Condom roulette (1&2)



I always was a kinky bitch. I loved asphyxiation during sex, any kind of risky, breathless activity that pushed the envelope. I loved the idea of being strangled to death while fucking my lover. And he knew of my lusts.

We experimented with a number of different scenarios, each one hotter than the last. Once I sat on his cock in a chair while he garroted me from behind. I came so hard I orgasmed all over his lap before I slipped into unconsciousness.

Another time he prepared a thick noose for me to wear. Then he fucked me while I was in the air. It hurt like hell, but it was such a turn-on that I came so very hard all over his glorious cock inside me.

Lately sex had been getting a little bit stale. Our fucking had settled into a bit of a routine, even though we still did a little experimenting. Maybe I needed a bigger high.

One night he came home to find me surfing asphyxia sites on my computer. “Can’t get enough, eh?” he asked, shaking his head. “Maybe I should hang you for real?”

“Maybe you should,” I laughed at him. But I doubt either one of us meant it.

He kissed me hard and those familiar feelings began to stir. He picked me up in his arms and carried me off to our bedroom. Then he left, only to return with a small package.

“What’s that?” I wanted to know as a feeling of excitement began to build within me. “Something new?”

“You could say that, honey. I had something special ordered for you. I’m just wondering whether or not you’re interested.”

“What have you got?”

“Condoms. Lubricated, ribbed condoms.”


“Not these, honey. One of these has been laced with a poisonous compound mixed with the lube. Once it comes in contact with the skin it is absorbed into the body and makes its way directly into the blood stream. The result is, well…” He paused while smiling knowingly at me.

“…painful?” I offered, feeling a surge of arousal at what he’d just brought home.

“Lethal, I’m afraid.”

“Lethal?? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“There’s a one in 20 chance of me putting on the wrong one. The results for you would be… well… I guess I’d have to go out and get another lover.”

I gasped incredulously. Then I gave him a dubious smile. “You’re kidding, right?”

“I’ve been assured one of the condoms inside is lethally lubricated.”

I stared at him and the box in his hand. At first I couldn’t believe he had brought home something so lethal. But the more I thought about it the more aroused I became.

He threw me onto the bed and virtually ripped my clothes off. Then he shed his clothes and proceeded to take me hard and violent. It was glorious.

In no time at all he had fucked an orgasm right out of me. But the whole time I was thinking about that damned box of condoms. Would I be tempted… could I be?? It was certainly one hell of a risk.

I was getting horny again so he ate me out until I was screaming his name in orgasm. Then he was on top of me in the missionary position, fucking me hard and fast. But the whole time my mind was still on those damned condoms.

“I’m getting close,” he told me as he thrust good and hard.

“Wait! Stop for a second!”

“What? Why?”

“I want you to… I want you to put one on.”

“Are you sure?”

Hell no, I wasn’t sure! My heart was pounding a mile a minute. But the thought of him cumming inside me as the condom of death killed me was erotic as hell. Besides, we wouldn’t be that unlucky to pick the first one, would we?

“How long until it takes effect?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “Probably a few minutes. I suspect it wouldn’t take long until you started to feel it… that is, if we picked the wrong one. Are you backing out now?”

I winced with uncertainty. Then I blurted out, “Put one on!”

“Are you sure?”

“Put one on, damnit!”

“Once it’s inside you it’ll be a little too late to change your mind.”

“Put it on, damn you!”

I watched in wide-eyed fascination as he took one out. The box came with a set of latex gloves which he used to roll one onto his hard cock. Then he looked at me expectantly.

I went over on my back on the bed, bringing up my knees for deeper penetration. “Do it!” I gasped. I was trembling so hard I thought I was going to explode.

“Are you sure, baby?”

“Do it before I change my mine, ok? Just hurry up and DO IT!” And just like that he climbed on and slid it right into my wet, throbbing cunt.

Oh fuck; what had I done??!!

I went nuts as he started fucking me. Already my mind was going crazy wondering if the one he’d picked was going to kill me. But it was too late now.

He had barely started fucking me when I clenched around his shaft, screaming his name in orgasm. The thought I’d just condemned myself to a painful death-fuck was arousing as hell. I shuddered like crazy, screaming his name while begging him to fuck the shit out of me.

I had three massive orgasms before he finally came inside me. That ribbed condom absolutely drove me wild. He finally pumped me hard, crying out his release.

He pulled out, took the condom off and upended it until his cream dribbled into my mouth. He fed me his entire load and I swallowed it all. Then we lay there cuddling together as we panted for breath.

“Fuck, that was incredible!” I gasped breathlessly. It had been a long time since I’d cum that hard.

“I guess you live to see another day,” he said with a grin.

“No more!” I told him. “That was scary as hell! But I came so fucking hard.” He just looked at me with a smile as though knowing I’d just made one promise I was never going to be able to keep…

(for Bedeyes, June 20 ’16)


For several days we never even mentioned the box of condoms. I don’t know if we were both avoiding the subject or what. But it was never far from my mind.

I kept thinking about what it would be like to try my luck again. I would often pause by the dresser where they’d been put away, staring for long moments. Then I’d be forced to shake myself out of my reverie and carry on.

One night after dinner we were sitting on the couch watching a movie neither one of us were particularly interested in. I was leaning against his chest and he was absentmindedly stroking my breasts through my blouse. I was getting all worked up.

I thought about that box of condoms and I got the shivers something fierce. I couldn’t stop thinking about them! Then my hand drifted down to my husband’s crotch. That’s when I discovered just how much he was not into that stupid movie we were watching.

I stood up, grabbed his hand and took him to the bedroom. Then I began to undress him. He responded by undressing me as well. But we never said a word to each other the whole time.

I finally dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I began moaning as I sucked hungrily. But my mind was still on that damned box of condoms in the dresser.

I finally reached the point where I couldn’t stand it any longer. I stood up, went over to the dresser and pulled open the drawer. The box was right there and I pulled it out, setting it on top of the dresser. Then I opened it up.

The condoms were packaged in all sorts of colors. I had no idea which one to choose! I didn’t want to die; I just wanted the thrill of a risky fuck!

I finally picked out one in a pink wrapper. Surely they wouldn’t poison a condom inside a pink wrapper, would they? Then I put on the latex glove to protect myself.

I stroked my husband’s cock as I opened it up. He stared questioningly at me but I was too far gone to think clearly. I lovingly unrolled it onto his hard, twitching dick. Then I pulled him onto me as I fell over backward onto the bed.

He gave me a questioning look but I just kissed him fiercely. A moment later I felt him slide right into my soaked pussy. There was no turning back now.

I gasped as he entered me. Then I started to moan as he thrust nice and slow. What the fuck was I doing?? This was crazy!!

The excitement quickly ratcheted up inside me. I began to gasp as though I couldn’t get enough air. He began fucking me harder as though the poison was going to take affect at any moment.

And then I felt something spasm in my groin…

I gasped and whimpered, my eyes flying open in surprise. I pulled him fully on top of me as he began to thrust harder. Then I pulled my legs up into the air, willing him to fuck me deeper as I felt a discomfort down below.

Was this it; had I done something exceedingly stupid? Had my lusts finally gotten the best of me?? There was certainly nothing we could do about it now!

I began to fuck him harder, not sure how much longer I might have. He responded by thrusting harder and faster. I grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs back even more so he could really penetrate me. Then it began to swell within me.

“FUCK ME!” I shrieked, unable to remain silent any longer. In response he began pumping me like there was no tomorrow. A moment later I was screaming his name as a massive orgasm slammed into me.

It was dizzying and disorienting; I couldn’t catch my breath! It was so blinding I couldn’t see clearly. Then I felt his cock thrusting hard as though he was cumming too. That’s when I cried out again as a second orgasm hit right on the heels of the first.

I screamed his name as I was blinded yet again. It was pure ecstasy; I was in heaven. I figured it would only be moments before I would be passing through those pearly gates for real. Then I began to settle down as I got my breath back.

“What the hell?” he panted. Then I heard a growl in my bowels. I frantically pushed him off me as I got up and made a mad dash for the bathroom.

I barely made the toilet before it came out of me. I winced with embarrassment. This was not the way I had envisioned my life ending. A moment later I felt better.

I came out of the bathroom smiling sheepishly at him. “What the hell was that all about, honey?” he wanted to know.

“That’s the last time we have sex so soon after I fix curry chicken for supper.” He just laughed as we cuddled together naked in bed…

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Jun 25 ’16 by riwa)

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