Flash Drive Infidelity



(Based on a script by JQ public)

Why – why – why? Why the hell was it all starting to come apart on him??

He had a good job, albeit as an accountant for the mob. He’d been carefully skimming money from the books, but so far they didn’t seem to be on to him. Then he’d found a hot chick to serve as his secretary. Of course now she was serving as far more than that.

Unfortunately he’d been thinking about divorcing his wife, only to keep putting it off. Once she’d got wind of it, she’d done something rather foolish. Now he was really on the hook.

Tina had made copies of all his files and put them on a flash drive. Then she’d gone and hidden the damn thing. He could divorce her if he wished, but she was going to take him to the cleaners if he did. And the flash drive was her ace-in-the-hole.

He checked his watch as he impatiently tapped his foot. When was that bitch going to get here? Didn’t she understand just how serious this was? Hell, if the mob found out, they might dispose of the both of them thinking they were in it together!

He saw the vehicle pull up… finally! He met her at the door as she walked up the sidewalk. “What’s going on?” his mistress asked as he grabbed an elbow and pulled her inside.

“Follow me, Megan.”

“Marc, will you speak to me? What’s going on?”

“Would you just shut up and follow me?”

“Ok, ok; I’m coming!”

She followed him outside to the pool out back. Then he sighed as though everything was going to be all right. “Thanks for getting over here so fast.”

“This better be important.”

“Of course this is important, baby. This involves the two of us.”

She softened as she saw the look on his face. “Hey, it’s all right. I’m here for you, ok?”

“That’s good… because I think I finally found it.”

“Found what?”

“The flash drive she copied all my accounts to.”

“That flash drive? The one you told me about?”

“That’s the one. And I think I know where she hid it.”

“Where?” In response he pointed at the backyard pool.

“She hid it in there?? Why the hell would she hide it in your pool?”

“Don’t you see? It makes perfect sense! She knows I can’t swim! Plus I know she spent an hour underwater the other day in this scuba gear right here. Megan, I’ve looked everywhere else! It’s the only place I haven’t been able to check. That’s where you come in.”

“Me? You’re kidding, right?”

“Yes you! Who else can I trust to go down and retrieve it? Didn’t you tell me you know how to scuba dive?”

“I did some diving on my vacation last year. But it’s not like I got certified or anything. I was just in some scuba gear enjoying the scenery.”

“That’s more than I’ve done. You’ve been in the gear and you’ve breathed from a regulator. That makes you the best qualified of the two of us. Don’t you see?”

“What makes you think she was hiding it down in the pool?”

“Oh come on, Megan! Think about it! What the hell do you think she was doing down there for an hour: painting the roses red?? She just had to have hidden it down there somewhere.”


“How the hell should I know?? Maybe it’s in the pool drain. That would make a good hiding place. Please, Megan; I really need your help on this! Besides, it’s important for our future together.”

“All right, Marc. I’ll help you out. Let me just go and get my suit…”

“We don’t have time. We have to do it right now.”

“Right now? Can’t I go home and get my swim suit?”

“I told you there isn’t time! She’s gone out to get her hair done… and you ladies know how long that can take. There’s no better time than the present before she gets back.”

“Can’t we do it another time?”

“Megan, what if she thinks I’m on to her and hides it again? I might never find it! Do you know what she’s going to do to me in the divorce if she has that flash drive for leverage?

“Ok; I get your point.”

Megan paused to consider the matter. But there weren’t many options left to her. “So what am I going to wear if I can’t go and get my bathing suit?” She snuggled up to him as though she might have something else in mind.

“Later, ok?” Then he saw a hurt look and smiled at her.

“You know I want to, baby. But now is not a good time. We’ve got to hurry in case she gets done much sooner than I expected.”

“Ok; fine,” she sighed. “But you’re going to owe me a big one for this.” She gave him a smile as though he knew how she was going to collect: an expensive movie, fine wine perhaps. But at least he’d get a hot fuck at the end of the night.

She walked over to the edge of a set of shelves and started to strip. Once more she began to ask herself why she was seeing Marc. It was risky business; were the rewards worth the effort? She had to conclude that for her they would be substantial if he divorced his wife and married her like he said he was going to. But first she had to help with this nasty little flash drive business.

She stripped down to her black bra and panties. Then she went over to the scuba tank. She was familiar enough to know how it worked and what she needed to do.

She hooked up the hose to the regulator and turned it on. She tried taking a breath, but she got nothing. She tried again, only to frown at the damned thing.

Marc was watching the whole time, admiring her cleavage. He shuffled nervously on his feet when she frowned at the regulator. “What’s the matter, baby?”

“Um… we may have a little problem here.”

“Problem? What problem?”

“The tank seems to be empty.”

She tried purging the regulator but got nothing. She put it between her lips and tried to breathe. A last check confirmed she’d turned on the valve. There simply was no air in the tank.

“Empty? It’s fucking empty?? Damnit, that bitch must have used it all! Maybe she thought I would try to use it to find the drive.”

“That’s it then?” Megan wanted to know as she reached down for her clothes.


“What now?”

“You can still swim down to have a look, can’t you?”

“I suppose. Let’s get this cover off so I can go down and have a look. You’re really going to owe me if I have to go down without using a source of air, you know.”

“We can’t get the cover off, baby.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s broken, ok? I’ve tried! I can get the crank to turn, but it’s like pushing an elephant off your tennis shoes! It’s going to take forever to do it by hand!”

“You mean I’ve got to go down and hold my breath? It’s not like I’m dropping off a letter in a mailbox, you know. It might take some time to work that drain open.”

“You can do it, can’t you? You said you went scuba diving on your vacation!”

“That was scuba diving. Look, I’m a good swimmer and all… but this is going down and holding your breath. I’m not sure I can do this.”

“Oh, come on, baby! You’ve got to give it a try?! This is for us, remember?”

“So where’s this drain?”

“In the bottom of the deep end, Megan! Where else do you put a drain in a pool? C’mon, baby; help me out here!”

“So let me get this straight. I have to hold my breath to make a swim all the way down to the drain in the deep end of your pool under your broken pool cover just to see if she hid the flash drive down there??”

Marc smiled wryly. “That’s about the size of it, Megan. I’m sorry about that.”

“I can’t believe this! Your wife hid the flash drive in the pool using scuba gear because you can’t swim and you think she MAY have hidden it in the drain? I have to swim all the way to the deep end…”

“…and you’ll have to unscrew the drain cover…”

She glared daggers at him as she continued. “…unscrew the drain cover, try to find the flash drive… and then make it all the way back on that same breath without drowning my ass??”

“I think you got it.”

“…holding my breath the entire time…”

Marc sighed heavily. “C’mon, Megan! Didn’t you do that even a little bit on your vacation? You were in the water, weren’t you??  I’m begging here! That bitch has got me by the balls! If the mob or the cops get hold of that drive, I’m screwed! I know you can do this, ok? Please help me out?”

“Fine, I’ll give it my best shot. But you’re really going to owe me big time for this one!”

She began looking around the shelves as though hunting for something. She found a weight belt; that would be helpful. But she kept on looking.

“What are you looking for, honey?”

“A dive mask is going to make this a hell of a lot easier, you know.”

He nodded as he located one for her. She took it from him and started to pull it down over her face. Marc looked down, wondering if this was going to work out. He desperately wanted that flash drive before something really bad happened.

She got it onto her face and then wrapped the belt around her waist. She was heading for the pool when he stopped her… “Megan? You may need this.” She turned to see him offering her a screwdriver.

She took it from him before heading toward the corner of the pool. The corner of cover was open; she could get in there. She certainly hoped this would be worth it.

She slipped into the water, dunking herself to get acclimated before coming back up. She came up gasping for breath. “Don’t tell me the heater’s…”

“…on the fritz.”

“Is there anything here that IS working??” He pointed at his crotch and smiled. She smiled back at the effect she was having on him when she noticed a growing bulge. If this was turning him on, maybe she could make the swim and retrieve that damned flash drive in her underwear.

“I’ll be expecting to get some of that tonight when this is over with, baby,” she told him, indicating his crotch as she took a few deep breaths. She held the last one before he could respond. Then she submerged with a burble and began her swim.

She followed the bottom to the slope of the pool. She could see the drain down in the deep end. It was white and circular.

It didn’t look all that far away, and it certainly didn’t look imposing. It was possible the bitch had hidden it in there, thinking it would be the last place he would look. Maybe this was going to work after all. Besides, she didn’t like the idea of his wife Tina holding this flash drive over his head during their divorce proceedings.

She swam down to it and looked all around. There was no drive anywhere in sight. She tried to look into the drain. But she couldn’t see very well through the slats.

It was definitely screwed down, that much was obvious. Had he even given her the right screwdriver? There was only one way to find out.

She pushed it into the head of the screw. It went in easily enough. She found she was able to twist it without too much difficulty.

She started to unscrew the drain cover as a few bubbles trickle out of her mouth. What a lousy place to hide a flash drive. She couldn’t believe his wife had gone to all this trouble. But if the drive was that important, then perhaps she’d better help get it back.

She paused when she thought she heard something up at the surface. Was that Marc trying to get the cover open? She didn’t like the fact that most of it was closed on top of her. And she certainly didn’t like the long swim back she would have to make once she was finished.

She went back to work on the screw. But something wasn’t right. It was taking longer; it wasn’t turning as easily. Fuck; what a mess!

Up at the surface Marc found himself pacing anxiously before looking down at the covered pool. Didn’t she have that drain cover off by now? Surely it wasn’t that complicated removing a couple of screws, was it… unless she couldn’t hold her breath very long. If that was the case, this might take longer than he was expecting it to take.

Megan struggled with the screw. Why was it taking so damn long?? Wasn’t it supposed to be easy to remove them so the repairman could check the drain? It didn’t require a special tool, did it? The screwdriver seemed to be working, although it was taking longer than she’d anticipated.

Once more she thought she heard something. She looked up as bubbles trickled out of her mouth. It would not be good if his bitch of a wife came home and caught her down here. She wasn’t sure what she would do if that happened.

Up at the surface Marc anxiously checked his watch. How long had she been down there? Could she hold her breath long enough? What if something went wrong and she drowned down there? There was no way he would be able to go down and check for himself! Shit – shit – shit!

Megan could feel her lungs heaving. Damn; this was taking too long! She had to at least get this one screw out before she had to go up. But her lungs were really hurting.

She worked the screwdriver until the screw suddenly gave way. She picked it up and grasped it between her fingers. At-fucking-LAST!

She took off for the shallow end and the steps that awaited her. It looked so far away! Could she hold her breath long enough to get there?

What if she drowned down here?? Surely that bastard wouldn’t come down to get her back up! She would be left down here for who knows how long until the cops came and hauled her up. What kind of an excuse would he give for having his secretary drown in his backyard pool??

She reached the loose part of the cover and burst up gasping for breath. How long had she been down there holding her breath?? She certainly didn’t want to do that again. But she only had the one screw. The other one was still down there waiting to be removed.

Marc came over to her with concern in his eyes. “Jesus, baby; are you ok??” Megan nodded her head as she clutched at her chest, too breathless for words.

“Did you find it? Tell me you found it? Did you find it?”

“Does this look like I found it?” she gasped as she held up the screw she’d removed. “It felt like… I was down there… a long time! But I just couldn’t… hold my breath… any longer.”

“You’re doing great, Megan! But you were down a good two minutes at least. I was really starting to worry.”

“That’s because… I couldn’t get the damn screw loose! I was so close… and then I got it… but I ran out of breath before I could get to… the other one!”

“Babe, you’ve got to go back down. We can’t delay much longer! What if she comes back while you’re still down there?”

“Can’t you give me a fucking minute here? I’m exhausted!”

“I’m sorry, ok?” Then he nervously looked all around. “I just don’t want her coming back unannounced, ok? Who knows what that bitch will do once she discovers we’re on to her!”

Megan nodded as her breath returned. “Just give me a moment to catch my breath ok?” Then she held up the screwdriver for emphasis as she added, “I know what to do and how long it’s going to take. I’ll get it this time for sure.”

He looked down at her and smiled at her cleavage. “What?” she asked in annoyance.

“You’re giving me a great view there, baby.” She just shook her head and rolled her eyes as she started taking deep breaths. They didn’t have time for this, not if his wife might show up at any moment.

She checked her dive mask to make sure it was secure. Then she took three deep breaths. She held the third one as she slipped under the cover.

She made the long swim down easily enough. She reached the drain and went right for that second screw. Once she got it off, she would be able to remove the drain cover and see what was inside.

Marc’s eyes were on the pool when a familiar figure suddenly appeared in a black dress. Her red hair was distinctive. So was the angry scowl on her lips. She was carrying a gun in her right hand.

“Honey! You’re home early.”

“Of course I’m home early. What’s going on in the pool?”

“In the pool?” Marc stammered as he pointed at it. “Nothing’s going on in the pool.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing to me, you bastard. I see the cover rippling at the surface. You don’t suppose somebody is down there, do you?”

“Now who would be down in our pool, honey?”

“Maybe your big-titted whore secretary?”

“What would my secretary be doing down there?”

“Looking for this perhaps?” She smirked as she held up a little baggie containing the flash drive he was after.

Marc felt the color drain from his face. He was busted; they were both busted. So what was the bitch going to do now?

“Honey, I can explain.”

“Oh, can you now?”

“It’s not what you think! There’s nobody down there!”

“There isn’t?”

“That’s right.”

“If there’s nobody down there, then I guess you can close the cover.”


She lifted the gun and pointed it right at him. “I said close the fucking pool cover, you bastard! Seal it off; close it up! What… are you fucking deaf??”

The jig was up. Now he had to get Megan out of there. But what if his wife wanted to shoot her or something?

“Ok – ok; you got me. My secretary is down there, ok? Can’t we just wait until she comes back up?

His wife angrily pointed at the water. “I said close the fucking pool… RIGHT… NOW!”

“But she’s still under there! If I close it off, she’ll drown!”

“Serves the cock-sucking whore right, don’t you think? After all, that IS what’s she’s been doing to my cheating husband.”

“Honey, can’t we talk about this? We can’t just leave her down there!”

“I’m touched you want to save your big-titted whore. But I think right now you’ve got more important things to worry about than replacing some slut secretary, don’t you?”

“Baby, don’t you think…”

“I’ll not ask again.” Then she cocked the weapon and aimed it right at him.

Marc’s heart was pounding in his chest as he went over to the cover. “Stretch it out; make it fucking tight! We don’t want any twigs or leaves falling in, do we?”

“All right – all right!”

Marc bent over and began pulling the cover tight to the corner. He wished there was some way of warning Megan down there. But he was liable to get a slug in his chest for his efforts if he tried anything foolish.

He looked up at her one last time. But she was adamant. “Seal her in, you bastard, or there’ll be a corpse at the surface to match the one down below!” All Marc could do was obey, hoping he might somehow get a chance to get it back open in time before she ran out of air and drowned down there.

“Satisfied?” he asked as he moved closer.

“Don’t you fucking take another step!” She pointed the weapon right at him as he raised his hands in a submissive gesture.

“In the house,” she motioned with the gun. “Let’s leave your big-titted whore out here to enjoy her swim!”

He dared not try anything for fear of the gun going off. Marc nodded as he walked in front of her. He opened the door and went inside. She followed after him a few steps behind.

Megan worked the last screw off with a comfortable amount of breath left in her lungs. She held it up for inspection… “Finally!” Now she could get into the drain and retrieve that flash drive.

She opened the drain and looked inside. But she saw nothing that looked remotely like any kind of flash drive… “What the hell??”

She reached inside and felt all around. It had to be inside; it just had to! That bitch wouldn’t go to all that trouble of gearing up and spending an hour in her pool unless she was hiding it in here, wouldn’t she? But the item she sought was not in the pool drain.

She grabbed her head in astonishment… “What the hell – what the hell – WHAT THE HELL??” It wasn’t in there! Why the hell had she wasted all this time holding her breath if it wasn’t in there??

That did it; she was out of here! She wasn’t wasting any more time on this stupid flash drive of his. She swam for the shallow end, preparing to give him a healthy piece of her mind. By the time she was done, he was going to rue the day he’d sent her down here on some wild goose chase.

She reached the shallow end when she looked up in surprise. What the hell?? The cover was now completely closed! Whose fucking idea was that??

She began looking all around, checking the perimeter of the pool she was in. But there didn’t seem to be an opening anywhere! Was she trapped underneath? What the hell was he doing??

She tried pushing upward. But the cover was tightly in place. There was virtually no give; she was well and truly trapped underneath!

She couldn’t believe it; she just couldn’t believe it! Then a horrific thought came to her mind. What if he’d set her up? What if this was his way of getting rid of her? What if his wife had been in on this from the very beginning? What if he’d lured her down here just to drown her in their backyard pool??

She screamed, “MARC, YOU FUCKING BASTARD! GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Then she began beating on the cover, becoming aware of the growing strain in her lungs.

She tried pushing up against the cover, beating on it with her fists… anything that might alert him to her situation. Had he done this deliberately? She thought he loved her!

The strain in her lungs was building; she could feel her stomach starting to heave. She was running out of breath. She had to find a way out fast!

She tried the cover again; surely it would give way somewhere! Maybe it had closed by accident and Marc was working on getting it back open. Then she thought of something else that would just as easily explain her predicament. What if his wife had come home and closed it off on her? What if she was up there right now? She couldn’t hear or see anything, so there was no way of knowing!

Her lungs spasmed painfully; she nearly inhaled. Megan covered her mouth as her chest kept heaving. She couldn’t hold her breath much longer!

She was running out of time; she had to get out now! Megan beat against the cover, mentally screaming for Marc to open the damned thing back up and get her out. But there was no evidence he was even out there watching her.

Her chest heaved; she covered her mouth again. Her stomach rippled as her chest heaved once more. She wanted another breath; she really needed another breath! If only she could get another breath!

She gurgled as she reflexively inhaled. She coughed up bubbles and gurgled again. Then a coughing spell set in as she sucked water down her windpipe.

The weight belt threatened to take her down and she kicked weakly to stay up at the surface. But she was coughing and inhaling now, swallowing more pool water. She was about to be overtaken by the inevitable.

She lost her ability to stay near the cover as the weight around her waist now worked against her. It began pulling her down toward the bottom of the pool. She couldn’t kick herself back up; she was settling toward the bottom!

Megan found herself settling onto the pool floor, unable to make her way back toward the cover above. She kept spasming and convulsing; it hurt so fucking bad! Where the hell was Marc? Why had he abandoned her down here??

She tried to reach upward for the surface. If only she could get there, maybe she could punch a hole in it. Maybe if she beat on it, Marc would see the trouble she was in and come to her aid! But she just didn’t have the strength to get there.

She spasmed again, her lungs spewing out the last of her breath. She waved up at the surface, but it was starting to grow dark all around her. She was so scared and so cold!

She shuddered hard before going limp. The weight around her waist kept her on the pool floor. Stray muscles fired as an arm twitched, a leg jerked… a toe flickered. Then the life faded from her eyes.

Up at the surface the cover grew still. There was no evidence a human being had drowned underneath and was now held to the bottom by the weight around her waist. The backyard was quiet.

Inside the house there was a cry followed by a gunshot. A moment later there was a thump as a body hit the floor. Then the property was quiet.

The back door opened and the wife came out. She looked at the pool and smiled. Then she headed for her car. She had an alibi to plan, had to find a way to convince the mob her husband and his secretary had teamed up to cause trouble and had gotten themselves killed in the process…

© 2016 (written for JQ public Nov 29 ’16 by riwa)

(Vidcaps provided by JQ public. They are from MMP’s Flash Drive Infidelity and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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