The farmer and his wife (male themes; hanging)


Note: a new one for the guys and for those who like male victims since I don’t do these very often.

William was on his way home from college for the summer break. He’d told his mother he would make the long trip in a couple of days, spending one night on the road so as not to risk driving sleepy. Now he was off the main highway running low on gas.

He’d passed a sign a few miles back and had gotten off only to discover the station was small and had already closed for the evening. So he drove on. The road looked like it was well traveled; there had to be gas somewhere up ahead.

He saw a small town with trees off in the distance and headed in that direction. Just his luck there was no gas station. He drove on, his eyes on his gas gauge.

He finally concluded there was no way he was going to make it back to the main highway, that is, if he could even find it now. It was twilight, it was getting late, his stomach was growling and his car was running on fumes.

He finally pulled down a lane to a farm that looked promising. Maybe he could get some gas there and then get directions back to the main highway. He pulled up to an older farmhouse and shut off the engine, wondering if he even had enough fuel in the tank to start it back up.

There was a large man in coveralls working over by the barn. He got out of his car, went over and introduced himself to the farmer. “Good evening, sir. My name is William. I’m going home from college for the summer and I’m about out of gas. Could you spare me a few gallons and then direct me back to the main highway? I’d gladly pay you.”

The farmer was a gruff looking man with more muscles than William had ever seen on a man. He assumed it was a result of hard work. The farmer looked him up and down and then motioned over toward the barn… “I’ve got some fuel inside. Come with me.”

William followed him through a door in the barn, only to see the farmer take a swing at him with something in his hand. It was too late to duck. Something clocked him in the side of the head and he went down for the count…

When William awakened he discovered his situation had changed for the worse. For one thing he was lying naked in a bed of straw with his arms tied behind his back. His feet were secured at his ankles and all of his possessions were gone. A cloth gag was stuffed in his mouth, preventing coherent speech.

He struggled to look around at his surroundings, squirming naked in the straw. He looked to be in a closed off section of the barn. A lone window up above allowed light in from outside.

He looked all around until he saw something hanging over a beam up above. It was a thick, coarse hemp noose dangling unattended with the other end hanging freely. Seeing it made him grunt in alarm. It also made his cock start to stir with growing apprehension.

He tried to move around in the straw, struggling to find something with which to free himself. But there was nothing sharp or pointed, nothing he could use to work the rope off his wrists bound behind his back. It looked like he was going to spend the night naked and bound in uncomfortable surroundings.

The door opened up and the farmer came in carrying a lantern. He hung it from a hook in the wall and then smiled unpleasantly at him. “I ‘aven’t ‘ad a good ‘un like ya in months.”

He walked over, grabbed an arm and pulled William onto his knees with a jerk. He unzipped his fly, revealing a thick, flaccid cock. Then he pulled the gag out of the young man’s mouth. “I take it ya know ‘ow to suck, boy?”

“You can’t do this to me—” He was slapped hard in the face before he could get anything else out.

“Suck it, boy, or it’ll go worse on ya.”

William’s eyes were drawn to the dangling noose as though that was how things could get worse. The farmer laughed at him. “Better suck me now, boy” and he shoved the cock in William’s face.

The college male hesitantly took the limp piece of meat into his mouth. It tasted nasty but he started to suck anyway. “Better make it ‘ard, boy, if ya know what’s good for ya,” the farmer growled ominously.

William had only sucked cock once before on a dare during a drinking game back in college. But this was something different. Being forced to suck was humiliating as hell. Still, the sight of that noose dangling from the ceiling made him apply himself. He did not want to consider how it could possibly get any worse.

The cock grew in his mouth as he sucked on it. It smelled bad and tasted worse. Then the damned thing swelled into a size he hadn’t anticipated.

He got the farmer nice and hard before the large gruff man told him, “That’ll do for now.” Then he was pulled to his feet. The farmer reached up, grabbed the dangling noose and pulled it down, quickly looping it around his neck. “Now it’s time to enjoy a little necktie party, boy.”

William squawked in horror, trying to protest he’d done as he’d been asked. The farmer grabbed the free end and pulled. William was immediately taken up off his feet, his toes wriggling as they barely brushed the surface of the bed of straw. Almost immediately his cock began to stiffen in reaction to being hanged.

The farmer tied the rope off and then watched as he started to strangle. William didn’t think anything in the world could hurt worse than dangling in the air from a thick noose. He was getting a little air, but that only made it hurt all the more as his lungs tried to fill to satisfy his aching need. And his cock was hardening shamefully in plain view of the sadistic farmer.

“Getting ‘ard, eh boy?” the farmer observed with a lewd smile. He gave him a little push, setting him to swinging back and forth. “Boys like ya ‘arden right up when they’re strung up. I seen it all the time.”

William rasped for breath, his arms jerking behind his back to pull free as his legs kicked together tied at the ankles. In the light of the lamp he saw the farmer stroking his cock into greater thickness. Had this bastard hung others before him??

He was going to hang to death; the bastard was going to hang him to death! He struggled to breathe, his legs jerking as he swung and twisted. Then the farmer grabbed him and held him in place before sadistically telling him, “Yer a good ‘un, boy; ya ‘ang well. Now let’s see ‘ow tight yer ass is.”

William stiffened in horror as he was turned around. Then he felt something thick push against his puckered anus. He let out a grunt as he was forcefully violated.

It felt so huge and painful inside that he tried to shit it back out. But it stayed inside him the whole time. Then the farmer started raping his ass, thrusting hard in and out as he continued to strangle in the noose.

There was a small benefit to this new humiliation. With every thrust upward it lifted him up enough to ease the tension around his neck. It granted him an additional sliver of air, not much more than what he’d previously been getting. But it was enough to keep him alive for the moment… alive and in breathless agony.

The farmer thrust hard up his ass, pulling down on his shoulders as though trying to strangle him. William rasped and gurgled from the pain and the asphyxia. His ass kept clenching involuntarily as he struggled to pull a decent breath of air into his lungs.

“Yer really clenchin’, boy; yer a really good ‘un!” the farmer gasped with delight. “Arrgh; ya did it do me already!” A moment later William felt warm cum spurt up into his ass, adding to his humiliation.

The farmer pulled out and he was suddenly hanging freely again, the noose taking up his weight. His toes brushed the bed of straw below him as he struggled to find solid footing. Then his own cock erupted, cum spurting out and falling into the straw below.

“Feels good, don’t it, boy?” the farmer told him with a sadistic chuckle as he gave him another push. “Now I get to ‘ang ya.” William went twisting and swaying back and forth as he struggled to pull another breath of air into his lungs.

He saw stars as his face flushed red with the heat of asphyxia. He couldn’t hear the farmer anymore; his vision was failing. He tried to breath but he couldn’t get any air down his windpipe. Then he shuddered hard as he spun away into blissful unconsciousness.

William never expected to awaken from his nightmare. When consciousness returned he discovered he was lying in the straw once more. He was still naked but thankfully the noose had been removed.

He wriggled uncomfortably, becoming aware of cum leaking out of his ass. So it had happened after all. Why hadn’t the farmer finished him off? Didn’t he suspect William was going to tell the authorities the very first chance he got?

He looked all around, using the faint illumination from the evening coming in through the lone window above. That’s when he saw the noose dangling from the beam above. It was still there and it gave him the shivers.

He tried to reach his ankles with his bound wrists. Maybe he could free himself and then go for help. But where would he go? His vehicle had no gas and he was sure the farmer hadn’t filled it, not when the bastard had deliberately noosed him up and hanged him.

The cloth was back in his mouth, he couldn’t even call out for help. But who would show up if he could make any noise? The farmer maybe? He sure as hell didn’t want to go through all that again!

He wriggled and struggled in the straw, trying to find something he could use to work on the bonds to his wrists or his ankles. But he found nothing useful. It was beginning to look like he was stuck here until such time as he was allowed to go or the bastard finished him off.

Off in the distance he heard a door slam. Footsteps approached on crunching gravel. A nearby door opened. A few moments later his door opened. It was the farmer with his lantern in hand.

“There ya are, boy. Did ya sleep it off? It was so good I came back to ‘ave another go before I ‘it the sack fer the night.”

William’s eyes flew open in horror as he grunted in alarm. The farmer hung the lantern up on the hook before walking over and pulling him to his knees. He unzipped his fly and then pulled the cloth out of William’s mouth… “Ya know what to do, boy. Get me ‘ard before I ‘ang ya again.”

The naked college student tried to cry out, only to get another slap to the face that echoed inside the barn. “Suck or die, boy; which’ll it be?” William grunted in defeat as he took the cock back into his mouth.

“Now that ya ‘ad some practice, boy, ya better improve,” the farmer warned. Then he grabbed the back of William’s head and thrust hard. The nineteen year old gagged as thick cock hit the back of his throat.

He grunted and gurgled, feeling his own cock shamefully start to harden again. This was humiliating as hell. How long was he going to have to endure this humiliation??

When the farmer was sufficiently hardened he was jerked back onto his feet again. Then he was pulled directly below the noose. “No; you gave me a choice!” William gasped in horror.

“But my choice is to ‘ang ya, boy,” the farmer sneered, looping the noose around his neck.

William started to cry out, only for the muscular man to pull on the free end again. He was pulled up until his toes barely brushed the surface of the bed of straw. Then the rope was tied off as he was set to swinging again.

He swayed back and forth, jerking around with his legs tied at the ankles as he helplessly yanked on his arms behind his back. From the light of the lantern he could see the farmer smiling at him while stroking his thick cock once more. He rasped and gurgled, twisting and swaying in breathless agony all over again as his hard cock twitched shamefully from his asphyxiated condition.

“Yer really liking this, eh boy? Ya like to ‘ang just as much as I like to ‘ang ya! Now let’s see ‘ow tight that ass is.”

The farmer grabbed him to steady him, spinning him around and then forcing his cock against William’s puckered anus. The suffering college student let out a rasp and a grunt as the hard cock forced its way back inside. Then he was brutally raped again, clenching instinctively around the cock filling his ass.

William grunted with each painful thrust. Once again it was just enough to get a little extra sliver of air each time the farmer thrust upward. But this time the farmer went longer, extending his humiliation.

His chest hurt like hell; he could hardly get any air down his throat. He finally felt that shameful eruption in his ass as the farmer spurted inside him. Then the bastard pulled out, allowing the creamy load to trickle out of his ass and slither down his jerking legs.

He was set in motion again as he swung back and forth. Once more his cock went off, spurting arcs of cum into the straw at his feet. “Ya really cum when ya ‘ang, eh boy?” the farmer noticed with a chuckle.

He fought like hell to pull air into his lungs. But the noose slowly tightened until it totally constricted his airway. Then his eyes rolled as he passed out again…

Once more William never expected to regain consciousness. When his eyes fluttered open he discovered he was still inside the barn. It was dark outside, hardly any illumination was coming inside the lone window above.

He was sore all over. His neck hurt, his ass felt like something was still inside and his stomach growled. To make matters worse he was still tied up lying naked in the straw.

He shook his head, wondering how the hell he had gotten himself into this mess. He found himself wondering how many others the farmer had done this to. The bastard had certainly given indication William was not the only one he had raped and hanged.

Were the others dead; had the burly farmer hanged them to death after finally losing interest? Then what had he done with their bodies? William wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

After a while he heard something outside. It sounded like someone was coming to the barn. Was he in for more torture? What if the next time the farmer left him hanging too long? He might never get back home. His mother might never find out what happened to him.

The outer barn door opened with a creak. Then the inner door opened as the lantern poked its way inside and was hung up on the hook. He groggily looked up to see some middle-aged woman in a raggedy dress with a pie plate and a metal container come forward.

He wriggled and squirmed anew; maybe rescue had arrived. She came over and set the pie tin down, revealing a few slices of bread inside. She set down another tin and poured some water into it from the metal container.

She pulled the gag out of his mouth before pushing the pie tins toward him… “Shhhh. He’s asleep right now.”

He looked at the bread and his stomach growled again. “Get me out of here,” he whispered.

“Better eat something, young ‘un.” She pushed the pie tin of bread closer.

“I can’t eat like this.”

“Yes you can.”

William leaned over and stuck his face into the pie tin, doing his best to eat the bread. It was embarrassing being forced to eat out of the tin like some damned animal. But he was hungry and his pride could step aside for a bit as he dealt with the needs of his stomach

There were only three slices of bread but he wolfed them down all the same. Then he did his best to lap up some water. A moment later he became uncomfortable as she began running a hand over his naked body.

“He picked a nice ‘un in you, boy. I like you.” Then to his horror she crawled out of her dress, exposing a set of hanging tits and a hairy cunt. She might have been in her mid-forties but she looked more like sixty or seventy.

“C’mon, boy; get hard for me,” she said as she stroked his cock.

William was aghast… “Get me out of here.”

“C’mon, boy get hard!” Then she smiled at him before deciding, “Ok, you can eat me instead.”

He was horrified at the unkempt growth of hair in her crotch. It smelled terrible. Then she sat on his face, grinding her pussy against his mouth.

William let out a muffled grunt, shaking his head as he tried to breathe. A moment later she felt him grab his cock and start jerking it roughly… “C’mon, boy; get hard for me!” He couldn’t imagine anything worse than fucking some old hag.

It was hard to breathe as she ground against his face. He struggled underneath her, his back arching. Lack of air inspired his cock to harden a little more.

“That’s the way, boy! I like a nice, hard ‘un!” She stroked him even harder until it started to hurt.

He struggled to breathe even more. Then she climbed off his face and tried to impale herself on his cock. Even though it was dark in the barn he had just enough illumination of her body from the lantern to be completely disgusted at her nudity.

“No, boy!” she declared as he started to soften inside her. “Stay hard!”

“Let me go!” he protested. “Let me go and I’ll sneak away. I won’t tell a soul – mmpphh!” That’s when she pushed the gag back into his mouth.

William grunted angrily as his softening cock slipped right out of her. She slapped his face hard. Then she leaned forward, wrapped her fingers around his throat and started to choke him… “Get hard, damn you!”

He gasped and grunted as his cock responded to his asphyxiation. She noticed right away. “Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be, eh? You like being strangled during sex!” Then she choked him harder.

William tried to shake her loose. But he had gotten hard again, causing her to gleefully climb on and straddle his body. Then he felt her pussy envelop his hardening cock again.

He shook his head no as he tried to breathe. But all that came out were muffled rasps and gurgles. She choked him into full hardness and then began eagerly riding him… “That’s the way, boy! Nice and hard now! Guess I’ll have to strangle you to fuck you, eh?”

She released his neck and he gasped through his nose. Then she gleefully wrapped her fingers around his throat and choked him again. William heard disgusting slurping sounds from her wet pussy as she bounced up and down on his stiffened cock.

“C’mon, boy!” she hissed sadistically. “Make me cum! I haven’t had a good cum since the last ‘un!” Then she really choked him out.

William tried to breathe but couldn’t. His cock stiffened inside her as she eagerly rode him. Then he felt her gush all over his cock as he went off inside her. It was the last thing he was aware of before he passed out.

When he awakened a short time later she, the lantern and the pie tins were gone. But the sensation of having been raped and choked was still fresh in his mind. William shook his head and blinked the tears out of his eyes, wondering whose evil clutches he had fallen into and whether or not he would ever see his mother again or return to college for the fall semester…

William awoke bright and early to the sound of a rooster crowing. It wasn’t quite as dark in the barn. He concluded the sun was just coming up.

From somewhere outside he heard the sound of a door slamming. Then he heard chickens cackling followed by a whishing sound he could not identify. But every time he heard it the chickens became animated except for that damned rooster.

The outer barn door opened and he stiffened as the sound of footsteps drew nearer. Then the inner door opened. The farmer had returned, but in the morning light the lantern had been left behind.

“Time to get up, boy,” he declared as he pulled him up onto his knees. “Time for my blow and yer mornin’ ‘angin’.” Then he pulled the gag out of his mouth before unzipping his fly.

William hesitated a little too long, earning him a hard slap across the face. He obediently opened his mouth and took the cock between his lips. He used his mouth and tongue to get him to full hardness before the bastard pulled out, looped the noose around his neck and then strung him up into the air.

His feet were still bound at the ankles as his toes fluttered for the straw floor. The farmer gave him a push and then began to stroke himself as William gyrated back and forth. His own cock hardened right up in a shameful manner as he rasped for breath.

“I see yer goin’ to cum too, boy. I reckin’ ya love ‘angin’ every bit as much as I love ‘angin’ ya. I guess we both get to cum.”

The farmer twisted him right around and then pushed the tip of his hard cock against his anus. William let out a grunt of pain as the thick shaft was shoved in hard. Then he was raped again, raped and hanged early in the morning as his dripping cock saluted in humiliation.

It hurt like hell as his feet fluttered for solid footing, his chest heaving from lack of air. But this morning the farmer was horny and didn’t take long. His own appendage went off first, staining the straw below with spurts from his cock. A couple minutes later warm cum was seeping out of his ass from the farmer’s discharge, running down the inside of his legs.

The farmer pulled out and gave him a shove… “’ang fer me, boy!” William had no other choice but to comply as he twisted and dangled in breathless agony.

He swung back and forth, twisting and turning as he struggled to pull a decent breath into his lungs. His neck hurt like hell, his chest heaving from lack of air. His head felt like it was going to explode.

He began to hitch and shudder, his body jerking with breathless convulsions. This time he was sure the farmer was going to let him hang to death. He could feel consciousness fading rapidly.

Before he totally passed out the farmer let him down. He crumpled onto the straw as the bastard removed the noose from around his neck before shoving the gag back into place. “See ya later, boy,” he told him cheerily as he turned and left the interior of the barn.

William wheezed through his nose, ashamed of being fucked and hanged all over again. It was humiliating the way he was forced to suck him into hardness before being hanged and butt-raped. And he was ashamed the way his cock always got hard and spurted. The farmer seemed to like that.

He lay there quivering, sore all over. How much longer was this going to go on? A part of him wanted to die and end his torment. But the stronger part wanted to go on living if nothing more than to see his mother and to return to school for the future he had planned for himself…

William wasn’t sure how many hours went by as he lay bound naked in the straw. The cloth gag in his mouth was uncomfortable as hell. All he could do was listen for any sound outside indicating he might have company again.

The sun was shining brightly through the lone window when he heard the sound of footsteps coming to the barn. He heard the outer door open and close, causing him to stiffen in alarm. Already his cock was starting to stir as though trained to get hard at the approach of the farmer.

The inner door opened and the farmer came in all smiles. “I’ve been thinkin’ about ya all mornin’, boy… fuckin’ yer ass and watchin’ ya ‘ang. Ya got no idea ‘ow ‘ard I am right now!”

Without further ado he pulled William to his feet directly under the noose. He looped the coil around the college teen’s neck, removing the gag to listen to the boy’s choking sounds. Then he gave the rope a pull, taking him up into the air before tying it off. Right away William started jerking like a fish on a line, his legs kicking together while still bound at the ankles.

As his cock stiffened right up in humiliation, the farmer pulled out his dick and began to stroke it as he gave the boy a push. William went swinging back and forth, twisting and turning as his face turned red. His arms jerked behind his back as his knees came up, his feet fluttering.

It hurt like hell; he could barely breathe at all. Was the farmer going to fuck his ass? Or was he going to be hanged to death this time?? It scared him as his body exploded in panic, jerking around as his dripping cock twitched.

The farmer grabbed him and turned him right around. William felt the head of his dick searching for his puckered anus. Then he grunted as the bastard found it and then thrust in good and hard.

His body jerked as he was violently raped, the cock hammering him as he rasped in the noose. The farmer was really giving it to him good this time. Each thrust gave him an ever-so-brief respite from the noose before it took up his full weight again.

A hand came around and grabbed his dick, sadistically stroking it as he was butt-fucked. A moment later he exploded in shameful climax, his cream spurting onto the bedding of straw. That’s when he felt the farmer’s warm seed up his rectum.

The bastard pulled out and he was left to dangle in the noose, the creamy discharge leaking out and slithering down his inner thighs. It was the same humiliation being repeated over and over. The farmer gave him a push and he kicked and squirmed as he rasped for breath.

This time the farmer left him up until he was sure he was going to pass out. He saw stars as his cock twitched, drips of cum falling off the tip. His lungs heaved in his chest, the agony more than he could bear.

He was on the verge of passing out again when William was taken down, the noose removed from around his throat. He rasped weakly for breath as the farmer smiled at him before cruelly shoving the cloth back into his mouth. “It’s lunch time fer me, boy.” And with that he turned and left.

His stomach growled; he was hungry too. But for now no food was forthcoming. Were they going to keep him on starvation rations?

After a while he heard the sound of an old pickup start up. It roared off, leaving the barnyard in silence save for a few clucking chickens. But he wasn’t left alone for long.

He heard the outer door open followed by the inner door a few seconds later. The farmer’s wife came in with two pieces of bread in a pie tin. She had that same metal container and an extra tin.

She set them on the ground by him before pouring a little water into the second pie tin. When she removed his gag William was forced to eat and drink like a dog. But he was too hungry to care.

When he was done she set the tins and container aside. Then she took her raggedy old dress off. She was completely naked underneath. If anything she looked even worse in the light of day.

“C’mon, boy; get hard,” she told him as she reached out and grabbed his cock. But she was not an attractive sight, not with those sagging tits and hairy bush. She tried to stroke him to stiffen him right up. But he just couldn’t get himself up.

“C’mon, boy!” she demanded. Then she blurted out, “Oh fuck it” as she straddled his head.

She removed his gag and then mashed her hairy bush onto his face, grinding against his lips. “Eat me, boy!” she demanded. But William was not in the mood. After all, what could the crazy bitch do to him?

She finally climbed off, staring at him in disgust. “So you won’t get hard, eh? He says you get hard when you’re hanging!” So she went and fetched the dangling noose, pulling it down to his level.

William tried to squirm away, protesting while shaking his head. She just noosed him right up before grabbing onto the free end. When she pulled he was startled at her strength as he was forced to stand upright… and then stand on his toes. As a result his cock hardened right up.

“That’s more like it, boy!” she said with a lecherous grin. “I guess I’ve got to hang you to fuck you!”

He tried to shake his head as he rasped for breath… tried to indicate it wasn’t necessary and that he’d try to do a better job. She tried to climb into his lap, impaling herself on his hard dick. She lost her grip on the rope and it slipped out of her hands as they fell back into the straw.

She quickly found his cock while he was sitting upright. She pulled on the rope, tightening the noose around his neck. It choked him as his cock stiffened again. Then she climbed aboard, straddling him as she impaled herself with his dick.

“That’s better!” she gasped with delight. “He went to town and won’t be back for a bit. We’ve got some time to fuck. I guess I’ll have to strangle you to keep you hard.”

She pulled on the rope, threatening to cut off his air as she bounced up and down on his hardened dick. William rasped for breath, trying to indicate she didn’t have to pull quite so tight and that he’d willingly fuck her. But she wasn’t listening. If strangling him was the only way to keep him hard then she was willing to do it.

She faced him with her sagging tits hanging in his face. She pulled on the rope, her pussy milking his hard dick. He jerked and gasped as he kept trying to breathe. His cock twitched inside her from the effects of being strangled. It was humiliating as hell being asphyxiated in order to get off the ugly bitch.

She rode him hard, savagely milking him until she cried out and then squirted all over him. His cock spurted up inside her as he continued to rasp for breath. But she didn’t let up, continuing to pull on the rope. She wanted another one and she didn’t care how much he suffered for it.

William’s face turned red as she bounced up and down on his softening dick while pulling on the rope. It felt like his neck was starting to stretch. But when his cock slipped out she let out an angry cry.

She climbed off and pulled on the rope, bringing him to his feet again. She pulled until he was back up on his toes, rasping and gurgling. It wasn’t long until his cock hardened right back up.

“I guess I’ll just have to keep hanging you to get what I want, boy,” she cackled with sadistic glee. “Now you’re nice and hard again.” Then she eased up on the rope until he was once more sitting in the bed of straw, twisting and struggling to free himself as he tried to breathe.

Once more she climbed into his lap and impaled herself on his cock, giving the rope an extra tug any time he threatened to go soft on her. Then she eagerly rode him again, her pussy milking his twitching dick. This time he lasted longer as she continued to strangle him until it got so bad he passed out.

When consciousness returned she was gone. The rope had been removed from around his neck and was back in place dangling from the bean overhead. His neck was sore as hell and it hurt to take a decent breath now that the gag had been returned.

He winced with dismay when he discovered he’d shit and pissed himself. He smelled bad and it was mixed in with the straw. He tried to crawl away from it but it still smelled awful.

His stomach growled; he was hungry again. And it was really starting to smell inside the barn. William found himself wondering just how long this was going to go on before he could somehow make his escape.

The pickup returned; he heard the sound of the vehicle outside the barn. The door slammed and he heard footsteps. The outer door to the barn was opened, followed a short time later by the inner door.

“Miss me, boy?” the farmer asked with a sadistic grin. “I sure missed ‘angin’ ya and fuckin’ that tight ass of yers.” Then he wrinkled his nose.

“What’s that smell?” Then he looked angrily at his captive. “Did ya shit yerself, boy?”

He angrily grabbed William and pulled him to his feet, standing him directly underneath the noose. “Can’t ‘ave ya smellin’ like all the other animals, can we, boy?” Then he noosed him and tied the rope off, pulling him up onto his toes and leaving him precariously balanced, struggling to breathe as his cock stiffened yet again.

The farmer removed the gag from his mouth. Then he left the little room inside the barn. It didn’t take long for William’s cock to fully harden. But he was afraid he might strangle to death if left this way for too long.

The farmer returned with a running hose in his hand. He sprayed William down with cold water, washing away all the dirt and filth. It left him trembling from the cold as goose pimples broke out all over his body.

“Damn, boy; ya look good to me! I think I’m gonna have to ‘ang ya again!” Then he took the hose out of the room before returning to eagerly pull on the rope.

William let out an “URK” as he was lifted up into the air once more. His feet started to flutter again as his hard cock twitched. Pre-cum glistened out of the tip as the farmer gave him a push, setting him to twisting and swaying back and forth.

He began fighting the noose once more as the thick coil choked the life out of him. The farmer smiled at him as he pulled out his dick and stroked it. “I told some of the guys in town about ya, boy. They’re gonna come out after supper and ‘elp me ‘ang ya while fuckin’ that nice ass of yers. And speakin’ of which…”

The farmer stepped up, grabbed him and then twisted him around until he was facing away. He pressed his hard cock against William’s puckered anus. Then with an abrupt shove he was in.

The college teen let out a squawk, shuddering as his hard cock twitched while his face started to turn red from lack of air. Then he spurted as the farmer once more enjoyed his ass. It hurt like hell being butt-fucked while dangling from the noose. But each time the farmer gave a good hard thrust upward, there was a moment’s relief from the horrible strain of the coil around his neck.

The farmer raped him for a good five minutes before his cock finally went off inside William’s ass. “I just can’t stay ‘ard for long fuckin’ yer twitchin’ ass as you ‘ang, boy! The guys in town are gonna love ya!”

He gave one last thrust to allow William’s clenching ass to milk him dry. Then he pulled out and gave him another push. “Let’s see ya ‘ang, boy!”

The bound college student twisted and swung in the noose as cum leaked out of his ass to slither down the inside of his legs. His face turned dark red as he struggled to breathe. His legs jerked as his feet fluttered, his secured arms flopping animatedly behind his back.

The farmer reached out and grabbed onto the teen’s still erect cock. “You always cum when I ‘ang ya, don’t ya, boy! At least yer havin’ a little fun too!” Then he laughed as William’s world started to get dizzy, his vision dimming around the edges.

He kicked and jerked a few seconds longer. Then he let out a gurgle as his feet fluttered. He was dimly aware of the farmer saying something about needing to get him down to keep him around a little while longer before he passed out again…

When William regained consciousness he was out of the noose in a crumpled heap in the bed of straw. The farmer was gone, the noose back to dangling from its normal location. The gag was back in his mouth, not that he would have been able to find his voice to cry out in any event.

He began to despair of his situation. How long was this going to go on? What was going to happen to him? Was the farmer and his wife going to hang him someday just to keep him quiet? Would he ever see his mother again? Would he ever get back to college?

Time passed as the sun went down, the illumination in the room softening through the window above. William was hungry again. A few scraps of bread weren’t nearly enough to satisfy his need for food.

The sun was going down and it was getting darker in the room when he heard a pickup pull into the drive. The engine shut off and he heard fading footsteps. A few minutes later there was another pickup. He heard a third one pull into the drive a short time later.

He remembered the farmer’s words about some guys from town coming out to help hang him. Was this true, was he about to be abused and hanged all over again? Would he be allowed to live after this? Or would he be killed? He suddenly found himself desperately wanting to live.

A few minutes later he heard the sound of footsteps approaching the barn. He distinctly heard the farmer’s voice telling someone, “’E’s in the barn, fellers. Every time I think of ‘im in there ‘angin’ from the noose I get ‘orny and ‘ave to go ‘ang ‘im all over again.”

“What’s he like, Lloyd?” a male voice asked.

“Elmer, ‘e’s nice and tight when ‘e ‘angs. ‘Is ass really clenches when ‘e’s strangling in the noose.”

William stiffened in alarm as he heard them reach the outer door. They were going to hang him again! Once more his damned cock began to stir as though trained to stiffen at the first sign of the farmer’s arrival.

“Is he good at sucking dick, Lloyd?” A different voice.

“Ya’ll find out in a moment, Newell. ‘E’s always got to tip ‘is ‘angman before ‘e gets strung up.” That’s when William heard the outer door open.

“And when he hangs, Lloyd?” a fourth voice asked.

“That’s what makes me so ‘ard, fellers. That’s when I ‘ave to enjoy me some ass while ‘e’s dangling in the noose.”

William gasped in alarm as the inner door opened. The farmer came in carrying his lantern. Following him in were three other men, all in their forties and fifties. They were muscular as though used to hard, heavy work. And they hungrily eyed him like a fresh piece of meat.

“There ‘e is, fellers,” the farmer motioned. “’E shit ‘imself earlier so I ‘ad to clean ‘im up a bit.”

“He doesn’t look like much,” one of the famer’s in his fifties observed dubiously.

“Just wait until you see ‘im kick, Newell.” Then he leaned down and grabbed William by an arm, pulling him to his feet… “C’mere, boy. Let’s show the fellers what ya look like when yer ‘angin’.”

He dragged him over underneath the noose as William tried to struggle to break free, his cock once more starting to harden noticeably. The noose was pulled down and looped right over his head, the knot cinched close to his left ear. “Now show the fellers what ya look like when yer ‘angin’, boy.”

He pulled on the rope, taking William right up off the straw bedding. He grunted into the gag in his mouth as he started to wriggle and kick.  His cock hardened shamefully as he tried to pull air down his constricted windpipe.

“Go a’ead and give ‘im a push, Newell.” So the one man in his fifties pushed William, setting him to swaying back and forth as he twisted in place. Somehow the farmer grasping the rope managed to unzip his fly without losing his grip.

William rasped and gurgled, his neck hurting like hell. His hard cock twitched in reaction to his strangulation and humiliation. The farmer pointed it right out to the others.

“See ‘ow ‘e likes it, fellers? ‘E always gets ‘ard and spurts his cream all over the straw. Makes me good and ‘ard too. Go a’ead and take out those dicks, fellers. It doesn’t bother ‘im a bit.”

Several flies were unzipped as William continued to kick and swing. The thickness of the rope prolonged both consciousness and agony. The farmer finally let him down until he was standing none too steadily on his feet.

“’Oo else wants to ‘ang ‘im? ‘Ow about ya, Elmer?”

A farmer in his late forties grabbed onto the rope as his cock hung exposed. He gave it a pull, jerking William back up into the air. That’s when the college student began to kick and struggle all over again.

“What’s he sound like?” the one named Newell wanted to know.

“Let ‘im back down, Elmer, so I can take the gag out of ‘is mouth.” Elmer eased William back down onto the ground before the farmer stepped forward and pulled the gag out. “Now take ‘im back up, Elmer, so Newell can listen to ‘im strangle.” Elmer pulled on the rope, taking the college student back up into the air.

The pain around his neck returned in a rush as William started rasping for breath. Farmer Lloyd went back to stroking his cock, encouraging the others to follow suit as the forty-something farmer grasped onto the rope. Elmer’s impressive cock twitched without seeming to need any manual stimulation, no doubt from the sight of seeing the young man strangle in the noose.

William kicked and struggled, twisting in place as his naked body gently swayed back and forth. His hard cock bounced visibly to the delight of the onlookers. “Ya should make ‘im suck ‘is ‘angman, Elmer,” the farmer suggested.

Elmer looked at him with a smile and then lowered William back down. “On yer knees, boy!” the farmer demanded, forcing William down. “Give yer ‘angman a blowjob before he strings ya back up. Step right up, Elmer, and get yer just due.”

The forty-something farmer stepped forward until his cock was in William’s face. “Suck it, boy!” Farmer Lloyd declared with a savage slap to the face. William whimpered as he dutifully took Elmer’s cock into his mouth, his face flushed with embarrassment. What appalled him was the fact that all these farmers were sporting rather massive erections.

“’Ow’s that, Elmer?” the farmer wanted to know. “’E’s been gettin’ a little better with practice.”

“Not bad, Lloyd; not bad.”

“Ya can cum in ‘is mouth or ya can wait to give ‘im a good butt-fucking if ya want.”

“Take him back into the air, Elmer,” Newell gasped excitedly as he stroked his manhood. “I like the way he swings.”

“I do too,” Elmer agreed as he hefted on the rope. His cock slipped out of William’s mouth as the college student was pulled back to his feet and then all the way up into the air.

He rasped and gurgled, his legs kicking and jerking while still bound at the ankles. Everyone but Elmer was beating his meat. William was utterly humiliated the way they enjoyed stroking while he was strangling in the noose.

“Anybody else?” the farmer asked. “’Ow about you, Morgan?”

“Don’t mind if I do, Lloyd,” the fourth farmer said as he stepped up. He looked to be in his mid-fifties.

Elmer let William down before handing the rope over to Morgan. “Make ‘im blow ‘is ‘angman, Morgan,” the farmer instructed, pushing William down upon his knees again.

Morgan wasted no time stepping forward. He grabbed the naked college student by the back of the head, forcing his hard cock into the open mouth. He appeared to be the more aggressive of the quartet as he thrust hard, hitting the back of the throat.

William gagged and gurgled, his face flushed with embarrassment. His cock twitched relentlessly, shamefully dripping pre-cum. If only there was some way of escaping this hell on earth.

“The cocksucker’s got a good mouth on him,” Morgan observed approvingly. “Now let’s see him swing.” And with that he pulled hard on the rope.

William let out an “URK” as he was hauled up into the air. His legs kicked instinctively as his arms jerked animatedly behind his back. His cock twitched as he dripped more pre-cum.

The guys all stood back admiringly, stroking themselves as William put on a show. The young man gawked and gurgled as he twisted this way and that. His naked body gently swayed back and forth as he rasped for breath, his hard cock twitching.

“Make sure Newell gets his cock sucked, Morgan!” Farmer Lloyd instructed. Morgan let William back down until he crumped onto his knees.

The elderly Newell stepped up and thrust his cock forward. When William hesitated, Farmer Lloyd slapped his face hard… “Suck it, boy!”

He opened his mouth and took the thick, smelly cock inside, using his tongue while trying to catch his breath. Maybe if he satisfied them sexually they wouldn’t feel the need to hang him anymore. As long as he wasn’t dangling in the air he stood a decent chance of surviving this.

“’E’s not bad, eh Newell?” Lloyd asked his friend.

“Not bad at all,” the farmer agreed, thrusting harder into the young man’s mouth. William gagged and gurgled, but wisely chose not to resist.

“Take him back up, Newell,” Morgan ordered. “I want to suck his cock while he’s in the air.”

“You always were one sick bastard, Morgan.”

“No sicker than you, Newell!” And with that Newell hefted on the rope.

William let out another cry as he was jerked back up into the air. This time he was lifted even higher. It scared him half to death as his feet started to kick, his breath rasping in his throat. His hard cock was now at eye level with the sadistic farmers.

Farmer Morgan grabbed his legs to keep from being kicked. Then he took the college student’s twitching, dripping cock into his mouth. William’s eyes rolled as he responded by spurting into the old bastard’s mouth.

“Well I’ll be! ‘E likes cummin’ in your mouth, Morgan.”

“Now it’s my turn to cum in his ass, Lloyd.”

“Fair enough. Newell, bring ‘im down and tie ‘im off so we can enjoy ‘is ass.”

Newell lowered William until his feet fluttered mere inches above the bed of straw below. Then Morgan stepped behind, grabbed hold and found his puckered anus with his dick. One swift thrust and he was in, causing the college boy to let out a garbled cry.

He raped him good and hard, enjoying the grunts the naked teen made with each hard thrust. William struggled to pull a decent breath of air down his windpipe. His face was flushed, his head feeling swollen from lack of air.

Morgan thrust good and hard, taking his time to savor the young man’s clenching ass. It wasn’t long before the farmer let out a cry. William was humiliated to feel a load of cream shoot deep up his rectum.

Morgan pulled out and gave him a push. Cum dripped out of his ass as he swung back and forth in the noose. “Look at ‘im go, fellers,” Lloyd observed happily. “’E looks like ’e really loves it. Yer up next, Elmer.”

Farmer Elmer stepped behind William to steady his naked body. He pushed his thick cock against the puckered hole until it slid right in from the lubrication of the previous creampie. Then he started grunting as the second farmer raped his clenching ass, his semi-hard cock still leaking cum from his previous release.

William felt panic start to well up inside him. He could hardly breathe at all… and there were four of them wanting a turn. What if he didn’t survive?? He really wanted to live!

Elmer gave it to him good and hard as his cock shamefully began to stiffen up once more. “See ‘ow ‘e ‘ardens back up, fellers?” Farmer Lloyd pointed out. “’E really loves it!”

William rasped for breath as the second cock thrust hard up his ass. With another cry he felt a second explosion of cum up his butt. When the farmer pulled out he could feel it leaking out of his anus, feel the cream slithering down the inside of his legs.

Elmer gave him a push and he started swaying back and forth again. “Look at all that cum dribblin’ down ‘is legs, fellers! ‘E’s going to get a lot of it tonight fer sure!” There was laughter at William’s expense.

His head felt swollen, his face turning a dark shade of red when Morgan stepped up. He was grabbed by the shoulders as a hard cock pushed against his butt-hole. Then it slid in hard, causing him to jerk uncomfortably.

The farmer cruelly raped his ass as William struggled to take in any sliver of air he could get. He was starting to lose feeling in his toes and it scared him. He tried to warn the guys to go easy on him. But his tongue had thickened and was starting to protrude out of his mouth.

Morgan raped him good and hard as his ass clenched around the cock thrusting inside. His world was nothing but breathless pain around the area of his neck as well as the horrid feeling of needing to take a dump. But there was no relief in sight.

The farmer pumped him hard until he felt yet another load of cum up his butt. There was no more room as it leaked out and slithered down his legs. Then Morgan pulled out and gave him a push, setting him to swaying back and forth yet again.

His toes fluttered as his eyes glazed over. Muscles started to spasm haphazardly as his cock dripped and twitched. Then his captor grabbed him from behind and thrust hard up his ass. “My turn, boy. Remember me? Time to fuck that sweet ass of yers!”

There were three good hard thrusts before his own cock began to leak cum out of the tip. It twitched as drool fell off his tongue to splatter onto his chest and down his stomach. He twitched and jerked as Farmer Lloyd enjoyed his ass once more.

He couldn’t feel anything below his knees anymore. And his hands were going numb. He couldn’t move his lips, couldn’t move his legs… couldn’t even tell if his toes were wriggling. That’s when William knew he was dying, and it terrified him.

He tried to cry out but no words would come. He tried to force air past his vocal cords. But his lungs heaved in his chest without effect. Then he couldn’t feel anything below his waist.

Farmer Lloyd pumped him good and hard until he received a fourth load of cum up his ass. But he didn’t feel it… didn’t feel the streamers slithering down his legs anymore. Death rattled in his throat as his eyes glazed over, his cock stiff and dripping. Then Farmer Lloyd was ass-fucking a corpse.

He pulled out, causing more cum to trail down the young man’s legs. Then he gave the naked body a push. William swung back and forth, twisting lifelessly inside the barn. This time cum dripped out of the tip of his cock as he twitched in death.

“He spurted again,” a farmer observed.

“They always do that, Morgan.”

“Hey Lloyd, I think we killed him,” Newell observed as he stepped forward.

“No we didn’t, Newell. ‘E can take it.”

“No, Lloyd; I think we really killed him.”

“We didn’t! “E’s still ‘ard and drippin’. Wake up, boy and give us a show!” He pushed the young man, but William lazily swung back and forth with no signs of life whatsoever.

“He’s dead, Lloyd.”

“’E ain’t dead, Elmer!”

“Take a look for yourself.”

The farmer stopped the naked body and looked closely. Then he felt for a pulse. “Well son of a bitch!”

Morgan knelt down and took William’s cock into his mouth. He sucked on it but there was only a twitch or two. He tasted a little cum but otherwise the college teen did not respond to his oral ministrations. “Yup, I think we killed him,” he finally stated to no one in particular as he stood upright.

“What do we do now, Lloyd?”

“’Is mouth’s still good fer blowjobs, Newell.  And ‘is ass still good fer fuckin’. So we enjoy the corpse while we can, fellers.”

“Fair enough,” Morgan observed as he untied the rope. “Right now I want him to suck my cock.”

“’E won’t be doin’ much suckin’, Morgan. But yer welcome to his mouth.”

The farmers spent the next couple of hours sexually abusing William’s corpse. Then they strung him back up and left him dangling. Lloyd saw them all out to their vehicles and said his goodbyes before he returned, a disappointed man.

“Ya died too soon, boy. I was just getting’ used to enjoyin’ ‘angin’ ya. Oh well… it ‘appens. I’ll dispose of yer body in the mornin’. I already got rid of yer car so no one’ll come lookin’ fer ya. Damn shame ya ‘ad to die so fast.” Then he sighed as he took the lantern and left, closing the door behind him to leave William’s sexually abused corpse dangling naked from the noose, cum leaking out of his mouth and ass…

© 2016 (written for wllmfrnkln Jul 20 ’16 by riwa)

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