Condom roulette (15&16)



By now I had pretty much dropped any inhibitions I might have had where Nikki and Dana were concerned. I finished strapping the ball-gag into Nikki’s mouth and then started groping and fondling her boobs. She moaned and whimpered, no longer able to give us an opinion as to her possible fate.

“Are you scared or horny?” I asked her with a chuckle.

She let out a muffled grunt as her husband held onto her from behind. The look on his face seemed to indicate he was eager to play. “I’d say she’s a little bit of both,” he told me with amusement.

Eric looked at both women and then turned to me with a knowing smile. “Isn’t something missing, Alison?”

“What? What’s missing?” So he came over to me and whispered it into my ear.

My grin blossomed from ear to ear. “Of course. You’re right as usual, honey.” Then I told everyone, “Be right back” as I made a second pilgrimage to the bedroom.

When I returned I had some ornamental decorations in my hand. I gave a couple to Eric who took them over to Dana as I went to work on Nikki. Both women grunted in alarm, their eyes flying open at the nipple clamps and little weights in our hands. Hell, if we were going to go this far, they deserved the full treatment in case one of them was going to be putting on her last performance in the next few minutes.

“This is for all that fun you two had fucking me with the strap-ons,” I told her as I applied alligator clamps to Nikki’s nipples. She let out a muffled scream as I clipped them on. Behind me I heard Dana giving out little muffled yelps as Eric readied her nipples for the accessories.

“Damn, you guys are kinky!” Daniel observed with admiration.

“Tomorrow we’re going to the sex shop downtown and picking you up some special jewelry!” Dustin added with a laugh as he grinned at his whimpering wife. Maybe he assumed she was going to survive this. Maybe she was.

We added some weights to those clamps on their nipples. Nikki let out muffled yips and moans while Dana writhed and whimpered. Then they were ready for their rides with the condoms of death.

“To the bedroom!” Dustin declared, lifting his arm up grandly as he shook his wife by her shoulders. She let out another whimper, although she looked sexy as hell. I saw her pussy glistening with moisture.

“I think your husbands want to risk you bitches,” I chuckled at Nikki. For good measure I grabbed the weights on her nipples and gave them a little pull. Her cry of pain was a total turn-on.

Her husband was no help to her at all. He just laughed at her as he remarked, “I guess you should have been nicer to Alison while we were out of the house, honey.”

It wasn’t long before we were all back in the bedroom. The guys quickly stripped, revealing hard cocks from just how horny they’d all become. Apparently they were ready for more fucking.

Just for fun I got onto my knees and started sucking the husbands while grinning lasciviously at their wives standing naked with their jewelry pulling on their sensitive nipples… “Mmmm; tastes great. Too bad you two can’t enjoy one last suck. Maybe one of you has already sucked her last cock tonight. What happens if you’re lucky enough… or unlucky I should say? …to draw the condom of death? That would mean not getting to taste another cock ever again; am I right?” I couldn’t resist being a little wicked while enjoying myself.

Eric had a woman in each arm while I tended to Daniel and Dustin. He was enjoying reaching around and pulling on those nipple weights as he watched me suck off their husbands. So I asked him, “Which one of those two bitches do you like, honey?”

He turned to one and said, “I think Dana here wants my cock again; am I right, hun?”

I watched as pulled on her nipple weights. She let out a muffled cry as he reached down and fingered her wet cunt, causing her to writhe and moan as drool gathered around the gag in her mouth. “I’d say this sexy bitch gets to risk my condom of death.”

Eric didn’t seem too worried about risking another man’s wife, especially with Daniel egging him on while I was slurping on his meat. Dana’s husband added, “I can’t wait to watch those weights bounce from your tits, honey.” From the look in her eyes I don’t think she knew whether to be frightened or excited.

“So what are we going to do now?” Daniel asked. Dustin and Eric looked at me as though I was in charge of this round. That was fine with me as I certainly had something in mind.

“Ok, guys,” I told the husbands. “Lie flat on your backs on the floor with your heads pointing at each other.” Nikki and Dana grunted as they both gave me worried looks.

The guys laid out on the floor with their cocks saluting the situation. I instructed my husband to get their wives to straddle them. “Nikki gets to ride Dustin while Dana gets Daniel.”

“What about the condoms, honey?”

“In a minute, dear.”

Both women looked nervous as they straddled the other’s husband. At least they weren’t wearing a condom so they shouldn’t have been worried about impaling themselves. They both carefully knelt and straddled the men, moaning as they slowly took those tasty dicks inside their sexy cunts. The weights dangling from their nipples gave me erotic shivers as I remembered how many times Eric had “decorated” me.

“Now honey,” I told hubby as I gave him one of the latex gloves before pointing him over to the box. “Pick one out. Hell, any one will do.” So he pulled one out in a blue wrapper.

“My turn,” I said, giving the whimpering women a sly grin as I pulled out the last red one. Then I instructed my husband as I pointed over at Nikki… “You get Dana while I fuck this bitch over here.”

Daniel’s wife grunted in alarm as she knelt impaled on Dustin’s cock. Her eyes flashed with understanding as I picked up one of the strap-ons and attached it around my waist. Daniel looked at me in surprise as he asked, “You mean you and Eric will be wearing the condoms as you fuck our wives??”

“ASS-fuck your wives,” I corrected with a chuckle. “Got a problem with that?”

“Hell no! I fucking love it! We’ll double-team the sexy bitches while you and Eric fuck their asses with those condoms!”

Nikki grunted in alarm at her husband. But she must have been aroused as hell because it looked like she was soaking Dustin with her flowing juices. Dana’s expression made it look like she appeared caught between sexual excitement and apprehension.

I looked at my husband as I knelt behind Nikki and Dustin. “Ready, honey?” I asked. He just smiled and nodded as he knelt down as well.

“Go” and we both applied our condoms. Then I cackled, “Now ride those cocks as we fuck your asses, bitches!”

Nikki and Dana grunted as they were forced to bounce up and down, their husbands eagerly helping while making those weights from their nipples dangle deliciously. Daniel smiled at me as he told me, “Alison, I think you’re a fucking genius.”

“You guys don’t mind if we fuck their asses with condoms, do you?”

“Well, I might be a little sad if Dana bites the big one,” Dustin observed while enjoying Nikki bouncing up and down on his dick, those weights pulling on her nipples and bringing out muffled yips. “But I can’t be too angry or disappointed considering you’ve taken more condoms tonight than the two of them put together. Besides, I always thought this bitch was one hot fuck; eh, Nikki?”

He reached up and groped her boobs as she grunted and moaned. Then he jerked on her nipple weights. She yelped again as more drool accumulated around the ball-gag in her mouth.

I got right behind her and started to push my condom-covered strap-on inside her ass. She really grunted as I forced it right in. I loved the way it made her jerk and groan.

I looked across to see Eric working his cock into Dana’s ass as well. “Do you like it this way, baby?” I asked him as I pushed all the way into my bitch and then started to thrust. “This way you can watch Nikki’s face as she dies or I can watch Dana’s if she’s the one to go.” He just smiled as he replied, “You are one sick, sexy bitch, honey!”

“I’ll miss you if you go, honey!” Dustin said to his wife as he looked back to see her getting it up her cunt and ass. “But if you’re going to go, at least you can go out with a bang!”

“One hell of a bang, right bitch?” I cackled as I thrust harder up Nikki’s ass.

Normally I prefer being on the submissive side of things. But having Eric and I fuck these bitches up their sexy asses, knowing any time one of them could keel over from the ultimate lethal fuck, had me all hot and bothered. I decided I was really going to enjoy raping a couple orgasms out of Nikki’s ass while those weights pulled on her nipples. And if she survived I decided I was going to try raping a couple more out of her.

“Oh fuck!” Dustin declared as he and I worked Nikki over good. She was whimpering and moaning as though she didn’t know what the hell to do with herself. The more she grunted, the harder I thrust into her tight ass.

I looked over and saw my husband really giving Dana’s butthole a good pounding. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head as she rode Daniel’s cock like a pro, those nipple weights bouncing like crazy. If she was going to go, it looked like she was going to try to enjoy herself the whole way down.

I watched Eric thrust into Dustin’s wife until we sort of set up a rhythm together. We thrust hard as though we were ass-fucking our bitches in unison. I loved watching those weights on her tits bounce in time to his thrusts.

Their husbands kept declaring how hot it was while telling their wives to go ahead and go out in a blaze of glory. I couldn’t see Nikki’s face. But if it was anything like what was reflected in Dana’s eyes then I knew she was having one hell of a ride.

Nikki started grunting, causing me to thrust harder to make those weights bounce off her tits. Dana joined in, her muffled groans sounding incredibly erotic. The guys just kept egging us on as those bitches rode their cocks… “Fuck my wife’s ass, Alison… ride that ass and kill that sexy bitch… gawd, she looks so fucking hot…” “Damn, Eric, you’re giving my Dana a really good pounding… hey, baby, are you getting close to dying yet? You look so fucking incredible being fucked in the ass like that while Daniel fucks your cunt! Those weights are really bouncing off your tits! Do you like them?”

I don’t know if it was perfect timing or what. One second my husband and I were fucking the shit out of those two sweet asses. Then next they were tipping their heads back and letting out muffled cries of orgasm. It was arousing as hell; I nearly climaxed right along with them!

I watched as Eric suddenly lashed out and started choking Dana with his bare hands. Fuck; what inspiration! So I lashed out and started choking Nikki as well. “Let’s take these two bitches to hell, baby!” I declared as I squeezed hard.

We both started pounding their asses as they let out muffled grunts and cries. I saw Dana’s eyes roll as my Eric choked the shit out of her. Then she was cumming all over Daniel’s cock. Underneath me Nikki shuddered hard until I decided she’d had enough choking.

I let go of her neck as Eric and I eased back until we were giving those asses a nice, slow rhythmic fuck. I was sweating up a storm, although I noticed I wasn’t the only one bathed in perspiration. Then I saw Daniel’s hands fly up as he started choking Dana while she rode his cock. Beneath me I heard Nikki give out a muffled glurk as Dustin’s hands wrapped around her throat as well.

I heard Dana’s husband cry out, “Fuck her ass hard, Alison! I’m gonna choke the fucking bitch!” So I started thrusting harder. Across from me I saw Daniel squeezing Dana’s neck until her face really started turning red as Eric began to fuck her ass hard again. Damn, were their husbands actually going to finish the job the condoms had apparently failed to do?

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Nov 1 ’16 by riwa)



Eric pulled on Dana’s weights to her nipple clamps. She jerked a little, but her face was so red and she was struggling to breathe to the point where I’m not sure she noticed. Then it looked like she started cumming all over Daniel’s cock.

Beneath me Nikki shuddered as Dustin choked the shit out of her. It felt like she was all caught up in one orgasmic feedback loop. She was squeezing so hard I could barely shove the strap-on in and out of her ass.

Dustin suddenly let go. Nikki toppled over sideways, looking like she wasn’t breathing at all as I slid right out of her ass and hit the floor with her. Across from me Dana virtually did the same thing, her face a deep shade of red as she collapsed in a heap.

I figured Nikki needed to breathe right away. So I scrambled to unstrap that ball-gag and pull it out of her mouth. I got it loose but I had to work to get it out as her teeth were really clamped down on it.

I noticed Eric and Daniel working on Dana. My husband was working to remove the ball-gag as Nikki’s husband tried to unclasp the nipple clamps. I knew from past experience how much it hurt taking them off. But she was barely breathing to the point where I’m not even sure she noticed.

Nikki’s chest suddenly rose and fell. It made me feel a little bit better. I guess I was more shocked we might have killed them than I thought I would be.

They got to breathing on their own as Dustin went into the kitchen and got them something to drink. They were a little dehydrated, gulping down the water he gave them. Then he gave them a shot of something alcoholic.

They both finally started to come around. “Are you as sore as I am?” Nikki asked Dana. Her friend nodded weakly.

“How was it?” Daniel wanted to know.

Dana replied, “For a minute there I didn’t think I was ever going to stop cumming. All that pain and not being able to breathe with cocks in both holes? It’s a miracle I’m still here!”

“What about you?” I asked Nikki.

She gave me a wry smile before replying, “I probably deserved that. At first it kinda hurt. I think you were really enjoying yourself. Then the pleasure took over and I didn’t think it was ever going to stop.”

“And you,” she added, glaring at Dustin before a smile suddenly blossomed all over her face. “I thought you were really going to kill me with your bare hands! That literally sent me into orbit!”

“And the condoms?” Eric wanted to know.

“That was pretty fucking scary for a moment there,” Dana responded. “But the thought of being double-teamed and fucked to death sort of kicked in at one point. I was both terrified and aroused as hell. I think that really added to my orgasms.” She looked at me before finishing with, “No wonder you’re so fucking addicted!”

“Crazy, isn’t it?” I told them with a grin. “At first you don’t think you want to… you think it’s the stupidest idea known to man. But once you get started and you’re being fucked using a condom, you start wondering maybe you’ll die or maybe you won’t. It really heightens the fear and arousal until you’re so blotto with orgasms you don’t know which end is up.”

“You got that right,” Nikki admitted. “Fuck, I’m still feeling aftershocks. Those nipple weights were wicked good!”

“Blame that on my sadistic husband.”

Eric just grinned at me. Then he told Dustin and Daniel, “For a minute there I thought maybe you two were going to kill each other’s wife.”

“She was really milking my cock,” Dustin admitted as he grinned at Nikki. “It felt amazing. Hell, I think I shot a gallon up her pussy when I finally did cum.”

“I’m a fucking mess,” Nikki told him with a weary smile. She leaned over and gave him a deep, soulful kiss. Then she moved over next to her husband and snuggled up to him.

“I never thought wife-swapping would be this intense,” my husband chuckled as he shook his head.

“That’s because we had no idea your death-laced condoms would add so much eroticism to the night,” Nikki replied. “You should have seen us fucking your wife with the strap-ons. Hell, she was going nuts… almost as though she wanted to die!”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I chuckled nervously.

“I don’t know,” Dana added. You sure were cumming up a storm. Hell, for a moment there you acted like you didn’t want us to stop.”

“The hell I didn’t!”

“Liar,” she proclaimed, and we all laughed good-naturedly.

I crawled over and cuddled with Eric. “So was fucking Nikki and Dana everything you thought it would be?”

“I didn’t know what it was going to be like,” he admitted. “…certainly not with the night we’ve had using those condoms.”

“Think you’d ever be up for it again?” Dana challenged.

“I might.” Eric grinned like the cat that had just swallowed the canary.

“I could use another drink,” Nikki observed. So we all got up from the floor and headed into the dining room. Eric and I brought some bottles from the liquor cabinet and proceeded to mix a few drinks.

I went to the kitchen and made sure we also got some water. After all, we didn’t want to risk too much dehydration. Then we sat around the table talking about the evening’s activities.

The discussion got pretty raunchy as to who had done what to whom. But there were no inhibitions between us. Hell, all of those had fallen away a long time ago. It was as though we were old friends talking about our most recent sexual exploits in extremely graphic detail.

I thought the evening was going to wind down. But about fifteen minutes later with all that lewd talk, I noticed the girl’s nipples were protruding again. I put my hand in Eric’s crotch and discovered he was getting hard.

“Fuck!” I blurted out. “Are we going to have to finish this evening off by blowing our husbands?”

“That reminds me,” Nikki observed. “It just occurred to me.”


“You’ve taken condoms from almost everyone tonight.”

“Almost?? Who the hell did I leave out??”

“Why your husband of course!”

We all laughed at that. I was trying to remember if any of us had fucked our own husbands. The night was becoming a blur of orgasms and adult beverages. I was curious just how much of this I was going to remember in the morning. I hoped it would be all the erotic parts.

“Don’t you think you should fuck Eric right about now?”

“I can fuck him anytime I want, Dana.”

“Yeah, hun. But what if we want to watch?”

“You’ve already watched me fuck everyone else tonight.”

“Yeah, but not Eric with a condom.”

“You want me to fuck Eric with a condom??”

“Why not?” Now Nikki was getting in on it. The bitch was smiling as though she was eager to see what I would look like dying with my cunt impaled on my husband’s glorious cock.

“Don’t you think we’ve had enough?” That was from Daniel. It was nice at least one of us was trying to use some common sense.

Dustin asked, “How many condoms are left in the box?” Both Nikki and Dana looked at me as though the night was not yet officially over.

I did some mental calculations in my head. But Eric was a little faster as he told them, “Five… I think.”

“Perfect,” Nikki giggled. “You’ve only got a one-in-five chance of drawing the deadly one, Alison. How about it?”

“I’ve had four already,” I replied indignantly. But I was already starting to think about it. The problem was: the idea was starting to make me wet at the thought of Eric sending me straight to hell with his cock up my cunt… the perfect ending to a crazy night.

I suddenly realized I had to put a stop to this before I was dead by morning. So I looked both bitches in the eyes… “Not unless you each try one with me!”

They both inhaled sharply. Obviously they hadn’t considered I might throw that out. I heard Dustin mutter, “The bitch is fucking crazy.” Then I saw the look in Dana’s eyes.

…and then I looked at Nikki and saw what was reflected in her expression…

Holy shit! Were those crazy bitches actually giving it some thought??

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Nov 12 ’16 by riwa)

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