow ones remaining in the box? Hell, had we asphyxiated our wives in a fit of drunken, sexual arousal??

Daniel took the remaining drink over to Dustin before downing his. “Got any other condoms lying around, Eric? I’d probably better not fuck her pussy without one… well, not for a little while anyway.”

“Over in the drawer,” I told him as I pointed it out.

He went and got one and put it on. Then he stretched out on the floor. Dustin helped Alison’s dead cunt onto his dick before he went back to fucking her ass. Together the two of them eagerly double-teamed my dead wife on the floor of our bedroom.

Maybe it was the drink, but I had to smile. Her body was being sexually used after death. Hell, I think she would have wanted it that way.

I saw Dana fucking Nikki’s corpse, and for some reason I started to get hard. I shrugged my shoulders… “Why the hell not?” Then I went and got another condom out of the drawer before lying on the floor.

“Are you going to help me fuck this dead bitch?” Dana gasped deliriously. I think she was having the time of her life.

“Why not?” I answered with a wry smile.

She helped get Nikki onto the floor and my cock into her dead cunt. Then she pushed her strap-on back into her ass. Together the two of us gave the dead bitch a sexy sandwich send-off.

I thought things were going to wind down, but instead they were picking up. I came in the condom inside Nikki, but I was still hard. So we shifted partners.

I fucked my wife’s dead ass while Dustin fucked Nikki’s. Dana slobbered all over Daniel’s cock before sitting him in the chair. Then she climbed aboard and took him up her ass in a reverse cowgirl so she could watch us, riding him like a wild woman as she hollered at us to “fuck those dead asses, boys! Fuck; what a rush!” I think seeing us asphyxiate the two dead bitches had fried her brain as she had gone crazy with lust.

We passed around our dead wives until Dana begged for some attention. So we stretched Alison and Nikki onto the bed in a 69, making it look like they were enjoying each other. Then us guys ganged up on Dana, shoving a cock in every hole. She went nuts, screaming like crazy while popping off again and again.

At one point she looked at our dead wives 69ing on the bed. She loudly proclaimed, “Fuck, I’m so jealous!”

“Why is that?” I wanted to know as I rammed my cock up her ass. Daniel was in her cunt while she stroked and sucked her husband.

“They must have gone out with one hell of a bang!” she exclaimed. “I know I sure would’ve!”

“Wanna see what’s down in my basement?” I asked as I rammed her butt hard.

“What? What’s down there?”

I pulled out of her ass and stood up. “Come and see if you dare.”

The guys got curious too. So they pulled out of her cunt and mouth before helping her to her feet. Then I led them all downstairs.

I was still horny and was beginning to suspect Dana had done something to our drinks to help keep us hard and ready for continuous action. I figured it would be interesting to see their reactions when we got down there. Besides, the thought of a naked Dana swinging back and forth made my hard cock quiver.

We got downstairs, rounded the corner and there it was. Alison liked to keep it up as she loved the way it made her horny seeing it dangling there. The noose hung from the ceiling directly over the stool we had used last time.

“Oh FUCK!” Dana gasped. “I don’t believe it!” She was trembling as she turned to me and asked, “Did you and Alison ever, uh…”

“Yup. Fucked her with a condom while hanging her from the noose. That was one hell of a thrill, let me tell you. She didn’t know if she was going to get it from the noose, the condom or maybe both.”


She gasped for breath as she stared at it. I reached out and touched her. She was trembling like a leaf.

“What was it like?” she asked in a trembling voice.

“Her pussy was really clenching around my dick as she hung. She later told me she had one hell of an O. We never got back to it, but I’m sure we would have sooner or later. She once told me she left it up just to get all breathless looking at it so she could attack me once I got home.”

She reached out to me to steady herself. Then another voice declared, “Dana would look hot hanging from that; don’t you think so, Eric?” Daniel smiled at his remark as though eager to finish her off, perhaps to make it the perfect trifecta?

“Gawd; should I?” She seemed hesitant. But she was acting as though she was somehow being drawn to it.

I had to steady her again as she walked over to it. She reached up and touched the noose, causing her to tremble once more. Then she breathed, “What a fucking thrill that must’ve been!”

I was getting excited over the idea of giving her a flying fuck. Maybe a part of it was revenge for her helping to get my wife killed. But I had to admit that was my own fault… mine and Alison’s for her being such a crazy, kinky bitch.

“Want me to go upstairs and get those other two condoms… see if the bad one is one of them and not one of the two used on Alison and Nikki?”

“No – no, Eric,” she panted, shaking her head at me. “I want to feel your cum leaking out of my cunt when I… oh fuck… I shouldn’t… but I’m… oh fuck; I’m so fucking horny!”

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Nov 26 ’16 by riwa)

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