Breaking in a sex slave



Meet Emma Peele… a private eye who’s young, proud and cocky. The little Japanese girl lives for danger. But at a petite five foot nothing she has to be careful of the situations she finds herself in. She prides herself on keeping her wits about her and slithering out of any perilous encounters.

BSS 01Her latest assignment involves one Mika Areola! The PI believes the South American vixen is trafficking in female slaves. All she needs to do is to sneak into the woman’s home, obtain some proof and then get the hell out of there before she’s caught. It’s dark out when she makes her move.

The feisty little PI asked for this mission. She’s seen pictures of Mika and she wants to help put the wicked bitch away for good. But she’s also imagined what might happen to her should she get caught. It was just too erotic of an assignment to pass up.

The house is easy to break into, perhaps a little too easy. It’s there that Emma finds some rather incriminating information. Then the lights come on and she finds herself confronted by the sex-trafficker herself.

“Well, well,” Mika says, her eyes blazing lustfully. Oddly the woman is unarmed. “I was expecting the Agency to send someone, but I never expected it to be YOU!”

Emma swallows hard as those familiar tingles set in, tingles she experiences every time she finds herself in trouble. “You can’t keep me here against my will or you’ll be in so much trouble!” she says brashly. “So if you don’t mind I’ll just be on my way.”

“Think again, bitch!” Mika gasps excitedly and Emma bolts for the door. Mika wrestles her to the floor where she pulls the PI’s blouse back over Emma’s arms, rendering her helpless. Then she stands her up, exposing the young woman’s heaving breasts.

“I need another slave to sell, honey, and you’re perfect!” she coos at her. “You can’t do this to me!” Emma yells. But Mika chuckles sinisterly as she brushes her hair like a lover. “You don’t have a choice in the matter, honey!” she tells her. “Besides, I love breaking Asian sluts like you!”

BSS 02Emma cries out again as Mika cruelly gropes her tits. The PI’s nipples give away her excitement and it does not go unnoticed. “BITCH!” Emma screams as her hands are bound behind her back with her blouse.

“Now, my pretty; it’s time to start your training,” Mika gasps with excitement. “You go to HELL!” Emma blurts out defiantly and she tries to scream, hoping to attract some attention. But the South American lashes out with a hand, grabbing her throat and choking her.

“Let’s get something straight, little girl,” Mika growls as she squeezes tighter. Emma’s eyes start to bug out and she feels a humiliating arousal, her pussy wet underneath her skirt. “I could kill you right now by simply choking you to death. But that would be no fun, wouldn’t it. So I’ll tell you what. You lick my pussy… and I’ll stop choking you. Deal?”

“DEAL!” Emma gasps, on the verge of passing out. Mika lets go and Emma collapses onto her knees, coughing and gasping. Then the South American tantalizingly pulls down her skirt, revealing no panties and a neatly trimmed pussy that glistens with arousal. Emma shudders in horror as a shameful arousal courses through her. Gawd; she just can’t allow herself to become some woman’s bitch!

Emma starts to make a break for it, only to feel that hand around her throat again. Once more her eyes start bugging out and she feels her pussy moisten with a terrible arousal. Deciding she has no other choice she stops struggling, gasping “ALL RIGHT – ALL RIGHT!”

“Lick it good, bitch, or your training ends right here and now!” Mika warns. The trembling PI leans forward and begins to lick cautiously. The South American moans with pleasure and for Emma it’s humiliating as hell. The last thing the Asian wants to do is get her enemy off. But she knows she must use her wits to stay alive, even if it means doing acts of sexual degradation.

BSS 03“You like it, don’t you!” Mika chuckles and Emma feels a flush of embarrassment. “Let me know how much you like it, honey!” The PI moans but the reaction is not entirely forced. Her body is alive with sexual tingles of incredible arousal. It’s disturbing licking such pleasure into the South American and she’s into it much more than she wants to be. ‘I’m just trying to stay alive!’ she keeps telling herself.

Mika moans and begins to hump the PI’s face. Emma feels a hand entangle in her hair and she knows her chance of escape has been limited. She was hoping to weaken the woman by inducing an orgasm, but now the bitch has a good grip in her hair.

“Gawd!” Mika sighs, her body responding. You are a talented bitch! I’m gonna cum, honey; better get ready!”

Emma winces in shame as she licks harder. It seems the more her enemy gets off on it the more excited she becomes… as though she actually WANTS to get this woman off! Is THIS why she signed up for this dangerous mission to begin with??

“Gawd; you’re going to make someone a good slave, bitch!” Mika gasps appreciatively. “That tongue of yours alone is worth the price I could get for you! Maybe I ought to just keep you for myself!”

The South American’s whimpers increase in pitch until she suddenly starts humping the Asian’s face, gasping excitedly as she cries out in pleasure. Emma is ashamed to feel her own orgasm wash through her. But she decides it’s the price she has to pay if she’s to attempt to secure her freedom. A moment later Mika pulls her to her feet.

“That was absolutely heavenly!” Mika sighs with pleasure. Then she grabs Emma’s head and kisses her. The PI is ashamed when she returns the kiss and their tongues lovingly wrap around each other in a passionate kiss. But as they kiss Emma’s mind races as she contemplates how she can extricate herself from this dangerous situation.

BSS 04“Very nice – you’re off to a good start,” Mika coos at her. “I think you’re going to make someone a fine sex slave, honey. We just have to continue with your training is all. Now I think you’re going to find what I have next for you rather… interesting?”

Emma feels a jolt of alarm and she figures it’s now or never! She suddenly makes a break for it, figuring she’ll deal with the embarrassment of getting outside topless if it means her freedom. But Mika is right on her ass and she’s tackled to the ground.

“BITCH!” the South American snarls. “Now I think you’re going to pay for your foolishness!”

“GET OFF ME!” Emma yells, her heart racing as she struggles violently. At that moment she’s sure it’s a life or death struggle and she fights like a hellcat. “THIS should take care of you, BITCH!” she hears Mika declare. A moment later she feels a blow to the back of her head. It knocks her unconscious and she moans as the lights go out…

Emma awakens to discover that her situation has deteriorated considerably. She’s completely naked and a blindfold covers her eyes. There’s a round ball-gag in her mouth and she grunts in alarm. Her arms are outstretched with rope binding her wrists, and she feels more rope tethering her ankles. Something presses into her back, arching her forward and making her tits stick out. It’s uncomfortable as hell, yet almost immediately she can feel her nipples harden from her dilemma.

BSS 05“Are we comfortable now?” she hears a familiar voice and her naked body stiffens. “Not so defiant now, are we!” Emma whimpers into her gag, knowing she’s probably in for it now. Unfortunately her pussy is embarrassingly damp and she tries to wriggle, testing her bonds.

“You’re not going anywhere, honey!” she hears Mika declare. There’s a disturbing tone of cruelty in her voice. She grunts and tries to cry out, demanding the woman release her at once. Emma is suddenly trembling with fear and arousal. and she’s afraid her situation might trigger a humiliating orgasm, one that her enemy might enjoy witnessing.

“It’s time to teach you a lesson, bitch!” The voice comes from a different direction and she whimpers as she turns her head. “You’re gonna pay, little girl!” and she jerks her head again as the voice comes from yet a different direction. “BITCH!” the voice yells from right in front of her and Emma finds herself trembling like mad, her pussy dripping.

All of the sudden she feels a hand on her chest and she cries out, her body shivering like crazy. “Here I am, honey,” she hears Mika breathe into her ear. “You and I are going to become intimately acquainted before our time together is over.” Then a hand brushes over her quivering tits, a finger flicking her nipple. She moans softly as her body tingles like mad. She’s perilously close to orgasming; at this point she can barely hold it back!

BSS 06“Gawd, baby; those nipples of yours are so hard!” Then she feels the bitch grab them and twist them a little. She cries out, her body writhing as she whimpers in agony. She had hoped the pain would diminish her arousal, but if anything it has made things worse.

“I think you’re horny,” she hears that voice tease her and she moans again. “Would you like to cum? I think I’d dearly love to see that!” There is cruel amusement in the voice. Emma trembles like mad, her orgasm just beyond the horizon. Hands slither down her body and she tenses, whimpering helplessly. Then she feels it rub over her swollen little nub, and she winces as she instinctively humps forward. Gawd, she needs to cum so fucking bad!

“BITCH!” she hears Mika blurt out and she gets a hand swat in her pussy, causing her to cry out and wince. Then the hand returns and she feels it rubbing her pussy before fingers slip into her dripping cunt and start thrusting hard. Emma screams into her gag as it breaks over her like a massive wave. She shudders until it finally passes, leaving her weak and breathless.

“Why you BITCH!” she hears Mika cry out. “I didn’t fucking give you permission to cum!” A moment later she winces as something smacks her tits. Then it comes up against her wet cunt and she winces and jerks. The South American laughs at her as she is hit again and again with some sort of cat ‘o nine tails – not hard, but certainly enough to make her jerk, wince and grunt. At the same time she feels another orgasm coming on.

BSS 07“CUNT!” she hears Mika blurt out. “WHORE! BITCH! You fucking wanna cum AGAIN??!!” Emma moans and whimpers, her body writhing at the pain mixing with the pleasure. The tails keep hitting her, enough to make it sting a little, but unfortunately not enough to stop her arousal. Then she feels Mika’s hot breath on her face.

“You love it; don’t you, bitch!” Then the hand returns to her pussy and she feels fingers slip inside and begin to thrust. “You cum and you’re dead, bitch! Do you hear me?? DEAD!!” Then the fingers thrust hard into her throbbing cunt and Emma fights like hell to hold it back. When it erupts inside her with a roar, she cries out as she loses control of her body. It finally passes, leaving her even weaker than before… only to be alarmed to hear Mika snort as the gag is pulled out of her mouth. “I’m gonna fix you once and for all, bitch!” she snarls and a moment later Emma feels a cloth press over her mouth and nose. She cries out as the noxious fumes get to her, and a moment later she goes limp as everything around her goes dark…

When consciousness returns Emma discovers that things have gone from bad to worse. She feels like she’s all tied up but for some reason she feels like her body is suspended from the ceiling. Her wrists are tied together, her arms stretched upward, and her legs are tied together around her ankles. Amazingly there is no gag in her mouth.

“Well, I see you’re awake, my pretty!” she hears an ominous voice in the room. It comes from somewhere behind her and she senses she is in big trouble. “Now it’s MY turn to get off!” A moment later she feels something press against her anus, forcing its way inside her.

BSS 08Emma is horrified as she hears the South American giggle. “It’s time I have myself a little Japanese ass,” she hears Mika chuckle cruelly. Her heart rate spikes as a jolt of tingles flood through her body, and she finally finds her voice.

“NOO! YOU CAN’T! DON’T DO IT!” But it slides deeper inside her and she whimpers and moans. Then she cries out again, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! YOU’RE GOING TO FUCKING PAY FOR THIS, BITCH!”

“No, honey; YOU’RE going to pay! I’m going to enjoy fucking the shit out of your ass!” Then it starts thrusting in and out of her anal passage. Emma cries out in agony as her adversary laughs behind her.

Emma yells and screams as Mika brutally fucks her ass. “Let me hear it, bitch!” she laughs. I want your pain! I want to hear your screams! Why do you think I didn’t gag you?”

“You, BITCH!” Emma cries out and her body rocks as the South American thrusts hard into her ass. “So long as I cum I don’t give a shit!” Mika laughs at her.

BSS 09Emma feels a hand reach underneath her and it finds her nub, rubbing in a swirling motion. Instantly her cries and protests are reduced to moans and whimpers as Mika laughs behind her. “Take it, you Asian cunt!” the sex-trafficker gasps excitedly. “Gawd; you’re gonna make me cum again!”

The little PI tries to hold it back; oh how she tries! But her helplessness and the peril of her situation is simply too much for her to bear, especially given the fact that her adversary is getting off on her suffering. Emma moans and then her eyes roll as her body shudders helplessly. Her hands flex as her feet curl, and it isn’t long until she hears the woman behind her cry out in orgasm.

Mika pulls out and brings the strap-on around, forcing Emma to fellate it, tasting her own ass. The South American cackles with glee as Emma grunts and winces.

“Now I have another ass for you to taste, honey,” Mika giggles. “Cooperate and it will go much easier on you. Defy me and I might just use all of this rope I have on hand to hang your sorry ass.” Emma is too weakened from her last orgasm to be defiant, and she puts up no resistance.

She is taken down from her suspension and marched over to a wrought iron single bed with a metal frame on each end. She’s placed onto the mattress on her knees where her ankles are roped and tied to the frame behind her. Her waist is roped to the frame in front of her, pulled forward into an uncomfortable position. She grunts and moans, afraid of what is to come.

“What?” Mika observes with a chuckle. “Is that uncomfortable, bitch?” Then to make matters worse her adversary crawls up onto the bed, crosses her arms behind her back and then ropes them up to the ceiling. “Now my little slut is ready for the next part of her training,” the South American observes with cruel amusement.

Mika moves around and kneels right in front of her, bracing herself up against the metal frame. “Lick my ass, honey,” she giggles. “You’ve tasted yours; now it’s time to taste mine!” Emma is horrified and she cries out, “FUCK YOU!”

In a flash the South American whirls and lashes out, grabbing the Asian by the throat. Emma’s eyes start to bug out as the cruel sex-trafficker starts to squeeze. “So what’ll it be, honey?” she asks ominously. “Are you gonna lick my ass? Or are you willing to die right here on the bed as I slowly choke the life out of your miserable carcass?”

“I’ll lick!” Emma gasps as she manages to get the words out. “I thought you’d see things my way,” Mika chuckles with amusement. She lets go and turns around to brace herself against the metal frame once more. Emma has no choice, not if she wants to live. She tentatively leans forward, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out. In no time at all she has the South American breathing heavily. Her captor wriggles her ass against the probing tongue.

BSS 10“That’s MUCH better… oh gawd; right there… mmmmm, such a good little slut!” Emma’s face flushes crimson with humiliation as she’s forced to lick Mika’s ass, and her tormentor sighs with pleasure. “Gawd, honey; I’m going to hate to give you up! Such a good little whore!”

Mika gasps excitedly and then bends forward a little more. “Now the pussy, honey; I’m dripping wet!” Emma is forced to taste the South American’s pussy drippings. Once more she’s hit with a disturbing rush of tingles as her tongue laps up the flowing liquid. It’s infuriating knowing she is getting the woman off, but she has no choice in the matter. What’s more, she is finding it more erotic than she would care to admit.

“FUCK!” Mika gasps. A moment later Emma gets a mouthful of fluid as the South American cums hard. It’s enough to trigger yet another embarrassing orgasm of her own and she moans as she laps up the dripping juices. Then Mika climbs off the bed, leaving the two of them panting heavily. “I think you’ve earned a little reward,” the South American snickers. Emma is alarmed to see the cruel woman produce the same cat ‘o nine tails that had been used on her before. “Scream and you’re dead!” Mika warns. Then the tails begin hitting her breasts, her legs and her ass. Emma winces in agony, inwardly vowing revenge as the South American laughs at her discomfort.

BSS 11“Tell me you want more!” Mika demands. Emma grits her teeth before asking for another lash. It makes contact and she winces in pain. The South American keeps ordering the little PI to ask for more and Emma winces and nods. It is cruel but the Asian is disturbed to discover she’s getting wet again… and greatly aroused.

“Gawd, I love watching you squirm!” Mika gasps excitedly. “But now I need another orgasm from you, baby… and I know just how to put that filthy mouth of yours to use!” Emma grunts in alarm as the woman leaves, only to return with a rather wicked looking strap-on that is designed to be inserted into the mouth and used to fuck the receiver.

“This is for me!” the South American gasps excitedly. She forces it into Emma’s mouth and straps it down around the poor woman’s head. “Now you’re going to fuck me the way a lowly slave SHOULD fuck her Mistress!” Emma’s eyes blaze with hatred and she shakes her head again… until a hand lashes out and wraps around her neck, choking her again.

“Do we have a misunderstanding here?” Mika asks ominously. Emma’s eyes get big again and she feels her pussy moisten with a terrible arousal. She shakes her head and the South American chuckles. “I didn’t think so, bitch! Now get to work!”

In Mika’s other hand is a vibrating wand as she bends over the metal frame. “Now fuck my cunt, bitch!” she demands. “Fuck me like a good slave or there’s going to be hell to pay!” Emma is totally humiliated, but she pushes forward with the strap-on embedded in her mouth until she finds her adversary’s wet opening. She leans forward, pushing the phallus inside. The South American gasps with delight and begins to push back, declaring “Fuck me, bitch! Fuck me!”

BSS 12Emma grunts as she forces the dildo protruding from her mouth in and out of the pussy of her gasping adversary. Mika takes the vibrating wand and touches her own clit with it to add to her sensations, gasping pleasurably. A moment later she screams out, “Yes – yes – YES – FUCK ME NOW!”

Emma recognizes the moment Mika cums. But she cannot stop her own climax from overtaking her, and she shudders from a humiliating orgasm of her own. It is embarrassing as hell being treated like a sex slave. But all she can do is bide her time, hoping for her opportunity to get away and report back to her superiors.

She is forced to continue fucking with the dildo in her mouth until Mika is satisfied, her sexual desires momentarily quenched. To add insult to injury the head strap-on is removed. Then Emma is forced to lick clean the South American’s drenched pussy.

“Get it all, bitch; don’t leave a mess!” she’s told. Emma is ashamed of the intense arousal she experienced, but she does what she is asked until Mika is satisfied. As a reward she is freed from the awkward position she has been in, having been forced to kneel upon the bed all this time.

“Now it’s your turn, honey,” Mika grins at her, waving the wand around. “After all, I’m sure a little slut like you virtually LIVES off orgasms; am I right? I think it’s time to see just how many you can take. What do you think?”

Emma’s eyes widen in alarm. She knows if she’s subjected to many more orgasms she will be too wiped out to attempt any kind of escape. “No!” she gasps anxiously. “I’ve done everything you wanted. Now let me go!”

“Not until I’ve forced more juicy orgasms out of your little slut body,” Mika cackles with glee. Emma tries to struggle, but she ends up being forced down upon the bed again as the South American stretches both arms toward opposing bed frames.

“Get off me!” Emma demands, violently struggling underneath the taller woman. “They know I’m here! They’ll be here any moment now to shut you down!”

“I’m calling your bluff, bitch!” Mika cackles. It isn’t long until Emma’s arms are outstretched and loosely secured to the bed.

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” the little PI hollers. The South American simply laughs at her as she takes one roped ankle and stretches it toward the edge of the bed, tying it off. “TURN ME LOOSE, YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Emma declares. But Mika grabs her other leg and stretches it toward the opposite bed frame.

Emma is horrified to find herself being stretched spread-eagled on top of the bed. Her left arm and left leg are tied to one side and her right arm and right leg tied to the other. She is nude, her pussy is dripping wet and her nipples are harder than they’ve ever been.

“YOU BETTER FUCKING CUT ME LOOSE!” she tries one last time, only to have Mika come over and force the red ball-gag back into her mouth. She grunts in horror, feeling extremely vulnerable.

“There!” Mika crows triumphantly. “That ought to shut you up!” Then she walks away, leaving Emma squirming and grunting indignantly, lying spread-eagled cross-wise on the bed.

BSS 13When the South American returns Emma sees a vibrating wand in one hand. But when she sees the ominous strap-on again, her eyes widen in horror and she starts shaking her head. “I KNOW you’re a little slut!” Mika giggles at her. “Now it’s time to see just how much of a slut you are!”

The South American moves to the side of the bed and begins to edge the strap-on into the little PI’s quivering pussy. The vibrating wand lies on the bed next to her and she knows she is totally screwed now. She tries to thrash about, but that just allows the dildo to slide deeper inside her. In an instant her defiance has been reduced to helpless moans and whimpers into the ball-gag in her mouth.

BSS 15“Damn, but those nips are hard, baby!” Mika observes cruelly. “I honestly think you’re looking forward to this!”

Emma grunts in agony, shaking her head as her body quivers from a terrible excitement. Then the imitation cock is inside her and Mika starts to rock, causing it to slide in and out of her throbbing cunt. “Time to get fucked, honey,” the South American giggles. Emma is reduced to grunts, moans and whimpers.

Emma’s legs are spread horribly wide, having granted the strap-on easy access into her already sopping wet pussy. Now Mika thrusts it in and out, setting her to wriggling like mad as her arousal cranks up another notch. “Mmmmm!” Mika purrs excitedly. “That’s a GOOD bitch! I can’t WAIT to see you cum! And since I can’t wait…”

Emma suddenly hears the familiar buzz of the vibrating wand. She stiffens in an attempt to brace herself. A moment later she feels it upon her tender clit. With the strap-on thrusting inside her it’s enough to set her off.

She screams as her orgasm devastates her, her hands flexing helplessly as her feet cock and curl. Her eyes roll as her body shudders and she’s hit with a massive wave of white-hot pleasure. Then the vibrating wand is mercifully pulled away, leaving her panting for breath through her nose.

“Yeeeaaaahh!” Mika gasps excitedly. “That is so fucking hot, baby! Watching you cum is so damned erotic! Gawd, honey; I think I’m going to cum too! Let’s see how many more you’ve got hiding in there, shall we?”

Emma whimpers weakly, begging for her adversary to stop. But the rubber cock just keeps thrusting into her overly-heated cunt, rubbing against her velvety walls and driving her insane. Then she hears the buzzing vibrator once more and she winces, whimpering helplessly.

It touches her clit and once again she pops off, screaming into the gag in her mouth as her hips rise up to meet the thrusting strap-on. Her hands flex like crazy, her feet cocking like mad as her eyes start to roll up into the back of her head. A moment later she hears Mika gasp, “GAWD, I’M CUMMING TOO!” Then their mutual cries of sexual passion fill the basement they’re in.

The vibrator is pulled away but for some reason Emma can’t catch her breath. She has a drugged look in her expression. Her mind screams “NO MORE!” but the bitch just laughs at her as the strap-on continues to thrust inside her. It’s driving her insane – making her lose her mind. Then the vibrating wand returns and with a gentle touch on her sensitive clit Emma is screaming again, her hips bucking, her torso rising up as if wanting more.

This orgasm feels worse than the others and her body writhes around like crazy, her mind no longer in control of her motor functions. Her hands struggle feebly with the ropes she’s bound to, and her legs jerk in vain as though trying to pull free from her bindings. Her vision blurs as she hears Mika gasping from yet another orgasm of her own. Then she finds herself lying limp on the bed, totally unable to move.

Emma breathes shallow, her senses momentarily shorted out. Her body feels weak all over, as though it’s been used for a punching bag. Then from out of a foggy haze she hears Mika’s voice…

“Damn; you’re wet, honey! I wonder how you taste!”


A moment later Emma feels a mouth on her pussy, feels a tongue lapping up her flowing juices. She hears a murmur of approval, a groan of pleasure. Then she hears the buzzing again, feels it touch her very sensitive clit.

Emma jerks and bucks as her eyes roll into the back of her head. This one is worst of all and it takes her breath away as it batters her into blissful unconsciousness. A moment later her head lolls as her body sags like a rag doll.

As Emma passes out, Mika cums hard one last time. She pants heavily as she removes the ball-gag from the unconscious woman’s mouth. “Damn, honey; you’re going to make a great slut for this middle-eastern man I know. But you should know, baby… he hangs the slaves he’s dissatisfied with… hangs them in the nude in front of his entire harem. I know you’ll probably be defiant to him just once too often, honey. Damn; I wish I could be there when he strings you up!” Then she collapses into a nearby chair, panting heavily as she watches Emma’s chest rise and fall, pondering who she’s going to gather into her evil clutches next…

© 2010; 2015

(written for Emma Apr 21 ’10 by riwa)

(Preview pictures are from and are for illustration purposes only.)

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