New-found play-toy

Note: I know it is another repost. But I wanted to post another story to make up for being offline while I was moving last week. I hope it will be an enjoyable re-read for many.

Hoping for a scoop that would elevate her at the newspaper Emma tried snooping around Mistress Mika’s operation. Unfortunately she was caught by surprise and taken down to her dungeon where she was stripped out of most of her clothes, her hands tied to something above her. “Why were you snooping around my property, you little bitch?” Mistress Mika demanded. “Go to hell!” Emma shot back. A moment later she felt the sting of a flogger on her ass. Emma yelped in pain as Mika chuckled sadistically.

01“BITCH!” Emma screamed as she struggled against the ropes that stretched her arms upward. “You’ll fucking PAY for that!” Mika just laughed and she gave another lash with the flogger. “OW!” Emma yelled. “You can’t fucking do this to me! I’m a hard-working taxpayer!” “You’re a nosey intruder and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with you, you fucking bitch!” Mika cruelly swatted her again. Emma began swearing up a blue streak, threatening her with lawsuits and arrest and anything else she could think of.

02“I see your mama didn’t teach you any fucking manners, little girl!” Enraged, Mika forced a ring-gag into Emma’s mouth, forcing her to open wide. That only made the young woman scream all the more. Despite the fact that she could not speak clearly she was still able to convey her threat to call the cops on Mistress Mika and have her ass thrown in jail! “Defiant little bitch, aren’t you,” Mika observed, playing with the gag.

03“I see I’m going to have to shut that fucking mouth of yours once and for all!” Fetching a ball gag Mika removed the ring-gag. “Last chance for coherent conversation, you nosey little bitch!” she chuckled sadistically. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME, YOU – OOOOOMPH!” Emma was silenced other than grunts and moans as Mika roughly shoved the gag in her mouth and tied it around her head so it wouldn’t come off. “Now what shall we do for playtime,” Mika mused thoughtfully. Emma looked at her in alarm.

04“Let’s just SHOW you who’s in charge here, you fucking bitch!” Mistress Mika snarled. Grabbing a steel hook with a rope attached to it she fitted it into Emma’s ass. The poor thing grunted and whimpered, suddenly realizing she’d bitten off more then she could chew. Now her defiance was going to cost her dearly.

05Mika tied the rope to the hook in Emma’s ass to the strap around her head. Then she pulled the nosey young woman up onto her toes, Emma grunted and moaned as she shuffled her feet, trying to ease the discomfort in her anus. “Not so feisty now; are you, bitch!” Mika cackled. “Such a NICE ass,” she chuckled, spreading Emma’s ass cheeks. Then she smacked it several times, leaving red marks as Emma squirmed and moaned.

06The fun was just beginning though. Mika bound Emma to her special rack, stretching out the poor thing’s arms and legs. Then she tied a couple of lengths of rope above and below Emma’s tits. Emma just kept grunting in protest, wriggling and struggling in a vain attempt to free herself. “Now isn’t THAT a pretty picture?” Mika said with a laugh as she admired her handiwork. Emma grunted furiously as she shook her head at her.

07“Still want to be a defiant little bitch, do we?” Mika cooed into her ear. Wrapping an arm around Emma’s neck Mika reached down and began furiously fingering the poor woman’s clean-shaven pussy. Emma cried out into her gag, her body squirming in a frantic attempt to get away. “Not so defiant now, bitch; are we!” Mika laughed sadistically. “Why don’t you just fucking CUM for me, bitch!” Emma shuddered and then cried out into her gag as an orgasm was brutally forced out of her bound body.

08“You’re just a nosey, no-good, slutty little whore, aren’t you!” Mika cackled with glee as she finger-fucked the poor thing again, causing Emma to wriggle and squirm helplessly. A second more powerful climax was forced out of her quivering body and Emma moaned and whimpered.

“Slutty little whore needs a proper fucking!” Mika decided. Emma watched in horror as Mistress walked over to a closet. She watched in growing horror as Mika pulled out a black strap-on. Then Mistress came back and slapped her in the face with it.

“You want this bitch? I’ll bet you want this, don’t you! Fucking little whore!” Emma just shook her head, crying out “UNNH – UNNNHHH! UNNH – UNNNHHH!” Mika laughed cruelly at her.

“I think it’s time you had something good shoved up that slutty little hole of yours, eh bitch?” Mika deliberately took her time strapping it on right in front of Emma’s wide-open eyes, laughing at the poor thing. “We’re going to fuck that defiance right out of you; aren’t we, bitch!” she cackled. Emma heard Mika move behind her and she trembled like mad, her pussy dripping with horrific arousal at her predicament.

“Here it comes, bitch!” she heard Mistress Mika’s voice behind her and she tried to steal herself for it. A moment later she felt it violate her opening and she cried out into the gag in her mouth. “Take it all, slut!” Mika laughed at her. “Take it all, you fucking whore!”

Emma cried out as her pussy was brutally fucked, her body rocking with each stroke Mika gave her. She grunted and moaned, begging the woman to stop. “Cum for me, you fucking whore!” Mistress demanded and Emma screamed into her gag as a devastating orgasm wracked her body.

09a“Had enough, whore?” Mika asked, thrusting hard. “UNH – HUNH!” Emma nodded frantically. “Well, that’s just too fucking bad, bitch!” Mika gloated. “Now ride my cock, you fucking slut! Ride it like the fucking little whore I know you are!” Emma had no choice at all and she screamed again into her gag as Mistress brutally fucked another cum out of her body. The poor thing moaned and whimpered as she sagged weakly.

10Emma whimpered as Mika pulled out of her dripping cunt. Then Mistress came up from behind and grabbed her chin. “C’mon, bitch!” she demanded. “Show me how defiant you are! Show me what a big girl you are!” She laughed cruelly as Emma moaned helplessly.

11“I think that mouth needs something else,” Mika decided and she untied Emma from the railings. Finding some red rope she bound Emma onto her knees on top of some sort of trunk, securing her body to a silver ring that hung down. Then she removed the gag from Emma’s mouth. “Suck my cock, bitch!” Mistress ordered. Before Emma could protest her mouth was plugged with Mika’s strap-on and she was forced to taste her own cum.

“Like it, slut?” Mistress Mika laughed. “Then let me fuck your mouth harder!”

12Emma gagged and gurgled, which caused Mika to laugh delightedly. “What’s that?” she asked with a cackle. You want to be fucked again? Why, I’d be GLAD to!” But when she pulled out of her mouth Emma tried once again to protest. “You can’t… DO this to me!” she gasped. Without another word Mika angrily forced the gag back into Emma’s mouth. Then she walked behind her, spread her cheeks wide and stabbed her pussy again. “You mean I can’t do THIS, bitch?” Mika laughed, angrily fucking Emma even harder.

13Poor Emma screamed as another orgasm was fucked out of her weary body. Then Mika pulled her back toward her and hissed into her ear. “Don’t you EVER tell me what I can and can’t do to you, bitch; you GOT THAT?” Emma whimpered anxiously, afraid of what else Mistress Mika had in mind to do to her.

14“Slut!” Mika snarled, covering her mouth while savagely groping her tits. “Whore! You filthy, fucking piece of gutter trash! You think you can play with the big dogs? Why you’re nothing but a second-rate, snot-nosed reporter who no one will mourn after you’re gone! So don’t fucking TEMPT me, bitch!” Emma trembled, fearing for her very life.

15“You’re nothing but a fucking asshole!” Mika told her coldly. “And do you know what I do to assholes? Why I fuck the SHIT out of them, bitch!” Then she pushed Emma down again. Spreading her ass cheeks Mika savagely thrust her strap-on deep inside Emma’s anus. “I FUCK assholes, bitch!” Mika laughed and she pounded Emma hard.

16“Take it up the ass, bitch!” Mika crowed triumphantly, holding her by the scruff of the neck as she pounded the poor girl. Emma moaned and whimpered as she was brutally fucked. “Still feeling fucking DEFIANT?” Mika laughed. Emma weakly shook her head.

17Mika brutalized her until Emma shuddered from yet another painful orgasm. Mika just laughed at her, incredibly aroused by the fun she was having dominating the stupid, silly little slut.

“Time’s up, bitch!” Mika proclaimed. “I’ve got places to go, people to see and things to do. And since no one’s going to care about you, let ME take care of you, ok?” Emma didn’t like the sound of that and she shivered, moaning weakly.

Retrieving a couple of vibrating plugs Mika stuffed both of Emma’s holes, the agonizing buzzing in her ass and pussy setting her to whimpering as she wriggled about like mad. Then Mika ran some rope between the poor thing’s ass cheeks so as to hold them in place, making sure the rope ran right over her protruding nub. Then she lifted her up until Emma was hanging from the ring above her, swaying softly.

I’ll be back in, oh… two or three hours or so,” Mika laughed. “Might be more – I have a busy schedule to keep. You just hang in there, baby!” she laughed. “Then when I get back we can have some more fun. In the meantime… have a swinging good time, bitch!”

Giving her a push, Mika watched as Emma swung back and forth, screaming into the gag in her mouth as the vibrators buzzed agonizing erotica into her holes. Then she laughed as she left the nosey little reporter to her many impending orgasms, heading upstairs for the many errands she had to run.

She figured the little bitch should be thoroughly exhausted by the time she came back. Perhaps a nice hot bath would be just the ticket before coming back downstairs to have some more fun with her new-found play-toy…

© 2009 (written for Emma and Mika Apr 30 ’09 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Chanta’s and are for illustration purposes only.)

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