Beheading Ron’s whore-mother (graphic)


Note: I don’t write these kinds of stories very often. This is another one I wrote back in ’09 for some readers on another forum (the first one is right here). And I experimented using pictures I had captioned. I understand if it won’t be to everyone’s taste.

“Hi Riwa,” my friend Ron said to me, welcoming me with an outstretched hand as I walked into his home. “Glad you could come over!”

“Who’s the naked slut lying on the floor?” I asked incredulously. Then I looked even closer. “Ron, is that your MOTHER??!!”

“That’s my SLUT-mother!” Ron corrected me. “C’mon, mom! Show my good friend Riwa how you degrade yourself!” Without another word she lifted her ass up… and then promptly started to pee! Amazingly the stream of urine hit her smack in the face!

“See what a good whore she is?” Ron crowed. “The slut will do anything I say; right mom?”

st 1“Anything you say, honey!” she said cheerfully. Then she looked me up and down. “I don’t suppose I can have your permission to get to know your friend Riwa a little better, can I?” she asked carefully.

“Only if you beg him like the filthy little cum-slut that you are, mom!” Ron told her. She wasted no time starting to beg…

“Please, Riwa… please fuck my mouth… I’m a cum-hungry fuck-pig and I need something to suck on. Fuck my face, baby; please? I need to be abused!”

“Better do as she asks, buddy!” Ron told me. “I can’t stand it when my mom begs like that for too long!” Since he was already taking his clothes off, I reluctantly did the same.

His mom was already climbing into a chair, eagerly looking at my fuck-tool. “Shove it into my mouth, Riwa!” she pleaded. “I need that fuck-stick shoved all the way down my throat!” I got hard in a hurry and I dangled it right in front of her hungry mouth, teasing her with it.

“Gawd; give me that cock!” she gasped, opening her mouth in preparation to receive it. “Fuck this horny slut’s face with that cock! Please, Riwa… give it to me good! Gag me with that nice fuck-stick, baby! Make me your cum-whore!”

“Go ahead!” Ron encouraged me with a smile. “Fuck the whore’s face; she fucking deserves it!”

“Oh, GAWD YES!” she gasped eagerly and I thrust it hard into her mouth.

st 2Ron urged me to really fuck her face like the cum-swilling fuck-pig she was. I did as he suggested and she grunted happily as I fucked her face hard. I’ve never seen such an eager cocksucker.

“Ok, mom!” Ron called out after awhile as he sat on a couch. “That’s enough for now! Now get over here, you cum-swilling fuck pig! It’s time to suck your own son’s cock now!” She got up and eagerly went over, hungrily taking his cock into her mouth.

“Don’t just stand there, Riwa!” he said to me. “Get over here and fuck her from behind!” Then he grabbed her by the hair as I walked over and started to push into her cunt. “You’re nothing but a fuck-pig; aren’t you, mom!” he told her excitedly. She just grunted as she swallowed him down.

“How’s that fuck-hole, Riwa?” he asked me and I hesitated to answer. After all, I’ve been in tighter cunts before. But somehow Ron seemed to know what I was thinking.

“The whore’s got a useless cunt, doesn’t she!” he told me with a disgusted sigh. “She fucks anything that’ll move. Better fuck her ass, Riwa… I think that’s still tight! Isn’t that right, mom?” he growled at her, shaking her head by a handful of hair. “Your cunt is worthless now, isn’t it!”

“That’s right, son!” she readily agreed. “Better fuck my ass, Riwa! Rip me a new one, baby! I need it up the ass so fucking bad!”

“Beg for it, whore!” Ron demanded of his mother and she started telling me what a worthless cunt she was and that she really needed my cock up her ass. So I eagerly pulled out of her worthless cunt and slammed my dick hard into her anus. She let out a cry before eagerly swallowing her son’s cock again and I ruthlessly pounded her shit-hole.

st 3“You know why I invited you over here, Riwa?” Ron asked me as we both fucked his mom.

“To help fuck your mother?” I replied, thrusting hard into her ass. She grunted and groaned as Ron impaled her face with his stiff dick. She started gagging as though she couldn’t breathe.

“Well, that’s PARTLY true,” he told me with a smile. “You see, I’m snuffing mom tonight. She said I could invite one of my friends over to help me fuck her and then snuff her ass!”

“Really?” I said in astonishment. That made my cock even harder and I really let her have it good and hard. He was being rough on her; her face was starting to turn red from his cock blocking her airway. Was he REALLY going to snuff her?? …and was I really going to get to take part??

“Oh, hell yeah!” Ron exclaimed. “Swallow your son’s cock like a slutty whore! Take your son’s friend’s cock up your fucking ass!” Then he looked at me with a huge grin on his face.

“So how’d you like to help me snuff her, buddy?” he asked. “We could string her up in the basement or take her out back and set her on fire. It would really hurt if you burned; wouldn’t it, mom!” he chuckled at her, pulling out of her mouth. She gasped for breath before responding.

“Whatever gets you boys off, son! If it makes you both cum hard watching me burn then ‘put another log on the fire, baby’!” Then she went back to sucking on her son’s dick.

“Get up, fuck-pig!” Ron demanded and his mother obediently stood up. “Sit down, Riwa!” he told me. “Mom’s gonna ride your cock now like the filthy little cum-whore she is!” I sat down and waited for her to impale herself on my cock.

When she sat down on my prick I spread her legs and started to fuck her pussy hard, wanting to check again just to see how loose it really was. I could tell she’d obviously taken a lot of dicks inside her slutty cunt. Then Ron jammed his cock down her throat, making her gag on it again.

“See?” Ron suggested. “THIS would be one hot way to snuff the filthy little cum-pig! Her belly is exposed; we could easily take a knife and gut her right now! Of course she would bleed all over you, buddy, and you’d have a lap full of her guts! But just imagine how good it would feel having my mom die on your prick with her intestines leaking out! Should we gut you now, mom?” He pulled out of her mouth long enough to allow her to answer.

“Oh, GAWD, baby!” she gasped. “Gut your mother like a fucking pig! Cut me open and let my guts fall out! Go ahead and do it, honey!” Ron just jammed his cock back into her mouth before she could say anymore. She grunted and gurgled as his cock asphyxiated her.

st 4“Fucking snuff-whore!” he said, looking right at me. “You see Mom’s got these snuff fantasies. She promised I’d get to snuff her someday! Well guess what, mom; today’s the day!” he called down to her as he buried his cock deep down her throat. “I’m snuffing your ass today, you filthy cum-sucking fuck-pig! I think it’s time to take this whore and her loose cunt off the fucking market, don’t you think?” She just grunted and gurgled happily, nodding in reply.

“Let’s cum all over the fucking whore!” Ron suggested excitedly and we got her onto her knees. Then we shot our cum all over her – especially on her face and tits. She just acted like a filthy slut, admiring our cocks and then telling us how much she loved our cum dripping down her body.

st 5“Fuck!” Ron blurted out in disgust. “Now you’re a fuckin’ mess! We DEFINITELY gotta wash that cum off your slutty whore-body, mom! Let’s go to the bathroom!”

He dragged her by her hair down the hall into the bathroom and sat her on the bathtub. “Ok, mom; you KNOW what’s coming!” he told her. “Get ready, you filthy, fucking whore!”  She smiled and grabbed her tits, opening her mouth.

“You probably gotta pee, eh Riwa?” he said to me with a snicker. “Well go ahead; pee on the filthy whore! We’re going to snuff her anyway! Besides, all she’s good for now is having the shit fucked out of her and being peed on!”

“Oh yes, baby!” she smiled at me. “Go ahead and let it fly! Degrade this filthy whore!” So I let her have it, coating her tits with my urine. I avoided her face but the bitch still seemed to like it!

st 6“Ok, honey; you’re next!” she told Ron. “You know where I like it! Degrade this filthy whore! Pee all over me, baby!”

“Take it, cunt!” Ron snarled cruelly, pushing her back into the tub. Then he let fly as well. It splattered all over her face and she closed her eyes, glorying in her degradation.

“Nothing like a good piss on your mother to make you feel like a man, eh Riwa?” he chuckled, “especially when she acts like a no good, cum-sucking, fuck pig who should probably be rolling around in her own filth anyway. But don’t worry, buddy. If we do spit-roast her like the fuck-pig she is then we’ll make sure to wash her off! Hell, I might even slice her tits off and make her eat ‘em before we roast her meaty ass!”

st 7“Gawd yes, honey!” she gasped, her face and tits dripping with urine. “Impale me with that hard steel and roast me over the fire like a proper fuck-pig.” That’s when Ron lashed out and grabbed her by the throat, choking the life out of her.

“We’ll decide how we want to snuff you, mom!” he told her firmly. “You got it?” She gasped and gurgled before he let her go. If anything the kinky bitch seemed even more excited.

Ron made her shower off before having her put on some sort of a black corset-like outfit that left her tits exposed. He dragged her back into the living room before putting a blindfold on her. Then he picked up a vicious looking whip, sort of a Cat-o-nine tails with lots of tails to sting her with.

“Now here’s the game, mom,” he explained to her. “You try to guess whose cock you’re sucking on, ok? If you loose then we get to punish you!”

“Sounds great, honey!” she gasped excitedly and she eagerly opened her mouth. Ron stepped in front of her first, allowing the tails to trail ominously down one of her breasts. She sucked eagerly for several minutes before pulling off and exclaiming, “I’m sucking your cock, Riwa; am I right?”

“Wrong mom!” Ron told her. “You mean you don’t even recognize your own son’s cock when it’s in your mouth?? That’s going to cost you, you fucking whore!” Then he gagged her with his cock, ramming it deep down her throat.

st 8When he finished filling her mouth with cum, Ron started flogging his mother’s tits, making her scream. After several lashes he handed me the whip and told me to whip her ass raw. He made her kneel on her hands and knees and I gave her several good whacks, my cock getting hard again as she whimpered and cried out.

Amazingly, the kinky slut begged us to give her more, telling us she was a sorry excuse for a mother at not being able to recognize the feel of her own son’s cock in her mouth. I got the distinct impression she’d deliberately guessed wrong, just to earn herself a good hard whipping. Then she told us she hoped both our cocks were good and hard and ready to abuse her again.

“Ok, mom; we’re going to try this once more!” Ron told her. “Lie on your back, you fucking whore! This time you have to guess who’s fucking your sorry excuse for a cunt!”

She obediently laid down on her back on some sort of cushioned bench. Then Ron silently motioned for me to give it a go. I knelt at the end of the bench, slid my cock into her hole and started brutally fucking her. She cried out; with her blindfold still on she had no idea who it was and she had to guess who was severely pounding her slutty cunt.

“Gawd, baby; give it to me good!” she gasped. “Baby, I’d recognize that pounding you’re giving me any day of the week! Gawd, honey; fuck your mother! Fuck this nasty cum-pig!”

“Wrong again, mom!” Ron cried out and he ripped off her blindfold so she could see who was fucking her and who was standing over her. She was totally surprised.

“Gawd, honey; I really thought it was you!” she gasped. I noticed she gave me a lustful grin as I hammered her cunt. I couldn’t help suspecting she’d deliberately guessed wrong again.

“Just keep fucking the whore!” Ron told me. “I’ve got another punishment for the stupid slut! Open wide, mom!” She dutifully opened her mouth, grunting as I pounded her pussy hard. Then I watched in astonishment as Ron peed into her mouth again. “Maybe NEXT time you’ll get it right, you worthless fuck-pig!” he told her. “Now swallow it all!”

st 9Ron gave me this look as soon as he’d finished peeing in her mouth. “I think it’s time to give this whore the fucking she deserves, buddy!” he told me. “Then we’re gonna snuff her ass!”

He stripped her out of her outfit, leaving her naked except for some white nylons that ran well up her thighs. This time it was Ron who knelt behind and brutally fucked his mother’s cunt. Bending over her I gave her my still hard cock. She grabbed it and started slobbering all over it. Then she hungrily gulped it down her throat as Ron began telling her what was going to happen to her.

“That’s it, mom!” he told her. “I’ve decided! We’re going to cut off that fucking head of yours, bitch! Then we’re going to light a bonfire out in the backyard and toss your body onto the wood pile. Then we’re gonna have a weenie roast using your slutty body as the coals.”

“But you wanna know what we’re gonna do with your head, mom?” he continued. “We’re gonna fuck your head through your mouth and your neck stump! Then we’re gonna piss all over your face and in your mouth, you fucking whore! What do you think about that, mom?”

I swear I heard the bitch moan excitedly, my cock filling her mouth as her son fucked her filthy cunt. It seemed to make her a sexual animal. She grunted like a fuck-pig as we brutalized both ends. It was as if she knew this was her last fuck and she wanted it to be the best of her life.

st 10We fucked her hard until our cocks exploded inside her, filling both ends with our spunk. Then Ron grabbed her by a handful of hair and started dragging her toward a set of steps that led to the basement. “C’mon, mom!” he gasped excitedly. “It’s time to separate that head of yours from the rest of your whore body!”

The cunt looked like she was more excited than fearful as he pulled her down the stairs. Then he led her over to a block of wood that had been set up near the wall. A large ax lay nearby and I couldn’t help wondering if he’d already planned this ahead of time.

“Pigs don’t get any romantic guillotine, mom!” he told her, motioning toward the weapon of her demise. “Pigs get slaughtered with an axe, just like you’re gonna be slaughtered, bitch!”

She touched the block lovingly, almost reverently. Then she suddenly shuddered from what I could only suspect was a mammoth orgasm. “Gawd; it’s incredible, son!” she finally gasped in awe, her body trembling. “I’m ready for it, honey! Anytime you want to do it is fine by me!”

“You ready to die then, you worthless, cum-sucking fuck-pig of a whore?” That really got her to trembling like mad.

“Gawd, baby; I’m ready!” she gasped. Her breathing was heavy and labored. I suspected if he didn’t hurry the slut was actually going to cum again, right there next to the chopping block!

“You’re really going to cut your mother’s head off?” I gasped in astonishment. Ron nodded with a grin, his cock hard and throbbing.

Tying his mother’s hands behind her back, he removed her white nylons, leaving her wearing nothing but a set of high heels on her feet. A sheet was already laid out on the floor to help with the flow of blood that would soon be coming. But I suspected it was still going to make a mess.

“Gimme your neck, fuck-pig!” Ron demanded and he grabbed her by her hair and forced her down onto the block. She whimpered, her whole body trembling violently. Then he brushed her blonde hair out of the way, exposing it to the blade he would soon be wielding.

“Any last requests, you cum-swilling whore?” he asked cruelly.

“Y – yes, honey!” she gasped excitedly. “If you wouldn’t mind! I’d like… oh gawd; I just wet myself! Anyway, I’d like your friend Riwa to fuck me when you cut off my head! Gawd, baby; I’m so fucking excited I can hardly stand it!”

“You wanna get fucked again, eh, mom?” Ron cackled sadistically. Then he shook his head in disgust. “Just like a fucking whore… wanting one last fuck! Well then I think he should fuck that ass of yours! What do you say, mom?”

“Oh GAWD YES!” she gasped excitedly. “Let him fuck my worthless ass like the whore I am!” Then she directed her comments in my direction as I stood nearby, my cock hard again…

“Fuck my ass, Riwa! Sodomize my fucking ass! Rape me as Ron chops my head off! Gawd’ I’m so fucking excited I can hardly stand myself! Hurry, baby; fuck me now!”

“You heard her, Riwa!” he told me with a huge grin. “You might as well enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Sodomize the fucking whore while I chop her fucking head off!”

I was shocked he was still going to cut her head off. But the offer was too tempting to resist. I knelt behind her, found her shit-hole and viciously thrust into her exquisite tightness. She cried out in pain and then started fucking me back just as hard as she could.

“Anything else, pig?” Ron demanded impatiently. She grunted and whimpered as I brutalized her. Then she appeared to look up into the eyes of her son.

“Yes, honey!” she gasped. “Allow me to tip my executioner! Give me your cock so that I may taste my son’s dick in my mouth one last time!”

“FUCKING WHORE!” he roared. He grabbed her head by a handful of hair and started brutally fucking her face. She moaned and whimpered, hungrily gobbling him down as I pounded her ass hard from behind.

“That’s enough, whore!” he cried out, pulling out of her mouth. Then he went over and picked up the axe, forcing her head down and exposing her neck one last time. With a triumphant cry of “So long, mom; you filthy, cum-swilling, cock-sucking, fuck pig!” he raised it up above his head. Time seemed to stand still for a few moments. Then he eagerly brought it down hard!

I heard her cry out, her body exploding in orgasm as her ass spasmed hard around my cock. Then there was a loud THUNK and her cry was silenced forever. Her head bounced a little and then seemed to drop lazily off onto the other side of the block. I came hard, filling her ass with my hot seed as her muscles reflexively milked me dry. Then I pulled out of her ass, leaving a creampie dripping out of her hole.

When I pulled out, her body suddenly jerked upright as blood spurted out of her stump. She wriggled around, her hands flexing wildly behind her back. The way she moved and twisted around made me think she was searching for her head or something. She wriggled around for nearly a minute or so before she finally keeled over onto her side, blood flowing out of her neck stump.

st 11As I was watching in astonishment, Ron picked up her blood-soaked head. “Now let’s see how good you are at giving head, mom!” he chuckled, amused at his little pun. Then he thrust his cock into her mouth and started fucking her face hard. It was disgusting and arousing, both at the same time.

Her eyes were closed and I swear it was like she was lovingly sucking his cock one last time. Then I saw him cum because his spunk started spurting out through the opening in her neck. He aimed her head so he was splattering his seed onto her prone body.

“Gawd; what a hot snuff!” he gasped excitedly, still fucking her face with his cock. “Mom, you were a fuck-pig and a whore… but at least you STILL give great head!”

st 12He set her head upright on its stump on the block, her blonde hair matted with blood. Then he opened her eyes. “I want you to see this, mom!” he said to her although it was clear she could see nothing anymore as her expression sagged in death, her eyes having glazed over.

Ron waited until his cock softened. Then he aimed it at her. Pee arced out of his dick and splattered her in the face, getting in her hair, her eyes and into her open mouth. For a second it seemed like she was looking at him eerily as though enticing him to continue peeing on her.

“Your turn, buddy!” he told me. “It’s time we degrade the whore one last time before we start our weenie roast! Mom’s body’s going to make a GREAT set of coals!”

I definitely had to pee again and I walked right up to her, aiming for her mouth. Then I let it fly. My piss went up her nose and in past her lips but she was in no position to protest.

“Cover her face, buddy!” Ron exclaimed. Coat that face with your piss!” By the time Ron and I had finished, urine was dripping down into her eyes and out of her neck stump, puddling on the block along with the rest of her blood.

“I’ll go out and start the fire,” Ron blurted out excitedly! “Meanwhile I’ll let you have one last fuck with my mom, ok? When I get back I’ll have one last go at her too before we toss her onto the fire! Go ahead and sodomize her one last time, Riwa! She doesn’t care anymore!”

As Ron left the room I lifted his mom up onto her knees, her ass in the air as her stump bled into the sheet on the floor. Thrusting my cock into her anus was easy because it was lubricated with my cum which was still leaking out a little. Then I began fucking her hard. Naturally she offered no resistance.

Ron came back after awhile and quickly joined in the orgy by fucking her neck stump. She silently watched us from her perch on the chopping block, her face coated with our piss. Then we changed positions, fucking her corpse before taking turns fucking her head and then peeing on it again.


I swear I thought I saw her smile at us. But I guess it must have been the insane craziness of the moment.

I grabbed her arms and Ron grabbed her legs. Together we hauled her out back and tossed her onto the fire, watching as the flames started to consume her. The weenies and marshmallows were already waiting for us on a tray along with some drinks.

“So what are you going to do with her head?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” he answered as he skewered a hot dog and held it out over her burning cunt. “I might keep it for awhile… stick it in the bathtub and pee on her whenever I’ve a mind to. I also might use her as a fuck toy, fucking her mouth and stump for awhile. Then I’ll probably toss her head in some outhouse where shit like that fucking belongs.”

I shook my head in amazement as I cooked my hot dog over her rapidly charring flesh…

© 2009; 2014 (written for Evelick and Ron Aug 14 ’09; ed. 2014 by riwa)

(Pictures found on the Internet and captioned for illustration purposes only.)

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