Jiko’s Valentine’s Day present

I was happy when she invited our group to come strip for her. The money was good as Miss Lucy was a very wealthy woman. It was an honor to be chosen to dance before her.

When I arrived and witnessed her for the first time, I was immediately captivated by her beauty. Her emerald eyes held me in their sway whenever she looked at me. But I could tell I was just another stripper to her.

I danced and gyrated along with all the others. I gave my all for her. But she picked out another one and then sent the rest of us home.

I found out later what she did to that other one. She took her down to a private room and hanged her to death. The idea of dying frightened me. But strangely I was jealous Tamalia was allowed to be in her presence during those last few hours of her life.

Miss Lucy did not call for us for a long time, and I despaired of ever seeing her again. Then once more we were summoned to dance before her. This time I did not know how to respond.

We went before her and stripped naked, twirling and gyrating and dancing for her enjoyment. Again I was captivated by those eyes. But my performance was not as crisp. Maybe I was afraid of being chosen.

She picked out another and sent the rest of us home. Again I heard later what happened. She played with that woman’s body before hanging her. And I was both jealous and frightened.

It was weeks before we were once more called upon to display our wares to her. I knew what the price would be if I pleased her. But I did not want to die. So again my performance was lacking.

At the end of our dance, she chose yet another, a girl named Salene. This time Brecca was allowed to witness the events afterwards. She reported later what happened in the presence of Miss Lucy.

Salene was strangled with a rope. Miss Lucy was pleased at the way she gasped. And she was even more pleased when Salene orgasmed for her during asphyxiation.

She was choked as they made love together. Then Salene was strung up with a rope. Miss Lucy played with her body before hanging her. Then she played with the body after death.

At first Becca’s report frightened me. But I could not get those piercing emerald eyes out of my mind. I could tell right away when she found favor with someone by the way they lit up. But so far she had not picked me. I did not know whether to feel sad or relieved.

The next time we were summoned, we were permitted to dine at her table before our performance. I wanted to speak with her, but I could not find my voice. She was too beautiful, and I was shy and felt unworthy.

Once more we danced. This time I put more effort into my performance. I was not as afraid to be chosen. Maybe I wanted her to pick me. But she chose another.

Afterwards I felt guilty for my cowardice at not giving her my all. She deserved my very best. And if she chose me, it was because she wanted me and my body. Wasn’t that a great honor to be chosen?

I secretly met with Becca who I could talk more openly with. I explained to her my feelings for Miss Lucy. She asked why I did not give my all during my performances. I told her I was both shy and frightened, but that I was overcoming my fears. Now I wanted to know what Miss Lucy expected during her one-on-one time with the girls she chose.

Becca told me, “She wants a girl who will orgasm when she is asphyxiated, Jiko. She wants a girl who will give her all to her.”

“Salene… Tamalia… Dorona… did they not give their all?”

“They did not give their all, Jiko. But they gave enough.”

I looked at Becca as I gathered my courage. She noticed my change of expression. “Jiko, you seem determined about something.”

“I am, Becca. I want you to show me.”

“Show you what?”

“Show me all Miss Lucy seeks in a stripper…”

Weeks went by. Becca both frightened and aroused me as she took me through my paces. I was choked, strangled, and very nearly drowned. But in my mind all I could think about was dancing and performing for Miss Lucy.

It was not enough I could not breathe. I had to respond as a woman in rapture. The idea frightened me, but my obsession with Miss Lucy overcame my fears.

Becca trained my body until I learned to cum from asphyxiation. It was amazing. The fear and the breathlessness took me to new heights of pleasure. But Becca always reminded me the pleasure was for Miss Lucy to savor.

My mind still wavered over giving myself completely to her. But the idea of me providing pleasure for her became overwhelming. I was reaching the point where I was willing to die for Miss Lucy if she would greatly enjoy herself.

I finally reached the point where I was ready to give myself to her. But she did not call on our group anymore. My heart sank when I realized Miss Lucy had moved on to calling on other groups of strippers.

The rest of us in my company were not worthy. And most of the others were greatly relieved. But I realized I might never see her again. I was in despair.

I made my decision and went to Becca. I begged her to get me an audience with Miss Lucy. I would strip for her alone.

“Do you realize what you are asking, Jiko?”

“I do,” I replied. “Becca, please make this happen.”

“On what day, Jiko?”

“Make it Valentine’s Day, Becca. It will prove how much I want to give myself to her.”

“Do you love her, Jiko?”

“Enough to give myself fully to her, even if it means my life.”

“Then I will see what I can arrange…”

I waited anxiously for word, but none came. The day drew closer. Had Becca made the attempt? Or had I been denied?

She contacted me the night before. She said she had gone to great trouble to get me an audience with Miss Lucy the next day. I told her how grateful I was. Then I willed her all my possessions as my way of saying thanks. Becca was moved to tears, and we hugged as true friends.

I was trembling as I was taken to Miss Lucy. It was only to be me and no one else. Becca made up my hair and bathed me in scented oils so I could smell fragrant for my beloved executioner.

I waited breathlessly outside her door, my whole body trembling. I tried to calm myself. After all, I was giving the most important performance of my life.

Her voice bid me enter and I stepped inside. Her radiant beauty returned my shyness and timidity back to me. But I was resolute to dance for her.

I bowed low when I made my entrance. Then I began to move gracefully across the floor, waving a veil. One by one the garments came off.

The longer I danced, the more confident I became. Her presence still intimidated me. But I had trained well.

Those emerald eyes bore into me, causing my heart to flutter. But I danced like a woman possessed. I showed her every part of my body, even running my veil through my dripping sex. Then I wrapped it around my neck.

I danced closer as I pulled on both ends, slowly strangling myself. The natural fear added to my arousal. But my clever dance was rewarded by a look of great interest in those emerald eyes.

My dance reached a fever pitch as I approached the climax. Then I pulled hard on both ends as I slid to my knees before her. I shuddered in orgasm as I saw stars. Then my inability to breathe caused me to lose both ends of the veil around my neck.

I panted for breath as I looked up at her. She gave me a look as a hungering predator. It made me shiver with fear and desire.

“I have seen you dance before, Jiko. But never have I seen this. I was through with you and your company.”

I swallowed the butterflies in my stomach as I grasped both ends of my veil. Then I placed them in her hands. My voice croaked as I spoke the words, “Miss Lucy, I give my life to you.”

She took both ends and started to pull. I felt both fear and a great arousal that Miss Lucy was strangling me. It lit a fire within me.

My nipples were hard, my pussy wet and glistening. I rasped as I tried to breathe. Then I shuddered in orgasm as I wet her floor from my climax.

She eased her grip on both ends of the veil as she came closer. Then she kissed me as she pulled on both ends again. I swooned at the taste of her lips upon mine, lips as fine as the sweetest of wines.

She pulled hard, still kissing me until I saw stars. Then I must have passed out. When I awakened she was all over me, kissing me everywhere as her hands roamed my body.

I swooned again as she allowed me to undress her. I caressed her heaving mounds, savored her erect nipples and tasted her wetness down below. It was a most incredible experience.

She took me to her bedroom where we made sweet love. Then she choked me as she kissed my lips. I shuddered as I climaxed all over her bed. But she did not seem to mind.

“Jiko, do you still give yourself to me?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy.” That’s when she choked me so hard I thought I would never breathe again as my orgasm soaked both her and the bed.

When I regained my senses, she allowed me to feast on her womanly treasures. I made her cum many times. Then she straddled me, wrapping the veil around my throat and strangling me as she rode me.

She humped against my crotch with her pussy as she pulled tightly on my veil, making me pass out again and again. It was heavenly. But there was just the right amount of fear to make it all the sweeter.

We finally stopped for a meal. Her servants tended to us in her bed with the best wine and most succulent of food. Then we made love again.

She looked at me as we panted from our latest love-making. Then she gave me this look which almost frightened me. “Jiko, do you still want to give your all to me?”

“Heart and soul, Miss Lucy,” I replied in a trembling voice. “That is why I am here.”

She rose up and brought me to my feet. Then she took my veil and tied my wrists behind my back with it. I gasped as my nipples hardened.

She escorted me down to her special room. The noose was already set up, a small stool directly underneath. I found myself panting for breath as I gazed upon it, my pussy dripping like crazy.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you now, Jiko?” I shook my head, deciding I would allow her to say the words.

“I’m going to hang you, Jiko. I’m going to noose you up and play with your body. Then I’m going to hang you. Afterwards, I will play with your dead body.”

My heart was in my throat. I was very wet, my nipples hard as they had ever been. But I said nothing.

She fingered me, noticing how aroused I’d become. “You want this, don’t you, Jiko.” My head nodded almost imperceptibly.

She roughly forced me over to the stool and made me climb upon it. “You’re going to cum for me as you hang, aren’t you, Jiko.” Again my head nodded almost imperceptibly.

I was both frightened and aroused, my pussy dripping copiously. She draped the noose around my neck before tightening it. I could tell how thick and hard it was. It meant I would suffer for a long time.

She rubbed my naked, quivering body all over as I panted for breath. She fingered me, forcing little mewling sounds out of my throat. A hard thrust up into my clenching snatch caused me to orgasm right there in front of her.

She kissed me lovingly as she caressed me all over. “I think I’m going to enjoy you most of all, Jiko.” It was like music to my ears, the greatest of compliments.

She tightened the noose even more until I was standing upon my toes. She fingered my cunt, and I orgasmed again. My body felt like I was electrically charged.

“This is the greatest present anyone could ever give me, Jiko,” she breathed before sucking on my nipples. She reached up and kissed my lips one last time. Then she put her fingers into my pussy and pulled me off the stool… “Come. Hang for me, my beloved Jiko.”

I lost the stool, the noose taking my full weight. Almost immediately I began cumming from my asphyxiation. Miss Lucy gasped with delight before rushing forward, pulling my legs apart and feasting on my dripping treasures.

I grunted as I thrust my hips, trying to jerk my legs out of her grasp. Then I was cumming again as her tongue tasted me. My breasts bounced as I thrust my chest out in orgasm.

She let me hang as she retrieved a toy. She shoved it hard inside me and I jerked as I orgasmed again. She loved seeing my dying body react in pleasure to the constriction of the noose.

I don’t know how long I suffered. But it became harder and harder to breathe. She sucked my nipples; she licked my pussy; and she rammed that toy deep inside me until I was stuck in what felt like a never-ending climax.

I was barely conscious when I finally exhausted myself. Miss Lucy fingered me until I jerked and twitched. She sucked my nipples and caressed my body until I quivered. Then my vision dimmed around the edges until I could no longer see.

I was dimly aware of a tongue in my twat. Hands groped my breasts, fingers pinching my nipples. I barely jerked from one last orgasm as my consciousness finally spiraled away………..


I never thought this one was into it. She always seemed timid and shy. Imagine my surprise when I learned she desired to put on a special performance for me.

At first I didn’t believe her. But I decided to humor her. What really got my attention was when she strangled herself during her stripper dance.

She truly gave herself to me, allowing me to choke and strangle her time and time again. Each time seemed more arousing than the last. We made exquisite love in my bedroom, both knowing she would soon be hanging for me.

I finally could not stand it anymore. I had to take her down and string her up. She went willingly, her arousal an indication she was looking forward to hanging. There was just enough fear and trepidation to make the scene all the sweeter.

She hanged wonderfully, cumming and orgasming in the noose like I had never seen before. It was as though she’d trained herself for that very moment. She was far better than any of the girls I had hanged up ‘til that moment.

She took longer to hang, but she offered no complaint. On the contrary, she could not seem to stop cumming for me. No matter what I did to her, she kept orgasming in that wonderful noose.

I kissed her lips and sucked her nipples long after she was gone. But her body still responded as though she was trying to cum for me. Forcing the toy up her pussy again and again made her jerk wonderfully. It made me have to lick her out once more to savor the flavor of her gift to me.

I caressed and kissed and fucked that dead body for a couple of hours. Then I took her down and straddled her, removing her veil from her secured wrists so I could strangle her again. I almost believe she climaxed for me one last time.

It was the best Valentine’s Day gift I have ever received, before or sense…

© 2017 (written for JikoSeiai Feb 21 ’17 by riwa)

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