An unmistakable message


He is in the lake buck naked as he treads water. He is disliked by many but he doesn’t give a damn. Right now all he cares about is his next release.

He’s unaware that he’s not alone. A bosomy blonde woman discreetly watches him from shore as she stands over by a tree. She is 5’6″, 120 lbs, and she is just as naked as he is.

She stands approximately 30 feet away from him, fully aware he’s come to the lake many times before just to get himself off. She’s witnessed it on more than a few occasions. But today she has something else in mind.

Sure enough, she watches as he takes a deep breath and then sculls himself underwater. She rushes forward to the water’s edge, knowing he can stay down and hold his breath a little over 2 minutes. But she figures that should give her all the time she needs.

She looks out into the water and estimates his location. If he is true to his routine then he should be over by that underwater root system. She feels a ripple of excitement, and she tells herself this should be rather enjoyable.

She goes over and quickly removes the string from the swim trunks he tossed ashore. Then she slowly steps into the water. She looks down and sees him holding onto a branch near the roots of the tree in about 10 feet of water. The asshole is right where she thought he’d be, holding on to his most precious piece of equipment and slowly stroking it to hardness.

Taking a deep breath, she slips into the water and submerges as the sun shines brightly overhead. But as usual he is immersed in his own pleasure, his eyes closed while hoping to achieve his release during this particular breath-hold. She smiles in appreciation of how easy he is making this for her.

She actually comes within a foot of his arm holding onto the branch. She pauses for a moment, smiling wickedly with anticipation. She can’t believe how excited she has become at the thought of what she’s about to do!

She suddenly lashes out with both hands, still clutching the string to his swim trunks. She wraps it tightly around both his wrist and the branch he holds onto. His eyes fly open in surprise and his whole body jerks in astonishment. But by then she has tied it off tightly, firmly believing that soaked knot will be nearly impossible to untie.

Instinctively he begins to kick his legs wildly, his arm tugging against the string securing him to the branch. He suddenly acknowledges her presence, acknowledges her guilt in tying him to the tree. He takes a wild swipe at her, but that just allows her the opportunity to grab onto his free arm.

He looks at her in amazement, noticing for the very first time her nakedness. For a moment he pauses from his struggles, utterly shocked to see her totally nude down here with him. He is distracted by her full breasts and erect nipples, enough for her to make a fist, take a swing at him with her free hand and punch him right in the stomach.

He grunts in surprise as his precious breath blows away, bubbles erupting out of his mouth to escape to the surface. His lungs are nearly empty from that last release of air, and his legs instinctively start kicking wildly again. She knows the moment is at hand and it is time for her to act.

As she holds onto his free wrist she reaches out and grabs his shaft with her other hand. She jerks hard on his manhood and he starts to moan and bubble, losing what little is left of the air in his lungs. He seems caught between pleasure and panic, conflicted between the need to escape and the need for release as his lungs heave painfully.

Once more he looks at the woman who has placed him in such a perilous situation. For a moment he finds himself asking who the hell IS this bitch??!! Then he gets a good look at her face. He grunts in recognition as his eyes fly open in shock… “YOU???!!!”

She smiles wickedly, air trickling out past her lips as she jerks his dick harder and faster. She finds herself hoping he will explode as he drowns. The thought is such an incredible turn-on that her body is virtually thrumming with excitement as she holds her breath.

His struggles lessen as the sexual release his body craves suddenly kicks into high gear. He finds himself thrusting instinctively into her hand while moaning… “mmmmph….mmmmph….ooooOOOOHHHH!!!!” He can’t help that he is about to explode from the assault by this sexy, naked bitch of a woman who has tied him to the tree, leaving him snagged and helpless!

With one last exhalation he lets go the last of the air remaining in his bulging cheeks. Then his cock erupts from her relentless grip of jerking and stroking. She moans with excitement as she watches his dick puff stream after stream of his seed into the lake.

She lets go of his wrist, watching as he flails away with his arm like a cowboy riding a bull at a rodeo. She lustfully watches him inhale mouthful after mouthful of lake water while still stroking his member. She wants to milk every last drop out of that dick of his, the one member of his body that has ultimately cost him his life.

The moment is so delicious that she cannot stop smiling. She becomes giddy with euphoria watching his body convulse painfully. His eyes roll from a mixture of agony and ecstasy and she swoons from an unbelievable arousal.

As he blacks out she watches his eyes glaze over, savoring the look of horrific shock displayed in them. She slowly jerks his cock until she feels a sudden flow of warmth around her hand. It is a stream of a faintly yellowish color; the bastard has no doubt pissed himself.

As he floats freely – still tethered to the branch – she feels it overtake her, a hot wave of pleasure that floods her being from head to toe. Her back arches, her hands and feet flexing as she moans weakly with pleasure. Then it starts to pass and she’s alerted to her growing need for air. She realizes she had better not tarry much longer.

She reaches out and gently brushes her hand across his face. Then she angrily slaps it. The water lessens the impact but his face does turn to the side in reaction. Now he looks at her with a lifeless expression as if to say, “What did you do THAT for??!!”

She bubbles in satisfaction… and then feels her lungs heave in her chest. It’s time to go! She kicks off the bottom, air spewing out of her mouth as her breasts wobble from spasms due to her intense need.

She surfaces, gasping loudly for breath. She was down there a lot longer than she had anticipated. But she wanted to be there until the very end. As far as she was concerned the wait was well worth it!

She fills her lungs with several deep, refreshing breaths. Then she looks down and sees him still tethered to the branch, his arm outstretched as though he’s reaching for her… begging her not t leave him like that! She can’t help herself and she laughs out loud as she experiences a feeling of great satisfaction.

She reaches shallow water and wades to shore. There she finds his trunks right where she left them… minus the string of course that is being oh-so-helpful as it tethers the owner to the bottom of the lake. She examines them with a playful smile. Then she speaks for the very first time as though wanting to hear herself…

“I’ll think I’ll just keep these as a trophy” and she hefts them in her hand. “Wait until the other girls see these! At least I’ve left an unmistakable message to any of the other assholes out there who might want to fuck with us!”


© 2012; 2015

(taken from a chat and written Dec 7 ’12 by uwjim and riwa)

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