Janet’s Research Journal Entry


Research Journal Entry DR2-20ftJeJaBr052411

This is a private journal entry written for Doctor Frederick Crocker. The purpose of this entry is to record my experiences and observations during the testing of the T-serum misting of the lungs under drowning conditions at 20 feet during adverse circumstances. I was subjected to forced stimulation, and experienced sexual climax several times during the process of taking water into the lungs and drowning. What follows are my thoughts and observations, starting with the witnessing of a similar experiment conducted upon one Brianna M Blackswell.

Doctor Crocker had been experimenting with the T-serum mist upon his subjects over the course of several weeks. His lab assistant Riwa Sharperson was often present with the subjects, and was frequently permitted a certain intimacy with them. But for this particular experiment Doctor Crocker desired to be at the controls in person.

For the first test I was allowed to assist Jenna Nichols in escorting Brianna to her position in the tank. Jenna and I wore the laboratory’s specially designed white, form-fitting one-piece swimsuits that were cut well up the thighs and revealed a lot of cleavage. For the purposes of the experiment Miss Blackswell was required to be nude.

All three of us were equipped with full face masks and surface hoses. We all wore weight belts as we descended the steps into the tank. We walked down to the landing in six feet of water where the platform with the orgasm sled awaited us. Then we proceeded to prepare Miss Blackswell.

She knelt and then straddled the orgasm sled where she sat upon a thick metal post that served as both sensor as well as stimulation device. We were required to strap her legs to the side of the sled for the purposes of keeping her securely in position. Then we were requited to secure her arms straight down to the orgasm sled as well so she would not accidentally free herself in the middle of the experiment.

Securing her was a necessary precaution according to Doctor Crocker. Even with the weight belt, there was the distinct possibility of her thrashing around upon the sled, working herself off and possibly even losing the weight belt and drifting upward. If that were to happen, the results of the experiment would become greatly compromised.

Jenna and Brianna talked to each other the whole time during the securing process, often tossing sexual innuendos at each other. Miss Nichols and Miss Blackswell are well known among the staff to be intimate with each other. Jenna even communicated how jealous she was of the great sexual ride her friend was about to embark upon.

Brianna finally confirmed to us that the post was fully inside her vagina. She said it felt good inside her and that she believed she was going to receive great orgasms while she was drowning. Even her clitoris was pressed against a projection coming out of the orgasm sled that would buzz and vibrate her once the sled was activated. When confronted with her friend’s jealousy, she simply grinned as she replied, “Eat your hearts out, girls!”

We finished securing the subject, whereupon Doctor Crocker’s voice came through all our facemasks asking Brianna if she was all right. She indicated that she was already horny and was rather looking forward to the experience. Jenna and I then stepped off the platform where we headed back up the steps and out of the tank as the platform took the orgasm sled down into deeper water with Miss Blackswell secured to it until she was at a depth of ten feet.

After shedding our weights and face masks Jenna and I were permitted to observe the proceedings and to remain on standby until it was time to go back down and retrieve Brianna. So we walked over to a window with a good view. Assistant Barbara Johansen, an attractive Swede from Stockholm, was tasked with assisting Doctor Crocker throughout the experiment. Both had microphones in front of them and were able to communicate freely with Miss Blackwell through her full face mask. We were all granted access by speakers to the words she uttered as well as any sounds she might make throughout the test.

“I’m turning the sled on now, Brianna,” Doctor Crocker told the subject. “Injecting T-serum mist now,” Miss Johansen added. Jenna and I stiffened with excitement as we watched the proceedings.

“Now don’t get too excited watching me up there, ok doc?” was Miss Blackswell’s playful reply. Jenna looked at me and made the comment how this was going to be so much fun to watch.

The orgasm sled was activated and Miss Blackswell soon began to whimper and moan. “I bet you wish you were down here in my place, Jenna!” she gasped. “This feels so fucking good! The first one is going to hit any moment now!”

“Subject’s vagina is clenching around the probe,” Miss Johansen told the doctor with a smile. “She is inhaling the mist, and she is responding well to the stimulation.” The doctor nodded in reply, but Jenna leaned close to me and giggled as she told me they sure didn’t have to worry about her friend failing to respond to any stimuli.

We could all hear Brianna’s voice through her face mask as she gasped and moaned. “Oh fuck, doc!” she kept blurting out. “Oh fuck – oh fuck – oh fuck!” I could tell she was writhing against the probe in her vagina in response to the stimulation. It was actually making me quite wet just watching her squirm while listening to her sexual cries of arousal and ecstasy down there in the tank.

“Oh fuck, doc; it’s here!” she suddenly proclaimed. Then with an extremely loud “OH FUCK; I’M CUMMING!” her body became quite animated impaled on that probe. Jenna and I looked at each other nervously, but the good doctor reassured us we had secured her properly and that all the readings were normal.

“Fuck; that was a good one!” Miss Blackswell finally gasped into her full facemask. “I’ll bet you loved watching that too, eh doc? And I’ll bet you are jealous as hell up there watching me; eh Jenna?”

“Slut!” was all Miss Nichols answered in playful reply. Barbara gave Jenna an amused glance before turning back to her board of instruments and monitors.

Doctor Crocker spoke into the microphone and said, “I’m going to take you through a couple more before we flood your facemask; ok, Brianna?”

“Anything you say, doc!” She was definitely most eager to continue with the test.

“Lucky bitch!” I heard Jenna mutter under her breath as she stood right next to me. I had to agree. I, too, was jealous of Miss Blackswell being on the receiving end of all those orgasms.

Doctor Crocker soon increased the power to the sled. Miss Blackswell huffed and puffed and writhed and groaned even more as her body really began wriggling and squirming. It was terribly arousing to watch. I’m glad my swimsuit was still a little damp from our time in the water as I was hoping it would hide all the familiar signs of my arousal down between my legs.

“Oh fuck; here it comes again!” Miss Blackswell’s voice blurted out through her facemask. “Oh fuck, doc – oh fuck – I WANNA FUCK YOU!!” Then she was writhing and wriggling and crying out in orgasmic joy. Jenna and I looked over to see the doctor’s reaction to Brianna’s words. But he remained professional the whole time other than the faintest flicker of a smile at the edge of his lips.

“Subject’s vagina still clenching the probe, doctor,” Miss Johansen observed in a clinical voice. He nodded as he turned the controls up. “More power coming, Brianna,” he said into the microphone near his mouth.

“Oh fuck, Jenna!” her friend in the tank gasped deliriously. “You should feel… feel this… ohmygawd; this feels incredible!” Even though we had secured her properly I think Miss Nichols and I were still afraid she might somehow break free of her straps the way she was squirming so much.

“Oh fuck, doc… fuck it’s coming again… I CAN’T… CAN’T STOP… FUCK, I’M CUMMMMING!!” Then she was writhing like crazy as she screamed in orgasm.

“Heartrate has reached test levels, doctor,” Miss Johansen observed calmly. That’s when he released the oxygenated water down Miss Blackwell’s hose toward her face mask.

“Better hold your breath, baby, ‘cause here it comes!” Jenna cried out gleefully. Then she mockingly bulged her cheeks to suggest her friend might be wise in doing the same.

I was enthralled by the whole process, unable to keep from squirming as I observed the water flowing down Miss Blackswell’s clear air hose. She was riding that sled like a woman possessed, frantically fucking that probe as though she desperately wanted it to cum inside her. “Here comes the water, Miss Blackswell,” Barbara spoke into her microphone near her lips.

We all heard Brianna start to gurgle… “Doc, I… wait, I…” Then her facemask was full, the water backing up in her air hose.

She suddenly had a look of fear in her eyes, but that was to be expected. Miss Blackswell and Miss Nichols had gone through the experience of being drowned several times before. But each time there was still that element of fear involved. Perhaps that is what made the experience all the more exciting for them both in the way they had described it to me so many times before. And more and more I found myself wanting to have the same experience at least once.

“Still clenching,” Miss Johansen observed as she studied her readouts. Then Brianna started shaking her head. We all heard her muffled, gurgly words over the speakers… “DOC, I CAN’T HOLD… OH FUCK, THE SLED… SHIT; I’M CUMMING!!” Then she grunted and gurgled as she really began riding that probe, almost as though she was bouncing up and down on it.

“She can’t hold it much longer,” Jenna gasped breathlessly. “You just can’t hold your breath when you’re cumming like that!” Then I looked over to see she was shamelessly rubbing her crotch.

I was extremely turned on, but I didn’t want to be so sexually obvious in front of her. I never wanted either girl to misinterpret any of my actions while working for the good doctor as I was not into lesbian relationships. But it was too arousing to just stand there and do nothing. I just had to relieve myself.

I reached down and rubbed myself while glancing over at the doctor. His lab coat easily obscured any woodie he might have been sporting. But even his assistant Barbara was not wholly unaffected as she was panting heavily for breath while watching her instruments.

We all heard a bubbly “FUCK NO!” as Miss Blackswell bubbled and gurgled. There was a visible explosion of expelled breath in her flooded facemask. Then she was grunting and gurgling and bubbling as she started to drown.

“FUCK!” Jenna gasped as she winced and shuddered beside me, her hand furiously rubbing her crotch. I found myself all out of breath as Miss Blackswell thrashed about all secured to the orgasm sled. “Vagina is clenching probe even harder, doctor,” Miss Johansen observed. Now the good doctor was panting heavily as well, his eyes appearing to glaze over a little.

Brianna appeared to be in agony as we all heard gurgly sounds come out of the speaker. She jerked and convulsed from each inhalation of water into her lungs. Then there was another bubbly cry followed by another explosion of breath.

“Fuck; she’s cumming again!” Jenna breathed next to me in pure rapture as she savagely rubbed herself. I stood there watching breathlessly as I rubbed myself as well, thoroughly hypnotized by the spectacle.

“Readings, Barb?” the doctor called out.

“Green across the board, doctor. Lungs are filling with water at expected levels. The orgasms are serving as the stress factors for a very frantic, agonizing drowning.”

“Very good, Barb.”

Brianna seemed to calm down a little, her mouth gaping open as her eyes stared outward in shock. “Popping face mask now,” Barb intoned. The magnetic connections came apart and her face mask was suddenly pulled upward out of the tank, leaving Miss Blackswell without any further air supply in her underwater environment.

“Barb?” the doctor asked.

“Vagina still clenching, doctor.”

“Wow, she’s really fucking it, isn’t she!” Jenna gasped in awe while panting heavily to get her breath back from the orgasm she had just endured. All I could so was stare with wonder, amazed she was still fucking that probe with all that water in her lungs.

Brianna suddenly grunted as she started wriggling and squirming like crazy. This time I detected a sudden color change in the area immediately in front of her crotch. “Oh fuck; she just SQUIRTED!” Jenna gasped in amazement. “The slut actually squirted!”

“One more and we’ll conclude the test,” Doctor Crocker said to no one in particular. Then he cranked up the controls to the orgasm sled.

Brianna suddenly jerked as though she could feel it inside her. Then she was grunting and coughing up water along with a few stray bubbles as she fucked that probe for all she was worth. That’s when I soaked myself as I climaxed so very hard. Next to me Jenna was utterly astonished…

“Oh fuck, she’s really… she’s drowned and yet she’s still fucking that probe!”

“She’s still clenching the probe with her vagina, doctor,” Miss Johansen observed. “Oh my goodness, I think she’s having another climax!” That’s when Miss Blackswell shuddered hard, her eyes rolling up into her head. Then she became absolutely still as she sat fully impaled on that probe up her pussy.

“Girls!” Doctor Crocker demanded. Jenna and I shook ourselves out of our aroused reverie and scurried over to the edge of the tank.

We dove in head first – pretty impressive dives if I do say so myself. Then we swam down toward Miss Blackswell who was not moving at all while fully impaled upon the sled. She was just sitting there with a vacant expression in her eyes, her mouth gaping open as the platform slowly brought her back up to the six foot level.

I freed the straps to the right side of her body while Jenna freed the left. We popped the quick release to her weight belt and then swam her limp body up to the surface, the two of us blowing bubbles out of our noses. When we got her to the edge of the pool there were paramedics from the infirmary already waiting with a gurney and the machine to remove the fluid out of her lungs. Within moments they had her on the gurney and were rushing her away.

Doctor Crocker sighed as he shut down his instruments. “Well?” he asked Miss Johansen.

“I think it went rather well, doctor,” the curvaceous Swede replied with a smile. “She was obviously conscious and clenching the whole time, especially after she settled into the experience of water in her lungs.”

“Is she ok?” I asked nervously. “What happened, doctor?”

“Sensory overload, Miss Wamsley,” he replied. “…not from the drowning or the water in her lungs, but from the orgasms she kept on experiencing.”

“Wow!” Jenna gasped admiringly. “I can’t WAIT for my turn!”

“In due time, Miss Nichols; in due time,” the doctor told her with a smile. “In the meantime your services are no longer required, ladies. I appreciate your help. You two may go now. Thanks for all your assistance.”

“Anytime, doctor,” I told him. I was actually feeling pretty good from the orgasm I’d experienced while watching Brianna in the tank. But now I needed to go get myself all cleaned up.

I followed Jenna to the showers, still feeling a little breathless from what we had just witnessed. She still seemed to be in awe of the whole experience. “You think I’m going to cum like that 20 feet down when it’s my turn, Janet?” she asked excitedly. “Fuck; I sure hope so!”

What I didn’t tell her was that I was having serious thoughts about asking the good doctor of I could take her place and volunteer to drown for him at the experiment’s required 20 foot level while riding the orgasm sled. It just looked too damned erotic to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like that…


Watching Brianna Blackswell ride that orgasm sled while drowning had a profound effect on me. No matter how hard I tried I simply could not banish those erotic images out of my mind. So I did something I probably should not have done: I went to see her that evening in the infirmary.

She was doing quite well considering her lungs had been deliberately flooded, even though they had been flooded with oxygenated water while under the effects of the T-serum mist. She still had the mask over her mouth and nose to pull all the moisture out of her lungs. She was alone when I arrived, and she smiled when she saw me.

“Janet, so good of you to come check on me! But I’m doing great; really I am! Doc says he wants to keep me in here another day just to be sure, although I think my lungs are pretty much clear now.” Then she wrinkled her face unhappily as she added, “I guess that means I’m going to miss the show with Jenna tomorrow.”

I smiled at her before fumbling for the questions I wanted to ask. But I couldn’t make the words come out. She gave me a quizzical look before smiling knowingly at me.

“You want to know what it was like, don’t you,” she said to me, anticipating what I was going to ask. “I can see it in your eyes.” I blushed before nodding my head.

“Janet, it was incredible! The orgasms I had were more intense than any orgasms I’ve ever had before! No wonder Jenna can’t wait for her turn in the tank!”

I smiled shyly at her. Then I asked, “What was it like… to drown, I mean?”

“Well it was scary at first,” she told me hesitantly. “It’s always scary when you can’t hold your breath and you know your lungs are about to give out. Then I started sucking water. I remember thrashing about in panic, but you’ve seen me do that plenty of times before during all those other tests. But that just made the orgasms all the more intense.” Then she smiled knowingly at me again as she added, “But you know me, Janet! I’m in it for the orgasms!”

“What was it like after you, uh…?”

“After I ‘drowned’? I was conscious, of course; you always remain conscious. But it’s like it was so damned hard to take a breath! What’s more, I just couldn’t stop fucking those probes! For some reason I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming until I, well… I guess I just blacked out from the intensity of all those orgasms.”

“It really wrung me out, Janet!” she went on. “I think I slept for six hours straight! Even now I still kinda feel like I’m fucking those posts! And the dreams I’ve had have been incredible; I keep cumming in my sleep! Now you know why I volunteered!”

I looked at her and nodded, but she must have seen something in my expression. Then she got quiet as that same knowing smile blossomed all over her face. “You’re going to go see Dr. Crocker to volunteer for the 20 foot test, aren’t you!”

“What makes you say that?” I gulped nervously.

“Janet, you can’t hide it from me! It’s written all over your face! Good luck trying to take Jenna’s place!”

“I, uh… I’m glad you’re ok, Bree. I, uh… I think I’ll be going now.”

“Damn! You’re going to go ask doc right now, aren’t you! And he’s going to keep me in here another 24 hours! You’re going to ride the orgasm sled tomorrow and I’m going to miss it! It’s not fair!”

“I’m glad you’re doing fine, Bree. See you later.” Then I made a hasty exit. But the words she hurled at me as I headed out the door filled me with dismay…

“Good luck trying to take Jenna’s place tomorrow!”

I tracked the good doctor down in one of the labs where he was going over some data. “Got a minute, Doc?” I asked carefully.

“Anything for you, Janet. What can I do for you?”

“I was thinking about that test at 20 feet tomorrow and I…”

“Of course you can help secure Jenna in the orgasm sled. I’ve got a new girl named Diane Seangel who’ll be assisting you. I knew you would want to be involved so I’ve already set it up.”

“No, Doc,” I said, gulping down the lump in my throat. “That’s not it. It’s just that I, uh…”

“You what, Janet?” I decided I’d better hurry up and spit it out before I talked myself right out of it.

“Doc, I want to be the one riding the orgasm sled tomorrow.” He didn’t even hesitate…

“Nothing doing, Janet. I promised Skip I wouldn’t put you at risk in any of my experiments.” He was right of course, but I was suddenly filled with a burst of that Wamsley stubbornness. I amazed even myself!

“I’m serious, Doc; I really want to ride the orgasm sled tomorrow!”

“I know you’re serious, Janet. But there’s no way in hell I’m going to go against Skip’s instructions concerning your participation. After all, I gave him my word!”

“Doc, I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me and I’ve never once complained. It’s been a pleasure being here watching your experiments and helping you out whenever I can. And I’ve never once asked you for any favors, have I?”

“No, Janet; you haven’t.” That’s when I played my lone trump card…

“Do you remember what you said to me after that one test several weeks ago when I jumped right in and helped out during that emergency… and how you were so impressed with the way I just dove right in and did what I could? Do you remember what you said to me?” That’s when his face fell…

“Janet, don’t do this to me…”

“You said if there was anything you could do for me, don’t hesitate to ask… that’s what you said, right?”

“Janet, there’s a certain element of risk to these experiments, and I’m keeping my promise to Skip…”

“Anything you could do for me, isn’t that right?”

“Damnit, Janet; you KNOW what I meant by that…”

“And you know how much I love orgasms and holding my breath and cumming underwater, right?”

“Yes, Janet but…”

“You need volunteers… and you need them for the orgasm sled, right?”

“But I’ve already promised Jenna the 20 foot test…”

“I haven’t asked anything for myself while I’ve been here the whole time. But you said ‘anything you could do for me’, Doc… and this is something you can do for me!”

“Janet I don’t think you truly understand the risks of what you’re asking me to allow you to participate in.”

“Doc, I know the risks! I really want to do this!”

“Have you been talking to Brianna in the infirmary?”

“What difference does it make?”

“Did she talk you into this?”

“No, Doc. I just asked her about what she went through is all.”

“Janet, I promised Skip…”

“I know you did, Doc. But I really want to volunteer for this! I’m sure Jenna will be disappointed. But I also know you are working on other drowning tests she can volunteer for later on, am I right?”

“Well… yes…”

“And you need the data from 20 feet, right?”

“Janet, you’re putting me in an awful spot here.”

“Doc, all I’m doing is asking. I’m trying not to beg… but I’ll get on my knees if that will make a difference.” At that point I probably would have sucked him off just to get my way!

As if to show him I meant it I actually started to get down on my knees before he grabbed me and lifted me back up. “That isn’t necessary, Janet,” he told me. Then he smiled at me.

“Here’s the deal, Miss Wamsley. You go to your room and sleep on it tonight. If you wake up tomorrow and you’re still this determined then I’ll see what I can do.”

“That’s all I ask, Doc.” Then I kissed him on the cheek. With renewed hope I went off to my room, hoping I would finally get to experience just once what all of Doctor Crocker’s other volunteers had been experiencing all these many weeks, especially all those juicy drowning orgasms…

I had a hard time sleeping that night. When I wasn’t tossing and turning I was having wet dreams… VERY wet dreams! The wettest one was when I dreamed Jenna and Brianna were holding me down in the pool until I drowned… and I squirted so hard I soaked the sheets!

The next morning I woke up and showered thoroughly. I did everything I thought was necessary to prepare for the big test. Then I went off and reported to the tank.

Jenna, Diane and Barbara were all there of course. But right away I could tell Jenna wasn’t very happy. She was simply unable to hide the disappointment in her features.

“Well, Miss Wamsley?” the doc asked the moment I showed up. I was still afraid he was going to say no. So right then and there I started stripping out of my white one-piece right in front of everyone. I was so determined to go through with this that I was willing to strip naked in front of everybody!

“Damn!” I heard Jenna mutter unhappily. I shrugged my shoulders and then gave her sort of a “sorry about that” look. That’s when she smiled at me.

“I FINALLY get to see Janet Wamsley drown!” she said with a certain amount of enthusiasm. “This is going to be so fucking GOOD!” That gave me such an erotic shudder that my pussy got all wet right then and there.

“Ok, girls,” Doc told them. “Let’s get ready!” That’s when we all went over and started putting on the full face masks.

When we had the weight belts and were ready to go, the girls escorted me down the steps into the tank. You have no idea how excited I was. I was also frightened out of my wits, but I wasn’t about to tell that to anyone!

“Make sure she’s fully secured to that sled, girls!” Doc’s voice said over our headsets. “She’s never had the T-serum mist before and I want all this data! So let’s not screw this up, ok?” Maybe he was being extra careful… or maybe he was simply trying to scare me into chickening out before the test truly started.

“Strap her down tight, Diane!” Jenna advised, her voice coming through her full face mask loud and clear as she helped me over to the platform with the sled. “It’s going to be a pleasure watching THIS one drown!” Her eagerness gave me another set of shivers, making me even more scared and aroused!

“I’ll bet these are going to feel really good inside you,” she told me with a sly grin, motioning at the probes as I knelt over the sled. Then I started to impale myself on them. I gasped as both posts pushed into my holes. I had to relax my sphincter a little to get the one in my ass. But it actually felt kinda good!

“Are you SURE you don’t wanna change your mind, Janet?” Jenna chuckled at me.

“No way!” I declared, trying to sound a lot more enthusiastic than I felt. “I’m really going through with this!” I was fully aware the good doctor could change his mind and have me hauled back up at any moment… and I didn’t want that to happen!

I finally ended up fully impaled, no thanks to Jenna who gleefully pushed down on my shoulders. Then she and Diane began strapping me to the orgasm sled. I was so scared and yet so aroused that I thought I was going to cum right then and there underwater!

“You know what we could do to you now that you’re all strapped down, Janet?” Jenna chuckled at me. Then she started to reach out as though she was going to cup my boobs.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” I blurted out. She just laughed at me before waving dismissively… “You know we wouldn’t do that to you!”

“What’s going on?” Doctor Crocker asked into the microphone from his position up at the controls.

“Just getting Janet ready for the test, Doc,” Jenna chuckled aloud into her face mask. The look on Diane’s face told me she wished she was the one riding the sled instead of me.

“You can always back out, Miss Wamsley,” Doc’s voice called out. “Yeah; back out now and let me take my ride!” Jenna urged.

“I’m ready for this, Doc!” I called back, trying to sound enthusiastic. But inwardly I was trembling like a leaf… trembling from nervousness and trembling from a growing arousal.

I couldn’t help wondering what readings Barbara Johansen was already getting on her panel. I certainly hoped they weren’t giving anything away that might make them abort my participation in the test. But what she said next made me a little worried…

“Her heartrate is up, doctor,” Barbara’s voice intoned evenly. “She’s already clenching the probes… and they haven’t even been turned on yet.”

“That’s because she can’t wait to drown for us!” Jenna called back with a laugh.

“Get out of here, you two, so I can enjoy this test!” I told Diane and Jenna, trying to sound as though I was eager to get on with it. But inwardly I was shaking… and my pussy was wet as hell! It was easy riding those probes as I was really wet and lubricated from my nervous excitement!

“Sending her down, doctor,” Miss Johansen said evenly, her voice coming through my face mask. I watched as Jenna and Diane climbed the steps out of the tank. Jenna was mumbling something; she was really disappointed about not getting to participate in the test. Then the platform started to take me down.

I felt the pressure increase as I went past 12 feet… 14… 16. My ears popped at 18 until the platform finally came to a halt at 20. “How are you doing, Miss Wamsley?” the good doctor called down to me.

“I’m just fine, Doc,” I called back through my facemask. “My ears just popped so I’m good to go!”

“Subject’s vagina is clenching; heartrate is elevated,” Miss Johansen’s voice intoned.

“Last chance to back out, Miss Wamsley.”

“Nothing doing, Doc!” I called out with as much determination in my voice as I could work up. “I’m here to orgasm and drown for you all up there, so you’d better enjoy watching the show down here!”

“I know I’m sure going to enjoy it!” That was Jenna’s voice; I could see her standing with Diane in that window. She had this big, stupid grin on her face. That’s when I felt an erotic jolt, and I started to hyperventilate.

“Subject’s heartrate is approaching test levels, doctor,” Barbara’s voice stated in that controlled voice.

“If there are no objections then I’m turning the sled on now, Miss Wamsley,” Doctor Crocker called out. “Injecting T-serum mist now.” I noticed he was being real formal with me.

There was a faint hiss in the face mask as the sled came to life. The probes started buzzing as they thrust up and down inside me. But I was so nervous about drowning that at first my body failed to respond, especially when I coughed a little.

“Are you ok, Miss Wamsley?” I almost chickened out right then and there. But that’s when I remembered my conversation with Brianna in the infirmary, remember that look of great satisfaction in her eyes.

“C’mon, Doc; fuck me!” I urged. “You’ve always wanted to watch me cum and drown! Now’s your big chance!” That’s when I really started throwing myself into it.

“Oh fuck; look at her go!” That was Jenna’s voice being picked up by a nearby microphone. I looked up and saw her reach down and touch herself. Next to her Diane looked as though she was having a hard time catching her breath.

I had another minor cough as I threw myself into fucking those probes. Here I was 20 feet down being fucked underwater… and soon I would be forced to hold my breath before drowning! The idea of it all suddenly shot my arousal factor clear through the roof!!

I started panting heavily as though I couldn’t catch my breath. It dawned on me this was probably the only test the good doctor was ever going to allow me to participate in. That’s when I finally tossed away all my inhibitions, forgetting about the scary part of my imminent drowning as I really rode that sled…

“Wow… oh fuck… this is… no wonder Bree loved it… OH MY… FUCK, I’m CUMMING!” Then I was screaming my orgasm as I furiously rode those probes fucking my holes.

Up in the observation room I heard Jenna’s jealous voice… “Fuck, look at her go!”

“I want a turn when she’s done!” Diane added.

“Subject’s vagina really clenching the probe, doctor,” Miss Johansen observed in a clinical voice. I watched him nod as he turned the controls up.

The buzzing intensified, causing me to ride those probes even harder. I got this wicked thought in my head, and I teasingly called up to him, “I’m REALLY fucking your cock hard now, Doc!” I heard Jenna laugh as her voice carried back down… “Ride those probes, girl! YEAH!” Then I was screaming into my facemask as a second orgasm flooded over me.

“Heartrate has reached test levels, doctor,” Miss Johansen observed calmly. Two orgasms and I was already there! That’s when I heard the good doctor call down, “Last chance to back out, Miss Wamsley.”

“DROWN ME, DOCTOR!” I cried out, becoming giddy from my orgasms. “Drown the slut!” I heard Jenna’s voice come down to me. I thought about saying something to her in reply, but I felt too damn good to care.

“Releasing the oxygenated water now, Miss Wamsley,” the Doc’s voice warned. Then I heard water rushing down the hose.

I heard the microphone pick up Jenna’s voice as she called out, “Better hold your breath, Janet, ‘cause here it comes!” I looked up to see her bulge her cheeks as though she was holding her breath. Then I inhaled just in time before a rush of water came down the hose and filled my facemask.

It started to back up the hose as the probes buzzed my holes a little harder. Instinctively I held my breath as I eagerly rode those posts. I faintly heard Doc’s voice in my facemask say something like, “We’re committed, Miss Wamsley. Good luck.” Then all was quiet save for the buzzing in my pussy and ass.

It swelled within me like the pressure in a volcano trying to blow the top off. The longer I held my breath the more aroused I became. Then I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I lost a burst of bubbles as an extremely intense orgasm washed over me. I let out a bubbly “OH FUCK!” as I really rode those probes. Then Jenna’s voice penetrated the haze of my sexual lusts… “She really squirted that time, Doc!”

I came down off my sexual high only to discover that I was still totally strapped in. I began to wriggle and squirm as my lungs began to ache. That’s when I faintly picked up Jenna’s sing-song voice… “Janet’s gonna drown – Janet’s gonna drown!”

My eyes got big at the enormity of what I had just committed myself to. For a moment I started to panic as I struggled to hold my breath for as long as I could. My facemask was totally flooded; there wasn’t a molecule of air anywhere that I could access!!

The magnetic connections to my facemask suddenly popped, hitting me with a jolt of fearful arousal. Then I felt it being pulled away from me, felt my air supply going bye-bye!! As it was pulled away I heard Jenna’s fading voice… “Janet’s gonna drown – Janet’s gonna drown!”

In growing panic I tried to gulp my breath back down, tried to use it all over again. But my lungs wanted a fresh batch and they were really starting to heave! Meanwhile those probes kept fucking me until I could feel a mammoth orgasm coming on strong!

I looked up to see Jenna rubbing herself like crazy. Even Diane looked like she had gotten all hot and bothered. But Doc and Barb were watching their readings as though they didn’t give a damn I was about to drown!!

I couldn’t hear anymore; the facemask was gone. I was too deep to hear the speakers in the tank. I wanted to tell the Doc I had changed my mind, but it was too damned late!! Then my lungs gave out.

That first rush of fluid down my windpipe set me off, causing me to scream my breath away. Then I started thrashing about. The posts were fucking me hard and I was cumming like crazy… but I was inhaling water and I was drowning and it was incredible the agony I was in!

I don’t know how long it took to totally flood my lungs. All I know is that it felt like an eternity. I bucked and shuddered and spasmed and nearly doubled over from the agony of it all.

Bubbles slipped out past my lips as I couldn’t keep my air in at all. Something in the back of my mind observed that I probably looked just like Bree did at the moment of her drowning in the tank yesterday. Then it felt like I wasn’t hurting quite so much.

The buzzing in my holes got worse, and I grunted as I started thrashing about again. Then I was coughing up water and cumming and drowning all over again… cumming and coughing and gurgling and drowning…

…and that’s the last thing I remember about being in the tank…

When I awakened I found myself in a bed in the infirmary with a mask over my face. A machine was humming and my chest hurt some. I coughed a little and that made me feel better.

I looked over and saw Jenna sitting in a chair watching me. “Did you finally wake up?” she asked with a sly grin. “I think you were asleep even longer than Bree!”

“What happened?” I asked groggily through the mask over my face. At least my vocal cords worked.

“Oh, you went nuts down in the tank, honey,” she told me enthusiastically. “That last time I think you started squirting and you didn’t even stop once Diane and I got to you and freed you. I think you were still squirting as we swam you up out of the tank. Hell, you were cumming on the gurney all the way into the infirmary! They had to change beds twice because you soaked them both!” I could tell by the twinkle in her eyes she thought that was funny as hell.

“So how do you feel?” she asked. “The Doc was a little worried about you although Barb said your readings were green across the board. I think he’s going to get some good data off you being as how you have never had the T-serum mist in your lungs until now. As a fresh volunteer he should be able to get some great data!”

“I feel…” I started to say. Then I paused to take stock of how I really felt. It felt as though I’d been cumming non-stop for hours!

“I feel like I’ve been gang-banged all night long,” I told her with a wry smile. “…and I’ve never been gang-banged in my life!”

“So how would you know?” she asked with a grin.

“My body feels like… like it’s been royally fucked,” I replied.

“Lucky bitch! That’s the LAST one for you! Next time I’M the one who gets all the drowning fun! And now that Diane chick wants to ride the sled as well. Doc may very well have opened up a new can of worms with all the volunteers wanting to go for a ride! Hell, Janet; I think you just set the standard for most intense drowning orgasms ever! Bree’s DEFINITELY going to want to hear about this!”

I suddenly yawned and my eyes fluttered. “I’m going to let you get some sleep now, Janet,” she told me as she rose up to go. “Doc will be in later. You just rest up and let that machine suck all the moisture out of your lungs, ok?”

“Ok, Jenna,” I nodded wearily. I think I fell asleep before she even got out of the room…

This concludes this private journal entry written for Doctor Frederick Crocker. It is meant for his eyes and his eyes only. Skip would kill me if he ever found out I had taken such a risk, even though I was pretty confident of the success of the test I was participating in. The orgasms I experienced were out of this world, and as of yet I have been unable to replicate them. But maybe that is for the best…

© 2015 (written for Skip and Janet Oct 23 ’15 by riwa)

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