Caught stealing boyfriends

(edited with an additional 900 words and reposted)

“Hello, Brad? This is Emma… yeah, I’m looking forward to tonight. I’m going to wear that dress you said you liked. …yeah, that’s the one. I found it in Amy’s closet, the really slinky one with the black heels? …oh, don’t worry. I think you’ll like it better on me that you ever did on Amy! … oh yeah; I agree. It definitely accents all the right places on me, if you know what I mean. …no, I won’t tell her if you won’t. …you want me to what? Get on my knees and do what? …yeah, Brad. You’ll probably have to make me, but I’m sure you won’t have any problems doing that. Besides, you love forcing it down my throat, don’t you! Ok, I’ll see you in an hour. I’ve got to go in and finish getting ready for tonight. I’m sitting out here by the pool… yeah, I have to sneak in and swipe Amy’s outfit out of her closet before she gets home. So I’d better go now before they get back to the house. …ok, Brad. I’ll talk to you later. See you tonight, ok?”

She placed her cellphone down on the patio table, a smile on her lips. If Amy ever found out she was a dead woman. But that’s what made it so exciting, right?

She stood up from her chair and turned to head into the house, only to jerk with a start. Amy stood there glaring at her, fury etched in her features. She was wearing her white t-shirt and shorts, the attire she usually changed into whenever she got home from work. Emma didn’t know if her roommate was going to cry or scream at her.

“Hi, Amy. Wh-when did you get home?”

“Long enough to find out why I haven’t had a date with Brad in over a week, you little slut! Have you been on your knees again sucking a cock that doesn’t belong to you?”

“I wouldn’t do that!”

“You’ve been seeing my Brad and sucking his damn cock, haven’t you! You’re going to see him tonight, aren’t you!”

“I am not!”

“And you’re going to wear that outfit I bought just for him, aren’t you! I heard you on the phone, you little tart!”

“You aren’t supposed to listen in on my phone calls, you bitch!”

“You stole my boyfriend, you little SLUT!”

“I did not! And you shouldn’t be listening in on other people’s conversations! It’s not right, you know!”

“You’re not supposed to be stealing your roommate’s boyfriends, you little shit!”

“I didn’t steal anyone!”

“I just heard you on the phone, you little slut! You told him you were going to sneak in and wear my dress! You think you can just take my boyfriend, you little whore?”

“I didn’t take anybody’s boyfriend. It’s not my fault he wants to see me tonight!”

“You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’, you little tart!”

“Maybe if you would put out for him once in a while you wouldn’t have lost him in the first place! It’s not my fault he likes me!”

“That’s because you suck his damn cock, you little whore!”

“I do not – AAUUGGHH!!” Amy charged her roommate in a blind fury. She wrapped her up in her arms and toppled them both into the deep end of their backyard pool with a splash.

The catfight was on…


Maria walked into the house from running her errand to the store. She put the sack of groceries onto the counter. Then she pulled out her cellphone.

It was strange how she hadn’t heard from Mike in a while. They’d been seeing each other for some time but he’d gone strangely quiet. Every time she’d called he’d been busy. As a result they hadn’t gone out on a date together in over three weeks. It was time to get some answers.

“Mike? This is Maria. What’s going on? How come you’ve been busy so often? …no, you can’t hang up! I want to know what the hell is going on! Talk to me, Mike; I deserve to know what’s going on!


Arms and legs flew everywhere as Amy wrestled underwater with Emma. There was a lot of screaming and bubbling and hair-pulling. Emma popped up only to be pulled back under. Then Amy popped up, trying to force her roommate back under.

It was exhausting work since they were in the deep end and forced to tread water whenever they reached the surface. Emma came up and sputtered, “Let me go!” just as Amy pulled her back under. There was more wrestling and bubbling.

Emma finally broke away, swimming frantically into shallow water. Amy was hot on her heels. She grabbed her from behind, angrily bellowing, “You boyfriend-stealing BITCH!” Then she pulled her under.

Emma squirmed and bubbled, pulling against the clothes of her roommate. She was getting all turned on wrestling in the water with her. Besides, the bitch was furious with her. There was no telling what she might do to her! It was probably a good idea to try getting out of the water…


“You’re WHAT?! BREAKING UP WITH ME??!! But why, Mike?” The tears started streaming down her cheeks.

“You’re seeing someone else? Who is this bitch, Mike?? Tell me, damn you; I deserve to know! Do I know her? Tell me her name, damn you! …her name is Emma? That’s the name of my roommate, Mike! She what?? You mean you’ve been seeing MY EMMA??!! How long has THIS been going on?!”

“THREE WEEKS??!! You’ve been seeing her for three weeks now?? Why?? What the hell for?? …WHAT?? You’re taking her out because she sucks your damn COCK???!!! I’LL KILL HER!!”

She slammed her cellphone down, nearly breaking it in the process. Then she started hollering for Emma to show herself. She was going to kill that fucking bitch for stealing her boyfriend!


Amy was starting to tire almost as much as her roommate. She burbled frantically, came up for air and was shoved right back under.

“Had enough?” Emma giggled, letting her come back up. “It’s not my fault he wants to go out with me. Besides, he’s fun! He buys me things! Get over it!”


Emma looked up to see Maria standing on the edge of the pool in the green blouse and shorts she’d been wearing when she saw her leave the house over an hour ago. She hadn’t expected her back this soon, hadn’t expected either roommate to return before she’d dressed for her date and left. Maria’s fists were clenched; she was trembling in barely contained fury.

“Maria, what’s wrong?” Amy wanted to know.


“She what?!”

“She’s been dating my Mike for three weeks now!”

“She’s dating Mike?? But… but she’s been seeing my Brad!” Instantly Emma felt an erotic shiver rippled through her. She hadn’t planned on her roommates finding out so soon… certainly not on the same day.

“I just got off the phone with Mike! He says you two have been seeing each other for three weeks now!”

“She’s seeing YOUR MIKE? She’s going out tonight with MY BRAD! And she plans on wearing MY DRESS… the one Brad likes so much!”

“She’s WHAT?!” Maria stared at the guilty party in shocked outrage.

“He asked me to go to that concert with him two weeks ago! What was I supposed to do?”

“You mean he canceled our date just so he could go to that concert with YOU??!!”

“Hey, I knew this place where we could go afterwards. Besides, he said you wouldn’t put out. It’s not my fault.” Emma shrugged her shoulders in an I-just-couldn’t-help-myself manner.

“Not your FAULT? It damn well IS your fault, you little slut! You mean he wants to go out with you because you’re willing to suck his damn cock?”

“Maybe if you two would just put out a little, you’d be able to keep your boyfriends!”

Maria’s face instantly clouded over with unbridled fury. A moment later shea jumped into the pool with her, grabbing her and pushing her under the surface. “I’ll KILL you – I’ll KILL you!”

Emma bubbled as she tried to wriggle out of Maria’s grasp. She’d just battled in the pool with one roommate; now she had to take on the other?? She didn’t have time for this or she was going to be late for her date with Brad.

She burbled up to the surface, only to get caught from behind and pushed back under by an enraged, newly invigorated Amy. Now they were both on top of her as Maria cried out, “Drown the bitch!”

Emma bubbled wildly as she slipped out of Amy’s grasp, only for Maria to jump her and force her back under. She could barely take them one at a time, but certainly not while they were ganging up on her. She felt an erotic shudder realizing they were really pissed off with her this time!

Arms and legs went flying as Emma struggled to get back up. She popped up for a breath only to be shoved right back down. This time her roommates began clawing at her clothes, ripping them off her body.

She twisted and struggled, trying to get back up. She would barely pop up for a breath before one or the other would force her right back down. Emma felt an erotic jolt of alarm at the thought they might actually be angry enough to drown her.

Every time she got away from one the other would force her back down. She was tiring rapidly, her pussy throbbing from the erotic struggle and the trouble she was in. They finally got her stretched out between them, each one holding onto an arm.

“Drown the slut!” Amy bellowed, and they forced her head down while holding onto her arms. Emma bubbled wildly, her heart pounding in her chest. Her promiscuous behavior was now threatening to get her into some very serious trouble.

They pulled her back up and she came up coughing and sputtering, water cascading down out of her dark brown hair into her eyes. Her breasts heaved, her nipples painfully erect as her lungs cried out for some time to recuperate. But her roommates were having none of that…

“I’m sorry, ok? I’ll call Brad and cancel – BLUB!” and back down she went.

“Damn right you’re going to cancel, bitch!” Amy declared. “Because we’re going to drown your ass in the fucking pool!”

Emma bubbled and thrashed about, unable to hold her breath. Air spewed out of her mouth as her heart hammered in her chest. She needed to be allowed to get up for a breath and stay at the surface for a while to compose herself!

They angrily jerked her upright, causing her to gasp and sputter… “Please…. I’m sorry… Let me out…”

“You want out, you little slut?”

“Yes… Please…”

“I say we drown the bitch,” Amy told her roommate. Maria nodded in agreement as they forced her right back down into the water.

Emma shuddered as an orgasm overwhelmed her. Her eyes rolled as air spewed freely out of her mouth. Then her roommates pulled her back up. She came up dazed and disoriented.

“Figures,” Amy snorted in disgust. “She just had another orgasm! She is such a SLUT!”

“Please… I’m gonna be… late for my date!”

“Bitch!” Maria declared. “I say we drown her and make it look like an accident!”

“I’m sorry – I’m sorry – blurblurlublrulbu!” This time she was forced under the water and held there, the two roommates grasping onto her arms.

Emma tried to struggle but she was too weak to fight. Besides, it was two-on-one and they had a good grasp of her arms forcing her down. She shivered as she heard them talking up at the surface…

“You really think we should drown her?”

“She’s just going to keep stealing our boyfriends and sucking their cock unless we put a stop to it!”

“Isn’t that murder?”

“Not if she drowns herself by accident! She came out here to do a little skinny-dipping and got tired… or maybe she got a leg cramp!”

“I know! We can put the weight belt on her and toss her into the deep end! We’ll say she got tired and drowned herself!”

“That’ll work!” Amy declared. Then she hollered down at their bubbling roommate, “SUCK WATER, BITCH! SUCK IT – SUCK IT!”

Emma shook her head, her eyes wide with fright. She could feel another orgasm coming on even as her lungs began to heave. She was out of air; she couldn’t hold her breath much longer.

She shook her head again as the roommates kept her head below the surface. Her lungs heaved as her stomach convulsed from lack of air. A moment later panic set in, her body reacting in terror while she kept trying to hold her breath.

She jerked against the grasp they had on her arms. Then she started thrashing about, screaming her breath away. A moment later a wave of intense pleasure swept over her as she orgasmed again from the fear she was experiencing. A moment later her lungs gave out.

Emma began to cough and convulse as she sucked pool water down her throat. Her eyes flew open in horror as she coughed the liquid back out, only to swallow down another lungful. Then she went into painful spasms, coughing and convulsing as her lungs heaved in her chest…

“She’s drowning! Should we bring her back up??”

“No, leave her down! Let the slut drown! It serves her right!”

“She’s really thrashing about!”

“Hold her down!”

Emma shuddered hard, her hands flexing as her feet cocked and curled. Then the fight abruptly bled right out of her as she went limp in their grasp. She stared toward the bottom of the pool with lifeless eyes.

“Let her go and see if she floats,” Amy declared. They released her arms and stepped back. Emma drifted upward to float face down in the pool, an occasional bubble slipping out past her parted lips.

“Go get the weight belt,” Amy instructed. Maria climbed out of the pool and retrieved the belt sitting on the ground underneath a patio table. She brought it back into the water with her.

“Now let’s put it around her waist,” Amy declared. They worked together snugging it tight and making sure it was secure.

“Now let’s get her out into the deep end, Maria.”

They swam her out together, the two of them working to keep her at the surface. Then they let her go right over the top of the drain below. The belt pulled Emma straight to the bottom, her naked body rolling over until she came to rest on her back staring up at the surface with lifeless eyes.

“Serves her right,” Amy said with a satisfied sigh. “Now here’s the deal, ok? We just got home and found her down there; ok, Maria? Now let’s go dry off!”

“Ok, Amy.” Then the two girls got out of the water and went inside, leaving the roommate they’d caught stealing their boyfriends lying naked at the bottom of the deep end of the pool…

© 2005; 2016 (written for Emma Jan 8 ’05; ed. Apr 26 ’16 by Riwa)

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