Teri made sure the captain had the best of everything from her establishment. After all, one could not suffer the wrath of the Nazis without risking one’s livelihood. And she owned an elegant restaurant just inside the city limits of Paris.

MademoiselleCaptain Lowen and his officers treated her well along with those of her staff. Therefore she gave explicit instructions not to oppose anything they required. She did not expect anyone to actively assist the Nazis. But neither did she discourage those from choosing to take part in the resistance so long as she was not informed of their activities. That way she would not risk accidentally giving away valuable information.

Her focus was on the business she ran. And since the majority of her patrons were German she did not wish them to close her down, much less send her off to a concentration camp. Those who were taken by the SS were seldom heard from again.

Captain Lowen was not in uniform as he sat dining along, complimenting her on the fine meal. And as usual, she happily took him up to her room for a little something extra after he was finished. After all, it paid to be nice to him because it usually meant she and her staff were left alone to continue making a living during the Nazi occupation.

This evening Teri was dressed appropriately for entertaining, wearing a flowing, lacy red gown with quite a bit of cleavage showing, a garment she could easily slip out of when the time came. She wore bright red lipstick, with that same matching red color painted onto her fingernails and toenails. It accented her red hair, making her quite an alluring French mademoiselle.

The captain was in a sharp looking suit and tie, somewhat unusual for a German officer. But she’d once mentioned how the uniform always jarred and unnerved her. She wasn’t sure if it was out of politeness why he chose not to wear it in her establishment or whether he simply wanted to escape military life for a few hours.

She gave him some brandy as they listened to music on an old Victrola. She allowed him to remove her dress and fondle her breasts. Then as an after dinner treat she went down on him; kneeling in front of him, taking out his cock and then giving him her version of French dessert until he came in her mouth… which she dutifully swallowed.

They made their way over to the divan where they cuddled together in a state of undress, kissing each other while continuing to listen to the music. She asked him very few questions so as not to get herself into trouble on either side of the war. Besides, he was a decent lover, and he often brought her great pleasure in her bedchamber. Being too inquisitive was not a good habit to get into, especially if one valued one’s health.

“Mademoiselle, I must ask you about one of your patrons,” he finally murmured into her ear, “…one Pierre Garcon?”

“The name is unfamiliar to me,” she murmured back. “Let’s not talk shop; shall we, mon petit cheri?”

“But I must know, mademoiselle. The SS have been asking around. It is said he has been seen coming in and out of your establishment. I have heard Major Stubbin of the SS is a very hard man to deal with. I most certainly would hate for you to fall into his evil clutches over something so trite as the knowledge of a single, solitary individual.”

She nibbled on his ear, purring happily as he fingered her wet pussy. She had heard of this major, had heard how dangerous he could truly be. “If you should see this major,” she murmured, nuzzling his neck, “you can tell him I am not aware of such a man entering my establishment. I suppose it’s possible he may have come in while I was up here in my room… or perhaps while I was out shopping in the city. In any event, I have no knowledge of this man or why he would even haunt my establishment unless he is hungry for some fine French cuisine.”

“I am afraid for you, ma petit cheri,” he told her, the concern evident in his voice. “He claims to have information that leads him to believe there are those in this establishment helping the resistance.”

“There is no one I am aware of in my establishment engaged in such an activity, Herr Captain. Besides, it would certainly not be good for business to have such persons skulking around, would it not?”

“Are you sure, fraulein? He seems to think otherwise.”

“This major of whom you speak seems to be a very suspicious sort.”

“He has reason to be. The resistance is very active; members have been seen going in and out of your establishment.”

“I cannot control who walks in and out of my business, Herr Captain. I do not know everyone who passes through my doors, nor do I have such desire to know. In this day and age knowledge is a most dangerous weapon.”

“Indeed, mademoiselle… VERY dangerous. And I think you are a very poor liar.”

“What?” But she could get out nothing further as a hands suddenly wrapped tightly around her neck and began to squeeze.

He forced her to her feet, backing her into the bedroom as she rasped and gurgled. “You must speak, fraulein,” he said in a quiet, ominous tone. “You must tell me the truth before you endanger yourself.” Then he let go. She coughed as she rubbed her neck, eyeing him with great shock.

“You have never treated me this way before, Herr Captain. Have I done something to displease you?”

“You have not answered my questions, fraulein.”

“But I know nothing, Herr Captain!”

He slapped her face hard, spinning her around. It happened so fast she had no advance warning. She looked at him aghast, her eyes wide with alarm as she instinctively rubbed where he had slapped her.

He suddenly reached out and cruelly smacked her breasts, causing her to yelp in pain. Then he lashed out again, grabbing her neck once more and starting to squeeze. “You are lying, fraulein,” he growled with deadly menace. “The major does not tolerate liars.”

“I’m not… lying!” she gasped, struggling to breathe.

He abruptly let go of her neck again, only to slap her face once more as she tried to gasp for breath. She went spinning around, tumbling onto the bed on her back. In a flash he was on top of her, his hands once more finding her vulnerable throat as he quietly murmured, “Mademoiselle, I find your lack of candor troubling.”

“I speak… the truth!” she rasped. Then she yelped as he slid his dick inside her. This time it actually hurt!

He started raping her as he squeezed her neck even more, thrusting hard as he brutally fucked her… deliberately hurting her. “The Major does not suffer liars,” he hissed at her.

“Tell… the major…” she started to gasp.

“But I AM the major, fraulein!”

Teri gasped in horror, her eyes flying open with horrible realization. Was it true?? Had she been entertaining the Major of the SS unawares this entire time in her eating establishment??

She had no idea what he might have learned from her being as how she knew so little. But he didn’t seem to care. He just raped her harder, thrusting brutally inside her pussy while taking what he wanted.

This was not the lovemaking she was used to in days gone by. But the revelation made sense now. Had any of their previous meetings and intimate encounters been anything more than him “pumping” her for what little information she might have possessed?? She suspected not. This evil man was all business and little more, other than obtaining what pleasures he could get for himself.

“Major, I – AWK!”

She stiffened and shuddered, struggling to pull a breath of air into her tortured lungs as he cruelly squeezed her neck. Then he let her go and she gasped for breath, only for him to backhand her hard across the face. She cried out from the blow, her vision swirling as she began to tremble from the dangerous “quicksand” she now found herself sinking into.

“Filthy schlampe!” he snarled at her, calling her a slut in his native tongue. “We shall see what information you have been giving the leaders of the resistance!” Then he rolled her over onto her hands and knees.

She cried out as he pushed his hard cock into her anus. She started to scream, only for him to clamp a hand over her mouth. “Filthy partisan!” he hissed into her ear. “We of the SS know how to take care of hündinnen like you!” Then he raped her ass as his hands found her neck once more, choking her all over again.

Teri rasped and gurgled, struggling to breathe. The bastard was going to choke her to death as he raped her!! She had no idea she’d been hosting the notorious major of the SS in her establishment!! Why hadn’t somebody warned her; didn’t anybody KNOW the man by sight enough to enlighten her as to who she’d been entertaining??

She felt him cry out as he pumped his seed into her ass. Then her vision started to cloud over as he choked her into unconsciousness, her eyes rolling just before she passed out. The last thing she was aware of was him finishing pounding her ass so very, very hard…

Teri was surprised to regain consciousness. When she did she discovered she was no longer in her room, much less back at her establishment. She was sitting naked in a wooden chair with armrests in a plain looking room with white walls. Her arms were secured to the armrests; she was not going anywhere.

The door swung open a couple minutes later and her captain walked in. This time he was wearing his full SS uniform – all black with medals all over as well as those ugly black jack boots. A red armband on his left arm brandished the swastika she intensely disliked over what it stood for. The entire uniform caused her to shudder with fear and revulsion.

She looked at him with fright, wondering what he was going to do to her now. She doubted she had anything meaningful to offer him. By now he’d probably already learned what little she DID know; anything more probably wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans.

“I’m sorry about your clothes, fraulein,” he told her as he started to remove his gloves, “…they seem to have been lost during transport.”

She trembled again, wondering who had seen her naked body while she had been hauled here against her will. She wondered what kind of torture she would be subjected to before she was sent back to her establishment. Funny the way she harbored that hope. But she truly believed he would learn so little as to consider her not worth any future investment of his time and would ultimately let her go.

“Not even a robe, Herr Captain?” she asked, feeling a little defiance coming on as she used the title he’d been giving her in her restaurant. “Aren’t you going to be a little more thoughtful about all this?”

“Schlampe!” he declared, striking her in the face with one of his gloves. Then he stepped in front of her menacingly.

“I would not be so worried about your attire right now if I were you. After all, we did not complete our little talk back in your room, ma petit cheri. I wish to renew our discussion.”

“I seriously doubt I have much to offer you,” she told him, trying to sound nonchalant despite the fear she was experiencing. “But you may ask your questions. Then I need to get back to running my business.”

“You may not even HAVE a business by the time I get through with you, fraulein! Now to the business at hand! Pierre Garcon… Gaston Lorning… Maurice Letruse… these men have been seen inside your establishment.”

“These names are unfamiliar to me, Herr Captain. I’m sorry but I’m afraid I cannot be of more help. But if you release me I’m sure I can show my gratitude to you in other more pleasurable ways.” She was starting to feel more confident now… maybe even a bit playful with him. Maybe she could charm him into letting her go.

“You had best try again, mademoiselle. I do not tolerate lairs in this building, a fact that is well known among my subordinates. And I suggest you start referring to me by my proper rank.”

“It is the truth, mon petit cheri. These names are unfamiliar to me.”

“You refuse to cooperate?”

“I refuse to speculate upon that of which I have no knowledge about.”

“Does this mean our time here has come to an end?” She shivered at the menace in the tone of his remark.

“Perhaps it has, Herr Major. I wish I could be of more help. But if you would like to escort me back to my business I can certainly have my people whip up a soufflé for you to enjoy… perhaps a chocolate mousse for your troubles?”

“A noble offer, fraulein.” Then he stepped behind her.

Teri stiffened, not knowing what he was going to do next. A moment later she felt a thin cord come around her throat. Almost immediately he pulled it tight, cutting off her breath as well as her circulation.

“Are you sure you have no information for me, fraulein?” he breathed ominously into her ear. “Otherwise our time in here could be very short indeed.”

She rasped and gurgled, thrashing about in the chair. Was he actually going to kill her? She might not live to even make it back inside her establishment! Then her world started to go dim as she wet herself.

“I don’t know,” he mused thoughtfully behind her, keeping the tension in the cord. “Perhaps you can yet be persuaded.”

“NOT IF YOU KILL ME FIRST!” her mind screamed. “OHGAWD; HE’S REALLY GOING TO KILL ME!” Then she shuddered as she passed out again…

Teri was dimly aware of being freed from the chair, dimly aware of being half dragged out of the room in her nudity. She was taken to another room where she was strung up by her wrists to something up in the ceiling. Oddly the Spartan room contained nothing more than a rough looking trough of water three feet wide and three feet deep.

There was the sound of a pulley as she was pulled up into the air by her wrists until her toes no longer touched the floor. Then she helplessly swayed back and forth, grunting and whimpering with fright. That’s when the major came up to her, stopping her naked body from swaying long enough to grab her by her chin.

“I suggest you tell me what you know, fraulein,” he warned her. “Gruber here really enjoys his work!”

She looked over to see a fat, sweaty shirtless man with a whip in his hand. His face was red as though he suffered from high blood pressure. Then the major stepped away and nodded at him.

Gruber swung the whip in her direction, causing it to wrap around her waist with a painful sting. Teri screamed in agony, her body jerking and shuddering enough to set her to swaying back and forth. Then the major smiled at her as he stepped forward.

“Do you see how efficient my sergeant is, ma petit cheri? He has had many years to develop his craft. Perhaps you would like to feel more?”

“No! Major; I know nothing; I SWEAR it!”

“Nothing? How odd! Ok, Gruber; I believe she would like more.”

He stepped out of the way and smiled as the sergeant swung the whip a second time. This time it wrapped around her chest. The tip swung all the way around and stung her breasts with a sharp crack. Teri jerked and then screamed again.

“Herr Major; I know nothing!” she cried out. “I do not know these men of whom you speak – AAIEEEE!!” This time the whip wrapped around her waist until the tip amazingly stung her dripping pussy.

Teri jerked again as she swung back and forth from the rope in the ceiling. She sobbed and whimpered, trembling as she hung there. “Well, ma petit cheri?” the major asked in soothing tones. “Does this loosen your lips?”

“I know… nothing of… these men. Perhaps you have… the wrong establishment – AAIIEEEEEE!!” The next one wrapped around her chest, stinging her tits again.

“Such a stubborn, how you say… bitch?” Then he turned to his sadistic sergeant.

“Herr Gruber; you may proceed. I will be back after sufficient time has passed for you to enjoy yourself. Meanwhile, if mademoiselle gets thirsty please see that she receives something to drink.” He nodded at the trough and then turned one last time toward his naked charge.

“I will give you some time alone with Herr Gruber, ma petit cheri. I hope the time will be well spent.” Then he abruptly walked out the door.

“Thank you, Herr Major!” sergeant Gruber nodded at the SS man’s backside as he left the room. Then he turned and grinned wickedly at the trembling naked woman hanging by her wrists gently swaying back and forth.

“MAJOR, DON’T LEAVE ME!” Teri cried out at the closing door. Then the shirtless man swung the whip again.

She screamed before it landed… continued screaming long after it had bit into her left breast. Then she cried out again for the major to return. But the door did not reopen.

The whip sang out again, leaving a welt on her bare buttocks. She screamed once more, her naked body jerking and swaying. Then the whip sang out yet again, this time stinging her pussy something fierce. Teri screamed up at the heavens, but she was certain those guardian angels up there must have turned their backs on her to allow her to be subjected to such torment.

The whip sang out again and again and again. Wicked red welts blossomed all over her tits, her ass, even her waist. Amazingly he seemed to know how to swing the damned thing in order to hit her pussy just right!!

She cried; she screamed; she begged for mercy. She had no idea who the men were the sadistic major wanted information about, other than they had to be a part of the resistance. It hurt like hell, but she wasn’t sure she would have told him anything even if she had known something useful! Surely they would receive the same treatment she was now undergoing if they were ever arrested… whoever they were!

The whippings continued for the better part of an hour until she was exhausted and feeling half dead. That’s when Gruber came over and took her down. He smelled horrible, but she was too weak to make any attempt to keep him away much less attempt an escape.

He tied her arms roughly behind her back. Then he walked her over to the trough. She was thirsty; a drink would certainly do her good. Besides, Gruber smelled like he hadn’t bathed in quite a long time!

He suddenly bent her over and pushed her head down into the trough with a splash. The water was bracingly cold; it snapped her wide awake as she cried out in a flurry of bubbles. Her head was jerked back up and she gasped madly for breath, cold water cascading out of her hair to stream down her face.

Her head was forced downward again despite her best efforts to resist. The water was cold as hell; she nearly inhaled! She cried out as she bubbled her breath away until he pulled her head back up.

She gasped wildly for breath, all the while sensing some sort of movement behind her. Then she thought she felt his prick push into her shamefully wet pussy. “Sergeant; NO!” she cried out, only for her head to be forced back down into the water. Then he started to fuck her while she was forced to hold her breath.

Teri screamed again as she bubbled her breath away until her lungs were empty. She tried to fight him off, but he was much too strong for her. Then he jerked her head up out of the water by a handful of her red hair, raping her mercilessly.

She gasped and sputtered, trying to keep from sobbing. Then he pushed her head back down. It was terribly cold but at least she’d had a split-second to refill her tortured lungs first.

He raped her hard and fast as though the goal was to see just how many times he could ram his cock inside her in the span of a few seconds. Teri grunted and bubbled, her crimson strands flowing all around her head. Then he jerked her head back up, allowing her to cough and sputter and gasp for breath again. Oddly he never bothered asking any questions.

The humiliation of being fucked and dunked was almost more than she could bear. She was starting to wish for the major’s return, wondering what she could tell him… if she could even get away with making up a story to escape this sadistic torture. Then she felt Gruber adjust his grip, the move indicating her head was about to go back down into the trough.

“Sergeant; WAIT!” she wailed. Then she inhaled a split-second before she was shoved back down. The shock of the cold water made her cry out a bubbly scream of humiliation.

She could feel a perverse arousal from her horrible situation start to rise up within her. The SS bastard was thrusting unbelievably hard, thrusting as though he wanted to hurt her! And her body was beginning to respond, beginning to betray her!

She was pulled up for another breath, gasping like crazy. “STOP, HERR SERGEANT!” she shrieked. He just grabbed a handful of hair and shoved her head back down into the water until she was bubbling like crazy. Her lungs heaved in protest as she wondered just how long this was going to go on before the crazy German bastard simply decided to drown her…

“You’re sure?” the major said into the receiver. “You’re absolutely certain of this? And the bitches have already been hanged naked? I would have enjoyed seeing that. Pity. Thank you for the call, Herr Captain. Heil Hitler!” Then he hung up the phone.

Interesting. It appeared the lovely lady he’d been screwing all these months while dining at her establishment appeared to be telling the truth after all. Obviously she knew nothing about these three men; it was a mix-up in the information he’d been given as to the establishment they’d been frequenting. In fact, there was no concrete evidence of any sort of resistance activity at her business at all!

He shook his head, chuckling how he had misjudged her. Still… he could not help but doubt the fraulein’s total innocence in all this. After all, she was a French woman living forcibly within occupied territory. Was anyone truly innocent in these matters?

He smiled as he considered whose hands he’d left her in. Gruber was totally competent… and he thoroughly enjoyed his work. Hell, she might even derive some small enjoyment out of it!

The question now was what to do with her. Surely he could not let her go back to her establishment as though nothing had happened. No, perhaps it was best to carry on with pretenses despite the information he’d received. She would be tortured until she confessed to something. And if she didn’t confess? Well, he was certain something could be arranged for the stubborn fraulein.

Major Stubbin pulled out a cigarette and lit up, taking a deep drag as he considered the French woman who was now entertaining the good sergeant. It was possible she knew something, even if it was no more than a morsel or two. Perhaps she might have something valuable to contribute to the war effort so long as he gave her just enough quality alone-time with the sergeant…

He was relentless, fucking her pussy again and again while dunking her head in the trough. Teri was half drowned, coughing and sputtering. What embarrassed her was the sensations swelling inside her. She was getting close to orgasming from her humiliating ordeal!

The sergeant pulled her head up out of the water, allowing her to gasp for breath. Teri felt him slide out of her pussy; thank gawd the rape was over! Then she felt him push the head of his dick against a more intimate opening.

Teri started to tremble, shaking her head and mumbling for the sergeant not to do it. She did not want to be violated in this manner. In fact, she had not even permitted the major during his impersonation as the good captain to enter her thusly!

She cried out as he forced his way in. Then her head was forced back into the trough and the cold water awaiting her. Teri screamed and bubbled as her ass was brutally violated. It hurt like hell; oh, how it hurt!

He seemed to care not a whit as to her situation. And he still asked her no questions! He pounded her relentlessly until she was sure he was going to drown her! Then he pulled her head out of the water, allowing her to gasp wildly for breath.

Teri coughed and sputtered, her body trembling from the pain of her whipping while shuddering from his anal assault. Her tits heaved, her nipples so painfully hard from being submerged in cold water. She begged him to stop, told him she would willingly fuck him if he stopped! In response he cruelly forced her head back down into the water, submerging her tits as he continued to brutalize her ass.

Teri screamed bubbles from the rape… screamed from the humiliation of her violation. She also cried out from the shame of the sensations that continued to swell within her, carnal sensations that threatened to overwhelm her. It was bad enough he was raping her ass; she did not want to cum as a result of her sexual humiliation!

He pulled her head back up moments before her lungs would have given out. Teri cried out in anguish, gasping in a frantic attempt to get her breath back. The smell of the man was awful; knowing that horrible cock was inside her made it a thousand times worse. Then her head was pushed back down into the water again.

Teri cried out in a froth of bubbles as he pounded her ass. He seemed to be enjoying it, seemed to be fucking her as though he wanted to hurt her! Where the hell was that major; why didn’t he come back and put a stop to all this??!!

He pulled her head back up as though knowing just how much she could take before her lungs gave out. She panted wildly for breath, feeling his cock violating her ass. And it felt like her orgasm was getting closer; she couldn’t seem to stop it!!

It would’ve been so much easier to give up, so much easier simply to succumb before she was subjected to even more agony. But Teri’s body simply refused to give in. And so he shoved her head back down into the cold water of the trough as he raped her ass harder.

Teri screamed into the water, bubbling like crazy as her muscles twitched and clenched reflexively, instinctively milking his savage fuck-tool. She was aware of her body’s response to his assault, shamefully aware of the way her muscles were fucking him back. She wanted to make herself stop, prayed for some way to make herself stop! She even tried to open up her lungs to the cold water of the trough, but she just couldn’t do it!

Her head was abruptly pulled up out of the water again, allowing her to gasp wildly for breath. Then someone blew a cloud of cigarette smoke into her face. The major had returned, a sadistic smile on his face.

“I see you and the sergeant are becoming intimately acquainted, ma petit cheri. Please don’t stop on my account.” Then she cried out as her head was abruptly forced back down into the cold water again.

Teri screamed and bubbled… screamed for the major to make him stop as Gruber pumped her ass with his cock. The fact that the sadistic SS man was looking on as she was being raped only added to her humiliation. It swelled shamefully inside her until it threatened to crest.

Her head was roughly pulled back up and she gasped wildly for breath again. “Herr Gruber; it simply amazes me how long you can prolong their agony. You seem to know the exact moment the body wants to give in and start to drown. Then you pull them up seconds before that moment. You are truly a master of your craft.”

…and then Teri screamed as she was forced back down into the cold water, her ass being brutally raped repeatedly…

She let out a bubbly cry as it swelled within her until it crested and spilled over. Teri’s muscles clenched onto the thrusting cock inside her anal passage, involuntarily milking him as her body exploded in orgasm. She writhed and bubbled in helpless agony, feeling sore all over from the residual pain of her previous whippings. At least the pleasure of her orgasm helped diminish her suffering somewhat.

She felt herself approaching the abyss of oblivion, deciding it was best to give in to it. Then she abruptly shuddered before passing out from the intensity of the agony her body was enduring. Teri went limp in the grasp of the sadistic sergeant.

Gruber pulled her head out of the water, but there was no corresponding gasp for breath. The major grabbed a handful of hair and took a good look into the face of the French woman. He observed the dazed look in the eyes of his mademoiselle, and he smiled with contempt.

“I believe she enjoyed your time together, Herr Gruber. But I she appears to need a moment or two to compose herself. That should give you the time you need to retrieve the plank.”

The sergeant pulled his cock out of her ass, a trickle of cum leaking out as a result. Then he simply let go of her naked body, allowing her to collapse onto the floor in a heap. Teri trembled with her eyes glazed over as her body went into little twitches and spasms. Then she took a little breath, followed by another and then another as the life slowly returned to her eyes.

“I trust you and the sergeant got more acquainted?” the major asked, looking down upon her crumpled form. Teri didn’t respond other than to take one ragged breath after another. Then Gruber returned with a wide plank in his grasp.

He propped it up against the trough at an angle. Then he picked up the French woman as though she were nothing more than a rag doll. He laid her upon the plank where he untied her wrists from behind her back before working to secure her to the plank with her arms wrapped around the wide piece of oak.

“Ma petit cheri, you have been less than helpful,” the major explained. “It seems you know far more than you are telling us. As I have been in your bed many times I DO wish you would treat me more as an intimate, one to whom you can feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts and secrets. What do you say, mademoiselle?” Then he grabbed her chin and looked coldly into her eyes.

Teri gasped and shuddered, her body sore all over. Was the major really so stubborn and so clueless as to continue pursuing this despite her obvious lack of knowledge? What was it she was purportedly to have known??

“I know of… no such… men in my… establishment, major.”

“You disappoint me, mademoiselle. Usually you charming ladies are hard to silence… and now you have nothing to say? How odd.” Then he nodded at Gruber.

The sergeant suddenly slid the board along the edge of the trough until Teri found herself hovering over the water below. She turned and looked at the major in growing alarm. Then she began shaking her head… gawd; not the cold water again??

“I must apologize for my negligence, mademoiselle, for not allowing you the time you need for your nightly bath. Allow me.” Then with a nod at Gruber the board was lowered until she was dropped into the trough.

Teri’s body seized up as she lay at an angle in cold water that climbed up to her waist. It covered all the red welts on her chest, tits and stomach from her previously whipping, numbing her from that pain while making her shudder from the cold. She cried out a flurry of bubbles, her nipples returning to their full hardness as her pussy and ass throbbed from the residual sensations of having recently been savagely fucked.

“I must apologize for the lack of soap, ma petit cheri,” the major explained as he looked down upon her submerged upper half. “Here at the SS we have so little time for such luxuries. I guess you’ll just have to enjoy your bath without them.”

Teri began to writhe and bubble, her body becoming numb as her lungs heaved in warning. Gruber leaned on the free end of the plank sticking out of the water. Teri came up out of the cold embrace of liquid, gasping and sputtering for breath as water cascaded off her sore, naked body.

“That bath does not look as pleasant as I thought,” the major observed with feigned sympathy. “Are you SURE you have nothing to tell me, mademoiselle?”

She gasped for breath, her eyes big as she sensed this too was only the beginning of another set of dunkings. Then Gruber lowered the plank back down into the water until she was submerged again. Once more her body seized up from the cold as she started writhing and bubbling.

Every place the whip had left a welt seemed to throb at once. Her pussy and ass ached as her nipples protruded so painfully out of her boobs. If there was anything worse the SS could do to a person she certainly couldn’t imagine what it could be!

Was it longer; had Gruber left her in longer? Was the bastard going to drown her while the major looked on without a care in the world?? Then she was tipped upward out of the water, coughing and sputtering again.

“A most unique way of washing your hair, ma petit cheri,” he observed. “Please explain to me why you think this is much more efficient.”

“Herr Major!” Teri cried out. Then Gruber lowered the plank again. Teri felt it hit the bottom of the trough, her body seizing up yet again. She was amazed she could even hold her breath in all this cold!

Goosebumps broke out all over her flesh. Her nipples were so hard she was afraid the cruel major would be able to break them off on a whim! Her body trembled and shuddered as she struggled to hold her breath.

The cruel sergeant leaned on the end of the plank, bringing her back up to the surface. Water cascaded off her quivering, naked flesh as the red welts that crisscrossed her body throbbed painfully. She gasped for breath twice, gave the major a plaintive look… and was cruelly submerged again!

Down she went, her body once more feeling like it had just seized up on her. Teri wondered if a healthy individual might suffer some sort of heart seizure from all this torture. She had no idea how long they were going to dunk her… only that she prayed it would end soon.

Gruber leaned on his end of the plank, causing her to rise up out of the cold water again. Teri panted weakly for breath, feeling herself becoming numb. At least her body was acclimatizing… or was she starting to slip into hypothermia? She had no idea; was that possible being dunked so often in cold water?

“Gruber, I believe mademoiselle here misses her toys when she bathes. Would you see to it?”

The sergeant grinned, causing Teri to shudder as she wondered what that was all about. Then her end of the plank abruptly dropped into the water. She had no time to get a good breath as she was cruelly submerged yet again.

Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw the sergeant leave the room. Where the hell was he going? Would the major lift her out before she drowned? Or would he even bother sullying his hands any further??

She wriggled and squirmed, waiting for the sergeant to return. The major’s eyes seemed to wander; he was starting to look bored. What about her… wasn’t he going to pull her back out? Was this finally it??

She wasn’t sure how long she was forced to hold her breath before Gruber returned. For some reason she was grateful he was not gone long. She sensed she was not long for this earth, but for some reason her body kept fighting to stay alive.

Gruber seemed to hand a couple of objects over to the major. Then he pushed down on his end of the plank. Teri came up out of the water, coughing and sputtering while trying to get her breath back.

“Oh, these are excellent, Herr Gruber!” the major observed. “The lady should be most appreciative. Which one do you wish to start with first?”

He hefted them both in his hands as Teri panted heavily for breath. They looked ominous, and she did not have a clear line of vision to see what they were. Gruber simply dropped her into the trough again with a startled cry before reaching out to take one from the major.

Teri moaned and bubbled, struggling in vain to free herself from the plank she was secured to. Was the water getting warmer; was she getting more acclimatized? Or was she becoming numb, running a grave risk of hypothermia? Did it really matter anymore, considering this was probably how they intended to kill her?

She felt something push against her anus, felt Gruber slowly twist it into her ass. It hurt like hell and she screamed her breath away. He abruptly leaned into the plank, lifting her out of the trough before she would have drowned.

Teri yelped and whimpered, panting wildly to get her breath back. I suggest you get yourself a really good breath, mademoiselle,” the major suggested. “This might hurt a little.” Then Gruber started to lower her back down into the water.

Teri quickly gulped down a lungful of air. Then she was submerged again as her end of the plank went all the way to the bottom of the trough. Then Gruber started twisting the object in her ass again.

She wriggled and squirmed; she writhed and bubbled. Then Teri screamed in agony. The farther it was pushed inside, the bigger it felt… and therefore the worse it hurt!

With a hard thrust it was soon seated inside her ass. Teri screamed again, bubbles spewing out of her mouth. The plank was tipped up until she came up out of the water gasping and sputtering again.

“P-p-please, m-m-major,” she whimpered. “I know n-n-nothing!”

“Surely you know something, ma petit cheri. Perhaps you’d like the other object now?” And with a nod at Gruber the plank started to go down into the water again.

Teri inhaled deeply; she just couldn’t help herself. She wanted to live… or rather her body did! It was instinctive; perhaps it was a desire to stay alive until such time as she thought she might be rescued or the major simply got bored with her and let her go. But something inside her told her they’d passed the point where that was even a remote possibility.

Something was pushed into her pussy, making her wriggle and squirm again as she bubbled in agony. It did not feel as bad as the massively uncomfortable object now residing in her ass. But that only made her worry this device held a secret far more painful than the one up her bum.

She certainly was being left in the water for a long time; her lungs were starting to scream at her. Were they going to allow her up for a breath? Or was the object going to explode in her pussy, perhaps catapulting her into eternity?

Gruber leaned on the plank again, lifting her up out of the water. Her nipples were so hard they felt numb from the pain. Her bloody red welts all over her naked body felt like they were fusing together into one massive blanket of agony.

“Is that better, ma petit cheri?” the major asked soothingly. “No?? Very well. Gruber will adjust it for you.”

Teri’s eyes flew open in alarm at those words. A moment later the plank lowered her back down into the water. She filled her lungs with air just in time before she was dunked back into the cold water of the trough.

She felt Gruber reach between her legs for the object in her pussy. Then she felt some discomfort. Wait; was it starting to get bigger inside her??

Her eyes got even bigger as she struggled to hold her breath. The pain was bad again in her pussy, worse than when she was being raped! What had he put inside her that was making it swell with pain??

Her head twisted from side to side as she bubbled her breath away, her face wincing in agony. It certainly would have been better to give in and drown herself, but still her lungs would not give out. She continued holding her breath as once more that humiliating sensation of arousal began to swell within her. Gawd; she was going to cum again despite all this torture and agony!!

She didn’t think she was going to last another second before Gruber leaned on the end of the plank, lifting her back out of the trough. She gasped mightily for breath, whimpering and groaning with pain. The major just looked at her with a sad little smile before reaching out to pat her on the forehead. Then Gruber lowered her right back down, causing her to frantically gasp for breath before she went down.

Her body did not seize quite so badly this time, she was getting used to the cold. Then Gruber reached down between her legs again. The object in her pussy began to swell uncomfortably, her eyes getting bigger and bigger until it really hurt! Even her ass was throbbing painfully!

She was pulled out of the water, allowed to catch her breath for a few moments… lowered back down. Then the object in her pussy was adjusted until it felt like it had swollen even larder. Now she truly was in agony! She bubbled her breath away and was lifted back up moments before she would have given in to the inevitable.

“I believe she needs some alone-time with her toys, Herr Gruber,” the major instructed the sergeant. “Please finish your task so we can leave her alone for a few minutes.”

Gruber nodded as he swung the plank over until it was fully resting on the sides of the trough. Teri whimpered, but at least she wouldn’t be dropping into that cold water again. Then the sergeant reached between her legs and…


It was as though he was twisting on something to make the object in her pussy swell to an unbearable size. She wailed; she screamed; she begged the major to relieve her suffering; she promised to divulge all. But the sergeant and the major calmly walked away and left the room.

Teri screamed from the agony in her holes, screamed as her body thrashed about involuntarily. It hurt like hell and there was no relief! Every inch of her felt like it was on fire; all the welts from the whippings, the agony in her lungs from her repeated dunkings, the raging torture that now enveloped both her holes.

She cried; she screamed; she begged; she pleaded. Then she screamed some more. The pain was unbearable; she would have done anything to make it stop.

How long had it been… minutes … hours? Time had no meaning for her. It felt like it had been ages… and yet it felt like it had only just started, making her think she was doomed to suffer like this for all eternity.

She heard the door open… and still she screamed. She saw Gruber and the major walk in… and yet she could not stop screaming. “Au revoir, ma petit cheri,” the major told her with a very sadistic look in his eyes. Then Gruber angled the plank over the center of the trough before lowering her back down into the water.

Teri felt the cold jolt her as she tried to hold her breath. But the pain in her holes was unrelenting. Then it was torn out of her lungs, a bubbly scream of agony.

Her lungs emptied and she instinctively inhaled. Instantly her body began bucking and jerking, all caught up in the throes of drowning. She tried to scream from the pain, but her lungs were flooding and all that came out was a painful gurgle.

Teri was dimly aware she was cumming… cumming while she was drowning. It was the ultimate indignity after all that had been done to her. To cum in front of these two sadistic SS men was the culmination of her torture.

She shuddered hard, grunting and gurgling as her body thrashed about. Then she began to settle down aside from a few stray muscles spasming and twitching. She stared upward at the ceiling, her mouth open wide in a rictus of great pain. Then the life flickered out of her eyes as the last of the air in her lungs began streaming out past her parted lips to trickle upward to the surface of the trough.

“I do believe she appreciated the toys you brought her, Herr Gruber,” the major told him. “My compliments to your efforts. Expect a bonus in your pay next week.”

“Many thanks, Herr Major,” he replied. Then he motioned at the unmoving body in the water…

“What shall I do with mademoiselle?”

“Allow her the rest of the evening to enjoy her bath. Then take her down and throw her in the river. Surely anyone who comes across her body will understand the wisdom of cooperating with the SS once they see how we interrogated her.”

“Heil Hitler!” the sergeant proclaimed in a stiff salute. Then they left the room, leaving Teri alone at the bottom of the trough as the waters became still…

© 2016 (written for Teri Jan 28 ’16 by riwa)

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