Emma’s Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas; one task to perform
before Emma could finally go in and get warm.
The boxes were stacked in a corner with care;
an ominous warning her foe would be there.
Other than that there was nothing to find,
but the PI deduced there was evil in mind.
‘Time to get out and report what I know!’
the woman surmised as she started to go.
When out in the back she heard sounds of a car
and a short moment later the door was ajar.
“I’ll be caught!” she cried out and she started to run
when in through the door burst a bitch with a gun.
“Freeze!” a voice said and she stalled in her tracks,
afraid she’d be shot down right there in the back.
She heard a voice say, “My-my; what have we here?
It’s that private dick Emma – a pleasure, my dear!”
The voice was familiar as she turned around…
twas Amy the smuggler from outside of town.
Her grin was malicious, her deeds so well known
that the PI named Emma let out a small groan.
“You have become such a thorn in my side
that I think it is time I take you for a ride!”
“You’ll not get away with this!” Emma said loudly.
“I already have,” Amy retorted proudly.
Out to the car and then into the trunk
where she rolled all around with the rest of the junk;
Emma despaired that she might not survive.
There had to be some way of staying alive.
The car ride was lengthy and much too unpleasant,
making her wish she’d stayed home with her presents.
They came to a halt and the trunk opened wide.
Then Emma at gunpoint emerged from inside.
“Walk to the door,” her foe waved with the gun,
and Emma was sure her PI-ing was done.
She was tied to a chair clear inside in the back.
Then Amy reached into the depths of a sack.
“Know what this is?” her foe said with a grin.
One look confirmed it would make a great din.
“An explosive device!” Emma quivered with dread.
She knew that this cruel bitch wanted her dead!
‘This sure will do it!’ she thought with a quiver.
‘There’ll be nothing left – maybe pieces of liver!’
“You’ll not get away with this!” Emma cried out
but the woman ignored her while looking about.
“I’ll just set the timer, then be on my way.
Sorry that I cannot stay here and play!”
Amy laughed cruelly, tossing her hair
before setting the bomb underneath Emma’s chair.
She spoke not a word, but kept on with her work
’til the timer was set. Then she rose with a jerk.
“Now I must be going,” she said to her foe,
“But allow me this one little treat ‘fore I go.”
Then kissing the helpless PI on her lips
the woman stood up with her hands on her hips.
Emma heard her exclaim as she walked out of sight,
“Have a blast, my dear Emma! I bid you good-night!”Emma's Nightmare before Christmas© 2008 (written Dec 24 ’08 by riwa)

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