Male uw bj

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Now that I’ve broken down his barriers I just can’t help myself. I think he knows what I’m thinking when I suggest we go for another swim. I want something of his in my mouth.

flesh00Once we’re in the water naked I go right for his cock. It’s amazing how hard I get whenever I get to touch it and stroke it while I’m submerged.

flesh00aWhen we surface I kiss him as much as he allows, my tongue hungrily probing his mouth as I anticipate the moment his cock will be between my lips. For some reason I just can’t help myself.

flesh01When we’re both back underwater I can’t help reaching out for his stiff member. My cock is hard and my mouth waters with longing. I want him to skull-fuck me, want to suck him so bad.

flesh02When I first take him into my mouth I feel an arousal unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I think it is because I’m sucking cock underwater, his cock. Knowing I’ve aroused him gets me all worked up.

flesh03When I take him deep he tips his head back and groans, his cock throbbing in my mouth. That’s when I caress his balls, moaning hungrily as I suck him down.

flesh04I can see the look of pleasure in his face when I look up at him. Knowing I’m making him feel so good thrills me and makes me suck his cock even harder.

flesh04aMy dick is hard, and I grunt excitedly as I gulp him down. I reach up to touch his chest and then grab his hand and direct it onto my head. Strangely I want him to force me; it turns me on.

flesh05When he pushes down on my head I feel like a cheap whore. But I can’t help reaching back to touch my cock as he forces me down. It’s hard and throbbing; I’m horny as hell.

flesh06As he starts to thrust up into my mouth I grunt and gurgle as though it’s not something I want to do even though I really do. He knows I do that deliberately, and it makes him push down on my head even more.

flesh07I suddenly take him nice and slow, wanting to leave him in delicious agony. My lungs are burning but I don’t want to go up just yet. I’m too busy enjoying my tasty treat.

flesh08The water stirs above me with my bubbles as I bob up and down on his cock. I’m really excited and I can’t help myself. All I know is that he’s letting me feast on his juicy man-meat while I’m forced to hold my breath.

flesh09I tell myself I’ll stay down as long as it takes to get a mouthful of his spunk. I don’t care if my lungs end up straining for all they’re worth. It’s a part of the excitement, and I enjoy holding my breath and sucking cock.

flesh10I bubble like mad, my lungs needing air. He lets me back up, but I see the look in his eye – the need for release. Then he pushes my head back down onto his meaty pole. He wants to fuck my face, to cum in my mouth. I want that too.

flesh11I never thought he’d let another man suck him. Now I can’t seem to get enough underwater cock. Our time together is short; he’ll be flying back home soon.

flesh12That’s why I enjoy sucking him off in this pool every chance I get. I know we could be swimming around more. But I love the way his cock twitches in my mouth as I try to grant him that much-needed release.

flesh13It’s partly for selfish reasons. My cock gets so hard when I know I’m pleasing him. I can tell by the way he eagerly thrusts into my mouth how much he’s enjoying the blowjob I’m giving him.

flesh14It’s MY mouth he wants to cum into, and that turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. Being underwater only adds to my arousal. My groans and bubbles as I vacuum his dick into my mouth is an incredible thrill.

flesh15That’s why I sometimes struggle a little while he’s forcing me. It’s like he wants to use my mouth for his pleasure whether I’m willing or not. I can tell by the way his cock twitches that he loves the way I suck his meat.

flesh16My cheeks go concave as I vacuum his tasty dick. My tongue licks all around his shaft and it makes him twitch and thrust harder into my mouth. I know it won’t be much longer.

flesh16aWhen I sense he’s close I grab on and caress his balls while sucking him harder. It makes me feel like some kind of slut sucking his dick underwater. But for him I’ll be that slut any time he’ll let me.

flesh16bAir leaks out around his cock in my mouth, and I feel my lungs start to tense up. But I want him to cum in my mouth so bad, so I just keep on sucking. Sometimes I even imagine him cumming in my mouth as he drowns me!

flesh16cWhen I feel him thrust into my mouth again it makes my own cock rock hard. I know that when he cums I’ll probably cum too. I can tell he’s really close.

flesh17When his hand comes down on my head to hold me in place I know he’s just about there. It makes me suck even harder, and I struggle to gulp him down my throat. Sometimes I gag and cough up bubbles just to turn him on.

flesh18At times I really want him to gag me with that hot dick of his. Sometimes I think I would even risk letting him drown me if that’s what it would take to get him off. It’s all about his release, about tasting that creamy load in my mouth.

flesh19I hear him start to groan loudly above the water, and I know it’ll be any second now. So I grab his cock and really start stroking him as I suck him hungrily. My lungs are on fire, but he’s almost there and it makes me push myself.

flesh19aMy cock is so hard I can tell I’m going to cum the moment I receive his load. Then he starts thrusting hard into my mouth; a sure sign. I eagerly cup and massage his balls, urging him to give it all to me.

flesh20My lungs are on fire, but with his first shot into my mouth I furiously stroke my cock until I start to spurt too. We cum together; the moment is incredibly erotic. I’m dizzy as hell, but all I care about is making him shoot his load into my mouth.

flesh21Up at the surface we kiss again and he tastes my cummy lips. His breath is heavy; I know I’ve given him great pleasure. But he’s given me great pleasure as well. I know we’ll do this again and again until our time runs out and we have to go our separate ways…

flesh22© 2010; 2015

(written Feb 20 ’10 by riwa)

(Vidcaps found on the Internet and used for illustration purposes only.)

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