The cruel death of Liz

Liz had nothing left to tell me and I’d grown bored with her. So I summoned her this last time. The guards brought her to me naked.

I had them put a noose around her neck with her arms secured behind her back. Then I proceeded to have mousetraps attached to her labia. She certainly let out an enjoyable yelp.


With the noose around her neck, I proceeded to fuck her skull. During her time with us she had learned to use her mouth properly. I was pleased to observe the progress she had been making with us.


Once I was ready, I pulled out and fucked her pussy with the mousetraps still in place. She yelped and whimpered, but she said nothing. We had long since convinced her that protesting was not a wise course of action.

After my cum was leaking out of her cunt, I had my assistant take care of her labia in a manner more appropriate for her execution. After all, she was never going to be fucked again. She cried out as her labia were punctured, followed by weights being added to the inserted ring.


Her tits were next as rope was liberally applied. Her boobs were made to swell and then clamped and weighted. I think that’s when she began to sense I had more in store for her this night.


She was led over to a place in the floor. Above her the noose was attached to the pulley in the ceiling, controlled by a remote. I was certainly going to enjoy this, and I watched as my assistant noosed her, placing the knot behind her right ear.

I used the remote to lift her up until she started to gurgle, her feet fluttering just off the floor. Then the metal spit rose up out of the floor from below. It found her ass and entered her, pushing up until it lifted her enough to allow her a decent breath while being impaled. But it must have been hell on her intestines.

I left her there for an hour while I went to enjoy a good soak in my large tub with wine and women. When I returned she was in proper agony. With the push of a separate button on the remote, the tip of the spit inside her opened up to a sharper point.

She shuddered and gurgled as blood began to stream down the metallic pole. It made a puddle on the floor as her feet fluttered. She was hanging again, her body unable to grip the spit enough to keep from sliding down and asphyxiating herself.


That was another good place to leave her as I went to enjoy a fine meal. My chef is excellent; the meat was cooked medium rare and tasted exquisite. I had a nice slut share the meal with me, the lass promising to take care of me once she enjoyed watching me finish off Liz.

We went back downstairs where the dying whore was in great agony. The spit was slowly moving up inside her, occasionally slowing down enough to lift her body up a little to grant her a breath and a reprieve. But she always slid down on it until the noose tightened and asphyxiated her again, only for it to push upward a little higher and prolonging her misery.

Her face had taken on an exquisite look of pain as the noose and the spit combined to do their deadly work. The weights from her tits and labia were making her final experience with me sublime. Her fluids leaked out of her cunt; the whore had cum and/or pissed herself. It did not matter which.


I stood there with my slut who proceeded to kneel before me and unzip my fly. She began taking me into her mouth as I speeded up the process with Liz. The spit was climbing again, but she now faced a new danger as I saw it rise up in her throat, bulging noticeably.

She rasped and gurgled, her neck spasming as though attempting to vomit the spit out. It reached her mouth, forcing her head to tip backward. Then it emerged out past her lips, slickened by the passage through her interior.

For an added thrill I hit another button on the remote. The spit crackled with electricity, frying her from the inside. Her naked body jerked deliciously, her nipple-weights bouncing delightfully as her labia were cruelly pulled down by the weights hanging below.

Her eyes rolled as her face turned red and then started to turn blue. Her bladder gave way, and I detected a mixture of cum and piss. More blood continued to stream down the spit out of her ass as she shuddered and convulsed.

She was in her death throes when my cock went off in my slut’s mouth. She dutifully swallowed it all, making sure not to lose a drop as Liz’ naked body continued to twitch and jerk. Then I heard a rattle emanate from somewhere in the dying woman’s chest as she shuddered hard before hanging limp.

“Fine entertainment for a whore who can no longer serve me,” I told my slut. She simply smiled as she added, “I’d say she got what she fucking deserved.”

“A good way to look at it, my dear,” I told her. Then I escorted her up the stairs for a night of fucking as I left Liz to hang like that from the noose, the pole sticking up inside her from ass to mouth as weights decorated her boobs while another set hung appropriately from her cunt…

© 2016 (written for Alfred Nov 15 ’16 by riwa)

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