An execution favor for Pat Anderson

It had been less than two months since my attendance at Club X when I got a call from Pat Anderson, school executrix at the DFN Academy. It seems she had several girls on the docket for execution as ordered by the school council. I thought she was going to ask if I wanted to attend an execution or two. But apparently she had something else in mind.

It seems these twin sisters (not identical) had been failing their courses. In a fit of despair and perhaps sexual excitement at the thought they might be executed, they had submitted to a lesbian experience with each other. Unfortunately they were caught in the act, and the school council had no other choice but to condemn them to death.

She described them to me and then asked if I remembered them. I told her I recalled my visit to Club X and how I remembered being involved in furthering their asphyxia training. They had proved to be more than sexually adequate. As a matter of fact, they had both performed admirably during the strangulation phase of our time together.

She told me how they certainly remembered me. Then she said she had a favor to ask. Apparently these girls had requested I be involved in their executions through sexual asphyxiation. They believed an erotic asphyxia-related death by my hands would leave a good mark on their records as a final act of service for the school. Would I be available and willing to sexually asphyxiate them both so long as I was able to provide a recording of the event to confirm the executions to the school council?

My cock stirred at the thought. But I knew Pat was an experienced professional, whereas I was only a rank amateur when it came to these sorts of things. I told her I was flattered, but that I had reservations I would be able to do the job adequately.

She told me she had watched the recordings of my time in the room with her girls at Club X. She assured me she had full confidence in my abilities to send them back to the Academy in the proper condition to be recycled. She also believed their asphyxia-related deaths at my hands would make them good role models for all future students to follow.

How could I resist such an honorable request? I knew Pat well and believed she would not have asked me had she not believed in my abilities. My respect and admiration for her position was such that I could not say no.

We made the arrangements over the phone. She said the girls would be eager and would be shipped over to my location along with someone to record the proceedings. I told her I would be ready and hung up.

I called my girlfriend Julie and told her of the honor that had been bestowed upon me. She immediately asked if she could come over to watch. I told her I saw no reason why not. After all, Pat had not said observers weren’t allowed.

She rushed right over to find me down in the basement setting things up. She told me how excited she was and begged me to allow her to play a part in the proceedings. I told her I would see what I could do.

The Academy van pulled up with Donna Lacroix in charge of the recording. I remembered her from my visit to Club X. Then the blonde sisters came out of the van, naked as the day they were born.

They smiled warmly as they came up to me. Melissa eagerly told me, “Mr. Sherwood, we’re so glad you agreed to execute us today!” Melinda added, “We can’t wait for you to sex-acute us!”

I looked curiously at Miss Lacroix who smiled pleasantly. She told me the girls’ eagerness would be recorded as a part of their final grade. So far they both seemed to be earning high marks for their enthusiasm.

I told them we were setting things up down in the basement. Donna instructed me to take the girls inside. She would bring in the recording equipment shortly.

I asked her if she needed any help. She said there wasn’t much to bring in. This was not an official production but rather a simple recording of their execution. If her remarks had any negative impact on the twins, they showed no evidence of it.

I took them downstairs and waited for Miss Lacroix to come down with her equipment. She had a briefcase with some paperwork along with a video recorder and tripod. The recorder looked lightweight and easy to use.

I signed the papers, followed by the signatures of the condemned. They showed no fear, acting as though this was nothing more than a school project while trying to portray how eager they were to put on a good show. It made me wonder if they would have had the same zeal without the presence of Miss Lacroix.

When I took them inside, my girlfriend was sitting in a chair waiting for us. She was dressed up in an attractive blouse and skirt. “This is Julie,” I told everyone. “She is my girlfriend and is here to learn and observe. I hope that’s ok, Miss Lacroix.” Julie smiled nervously, but Donna said her presence was welcome so long as she did not interfere.

I had a curtain over part of the room as I didn’t want the girls to see anything until Donna could be here to observe their reactions. Already she had a clipboard out and was hastily scribbling notes. “Is it ready?” I asked Julie. When she nodded, I pulled the curtain, revealing a bed, a leather couch, and a white nylon noose of medium thickness dangling from the ceiling above a stool.

Donna paused with her clipboard long enough to set up the camera and tripod. Meanwhile both sisters gawked at the noose dangling before them. “Ooooo; he’s gonna hang one of us??” Melissa finally gasped with delight. “Who’s it gonna be?”

“Pick me; pick me!” her sister gasped eagerly, holding her hand up as though this was a classroom. “I hope you’ll pick me and give me a flying fuck as I hang for you!” Donna continued to take notes as she observed their eagerness.

“All right, Melinda,” I told her. “You get to hang.” A quick glance over at my girlfriend indicated she was rather excited about the whole thing.

“Fantastic!” And with that Melinda quickly knelt, unzipped my fly, took my cock out and started to suck.

A scowl from Donna was enough to remind her sister she needed to be in on the action as well. Melissa quickly knelt beside Melinda and started helping her with my cock and balls as they worked to disrobe me. Soon I was naked along with the two sisters.

When I was sufficiently hardened I told them to stand up. In my girlfriend’s lap was a small coil of rope. I told one of the sisters, “Melissa, why don’t you show me what you’ve learned about tying knots by binding your sister’s arms behind her back.”

She smiled and nodded as she went over to Julie and took the rope from her. She came back, pulled her sister’s arms behind her back and began to secure them. That’s when the severity of their situation hit Melinda.

The smile faded a little from her face, although I could tell she was trying to be brave. Her nipples were appropriately hard, her pussy dripping with anticipation. Miss Lacroix briefly examined both nipples closely, reached down to finger the dripping pussy, and then took more notes, quietly murmuring something to the effect of “nipples hard… pussy wet… subject showing the appropriate degree of arousal and eagerness.”

Melinda heard the quiet remarks and it made her smile. Her attitude vastly improved upon hearing she was doing well. “Do you want me on the stool now?” she asked, trying to sound enthusiastic. Donna simply looked at me as though I was in charge before stepping over to make sure her camera was set up right where she wanted it.

“Up on the stool, Melinda,” I told her. But I did not have to be demanding as she went willingly.

She carefully stepped up until her face was framed by the noose as she balanced on the stool. She even pushed her head through as though happy for me to get on with it. I saw her glance down at Donna who was furiously writing notes while murmuring softly… “Subject eager to be hanged… willingly puts her head in noose.”

I grabbed the end of the rope and pulled it tight, snugging the knot up behind her left ear. She let out a gasp and then started to tremble. Her eagerness was slipping again. But her nipples remained hard as her pussy really started to drip.

“You look great, sis! I can’t wait for my turn!” Miss Lacroix smiled at the sister’s remark as she double-checked her camera settings before going back to her clipboard.

“It feels great, sis! I c-can’t wait to hang!” Melinda tried to sound eager, but there were cracks of anxiety appearing in her features. Either she was afraid of hanging or she was afraid of failing in this last attempt to leave a good mark on her name back at the Academy. I decided it was the latter.

I took the other end of the rope and tied it off, leaving her up on the balls of her feet. She gasped and whimpered, but she put on a brave, excited front. Then I walked in front of her, choosing to ignore everyone else in the room for the moment. After all, since I had an important job to do, I decided it was better to push ahead and try to ignore the distractions of an audience looking on, especially an official observer from the school.

I stood in front of Melinda with my cock hard and curved upward. “I’ll make this simple,” I told her. “You must step off the stool, wrap your legs around me, impale yourself and fuck me. Understood?”

She nodded as she tried to get a decent breath. I had tied the noose a little tight as a challenge to see how well she would handle it. Donna smiled at her and continued to take notes.

“Go for it, sis!” Melissa gasped when her twin sister hesitated. “I can’t wait to go next! C’mon; you can do it!” Donna Lacroix took one last look through the camera and then nodded she was all set for the hanging to commence.

Melinda took a deep breath. Then she left the stool as she tried to reach out for me with her legs. But I could tell the sudden strain of her weight in the noose had caught her by surprise.

Her legs flailed a little, although she managed to avoid kicking me. It took her a few seconds to wrap her legs around my waist and pull herself to me. Then she grunted and gurgled as I felt her impale herself on my throbbing shaft. She was very wet; I easily slipped right inside.

I could tell by the look on her face she was happy to get me inside her. She began riding up and down, her muscles furiously milking me. I’m not sure how much was reflex and how much was actual control on her part.

She eagerly rode me, using her legs to make her body go up and down while fucking my cock. I’m not sure how much was a desire to get me off or just a desire to lift herself up enough to get another breath. I was far enough away that she really had to stretch to work at it, meaning the noose was strangling her the entire time.

Her fucking became more frantic as the noose constricted tightly around her neck. I detected the moment when her actions shifted to the point where she was mostly operating on reflex action as she tried to rise up to get another breath. But her cunt clenched furiously around my shaft as though this moment was what she had trained for.

She went into little spasms and seizures as her eyes rolled. It looked quite painful, but she was dutifully trying to give it her all. Then she reached the point where it was all involuntary reaction to the noose taking her life away.

I don’t know whether or not she realized she had been a success. But my cock went off inside her the moment she suddenly shuddered hard and then hung limp, partially impaled on my dick. When I eased back she came off my shaft and lifelessly swung back and forth, our cums mixed together to drip out of her pussy onto the floor. A moment later a stream of urine concluded the event as she quietly swayed this way and that.

“Damn, sis; that was hot!” her sister breathed. But I thought I saw a flicker of concern in her eyes knowing she was next.

I glanced over to see Julie had been furiously masturbating under her skirt. She had gone commando, and she’d opened up her blouse to be able to touch her breasts. Obviously, the entire hanging had made her horny as hell.

Donna dutifully recorded her observations on her clipboard… “Subject climaxed… made executioner ejaculate… both cums leaking down… subject has pissed herself.” I looked at her, causing her to look up and smile knowingly at me. Then I looked over at Melissa. She gulped and then tried to put on a brave smile realizing it was her turn at bat.

Melissa looked at Donna… and then at me… and then over at Donna again. I could tell she was trying to think something over. Perhaps she was contemplating the best way to get good marks. After all, it appeared her sister had scored well judging from Miss Lacroix’s reactions.

Melinda’s naked body was still gently swaying in noose when she walked up to it and caressed it lovingly. “You died great, sis,” she murmured. “I just hope I can live up to your example.” Then she looked at me and smiled as though gathering her courage.

“I’m ready for my execution now, Mr. Sherwood.” Then she knelt on the floor and started loving on my softened cock.

I heard Donna taking notes as she took me into her mouth to get me hard again. I turned to see Julie watching with eager anticipation. I think she was curious as to how I was going to execute this one.

Melissa took me into her mouth and began sucking and vacuuming with her cheeks, looking up at me the whole time. I think she realized she had quite a project just getting me to harden again. Then she grinned up at me and smiled before telling me, “I want to feel you cum in my ass as I die, Mr. Sherwood. I want my anal spasms to get you off at the moment of my death. It’s entirely your choice of course… but I think that’s the best way a slut like me should be executed, don’t you?”

My cock twitched and hardened as she took me back into her mouth. I looked over to see Donna taking more notes. I heard her murmur, “Subject willing… training has apparently taken hold.” Those overheard words of encouragement made Melissa suck my cock even more.

Her eager grunts and gurgles had the desired effect. Then she purred at me as she told me, “Remember our time back at Club X? You could execute me that way if you wish.” And with that she took me back into her mouth.

I gasped and moaned as I began to thrust into her mouth. She was acting eager and enthusiastic, just like a good execution slut should. There was the briefest hint of concern in her eyes, but I think her desire to do a good job in front of Miss Lacroix was overriding any hesitancies on her part. Besides, I was sure she wanted to measure up to her sister’s eager execution.

As I remembered back to our time at Club X, I recalled her being the more slutty of the two. I also remembered fucking her up the ass while choking her out. If she wanted my cum up her butt as she died, who was I to say no?

She got me sufficiently hard before I stood her up and took her over to the couch. I bent her over and thrust my cock hard up her cunt from behind as I squeezed her neck with my hands. She rasped and gurgled as I pumped her hard… “Harder, Mr… Sherwood… harder! Fuck’n choke me… harder!”

I gave her neck a really good squeeze until she was rasping for breath. She shuddered hard, her cunt dutifully clenching around my cock while furiously milking me. I took her damn near to unconsciousness before I let her go.

She gasped for breath as I sat on the couch. She leaned over and wrapped her lips around my meat, hungrily sucking her fluids off my dick. “I taste so good on your cock, Mr. Sherwood. I’m so glad I get to please you as I die for you!” Then she rose up as Donna Lacroix kept taking notes.

She turned around and climbed up into my lap. Then she centered her anus against my throbbing dick. She slowly impaled herself, whimpering, “Hurts so good… I’m going to die… with your cock up my ass!” Then my cock was all the way inside her.

She gasped as she whimpered, “Fuck my ass and choke me, Mr. Sherwood. It’s what I deserve.” Then she submissively brought her arms behind her back. She tried not to look at Miss Lacroix as I don’t think she wanted to look her in the eye in case there might be any kind of disapproval displayed there.

Donna watched clinically while taking more notes… “Subject eager for execution… wants it up the ass… wants to please her executioner… is acting submissively.” Her words seemed to spur Melissa onward. “Choke me, Mr. Sherwood,” she panted as she rode my dick, sounding more excited upon overhearing Miss Lacroix’s self-dictation. “You know how much I like erotic asphyxiation. You remember our time at the Club, right? I’m going to cum so hard for you as I die in your lap.”

I wrapped a hand around her throat and started to squeeze. “Yes!” she rasped. “Choke me hard! Fuck me with your death-cock and choke the life out of me – AWK!”

I looked over at my girlfriend who was furiously masturbating again. Even Donna was breathing heavily. I squeezed a little tighter, causing Melissa to rasp and gurgle.

She always did have a tight ass; I remembered it so well from the Club. Now her muscles were clenching like crazy as I cut off the flow of blood and oxygen to her brain. That’s when she became more animated, riding me harder while choking and gagging.

I suddenly released her, allowing her to gasp for breath. She seemed confused as she looked at Donna in surprise. Then it must have dawned on her how she was supposed to react as she eagerly gasped, “Choke me hard, Mr. Sherwood! Kill me; do it now – AWK!”

I squeezed hard as she became more animated. She was really struggling to breathe; I could feel her fighting me a little. Her hands came around to resist, only to see Donna frown at her. Amazingly she managed to force herself to bring her arms around behind her back again.

She really began to ride me as her ass clenched like crazy. My asphyxiating her made her body respond beautifully. If anything it made her clench all the harder.

I looked up at her as her face began to turn red. Her lips moved and I barley heard her get out the words… “Harder…… kill….. me…… now!” Over in the chair Julie was furiously fingering herself like crazy while excitedly gasping, “Kill her, baby; do it now!” Even Donna had paused from taking notes to observe.

I squeezed even harder, causing Melissa to really bounce up and down on my dick. I don’t know if she was eager to get me off before she went or whether she was trying to resist. It really didn’t matter; her ass clenched magnificently around my dick as I made her do all the work.

Her mouth opened in a rictus of pain and pleasure. She went into spasms as she orgasmed all over my lap. I got soaked from cum and piss as her ass squeezed violently in its death throes. Then I was shooting my load up her butt as she went into seizures.

Every time I thought I was done spurting, her ass would spasm and clench, milking a little more out of me. She kept shuddering in her death throes; it was absolutely incredible. A moment later she went limp as a wet noodle, forcing me to prop her up as she wet herself all over again.

I let her stay in my lap for a minute or so as I looked at Donna for a reaction. She was panting heavily for breath before I heard a rather subdued, “Oh my.” Then she seemed to remember her purpose as she went back to taking notes.

I looked over at Julie who was basking in the glow of what looked like an orgasm or two. “Fuck; that was awesome!” she gasped appreciatively. I finally pushed Melissa over off my lap, allowing my cock to come out of her ass with a quiet slurp. Cum dribbled out of the newly gaping hole.

“I’m next!” Julie blurted out. Donna and I snapped our heads up and looked at her in surprise. Miss Lacroix stared in astonishment as she asked, “I beg your pardon?”

“I mean I don’t want to be executed,” Julie hastily replied. “I just want to know if… you know… I’d make a good candidate for your DFN Academy.”

“Aren’t you a little old?” I asked, frowning at my crazy girlfriend.

“She’s taking notes so she knows what a good gasper is, right? You know how much I enjoy asphyxia games! Can’t we, like… show her?”

“Honey, I don’t know if she has the time to…”

“It won’t take that long – honest!”

“But I’ve cum twice already, Julie. I really don’t think…”

“I’ll go get the bag, the clit stimulator and the cuffs, ok? Can’t we show her? I’d like to know what she thinks!” And with that she rushed upstairs.

I turned to Donna and smiled apologetically…“Sorry about that, Miss Lacroix.”

“Oh, that’s all right, Mr. Sherwood. To be honest it’s not all that unusual for an observer to take enough interest as to want to show me what she’s capable of. Maybe she just wants to show off.” Then she leaned over in my direction as she conspiratorially added, “I suspect she’s horny and wants another orgasm or two and wants me to take notes before I leave.”

“Is that ok?”

She looked at her watch before telling me, “I believe I can spare a few more minutes from the Academy.”

Julie came rushing down the stairs with the items in her hand. “Can we, baby?” she blurted out, almost to the point of begging. By now she was totally naked.

I looked to Miss Lacroix who nodded as she told us, “I suppose I can take a few notes if you would like me to review your abilities.”


Julie placed the bag and clit stimulator on the bed. Then she eagerly handed me the cuffs before turning around and bringing her arms behind her back. Her nipples were hard, her pussy dripping like crazy.

She gasped and shivered as I cuffed her wrists together. She always loved that initial reaction to being rendered captive to my whims, even if only with a set of cuffs. Then I pulled her onto the bed with me.

I looked at Donna who smiled politely as she took out another sheet of paper and started taking notes. I heard her murmur, “Eager test subject wants opinion of gasping abilities.” Julie smiled as she wriggled against me, my soft cock pressing up against her ass cheeks.

I pulled the bag down over the top of her. It was a pretty large one so I wasn’t sure what she hoped to display for the DFN Academy observer. Maybe she simply wanted to show off her eagerness.

I turned on the clit stimulator as I wrapped the plastic a little tighter around her. She was already panting breathlessly, her pussy dripping onto the bed. She was really excited considering there was a naked corpse hanging from the ceiling and another collapsed in a heap nearby.

I applied the stimulator to her swollen nub. She dutifully parted her legs so I would have an easy target to obtain. The moment I brought it down on her she started writhing and moaning.

Donna took notes, watching with more than a clinical interest as I applied the clit stimulator to my girlfriend. Julie gasped and moaned, her eyes closed as she writhed and whimpered. She had gotten off watching the two executions; now she wanted a little attention for herself.

It wasn’t long before I triggered her first orgasm. She stiffened and then let out a squeal as she gushed all over the bed. That’s when I wrapped the plastic a little tighter around her head.

The bag started to puff as she struggled to breathe normally. Now she was pulling in her exhalations, making it harder for her lungs to function and for her brain to get pure oxygen. She began to wriggle a little more, struggling against me as I held the stimulator right up against her nub.

I heard her gasp, “Oh fuck!” as she really began to inhale and exhale. She began to fight me a little, but I continued holding the clit stimulator right there. Her eyes widened before she suddenly shuddered hard as the bag sucked tightly to her face. Then she exploded in orgasm, her body writhing like crazy against me.

Amazingly my cock was beginning to stir again. I think she could feel it harden behind her as she was pushing back against it. I don’t know if it was a conscious reaction or simply a reflex. But somehow she seemed to know I was getting aroused again.

I lifted the bag up and she gasped for breath. Donna watched with growing excitement, pausing now and then to jot something down. Then I pulled the bag back down over Julie’s head and we started all over again.

She let out a cry of “Oh fuck!” as I held the stimulator to her swollen nub. This time I made sure the bag was tighter around her. It began to inflate and deflate around her face as she writhed and shuddered. Then she sucked it to her face in a grimace as she went off again, soaking the bed with her flowing juices.

Donna watched wide-eyed, apparently impressed the way my girlfriend was such a good gasper. Then I took the bag off. Julie panted like crazy before grinding against my hardening cock… “Now use the belt on me, baby! Use the fucking belt! I’m so fucking horny! Let me ride your cock as you strangle the shit out of me!”

I blushed as I motioned at Miss Lacroix and then pointed at my trousers lying on the floor… “Would you mind?” She went and fetched it for me as Julie climbed up into my lap and impaled herself just as Melissa had done. She whimpered and moaned as my hardening cock easily slid inside her totally soaked cunt.

Donna came over with the belt which I proceeded to wrap around my girlfriend’s neck. “Strangle me, baby!” she gasped deliriously. “I want it so fucking bad!” Donna looked at her curiously before jotting down a few more notes… “Subject extremely eager to be asphyxiated.”

I pulled hard on both ends as Julie started to ride me. I hear her blurt out, “Fuck – fuck – FUCK!” Then I tightened the damn thing until she was rasping for breath.

She rode my cock even harder, arching her back for me while sticking out her tits. I noticed Donna taking more notes… “Subject displaying breasts from eagerness to be strangled.”

Julie became a wild woman in my lap, eagerly bouncing up and down on my cock. She kept rasping something on the order of “Strangle me… choke me… fuck me… AWK!” I pulled harder until she really arched her back, her body bucking and shuddering as she brutally impaled herself on my hardened cock.

I was close; amazingly I was so fucking close. I didn’t think it was possible to cum three times in such a short period of time. But Julie was so hot riding my dick as I strangled her that I forgot myself while wanting one more release.

I pulled really hard and she let out a hiss and a squawk. Then her naked body shuddered as her pussy clenched furiously around my dick. I think she tried to resist me, but I was too caught up in the moment. Besides, she’d indicated she wanted it, hadn’t she? And we’d done this plenty of times before, right?

She wet herself as she climaxed all over my cock in her pussy. She was clenching like crazy, which I interpreted to mean she wanted me to hurry up and cum. So I pulled even harder.

She stiffened and jerked as her pussy really clamped down. Amazingly I went off inside her as she shuddered on my stiff dick. Then she went limp in my totally soaked lap.

I eased the strap from around her neck, only for her to collapse onto my chest. For a moment I was too exhausted from our furious fucking that I merely panted like crazy in order to get my breath back. But when she wasn’t moving I tried to nudge her awake, thinking she’d passed out.

I heard panting as I looked over and saw Donna gasping for breath. “I don’t think so, Mr. Sherwood,” she told me as she sadly shook her head. “I think you killed her.”

In surprise I checked for a pulse and found none. I rolled her off my lap until my cock pulled out of her, leaving a stream of cum leaking out of her. I checked her again, only to blurt out, “What the hell?”

“It was very erotic, Mr. Sherwood; I must say. Don’t feel bad or angry with yourself. Deep down I almost think she wanted it.”

I looked at my dead girlfriend in surprise. Now there were three corpses in my basement. I turned to Miss Lacroix in astonishment and asked, “What the hell do I do now?”

“Not to worry, Mr. Sherwood. I’ll have no problems taking a third body back with me for recycling.”

I was so stunned I guess I wasn’t’ thinking straight. “But… but what the hell do I do now for a new girlfriend?”

“Again, not a problem, Mr. Sherwood. I can talk to Pat Anderson back at the Academy. I’m sure we can help out in this manner. Perhaps we can come to a mutual understanding?”

“What do you mean?”

“We’ll provide you with the occasional girlfriend while you supply us with the occasional execution. What do you think, Mr. Sherwood?”

I looked at Julie and sighed heavily. She’d been a great fuck and a wonderful asphyxia partner. But if I was going to get more girls from the Academy to ‘play with’, perhaps her loss wasn’t so bad after all.

“I’m interested,” I told Miss Lacroix with a smile.

“I thought you would be, Mr. Sherwood. Allow me to get in touch with Pat Anderson and make the arrangements. Meanwhile a truck should be here momentarily to pick up the bodies for recycling.” And with that she went back to her clipboard to finish taking notes as I excused myself to go take a shower…

© 2016 (written for Pat Anderson Oct 25 ’16 by Riwa)

(Pictures found all over the Internet and used for illustration purposes only.)

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