She tried to drown me!



This is an email I got from a lady friend of mine who graciously allowed me to edit it and post it to the forum…
Hey Riwa, are you there? Guess what the little minx just did? She tried to drown me! Ooooh, am I going to get her! And she said it was your idea!

We were up late (real late) watching a movie… and then we watched all the stuff you sent. One thing leads to another inevitably – and it’s into the bath we go! But this time there’s a difference. She says you asked her to dunk me and see how long I could stay under. So I think, ‘OK, fair’s fair, but don’t think I won’t get you into this tub too, you hot little bitch!’

“So, here’s what Riwa wants you to do,” she says. “Into the bath!” she orders. “Ohh! It’s hot, babe!” I complain. “Not to worry,” she says. “I’ve got some work to do first”. She picks up the soap and I slide down lower, careful not to slosh water over the sides of the overfilled tub.

“Give me your foot!” she orders.

Puzzled, I lift a foot and she begins the most sensual soapy massage I’ve ever received! It drives me wild, causing my nipples to harden as she carefully soaps each toe before moving to the other foot. I look on, excited but mystified – what’s she up to?

“Now,” she says, “You will do as I say… and if you don’t, you don’t get to taste this!” …and with that she plunges two soapy fingers inside her pussy and buries them deeeeep, massaging herself inside and moaning. I attempt to sit up and grab her, but she orders me to lie back in a commanding voice. She’s become my Mistress and I must obey; clearly she’s not to be trifled with tonight.

“Right!” she states. “Now you are going under, bitch and you cannot come up until I have finished.”

“Finished what?” I ask, my voice trembling with anticipation.

“Finished licking every one of your toes and sucking on them. You want to know how to suck a man off so I’m going to show you. But you will have to watch from down there, bitch – underwater – and you will stay there until I am done! Do you understand?”

A shiver runs through me! Oh FUCK, this is hot! I’m so excited now… but how long will I be able to stay under?! A moment later she fixes me with an official ‘don’t fuck with me’ stare. “And if you try to come up before I’m done, you will not taste my body for a week! Do you understand?”

I’m trembling now; this is fantastic! I am so helpless before her – she is in total control now! To reinforce the instructions, she fingers herself again… this time with clean, dry fingers. Soon I hear the familiar sound of her wet, sloppy cunt and I catch the sweet aroma of her arousal, my senses on high alert.

“Do you want to touch me?” she asks quietly, a wicked glint in her eye.

“Oh, FUCK!” I breathe excitedly. “Please….. just let me….”

“NO!” she roars and I shrink back, realizing I must not upset my Mistress.

“Now… you may have a SMALL taste,” she says with an evil grin, “but if you try to come up for air before I’m finished, you will not taste my body again until next Friday night! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress! Please! I….”

“SILENCE!” she roars. “Now taste me… and prepare to go under!”

I lean forward eagerly and she pulls 2 shiny, sopping fingers from her body and rubs them around my waiting mouth, directly under my nose. Then she slips them into my warm mouth and I suck on them hungrily. So sweet….. so warm…… mmmmmmm. “Good girl” she says. “Now… tell me what you must do?”

Reluctantly I lie back, immediately missing those warm, wet fingers in my mouth. I feel my own cunt tingling; I want her now! This is pure torture and she knows it!

“‘I must go under’, Mistress,” I say submissively, my head lowered. “‘…and you will suck and lick my toes. I can watch but I must stay under until you have finished’.”

“FINISHED WHAT?” she roars.

“Finished?!” I stammer uncertainly. “Uh… with my toes?!” Now I’m confused.

“How many toes?” she asks firmly, her voice commanding an answer.

“Ummmm… ahhh… 10, I suppose….”

“YES – 10!!” she roars. “You will remain submerged until I finish all 10 or you will wait another week for my touch! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

She commands me to prepare and I draw deep breaths into my body, knowing my last one will have to last for as long as it takes. She controls me now and I must obey. She reaches down and takes hold of my ankles and as she pulls on them I slide along the bottom of the tub, my hands gripping the sides in an effort to keep my head above water… for now.

“You will raise your legs when I say, bitch!” Her commands are strong; she has the power now and she is thoroughly enjoying herself. “Yes, Mistress,” I reply submissively.

“You will not use your arms to hold onto the side of the tub anymore, bitch! You will go down and stay down! Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.” …and I prepare to go under. “Ummm… can I…?”

“SILENCE!” she roars again. “You will do just as I say!”

I nod, realizing no argument will be tolerated tonight as she continues…

“On three, I will lift your legs and you will go under! I will begin sucking, licking and nibbling and you must stay submerged and wait. When I have done all 10 toes you may surface… but not a moment before! UNDERSTOOD?”

“Yes, Mistress.” …and I begin to breathe deeply again, knowing I must be ready.

“One….. two…… ”


She does not get to 3 and I am mercilessly forced to the bottom of the tub, my back and head bumping against the bottom as I settle into the deepest part of the bath. I open my eyes and rest my arms at my sides, knowing I must try to relax…

Oohhh FUCK! I start squirming immediately as her hot tongue separates my little toe from its nearest neighbor!


My head shakes from side to side, my legs suddenly feeling like jelly as she sucks on my little toe! Oooohhh! This is unbelievable! Why has she never done this to me before?? My eyes close in pleasure… and then it hits me…

OMG – there’s 9 more to go… and I already want to come up! I’ll never survive this!!

She sucks more firmly now and it feels like there’s a direct link to my pussy! A pulsating throb begins deep inside me…

Ooooh…. Mistress! Pleeeze….. !!

The water stirs at my movements, preventing me from clearly seeing my torturer at work. But I feel her warm ministrations on my toes, toes that are oh, so sensitive! How can she expect me to stand this…?

OMG, she’s on to the next one….uuuuunnnnnnnghhhmmmmm! Another involuntary shudder deep in my pussy – ooohh fuck, I can’t believe this! Her tongue slips in between my toes and I flex them to allow her further access.

Oooohh, this is incredible! Her mouth envelops my second and third toes, sucking hungrily. I feel the strong pull of her mouth, the flicking of her tongue and my head shakes from side to side as my hands tremble. My fingers open and close as if to mimic the response of my toes. My pussy is pulsating wildly now, demanding a satisfaction that so far has been denied it.

As if sensing my growing desire, she stops and pulls my lower body up, her grip strong on my ankles. At the same time she pushes forward, with the combined effect that my head and shoulders are firmly pushed to the bottom of the tub while my pussy is exposed to the air… and to her view. My legs tremble in anticipation.

“Keep still, bitch!” she yells into the water and I try to steady myself. She places my lower left leg up on her right shoulder as she continues to hold my right ankle high. She opens my legs wider and I let out a small burst of bubbles, feeling a growing discomfort in my chest.

“Don’t you move, bitch!” she commands… and then she changes the rules! I feel 2 finger tips sliding down the inside of my right thigh and immediately my eyes snap open – oh fuck, what’s she doing now?! My heartbeat steps up still further – this is not going to help me hold my breath! Her fingers reach the top of the inside of my thigh… ooooohhh shit… Mistress? Not there……… OMG babe……….

I feel one finger trace around in a circle between my back door and my cunt. It’s more than I can stand and my lungs give up another burst of air, a spasm I cannot control. Dammit – I can’t last much longer! How long have I been down – maybe just over a minute? Oh fuck, Mistress, pleeeeeze… uuuunnghhh mmmmmm. 2 fingers enter me… slowly… deliberately, and my body is struck with 10000 volts of my lover‘s essence, right to the very core. My back arches and I feel the back of my head bang into the porcelain – oww!

Shit! My Mistress will not show me any mercy, this much is clear. Those fingers begin their slow torture – in and out – and then she really warms to her work. My lungs are on fire; I can’t hold out for long now, but she has other ideas. She begins to move her fingers inside me in a beckoning motion, a move she knows will leave me breathless when I normally have the luxury of air available to me… but here? …and right now? …a few seconds more of this and I’ll…….

Aaahhhhhhmmmmmmmunnnghh uhhh hhhh mmmm…..

All this time my precious air escapes my pursed lips. My pussy is beginning to contract and I know this is the start of something which will overcome me in seconds. I must cum…….. oooohh fuck, I need a release………..

“You want to breathe, don’t you, bitch!” she purrs into the water. Fuck, do I need air, and she knows it!! I fight to stop myself from raising my head, if that were even possible in the position she has me in. “Well bitch, you CAN’T come up. I haven’t finished yet!” …and with that she withdraws her magic fingers from my sopping cunt. My body screams in protest… PLEEEEEZZZZE MISTRESS……. PUT ‘EM BACK IN………

She knows what she is doing and just what a state she has left me in, but she has no mercy. Immediately I feel her wet mouth take in my big toe, still working on my right foot. I’ll never last this out and she knows it. She never intended for me to succeed; this is all part of what she has in mind. Still I fight to stay under. I cannot surface yet; I must last another few seconds…….

Hhhuuunnnghhh uuuuuhhh mmmmmmm….

OMG, this is crazy! Her tongue is flicking in the gap between my largest toe and its partner, sending waves of pleasure down my leg and directly into my pulsating cunt. The experience so powerful – like nothing I’ve ever felt – but I can’t last. My lungs betray me now and I spasm again; another bust of air bursts to the surface of the tub. My Mistress laughs (the BITCH) and I hear her mock me again. “I thought you could hold your breath, bitch! Well if you can’t… then DROWN!”

Immediately I feel the game change again, but I’ve run out of time – I have to come up now! I try to sit up, my hands desperately clawing for some grip on the side of the bath, but I find none! Instead I feel her lift my ankles even higher, pressing forward with her weight and driving me into the bottom of the tub again. My arms flail in a useless attempt to grab the sides and I find myself moving along the bottom of the tub. I’m pinned firmly underwater now, my own legs bent at the knee, allowing her to keep me under at will.

Desperately I try to sit up, succeeding in getting only my eyes and nose above water for a mere second or two. The sloshing of the full tub means I draw only water into my nose as she wickedly pulls me backwards and under again. My mind spins out of control as the water floods my sinuses – BABE, I’M DROWNING! I kick out but it’s no use; she has her arms around the backs of my knees now and I can’t shake loose. If I don’t get free I’m going to drown in seconds!

In survival mode now, I lash out with my arms, trying to grab any part of her that I can! I don’t care what – I’m drowning now!  I grab an arm……. squeeze it hard………….

“Owwww, FUCK!” she hollers, abruptly letting go… but not before she leans forward and pushes me down to the bottom of the tub again………

It’s too late; I can’t stop it….. She pins me down for another few seconds and my lungs will not be denied any more. I breathe in, knowing full well where I am and what this will mean… still I cannot stop it! My mouth opens and water floods into my throat, but the water which floods down into my lungs has been breathed in through my nose, not my mouth. Instantly my body is wracked in a spasm and I am frozen for a millisecond… but its long enough for my lover to realize what she has done.

I hear her scream my name in blind panic and I feel her strongest grip ever grab my arms and haul me to the surface.

My mind is not functioning properly. I know I’m at the surface, but I can’t breathe. She screams my name again but I cannot answer – I cannot even hear her properly. She reaches around my back, trying to get me to stand maybe? …to get me out of the water? My chest hits her shoulder as I slump forward…

…and then it starts! My body is wracked in a huge spasm as the swallowed bath water finds its way back up my windpipe and out of my mouth! Instantly I breathe in………AIR!

A moment later I’m caught in an uncontrollable coughing spasm. My head spins – I’m dizzy… and my coughs compete with the desperate sobs from my frantic lover, pain etched on her beautiful features. She grabs me and presses me into her chest. It’s not helping me breathe but I can’t push her away and I don’t want to. Eventually I gain some measure of control over my breathing and I move my arms up to embrace her back. Her sobs echo in the bathroom and I feel each one as my face rests between her breasts.

Slowly we extract ourselves from the bathroom. “OMG!” she cries. “I didn’t mean…… I’m so….. are you……. ?” I reach for her and she closes her arms around me; when we embrace, she breaks down. It was nothing more than a small mistake, albeit a painful one; one that I could have made so easily with her whenever I’ve held her down during our many games in the tub.

“Shhhh” I whisper. “I’m OK…. its just a little water….”

She looks up at me, the face of an angel, an angel I love, the woman I would die for. She tries to speak but I stop her. “Take me to bed, babe,” I say and she nods, turns and lets out the bath water. As she bends over the tub I see her magnificent body and I’m reminded how my life is so blessed with her in it. “Mmmmmm,” I say. “Nice ass, babe.” She smiles through her tears and kisses me before leading me to our bed…

I lie back on the bed and she kneels next to me, her face still clearly showing her concern. I look at her and smile…

“You still owe me 5 toes, babe…………..”

Riwa, would you fix it and publish it? This is what actually happened in our bathroom last night – she held me down a bit too long and I swallowed water. She was beside herself – I was fine, really… but it scared her. It was a great idea though – you two are so creative! Its hasn’t put either of us off; we just need to be careful, but its no worse than the kind of dunking you see guys giving their girlfriends all the time……what do you think?


(edited for Suzi Jun 3 ’06 by riwa)

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