Ana Lucia : Smuggler’s Coast

Ana Lucia : Smuggler’s Coast
(c) Pinglis, 2016. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Notes to the reader.

Anyone who has experience of being underwater wearing a mask knows that the peripheral vision of the wearer is severely limited. In other words, a diver can only really see what is directly in front of them at any one time.

This story is written with ‘omniscient viewpoints’ – that is, the story may be told from the perspective of the different characters (or narrator) all within a short space. This is not a usual practice for short stories as it can be confusing. However, for the believability of describing what a diver may see underwater, especially when stressed in a perilous situation, it is used here.

This is a simple story about an age old underwater scenario – too many people with too few prizes to go around.

Contains scuba, scuba fighting, forced scuba drowning (not graphic), spear guns, scuba erotica.


The Land Rover swerved off the road and down a small bank then the wheels locked up as the driver stamped on the brakes, causing all four wheels to lock up. It slid for some time as the bank was greasy with leaves and a thin layer of mud so the driver steered the vehicle straight into a tree, bringing it, and the occupants to a very abrupt stop.

The passenger, a Latin looking female, unclipped her seat belt and simply said, “Fucking hell,” as she threw open the door and clambered out of her seat. “Do you think you could drive without hitting something and everything next time?”

The driver, a tall blonde male of around 6 feet in height, grinned. “If you hadn’t have got this piece of shit, perhaps we’d have made it on time.”

They were late for the drop. They both knew it but it concerned her more as she knew that the location had been used too many times and that it would end up getting ‘hot’ (as she termed it) sooner rather than later. Any report of a low flying aircraft, especially if near the shoreline and over the sea, attracted a sizable reward from local law enforcement if it converted into a successful prosecution for smuggling. Since the local police were corrupt, however, Ana was more concerned about rival smugglers stealing the drops from the aircraft but that generally didn’t happen as the people intended to pick up the drop usually had a sizable head start for the retrieval.

Today, however, that head start could already have been be lost.

The woman, who was already opening the tail door of the Land Rover, replied with a curt, “It’s your driving that is shit,” before more thoughtfully adding, “the tyres were good until you hit that pothole and got us the flat.”

The man looked around the back of the car to see that she was not looking towards him and made a mouth shape out of his hand and moved his fingers rapidly to mock her complaining. She looked up, saw it, and silently mouthed “fuck you” to him.

She grabbed the two battered scuba tanks out of the back and dragged them around to the side of the vehicle, looking over its bonnet. They had stopped under some tree cover which abruptly ended about 10 yards from the front of their car at a sandy, narrow beach. Beyond the sand, the turquoise water of the Caribbean swelled and she surveyed it quickly for any boats.

Moving swiftly, she dragged the tanks to the edge of the tree line and looked up and down the beach. No one could be seen which was not surprising given how secluded and away from the tourist areas they were.

She dropped the tanks and returned to the Land Rover, passing the man on the way, who was carrying their single hose regulators that looked like they had seen as much action as the tanks they were to be attached to. She then grabbed their kit bags from the back of the vehicle and dragged them towards where she had left the tanks, passing the man again.

“You’ve got a sweat on,” he quipped, sarcastically.

“No chance of that happening to you, that’s for sure,” she replied sardonically, followed by “I’m doing all the work, as usual.”

He knew he was playing with fire and couldn’t help but nod and grin as he walked off.

As soon as all their gear was assembled, they kitted up quickly and with the kind of slickness that only experienced divers could manage. They both wore shorty wetsuits; the man’s suit all black and the woman’s was camouflaged in greens and blacks and she did not zip it all the way up, as she never liked to unless the water was really quite cold or she had a good reason not to show her chest off. Regulators were attached to their scuba tanks and the loud “sssss, sssss” of them being tested could be heard then they helped each other slide into their tank harnesses. They stood looking towards each other, both leaning forwards to compensate for the tank on their back and added weight belts, masks, knives, and flashlights. All were black.

Finally, they picked up their black fins and walked towards the waterline. The man carried a long, black, modified Cayman speargun which he jokingly carried like it was a machine gun, ready to fire, until she scolded him for messing about.

At the waterline, they quickly fitted their black fins and walked into the sea.

When the water was at chest height for her, she felt its warmth around her stomach and breasts and she caught the man looking at her chest.

“See something you like, Ras?” she asked.

“Always, Ana,” he replied, and smiled.

They exchanged glances for a moment then Ana checked her compass. The man followed suit.

“Hmm. So, what do you think? Heading one-two-five?” said Ras. He was known as Rasmus, more properly, although he cared for the short version better. Ana liked to switch between using the two variants depending on whether she was trying to wind him up or not.

Ana put her arm out and tried to align it with her compass. “I think that’s good enough,” she replied, then added, “and is surprising accurate given your usual sense of direction, Rasmus.”

She looked up and surveyed the horizon again, nervously.

She knew that this area of the island chain was known colloquially as ‘smuggler’s coast’ given that there was a number of inlets dotted along it that had been used over centuries for bypassing the authority’s import and export taxes. Today, it was being used to move other valuables about, mostly inbound payments for drugs, illicit services or guns that could not be performed electronically. She knew it that the drop comprised gemstones, today, probably worth up to about two million dollars.

“No pressure”, she said quietly to herself.

“Problem with your tank?” asked Rasmus.

“No, that’s fine” she replied.

His expression flickered with amusement. He thought that she could be a strange girl sometimes.

“Looks clear,” she remarked.

He now sensed that she was not comfortable.

“Bad feeling, Ana?” he asked.

“Not sure,” she replied, distractedly, and wiggled the four toes remaining on one of her feet.

“The longer we leave getting out there, the more chance there is of your bad feeling coming true.” he replied, “Let’s get a move on.”

Signalling to each other an ‘OK’, they both put their regulators in and slipped beneath the surface.


They finned steadily, following the heading that they decided upon and maintained their depth at just a few feet above the sandy bottom. It was not long

Soon after, rocky outcrops began to appear, punching their way through the sand and the sea bed gave way to a different environment where sea life now appeared in abundance, mostly thanks to the number of hiding places for it.

They continued on their course for a little longer then paused to check their bearing. It was at that point that Ana saw a familiar pinky-grey rock formation and alerted her companion to its presence by frantically pointing. Once she could see that he had woken up and acknowledged what she had seen, they both altered course and descended to around 30 feet. They were now hugging the bottom a little more closely and they both started to sweep their heads left and right more methodically as they neared to their destination.

Ana sucked on her regulator then breathed out steadily and tried to focus on the task. She knew they were late – it had taken them over an hour to change the wheel because the one of the wheel nuts was rounded off. He’d tried to play it down but she could tell he wasn’t quite as calm as usual as he tried to joke around more. Gallows humour was the preserve of many in their line of work.

She was not a woman who was averse to risk – she had a missing toe from one such risky mission in her career but these ‘bread and butter’ missions were supposed to be straight forward and she preferred it to stay that way. Still, she often carried out these missions solo but today she had Rasmus with her and he was always reassuring even if she sometimes thought he could be unprofessional at times.

Her eyebrows narrowed as she spotted something ahead. Just the slightest of oddities – an unusual colour standing out against the background of rocks. Then she grabbed her companions arm and halted him. They both descended quickly, holding their breath. He looked into her mask, a confused look on his face. She used conventional hand signals to convey “enemy” then “I see” and then the direction. He turned away and peered towards where she had seen something then turned back to her and shook his head. She then signaled “possibly” by holding her hand out horizontally then rolling it.

Rasmus nodded. “Better safe than sorry,” he thought, and felt glad that he was with Ana and not someone else.

They waited for a moment then she signaled to split up and for them to arc left and right towards their destination. The man nodded again and checked his spear gun was ready if he needed to rely upon it.

While he looked over the weapon, the woman then peered over the top of the rocks and thought she saw a hint of colour again but she couldn’t be sure. The light sometimes played tricks or it could be a fish but it would have to be a big one.

She remembered the “Moscow Rules” which spies often applied to scenarios to judge how to react to what they observed:

“Once is an accident.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action.”

She stared ahead and squinted. Nothing. No third hint of colour that she should assume to be beyond coincidence.

Looking back towards Rasmus, she signaled “caution” and they both finned away from each other.


She skip-breathed as she mixed finning and pulling herself along using convenient rocks, always checking for the flash of the yellow that she thought she had seen. She looked intently for any vertical white trails of air bubbles but saw none, except those of Rasmus but they were now becoming difficult to resolve even in this good visibility.

She stopped to check for possible enemies again.

Ana knew that she was not far from the ‘drop point’ now – she’d been here many times before and recognized some rock formations.

She looked down her leg to her calf and stretched to reach it, unclasping her knife but not removing it. Quickly, she looked 360 degrees around, then upwards. The surface shimmered above and she brought her hand to her regulator and took comfort from holding it as she jiggled it between her teeth. Then she checked her air gauge.

Satisfied that all was well, she continued on her course that arced towards the rendezvous with Rasmus.

Again, she stopped and gripped on a rock, looking cautiously over the top.

Nothing. She now thought that she had easily passed where she thought she had seen the flashes of yellow but it was still clear. “I guess I’m getting paranoid,” Ana thought and cleared her mask.

She finned onwards and down, descending a few feet then she saw a very inviting, long hollow section through a rock formation, which provided some convenient cover. She floated stationary, knee pointing towards the bottom and checked around her. All clear. She then peered into the hollow and saw a ring of light at the end. It reminded her of her teens, when she would carelessly explore caves and swim-throughs, which others told her to avoid- it begged her to go in and she obliged. She leaned forward and finned into the tunnel, pulling herself along with her hands when there was a decent hand hold and performed a slow horizontal roll, watching her bubbles captured in the domed roof of the formation, “possibly for ever,” she thought to herself.

Her medium length brown hair danced around the neck of her tank and first stage, both from her momentum and the regular bursts of air from her Poseidon Jetstream regulator perched in her pouty lips. She felt tingling in her crotch and she flicked her tongue against the silicone mouthpiece, just enjoying exploring in her scuba gear once again, forgetting entirely about why she was under the water and the mission she was on. She had rolled through 720 degrees as was level again as she emerged from the end of the tunnel back into the sunlight which resumed causing their dappled patterns on the tanned skin of her exposed lower thighs and calves.

Suddenly, she felt her ankle grabbed hard, just above her black neoprene bootee, and her forward movement stopped immediately. Then, another hand closed further up her calf and she was pulled backwards, aggressively. Before she had chance to turn, an arm crossed under her chin from behind and applied significant pressure to her throat. Despite the stranglehold, she sucked on her regulator as hard as she could, expecting it to be pulled from her mouth any second, but, instead, she was twirled around by her unseen assailant.

She immediately moved to reach for her knife but the diver at her feet had already removed it from her calf sheath and released it, dropping it to the sea floor. The diver, clearly a black female, was already slowly moving up over her body towards her mask. Initially, it appeared that she had a hood on but her hair was dyed a light, blonde colour and it was short, but certainly not shaved – she was a “lemonhead” in common parlance – and her mask strap contrasted very clearly against her bleached hair. The ebony diver wore a zippered black one piece suit with yellow side panels running from the high cut leg up to under her armpits. She looked voluptuous – and strong – and the plunging neck of her suit completely failed to restrain her ample breasts which pushed against the fabric and which largely appeared to be winning the battle. On her back was a large yellow scuba tank which coupled to a single hose round black regulator and an orange mouthpiece, which was held firmly by her large lips which curled outwards and spilled around the molded silicone that filled her mouth. In her oval mask, her deep brown-black eyes and narrowed eyebrows expressed curiosity and….something more sinister.

Ana tried to pull the arm around her neck away and struggled, almost as a token. She hadn’t quite determined who these divers were and, importantly, how many there were – there were at least two, that was for sure, and but since they hadn’t made an attempt to drown or kill her yet, they must also be unsure of her and why she was there. She thought it might be better to pretend to be subdued and leave the fighting until later when she had more of an idea of what strategy to use. Plus, it might just buy her some time for Rasmus to arrive.

She breathed deeply on her regulator, trying to oxygenate herself, just in case, as the black woman (in her 30s, she thought, and no one she recognized) looked over her body carefully, checking her kit for markings. The arm around her throat squeezed harder and she started to notice that whoever was behind had their crotch against her upper thigh and she was sure that she could feel themselves rubbing up against her wetsuit. She tried to look for any tell-tale signs that the black female was law enforcement as that was the most plausible explanation for who they were so far. After all, if they were rivals, they would have killed her…unless, they hadn’t found the drop already.

Her head was pushed to one side and she could no longer see the black female in front of her. She swallowed hard, and wondered where Rasmus had got to. Or maybe they’d got to him already? She tried to decide whether she was going to have to act as her attackers wouldn’t be curious for long.

Her head was forced straight again just in time for her to see the black woman bring up her leg to her chest and unclasp the knife in her calf sheath. She breathed in hard again then shook her head and mumbled “what are you doing?” into her mouthpiece. The black woman raised the knife to her shoulder, the blade pointing downwards, as if ready to stab; she then reached out and grabbed the zip of Ana’s shorty and unzipped it lower to her navel before slipping her hand inside, first around her stomach, then up and over her breasts, quite deliberately.

The black woman’s eyes followed her hands but Ana kept her own eyes focused into the black woman’s mask. The glass pane had a little condensation in it and a thin strip of water rolled around the upper edge of the seal and around the woman’s wide nose which was slightly squashed against seal and the pinching lugs that constrained it. Ana squealed a little when the woman closed her hand over her left breast and squeezed it.

“Unusual search technique,” thought Ana as the hand moved to her other breast then down her side. Their eyes met and the black woman saw Ana’s deliberately inviting look and appeared a little surprised, cocking her head to one side and breathing quicker from the regulator bobbling between her bulbous lips. Ana considered what to do next; the woman had taken the bait and appeared to be distracted, so it seemed like a good time to strike, but she also appeared toned and strong and would take some overcoming if she was on her own, never mind having to deal with her so far unseen partner.

Ana saw the woman’s hand slide down to her own crotch and it pushed her black swimsuit to one side. She then slipped her hand inside and let out a moan as she started to touch herself. At the same time, Ana noticed that a hand from behind had closed over her regulator exhaust and she took a giant breath. As soon as the long hiss of her intake had finished, Ana mumbled “No” into her mouthpiece and craned her head as she tried to follow the pulling force from the hand but it was no use – the regulator mouthpiece was torn clear of her lips and Ana started to struggle wildly, flailing for her air source.

The black woman continued to touch herself, rubbing her clit, as she watched Ana struggle to get her regulator back. Ana tried to reach behind her head, clawing for her air hose in the hope that she might locate the regulator then she reached to her side, looking for her secondary air source. It wasn’t there. Holding her breath and trying not to panic, she tried to turn her body to dislodge the diver behind but they were not going to budge at all.

Her regulator had been held away for some time now but then she felt the silicone of the mouthpiece touching her lips. She strained to crane her head forwards and brought her hands up to push it into her mouth but a strong grip held it and each time she thought she had sealed her lips around it, it was jostled free again. She struggled hard, wriggling her body but her ability to breathe was being played with and the black woman in front of her appeared to be getting off on it in a major way; she was rubbing herself clit furiously now, eyes closing, bubbles erupting from her regulator exhaust, causing it to bobble even more and distort her lips.

Ana clawed for the woman’s air source but she was just out of reach and she was having trouble focusing on it as her vision was starting to tunnel with her desperate need for oxygen.

Ana heard the black woman shout something in her regulator and the attacker behind responded by pushing Ana’s regulator back into her mouth. She was allowed a single breath before the regulator was torn free of her lips again. It wasn’t enough and Ana struggled harder, shouting a help but with her mouth closed. Again, the black woman, shouted again and Ana’s purged regulator was pushed between her lips again. One breath, then, despite Ana clamping her teeth down on it, easily yanked free again.

For the ebony woman, the sight of the toned Latina in front of her having her regulator tugged from her mouth and then her desperately eyes looking for where it went coupled with her hands ineffectually flailing around trying to reach it was too erotic to not want to see again and it was getting her very close to being able to cum. She especially liked it when the woman managed to get her hand on the regulator as it was removed but was unable to overcome the strength of her attacker. Her eyes, pupils fully dilated, watched absolutely absorbed and she rubbed her own clit quickly and with abandon.

Ana’s vision was darkening again with the lack of oxygen but, just then, the black woman came within reach and Ana noticed that her hand had relaxed around the knife handle a little and she had begun to bring it downwards, slowly, as though she had forgotten about it.

Sensing an opportunity, Ana grabbed at the black woman’s wrist then dug her thumb in as hard as she could. The woman’s hand opened and Ana was quick to snatch the knife as it was released. The black woman’s eyes were now fully open and she was completely startled. She recoiled back from Ana, bubbles bursting from her regulator, which almost fell from her mouth in surprise, and Ana brought the knife sharply down and to her side, feeling it penetrate what she presumed was the thigh of the diver behind her.

A huge muffled yell came from behind her head and the grip around her neck was released so Ana pushed herself away and tried to recover her regulator, finding it swiftly, then purging it into her mouth in one action.

Now she saw both divers; the one behind was holding the wound on their thigh – it was a man, white, with white-blonde short hair which spilled over the top of his black frame-less mask. Blood spilled from the tear in his wetsuit where the knife had entered his leg but Ana could see that it wasn’t enough blood to be serious. She wasn’t sure whether the male diver would be distracted by it for a long time, especially if he also knew it was superficial.

Ana tried to decide who to attack first. The female was the obvious one as she was not composed yet and the male might just bow out of the fight with his injury. Then again, the male looked tall and strong. If he re-joined the fight while Ana was dealing with the woman, she’d have big problems. Without thinking, she lurched for the woman who now composed and just starting to think about attacking Ana herself.

Ana swung the knife as she neared the woman but felt the blow parried. Ana reached forward with her other hand and grabbed at the black woman’s regulator but missed that, too, as the woman was faster than she looked and had managed to flick her head to one side to avoid Ana’s clawing hand. Immediately, the black woman grabbed Ana’s wrists and struggled to keep them away from her. They rolled over, Ana finning hard to push the black woman towards the bottom, but the woman responded by spinning her body and using the thrust from the fins (they were heel-less and the pale skin of the black woman’s heels contrasted against them sharply) strapped to each foot, to push Ana towards a rock formation, hoping to be able to use the hard surface to hit her head against.

As they swirled, rolled and twisted their bodies together, muscles in their arms and legs rippled under their skin; their fins bending with each push and their scuba gear produced deep short hisses of air then equally frantic bursts of exhaust bubbles, interspersed with their audible grunting into their regulator mouthpieces as they exerted themselves and tried to get the upper hand. Each time Ana used her momentum to push her hand towards the woman’s mask or regulator, the woman countered it, using the momentum against Ana. Equally, when the black woman tried the same, Ana was experienced enough to parry each swipe and deflect the attack.

Bubbles swirled around their bodies, Ana’s hair flowing around her back in an arc whereas the black woman’s head swerved side to side as she avoided Ana’s hands trying to grab at her air source and facemask. The ebony diver’s air hose flexed in its arc from her tank, which jostled around on her back, over the thin straps of her one piece and around to the heavily worked regulator bobbling between her full lips. Her nipples frequently slipped out of the zipped down swimsuit as her breasts bounced around, almost spilling out as the woman jiggled her powerful body around to gain an advantage over Ana.

One on one, they were clearly a match for each other – it would have simply been down to who had the most stamina or air left.

But things were rarely that simple.

As Ana made a lunge for the black woman’s air hose, she managed to half grab and was just about to pull it hard when she felt another hand close on her wrist and bend it backwards causing her to squeal and let go. Immediately, the black woman reached out and pulled Ana’s mask over her forehead then off altogether.

Ana blinked into the sea water, just seeing the shape of the black woman and the colours of her black and yellow suit. She reached to her forehead for her mask then over her head but it had gone. She then brought her hand down to her face to protect her regulator.

Before she could cover it, Ana felt her hand grabbed and her arm pulled away from her face. Her other arm was grabbed roughly and pulled away from her body aggressively.

Ana’s arms were now outstretched either side of her, as if being crucified, each arm held firmly by the two divers attacking her. Ana grunted hard as she struggled to bring her arms in to her body to protect her air source and she twisted her head from side to side to make it harder to grab. With her eyes wide open, if she looked from side to side, see could just about see the blurred outlines of each of the divers restraining her.

She knew that she was in trouble – she had no chance of defending her regulator and she was unable to make an attack on any of the divers.

She knew that, at any moment, she was going to have her air source pulled from her mouth – or air hose cut – then be held down until she drowned because that is precisely what she would do in the same situation.

Ana knew her predicament and kicked hard towards the surface.

Cycling her legs hard did not provide the desired outcome and she was still easily held down. Ana could only see the blurred outline of the black woman’s hand reaching out towards her air hose but she tried to turn her head away and moaned a loud “Nooo” into her mouthpiece.

Ana could not see the woman’s fingers closing around the rubber tube that fed air to her regulator and she had only half breathed in when the black woman yanked the hose with such force that the regulator mouthpiece half spilled from her lips. Ana moved her head and mouth to recover it, desperately trying to make a seal but the silicone mouthpiece hung half out of her mouth and she couldn’t get enough purchase on it to draw it back in again.

The black woman tugged the air hose more gently this time, only a little force required to take it from Ana’s lips and she watched as the Latin woman blinked against the sea water as she no doubt saw the blurred circular shape of her air source slowly drawn away from her. Bubbles poured from the pursed lips of the struggling woman and she felt the tingling rise in her own pussy which ached to be touched again.

Ana tried to release her arms and screamed. She then resumed trying to fin to the surface.

Each time she pushed towards the surface, she managed to rise a few feet but the divers pulled her back down again. She tried to grab for her regulator but her arms were held out straight and she was getting so very tired. She couldn’t overcome them nor could she recover the air source which the black woman had now released and which floated slowly down to rest against her upper thigh.

The black woman and man stopped looking at the struggling woman between them and looked at each other and grinned simultaneously. The black woman’s eyebrows were narrowed with concentration and she sucked greedily on her regulator, clearly excited by watching the woman diver being drowned, then her gaze fell upon the man’s crotch. He clearly had a giant erection, the outline of it easily standing out as it pushed against the thin neoprene and she should would make good use of that sooner rather than later. She wanted badly to touch herself again – she had been really close to bringing herself to cum before, but now she thought of the feel of that big cock inside her; first in her mouth then inside her opening. She tipped her head back in delight then returned her gaze to the woman, who was swinging her head around, losing air from her lips…

Weakening. Not long for her now.

The man felt his cock surging despite his leg was hurting badly. He could see the way she was looking at him. That look when they dived and, especially, when they deprived each other, or another, of air. They were a rare breed together and got paid for what they did – a bonus.

As soon as this was over, no matter what the pain, he was going to bury his cock between those fabulous lips of hers.

Deprive her of air while she sucked him with that mouth. Just how she liked it.

Then pulling out of her mouth and flipping her over then fucking her from behind. Just how she liked it.

Not allowing her to breathe until he felt himself cum inside her. Just how she liked it.

Ana weakened. Her head lolled and she was desperate to breathe now. In a split second, she thought about all those she had done this to – drowned – and had always known that it would be her turn at some point.

When your luck ran out. That’s how it was for everyone in her line of work.

Her lungs burned and her chest started to heave.

She was seconds away from it being all over.

Her attention was drawn immediately by the sound of a loud thud and simultaneous moan easily distinguishable as being from a regulator that came from the direction of her male attacker. From her other attacker, she heard a loud squeal of surprise.

Ana’s arms were immediately released but could only lazily sweep her arms for her regulator as they felt too heavy to move. She felt her arm touch her regulator hose but didn’t have the strength to bring it to her mouth and, as her vision continued to tunnel, her arms fell to her side. Her tummy started to convulse as she automatically inhaled.

Just as she drew breath, she felt something pushed against her lips then forced into her mouth. The immediate hiss of air accompanied her inhalation and she snapped out of her darkness, bringing her hands up to cup her source. Already holding it was a hand and she pressed her palm against it, willing the hand to remain there. Just as soon as she was breathing from the regulator with some apparent regularity, the hand drew away.

She gorged on the air and thought of Rasmus, recognizing her in trouble and returning her regulator to her mouth. Who else could it be?

Whoever it was, it was just in time.

Coming around partially, she realized that she was totally vulnerable with no mask so she swirled her head around and saw the blurred outline of the male bent double nearby. It couldn’t be Rasmus, he’d be with the woman and her thinking was confirmed when she heard some muffled cries of pain from the stricken diver. She lurched towards him and came around from behind him, not wishing to place herself at risk.

It was easy to snatch his mask off his face and fit it to her own. It was loose, but she cleared it successfully.

She could see again!

Ana saw that her male attacker was mortally wounded – the end of a spear stuck out of the side of his chest and blood rushed out around it, enveloping him in a mist of red particles which had already attracted a few fish who opportunistically anticipated food. The male tried to pull the spear out of his body but it was obvious that he was wasting his time so Ana switched her attention to the black woman.

She swung her head around and saw her nearby and she was turning her head from Ana to some other interest which had to be Rasmus, probably assessing her options. For her, the situation had changed from two on one to one on two in a matter of seconds, although Ana wasn’t quite composed enough to take her on one on one. Ana thought that her posture was one of fear but residual confidence, but that had to be diminishing fast.

Ana turned to Rasmus. He had already dropped the speargun he had used to strike the male and was brandishing his knife; he had already commenced his cautious approach to the black woman.

Ana looked back to the male diver. His face looked contorted with pain and he remained preoccupied with grabbing at the spear, bubbles still bursting from the regulator in his mouth. Ana swam the short distance to him and quickly removed his second knife from his upper arm. As he felt it being removed, he swirled around, blinking, his eyes attempting to focus on who was nearby.

She darted to the side of his body where his air hose arced over his shoulder and clamped her knees against his upper arm, then grabbed the hose in such a way to make a tight loop out of it. The man turned his face to her and raised his other hand to grab her leg just as she brought the knife blade to the looped rubber tube and applied pressure. She watched very closely as the air hose held against the knife’s edge, the loop just elongating slightly.

Ana used a sawing motion with the knife. With her first stroke, the hose was cut sufficiently that it fizzed with a small amount of air being lost, then she applied more pressure to the blade stroked again, this time cutting it clean through.

Immediately, the end of the severed hose attached to his scuba tank erupted with a jet of bubbles and Ana was enveloped in a cloud of escaping air, her hair dancing amongst it. She felt the grip on her leg tighten as the male realized what was happening and she held onto the severed parts of the hose in her fist for a little longer, whilst being ready to stab the knife into the diver if he tried anything that might be of risk to her.

When she let go of the hoses, she recoiled back from the diver and watched as one of the tubes danced around in the water, air spewing out of it. Beyond the cloud of bubbles, she saw both of his hands close around the body of his regulator as it bobbled in his mouth as he tried to get air from it, then he grabbed the short section of severed hose still attached to it and felt the cut end with his thumb.

Ana moved around behind him and grabbed the hose of his second regulator – his octopus stage – just slightly away from where it screwed into his air tank valve and sawed it cleanly through. More bubbles from his air source erupted around her.

She quickly leaned back, coiling her legs up then placed the fins of her heels on his scuba tank. With some force, she extended her legs again and pushed him away from her, watching him lurch forward as she moved clear of the streams of air pouring from both of his severed second stage air hoses. She watched as he took his first regulator out of his mouth, accompanied by a cloud of blood, then push his second one between his lips. He obviously expected it to at least deliver some air to him but when he tried to take a breath, he immediately realized that his alternative was gone and whatever composure he had left evaporated completely. He flailed around for a few moments, spitting his dead regulator out, his body convulsing many times, as bubbles and blood streamed from his mouth.

Ana did not watch his end; she had already turned to assist Rasmus but she heard clearly the terrible gurgling sound that he made before falling silent.

When she had turned away from the speared male, Ana was surprised to see the black female still floating nearby and it appeared that she had been watching Ana dispose of her male companion. Ana could not see her eyes closely but she imagined the anger that they would convey, not only at Ana but at herself for choosing not to intervene.

Rasmus was almost on top of her now and the black woman turned to him, kicking backwards, hands out in submission. Ana could see the much paler skin on the palms of her hands contrasting starkly with the rest of her skin pigment. As Ana now approached her, the woman’s head alternated between her and Rasmus, and Ana was close enough to see that her eyes were wary. Then, the woman looked up and decided that flight was a better option than fight, as she kicked hard for the surface.

Rasmus got to her first and he arrested her ascent by flinging both his arms around her calves. His lunge was a little premature as she managed to get a foot free and kicked his mask off his face, causing it to sink away from him. Rasmus made no attempt to recover it but made another grab for her legs, this time closing his arms around her ankles. She did not extricate her legs his arms this time.

Ana watched as the woman’s body movement now all came from her hips, her attempts to kick just resulted in her upper body lurching backwards and forwards and Ana watched the woman’s breasts bobble around in her suit, accompanied by huge bursts of spent air from her regulator, as she struggled.

Ducking down, Ana grabbed the heel strap of one of the woman’s fins and pulled it away from her foot then slipped the fin off. She discarded it quickly then repeated the action for the other foot. Ana was surprised at the size of her feet and, for a brief moment, wondered how well she could swim with those alone.

Rasmus let go of the black woman’s legs and she kicked her legs ineffectually, unable to generate any thrust without her fins. He was already reaching for his mask to clear it

Ana saw that the woman had switched to trying to drop her weight belt which hung on her wide hips and she reacted by pulling herself up the black woman’s scuba tank and gripping onto the base of it with her inner thighs. She reached around both sides of the woman and grabbed her forearms, managing to keep them away from the quick release clasp of her belt.

Ana looked at the back of the black woman’s head as she it swiveled around from side to side to look for the diver on her back. The look of her mask strap clinging to her skull excited her as she looked a little masculine from behind but she was definitely all woman.

An interesting combination, Ana thought.

Without her fins, the struggling ebony was incapable of rolling her body around to dislodge Ana and this relieved Ana as she knew she was a formidable foe.

Ana watched closely from behind as the woman turned her head still, seeing her face in profile; her bulbous lips enveloping her regulator mouthpiece, seen from side on, were quite simply stunning, especially as the regulator bobbled around between them as she squirmed.

Ana also delighted in the hissing of her taking air in and thunderous bubbling of her exhaust from her regulator, coupled with grunts and moans for help and for her to be released.

The tables had been turned and Ana welcomed feeling the tingling in her breasts and crotch.

Ana saw Rasmus reappear and he floated beyond the black woman, upright, and with his mask back on. He had that look on his face of ‘thanks for all the help’ but he knew that Ana had done the right thing.

He was just surprised that the black woman still had air to breathe.

He looked at Ana and dragged his finger across his throat then pointed to the woman, causing her to yell something into her regulator. Ana shook her head, but the black woman did not see this and continued to struggle, shaking her head from side to side and breathing quickly, kicking her legs hard, those huge feet still generating little thrust.

Rasmus pointed away, towards the maskless male diver who was floating with his back arched downwards. His severed air hoses had stopped bubbling now, his tank as dead as he was. He then gave the OK sign to her and winked.

Ana shrugged then pushed the woman’s arms towards Rasmus and he grabbed them roughly. Ana reached around to the woman’s crotch and slipped her hand between her legs. At first, the woman clamped them tight but as Ana reached with her spare hand to the woman’s chin and then brought her hand up and closed it over the black woman’s regulator, she spread her legs in compliance. Ana slipped her thumb inside the woman and heard her moan tentatively, then Ana started to caress her clit and slide her thumb in and out of her. The woman turned her head to one side and Ana saw those fabulous lips again. After a few more rubs between the lips between her legs, the black woman unexpectedly moaned for Ana to rub harder.

Rasmus watched, confused. Ana he knew plenty about; he knew about her sexual excitement caused during her line of work, especially when things got hectic and things had very much been hectic for Ana when he’d arrived on the scene, just before he took the big guy out. He thought that her libido seemed to be a function of how much danger she was in – or had been – but he thought it was something that only really he and her shared and that they were a little freakish. But now, this black woman appeared to be of a similar mind. Absolutely in danger, totally unsure of whether she was going to live or die but who was encouraging Ana to touch her. To make her cum.

He watched and felt himself stiffen again.

This short haired ebony girl was not really his usual type but she was growing on him, not only because of her stunning body, but because of her spirit. He imagined she looked like some kind of hip-hop Goddess and wouldn’t look out of place in some music video, walking out of the sea with a zipped open wetsuit, a harpoon gun in her hands, accompanying some rapper.

That’s the best he could think of and it wasn’t going to be something that he’d later tell Ana because she would be relentless in mocking him over it.

He watched Ana’s eyes and she gave him a look to join in but he shook his head very slowly. She looked disappointed so he took his regulator out and blew her a ridiculously contrived kiss. What he had in mind could wait – they both knew it – so he replaced his air source and released the black woman’s hands. She immediately slipped one hand behind her, feeling for Ana’s crotch and the other inside the top of her swimsuit and she squeezed her own breast hard then started to caress.

He watched some more. Ana groaned in frustration as the woman’s touching of her was dulled by the neoprene covering her. This amused Rasmus a little – his cock was throbbing, but he had work to do and sometimes, self-denial was an interesting thing.

He finned over to the male diver and unclipped the spear gun line. He then dragged the diver over to a hollow in the rocks (that Ana had swum through earlier – but he did not know this) and pushed the man’s body inside then used the line to bind the diver to the rocks. He quickly searched inside his wetsuit for anything hidden but found nothing of interest. He then swung his head back towards the two women.

Ana was still working her hand between the woman’s legs which were spread wide and the woman’s arms were now above her shoulders reaching behind her head, her hands on top of her tank. Her back was arching and she was releasing a very excited stream of air bubbles.

The man then finned over towards where he had first seen Ana being held and picked up the bag, then clipped it onto his belt. Inside were the usual items – a small amount of drugs and uncut diamonds – and they’d need to be safety delivered in order for Rasmus and Ana to not have to look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives. He then finned away from Ana, who appeared to have everything in hand – literally – to check on the third hostile diver who should still be only a short distance away.


He had found the diver after he followed the curved course that Ana had set for him. When he first saw the vertical column of bubbles from beyond a rocky ledge, he’d assumed it would be Ana and approached without much caution but as he got closer he stopped dead when he realized that the diver kneeling on the bottom with their back to him had a white scuba tank – Ana’s was black.

His heart skipped a beat; Ana had been right. But this diver had no yellow colours on their kit. That meant there had to be more than one but he was not surprised. After all, stealing from another smuggler’s air drops was deadly if you did it alone and foolish even if you did it in numbers. But, to Rasmus, any diver unsuspecting of the presence of an attacker was always an easy target as if you could get behind them first. You immediately gave yourself an extremely high chance of taking them out with minimal risk to yourself.

“I don’t like the look of this” he thought to himself, despite his knowing that he held the advantage and he fingered the trigger on his speargun, nervously, whilst quickly scanning around to look for Ana or any other hostiles. Nothing. He then relaxed his finger as the feeling of it being a trap subsided. He thought that he must take advantage of the element of surprise and save the speargun for he might need it later.

He slowly moved closer to the unsuspecting diver who was slightly deeper than he was.

As he closed the short distance between them, it became obvious that the diver was female by the form of their body. Long black hair hung in the air and their thin arms were moving around, obviously working on something in front of them; something which Rasmus could not yet see.

He had an idea what it was, though.

As he closed further, he could see that the diver was wearing a black diveskin of some sort and that they had an unusually small air tank. Maybe 8 litres at most. From the top of their tank branched out two hoses. One going over the left shoulder of the diver and the other had a simple, round contents gauge attached. No compass or depth gauge. He considered that the gear looked vintage – simple but well past its best.

Rasmus moved into position behind and slightly above the female. He watched as they dropped a crow bar to their side then pushed out in front of them, trying to move something upwards with such force that they had to dig their heels into the sand to get some leverage. Their entire body became taut with the effort and Rasmus could now see that they were trying to open a small wooden crate – which he could see was ‘the drop’ intended for Ana and himself to collect.

He was so close that he heard the diver grunt when they forced the lid off then he watched them reach inside the crate they straddled and pull out a bag with a draw string top.

Rasmus scanned around again, quickly. They were still alone.

The diver leaned forward to look into the opened bag from above. The diver had been breathing normally, air escaping from their regulator very periodically, but when they jostled the bag they were peering into, they held their breath for a few seconds then breathed out heavily.

Rasmus was just reaching out for the diver when they pulled the bag tight with the cord around the neck of it, then started to look to their sides, nervously. He could see his hand almost touching the scuba tank of the diver when they turned to look behind them on the opposite side that he approached from. Then, just as swiftly, they turned to look behind on the side that he approached from and then looked up directly towards him.

Behind the diver’s mask was the face of a young woman. Her eyes looked nervous at first but widened at the sight of him and she dropped the bag immediately before turning onto her back and finning hard, away from Rasmus. After a few moments, she decided to make a grab for her knife, which was sheathed on her upper arm.

Rasmus picked up the bag on his way past it without stopping and approached her, dominantly. Her expression remained one of fear and she looked to her sides, yelping help into her mouthpiece, trying to attract someone to her aid. He closed the distance between them and she took to swinging her knife around, defensively. In doing so, she somehow managed to then lose her grip on it and started to frantically fumble as it fell away from her fingers. Her momentum carried her away from it quickly and he almost felt sorry for her as her fingers hopefully grasped towards it.

She now looked towards him again and continued to fin on her back, her long black hair flowing over her shoulders and across her small breasts housed in her diveskin. Rasmus noted that she was probably in her very early twenties (or possibly younger) and, ethnically, appeared to be local. The diveskin had a thick purple line running up the side from her ankles to her neck, and it clung to her long and lithe body very appealingly. He noted her build was not one of strength but he remained wary as looks could often be deceptive. The fact that she had clumsily dropped her knife and was not in the mood to take him on gave him confidence that she was inexperienced and not much of a threat.

The stainless steel round regulator held in her lips looked like it had seen a lot of action. Rapid bubbles burst from the exhaust on it and her tired looking yellow slipper fins were flicked using a poor finning action.

She didn’t appear to consider any other options than to retreat, her big brown eyes remained transfixed on him, peering out from her vintage two pane mask. Rasmus looked beyond her and deliberately and easily closed the distance between them to cause her to speed up. He now just needed to wait a few moments for her to do most of his work for him.

Her head hit the rocks behind her with a dull thud and she’d lurched forward, groaning, her long black hair now flowing away from her face as she sank, dazed, her regulator almost falling from her mouth. The plan worked perfectly – she had not looked behind her once since he’d forced her to fin on her back and he’d driven her into the rocky outcrop at some speed.

Rasmus moved around behind her swiftly while she remained stunned and moved his forearm across her throat to put her into a headlock. He then brought her upright as he wanted to reduce his depth to see beyond the surrounding rocks to see if he could see Ana. As he scanned around him, he heard the woman groan as she came to, then her arms weakly reaching up to grab at his arm around her neck. As he scanned for his companion, he swung her body around with some ease; she was light in comparison to his own strength and his intention was to keep her disoriented and to unsettle her.

Under normal circumstances, he would have liked to have had a ‘play’ with her but his mind was on Ana at the moment and what kind of trouble she might be in.

His continued to grip the woman’s neck and check 360 degrees around to scan for Ana and any help which might come the young woman’s way. As he rotated, he spotted something in the distance so he leaned forward and squinted a little then blinked in surprise at what he saw.

He could see three divers, two of which appeared to be grappling in a flurry of bubbles while the other one, appearing preoccupied with their upper leg. As he looked closely, he saw that one of the divers had a camo suit on.


Rasmus immediately reached around to the woman’s face and tore off her mask, discarding it to one side. She immediately yelled into her mouthpiece and let out a huge stream of bubbles, which made Rasmus stiffen a little. Quickly, he closed his hand over her regulator and was surprised at how much effort it took to pull it clear of her mouth. His first attempt resulted in her moving her head in the direction of his tugging and she would not let it go.

After a short pause, he tried again and yanked it clear of her pursed lips, bringing it over her shoulder then raising it upwards as high as he could stretch whilst, at the same time, he pushed her down against the sea bottom. Her hand followed her regulator up over her shoulder and her arm stretched upwards as she tried to reach up to take it back. He watched as he held it just out of the reach of her grasping fingers and his erection was now full.

As he held her down against the rocks below, she was forced into an awkward squat, her knees almost together but her legs turned out to her sides. In this position, all she could do was to wiggle her legs around – she could not force her body upwards or generate any thrust from her fins.

Her cheeks puffed out as she held her breath, bubbles leaking from her lips as she exerted herself, legs and body squirming against his hardness in his wetsuit.

She turned her head to try to look up towards her regulator but gave up and pulled her arm back down again, grabbing his arm around her neck and pushing her fingernails into his wetsuit hard. This pinched his skin badly but was not enough to force him to release her.

As she struggled, he brought the regulator back around to her face, in front of her mask knowing that she would probably be able to see it’s blurred outline. She did and grabbed out at it with both hands, desperately attempting to pull it towards her mouth and to slip it between her lips. There was no way that she could not overcome his superior strength, though, and she realized this quickly, switching from trying to grab her air source back to escape, her knees pushing down against the rocks below, frantically trying to force him away from her – to dislodge him.

While she struggled, he looked towards Ana again – she was still tumbling in a wrestling match with the other diver – but the companion had joined in and it wasn’t what he wanted to see.

“Ana” he shouted into his regulator, knowing that seconds counted in a scuba fight and she was in a two on one situation which rarely ended well.

The woman he was restraining continued to squirm against him, furthering his arousal. He couldn’t quite believe that she was holding out so long despite appearing to be so panicked and inexperienced. Initially, he had considered just taking her regulator and jamming it between her scuba tank and harness and, in hindsight, it might have gained him some time to help Ana. But, he now had to stick with the plan and wait for her to weaken and drown.

He looked again towards Ana; she was now being restrained and seconds seemed to turn into minutes. He turned back to the woman, watching her hair dance around as she wriggled, then back towards Ana, then back to the woman.

“Fuck this,” he thought and was just about to let her go and help Ana when the woman’s hands suddenly went to her mouth to try to stop herself inhaling. She cried out for help, releasing a large volume of air, as water rushed in to replace it. Her body went limp and she involuntarily exhaled all of the remaining air in her lungs.

Rasmus jostled her body back a few times via his arm still around her neck, just to make sure she was gone. Her arms limply floated at her sides. She did not respond.

For a brief moment, he felt sorrow for the woman. She had been out of her depth – literally.

Quickly, his thoughts returned to the task in hand. He turned to where he had last seen Ana but could not see her anymore. A flush of panic went through him and he released the limp woman, swinging his body around then finned in the direction he last saw his companion in trouble. As his powerful legs kicked he looked down his body and past his legs at the diver he had just taken out, just to ensure that she was still not moving.

She wasn’t.

He put the bag he had taken from her safely away then brought up the speargun and checked its readiness. He scanned around looking for flashes of colour but saw nothing. Where had they gone? To the surface, perhaps? He rolled onto his back and looked upwards but saw nothing there so rolled back onto his front. Then, over to his right, he saw some flashes of colour and some shimmering vertical streams of bubbles.

He turned his body through 90 degrees and finned hard towards them, bringing the speargun into his preferred firing position. As he closed, he had seen Ana’s arms fully outstretched between the two divers who held her down and one of them was holding her regulator away from her.

They hadn’t seen him approach. He was lucky today, for sure, as it was rarely this easy.

He took aim at the larger of Ana’s two attackers and squeezed the trigger of the speargun.

The spear hit its target and Rasmus nodded to himself, satisfied with the shot.


When Rasmus returned to Ana and the woman, it was like he had never left. Ana eyed him from behind her mask – she looked determined and very aroused. Rasmus gave her the OK signal and watched, touching his crotch and feeling his big cock filling with blood again. The black woman was moaning excitedly into her regulator and appeared to be demanding more from Ana.

Rasmus thought that things needed to be taken up a gear. He grabbed the black woman’s wrists again and brought her hands to his crotch. She resisted at first but then allowed it and when she felt the man’s wetsuit, she looked down and started to squash her palm against where his cock was outlined, rubbing it forcefully but slowly.

Ana obliged, also. She slowly stopped caressing the black woman’s breasts and took her hand out of the woman’s swimsuit which was now zipped down to her weight belt, causing her naturally large but pert breasts to mostly spill out. She brought her hand slowly up behind the woman and closed her fingers over the woman’s scuba tank valve and screwed it closed slowly and deliberately.

Rasmus watched Ana’s eyes, knowing what she was doing to the woman’s tank. He saw the sheer arousal in them.

Ana sucked in a breath, held it, then listened to the black woman breathe from her regulator. This was easy as she was so close to the woman’s tank. Ana listened for the air to hiss through the woman’s air hose. It came soon.


The woman moaned with pleasure into her regulator.

A loud ‘mmmmmmmm’ filled the air space in her mouth.

Then the thunder of her exhaust bubbles as she breathed out.



‘mmmMMMMMmmm” then bubbles.

‘SSSSSSSSSSSS’ – a short, sharp intake this breath. Ana had slipped a finger inside the woman’s opening.

Ana closed the valve another turn.

‘mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmMMMMMM’ then bubbles.

Ana rubbed the woman’s engorged clitoris and fingered her labia. Ana could feel that she was shaven and that her pussy lips were almost as big as the ones around her regulator Also, she was close to cumming – Ana could tell. She’d been working on her for long enough and her breathing was becoming increasingly excited.

Another turn of the valve.

The woman turned her head to one side again and leaned it back with pleasure. Ana watched her mouth closely and wanted those lips that were around her regulator on her own clitoris instead, but that would have to wait.


‘mmmmmmmm’ then bubbles.

A long, slow turn of the valve. Ana felt it end stop.

sssssssss…………..(suck) – looking at the side of the black woman’s face, Ana saw her cheek hollow sharply as she tried to draw breath but no air was delivered by her regulator.

The black woman emitted another “MMM????” then sucked.

Now, a huge “MMMMMMMMMM” then two sucks on her regulator in quick succession: (suck, suck)

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! (suck, suck, suck, suck)


Ana’s eyes focused on the black woman’s attempts to breathe, watching her hollowed cheeks with each failed suck and then the confused moans into her mouthpiece. This only excited Ana more and she rubbed the woman’s clit harder and faster while moving her other hand to the woman’s now exposed breast, squeezing it hard.

The woman tried to pull her arms back but Rasmus held them firmly and her legs started to dance around.








Ana watched Rasmus’ eyes while he watched the woman struggling to get air from her regulator. He saw her lips working hard on the mouthpiece of the regulator, first pulling in and splaying out, as if she was sucking on a big cigar, trying to encourage air to burst from it.

Then he looked at Ana and the arousal in her eyes.

Was she going to let the woman drown?

Ana continued to rub the woman’s clit and then the woman let out a giant moan and her body convulsed over and over again, her cheeks hollowing with each convulsion as she tried to suck air in and cope with the enormous waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

Rasmus watched her ebony breasts wobble freely around in the water then looked down to her crotch where Ana had pushed her swimsuit away to one side. Some white-ish liquid was still squirting from the woman’s pussy as she continued to orgasm and this made his cock throb all the more.

He looked back up as he watched the mixture of terror and pure pleasure behind her mask. Rasmus let her arms go and her hands went straight to her regulator, both hands covering it, willing it to deliver air.




No air came from the woman’s regulator.

The struggling woman’s legs started to dance frantically and she swung her head from side to side, sucking and moaning on her regulator, hands desperately pushing it into her mouth.

She wasn’t going to be conscious for much longer as her big brown eyes started to roll up, the whites showing.

Ana wanted to touch herself, to make herself cum like the woman had, but she reached for the woman’s tank valve and turned it back on quickly.

(A weakened suck)

(Another weak suck) – still no air.

(suck)… then a longer pause.

The woman was weakening. Her eyes swept sideways – she was in a state of pure panic.

(suck…….SSSSSSS). Air flowed through her hose again and into her lungs.

A short burst of bubbles appeared in her regulator exhaust baffles.

“SSSSSSS” then bubbles.


The woman relaxed a little as she appeared to being allowed to breathe. Her vision was improving, not so dark now.

She had expected no more air and she’d take all she could get while it was still available.





Rasmus looked a little confused behind his mask that Ana had turned her air back on. Ana noticed and wasn’t sure what she was doing herself just yet.

Ana looked at him, questioningly and Rasmus shrugged. Then she signaled about the drop and he tapped his waist as if to say that he’d got something in his pocket. Ana nodded and smiled.
She then pointed her thumb upwards and slid her arm across the woman’s throat then squeezed it, taking her into a headlock.

Rasmus got the woman’s attention and then motioned for her to release her weight belt. She looked back, confused at first, then reached her hands down, grabbing the belt with one hand and undoing the clasp with the other. She flicked open the quick release and let it slide off her wide hips before she held the belt away to her side and released it.

Rasmus watched her natural breasts bobble as she worked to release the belt, her chest rising and falling with each breath.

With that, Rasmus signaled a thumbs up to her and she looked confused again. Her eyebrows arched and she thought it was some kind of trick causing her to cover her regulator with her hand.

Rasmus reached out and grabbed her forearm and pulled her hand away from her air source. As she tried to reach it with her other hand, he grabbed that and she woman squirmed, expecting the woman behind her to snatch it away.

She craned her head up and to the side, the muscles in her neck straining and moaned “nooo” into her regulator mouthpiece.

Smiling, Ana and Rasmus started to fin upwards together, Ana dragging the woman upwards by her neck.


Ana and Rasmus breathed slowly as they ascended, taking care not to overtake their bubbles. They’d been down for some time but not deep enough to worry about anything. When they got to the surface, Rasmus released the woman’s arms and then slowly raised his head out of the water, spinning through 360 degrees. Ana waited with the woman, just below, their bodies moving around in the swell.

When Rasmus signaled the all clear, Ana surfaced but she put her hand on top of the woman’s head and kept it below the surface while they both continued to scan for anything suspicious on the surface or shore.


Ana took her hand off the woman’s head and allowed her to surface. She eyed Rasmus suspiciously as the water rolled off the glass of her mask and she struggled a little against the arm still across her throat.

Ana tightened her grip on the woman’s neck and motioned for Rasmus to ditch her scuba gear.

The woman protested by silently struggling as he snatched the regulator from her mouth, saliva dripping from her lips and the regulator mouthpiece. He undid her waist clasp then the harness straps which ran down the sides of her breasts and then held her arms straight down, causing the harness to slip off her back and below the surface.

She was now just in her one piece and mask; Rasmus pulled the mask strap from the back of her head and tossed the mask aside. He immediately was struck by her beauty – high cheekbones and the intelligence in her eyes. Her neat eyebrows remained furrowed with confusion and apprehension.

“Who the fuck are you?” asked Ana from behind.

The woman said nothing.

“I’ll ask again. Who are you?”

No response.

“Knife, please,” – this one directed at Rasmus. He passed his knife over and Ana held it to the woman’s throat.


“Lissa!” blurted the woman in an accent Ana could not place.

Ana spoke clearly, “OK…Lissa… that we know your name, we can all be best friends. And you can start by doing what friends do best and be friendly. That means you’re going to tell us all about who you work for.”


“Or, I can open your throat up here if you like?”

Ana pressed the knife blade against her skin. She had to be careful as her skin was soft and the blade moved as they all bobbed in the swell. The woman became aware of the risk she was taking.

“Down there,” Lissa mumbled and pointed to below the surface.

“Pardon?” asked Ana.

“The man or the woman?” asked Rasmus – he had heard her more clearly.

“Is that what took you so fucking long?” inquired Ana, her tone gave away her annoyance.

“Long? You are lucky she didn’t take **so** long to deal with,” replied Rasmus, clearly irritated. “You were out of your depth.”

“I was,” replied Ana, realizing her mistake. Her tone changed to one of reconciliation. “I’m sorry,” she added. “Thank you.”

Rasmus nodded.

Lissa mumbled again. “Is she…is she dead?”

“The girl?” replied Rasmus.

Lissa nodded.

“Yes,” replied Rasmus. “You should not have used her for this. She was feeble.”

Lissa nodded. “It was not my choice. It was not her choice, really, either. He…”

Ana interrupted, “Who is he? The one below?”

“The man below is Anders. But he did not want to bring her either,” Lissa replied.

“Then who did?” asked Rasmus.


“Don who?” asked Ana.

“Don….Don Pepe.”

“Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. Don Pepe. He must be getting desperate to be operating out this far,” remarked Ana.

Lissa said nothing.

Rasmus thumbed towards the shore. It was a good distance and he was in two minds whether to duck back under again.

Ana nodded.

As Ana and Rasmus finned on their backs towards the shoreline, the woman swam between the two divers, knowing that trying to get away was pointless. She had no idea what they were going to do next but she thought she would be dead by now if they had that on their minds.

When they reached the shore, they all clambered out of the water and Ana and Rasmus ditched their gear. Ana ran to the Land Rover and then came back with some cable ties. She pushed Lissa into the tree line and then simply said, “Hands.”

Lissa held them out and Ana cable tied her wrists together.

“Into the back of the car.”

Lissa complied.

She climbed in and Ana flatly said, “Feet.”

Lissa held her feet together and felt them cable tied tightly.

Ana disappeared from view and Lissa thought about what had happened.

Anders and Gayna dead. She felt anger.

She should be dead, instead. Her anger increased. But she was alive and they permitted it – this man and this woman. Her anger subsided a little.

This Ana woman had made her cum so hard. She had never felt anything like it.

But, the job had failed. Don Pepe would not be forgiving like this man and woman had.

What next for her now?

Ana and Rasmus appeared at the back door of the Land Rover. “Feet up,” demanded Ana, and Lissa lifted her legs. They pushed their kit in then closed the rear door.

From the other side of the door, Lissa heard Ana. “I’m fucking driving.”

“Are you sure?” asked the man.

“Very sure.”

A jingle of keys could be heard.

Lissa watched as the pair hopped into the front and Ana started the Land Rover. She then turned to her

“You’re lucky, Lissa. I should have killed you and I still could yet. You’re going to be very angry with us for killing that guy you were with. Anders, wasn’t it? I can see there was something between you. But that is now in the past for you and you need to think about it that way.”

Rasmus turned to look at Lissa now, also.

Ana continued, “Now, the girl. That was your fault, not ours…”

“I told you already, it was not our choice,” replied Lissa flatly.

“Why did Don Pepe send her then”, asked Ana.

“Her family owed him something. I don’t know what. She had to…do things…for him. To pay off the debt.”

Ana felt sickened and knew precisely what had been required of the woman Lissa spoke of. After all, the same thing had happened to her family – to her – and it was why she was now in this line of work. Rasmus looked across at Ana and their eyes met. He saw the sadness there momentarily.

“OK, Lissa. But you should not have left her alone to fend for herself. But you know that already. So, you need to think about all this very carefully. Very carefully. You’re alive because I think you could be very useful to us. To me.”

Lissa said nothing.

“I’ll let you have a think about it. If you don’t think you can be useful, let me know and I think you know what will happen. I’ll arrange for you to meet some of Don Pepe’s men on this island. You can appeal to their understanding when you explain why you failed in what he asked you to do and why you are still alive.”

Lissa turned to look at the woman for a moment. Then she looked ahead and stared at the side of the Land Rover.

Ana threw the vehicle into gear and reversed back up the back to the road, the transmission whining as it struggled to push the car up the bank.

Rasmus looked at the woman in the back then out of the windscreen at the sea. He then leaned back into his seat and closed his eyes and thought about the mission.

He even kept them closed as Ana reversed into the road without even looking, then slammed on the brakes hard.”
Ana looked at Rasmus. His eyes were closed. Then she looked at his crotch. He was just wearing shorts now and she could see his stiffening erection through them.

Ana stuck the Land Rover into first gear and let the clutch out hard. The wheels struggled for grip then bit and the vehicle lurched forward and away, back to their cabin.

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