Fatal Nosiness


I caught the nosey little slut snooping around my property. She was spewing a string of profanities at me when I dragged her down into my dungeon. So I stripped her out of her clothes, pulling her panties down around her ankles. That didn’t seem to slow her down any and she kept mouthing off at me, telling me I was a dickless bastard while threatening to call the cops on me.

I tied the bitch’s arms up and then proceeded to turn her ass red with a paddle. She just kept spewing obscenities at me, telling me people knew where she was and that she would soon be reported missing. I didn’t believe her for a second.

001I figured she needed a little more persuading. So I pried her ass-cheeks apart and shoved in a little metal hook. She yelped and screamed at me but I ignored her cries.

“This is for snooping around my property, bitch!” I told her. She whimpered but there wasn’t much she could do about it.

02I finished hooking her up before stretching her upright, securing her arms together. She yelped as the hook pulled her up by her ass onto her toes. “You bastard!” she cried out. “The cops are gonna come and rip your balls off!” I just laughed at her empty threats.

Deciding she’d mouthed off enough I put a ring gag into her mouth. That limited her speech considerably although I could still make out many of her words. The bitch sure was being defiant considering the situation she was in!

003“I’ll shut you up once and for all, bitch!” I snarled. So I stuffed a nasty rag into the ring-gag in her mouth. She gumphed and grunted, but that certainly shut that slutty little mouth of hers for awhile. Then I proceeded to paddle her ass some more, making her grunt and cry out.

004I left her like that for an hour or so, just to wear her down. When I came back downstairs she seemed a little more compliant. So I removed her panties and the ring gag. She told me it was nothing more than a little innocent nosing around, but I did not believe her. So I tied the bitch up, stuck a ball-gag into her mouth and left her on the bed for awhile.

005Just to let the bitch know just how serious I was, when I returned I shoved a glass plug up her ass. She squirmed and yelped, but I told her to settle down or she would get worse. She sure calmed right down.

006My cock was getting hard admiring her cute little form. So I decided she should put that slutty little mouth of hers to good use. “Here’s the deal, bitch!” I told her. “You show me what a good little cocksucker you are and perhaps I’ll let you go. Bite me and you die! Try to scream and you die! Be stupid and you die! Understand?” When she nodded I removed her gag.

“Now ask me to let you suck my cock,” I said with a wicked smile, wanting to hear her ask for it. “Please let me suck your cock,” she asked quietly, looking up at me with those imploring Asian eyes. That’s when I stripped, grabbed her head and forced her to suck me!

007The bitch had a slutty mouth and she sure knew how to use it. I think she took my threat seriously and she vacuumed the hell out of my cock. I fucked her mouth hard as she lay on that bed I had in the basement. She grunted and gurgled, but at least she sucked on it as though she hadn’t eaten in ages.

008The sexy little Asian slut was a hot piece of ass. I knew I had to have more than just that slutty little mouth of hers. So I untied her and strung her back up. This time I spread her legs and tied off each ankle.

I tied her arms behind her back and stretched them up into the air, bending her over invitingly. She knew if she caused me any more trouble I could stretch her arms up even higher and dislocate both of her shoulders. Finally I ran a rope down to her hair and tied it off. The little bitch wasn’t going anywhere.

“Suck it like you mean it, bitch!” I demanded. So she bent over even more and took my cock into her mouth. By now she’d stopped being so defiant. I think she knew her life was hanging by a thread.

It wasn’t long until she started sucking like crazy, grunting and moaning as if she loved sucking my throbbing shaft. She was definitely a slutty little whore; I’ll give her credit for that. I enjoyed fucking her mouth hard, and on some level I think she really enjoyed it too.

009Her pussy was dripping; the bitch was fucking wet and aching for more. So I pulled out of her mouth and stepped behind her. “Pull the plug out?” she whimpered hopefully. “I’m doing what you want.”

“We’ll see, bitch!” I told her. Then I thrust my throbbing dick into her hot pussy.

She grunted and moaned as I fucked her good and hard. But I think the bitch enjoyed it; at least she sure as hell acted like it. “Beg me for it, bitch!” I told her “Tell me what a slutty little whore you are and beg me for it. Beg me for it or you’ll never see the outside of this dungeon again!”

“Please!” she begged. “Fuck me! Ohmygawd; I’m a fucking whore and I need your cock inside me!”

“Take it, whore!” I told her as I reamed her pussy hard. She grunted and moaned like a bitch in heat! I think I kept pressing that butt plug deeper into her ass as I pounded her from behind, but she kept moaning and whimpering as though she was getting off too.

010I finally pulled out of her cunt, pulled the dildo and started fucking her ass. She was nice and tight; I loved impaling her with my dick! She just kept moaning and whimpering. Then the little bitch stiffened. When she cried out I swear she had a nice little orgasm right there in my dungeon.

011“Fucking slut!” I told her as I pulled out. She whimpered as I shoved that plug in and out of her ass a couple times. Then she screamed as I shoved my dick right back into her anus. I fucked her hard, reaming that sweet ass as she cried out in agony. She was a tight little Asian bitch and I loved it.

012All good things must come to an end; besides, I had a slut to dispose of. So I went and got myself a burlap sack. Then I untied her ankles, leaving her arms bound together before starting to stuff her into the bottom of it. “What are you DOING?” she gasped anxiously.

“Getting ready to dispose of the garbage,” I told her with a sneer.

013“NO!” she gasped in fright. “You CAN’T! People KNOW I’m here! Someone will come for me!”

“Open your mouth and I’ll think about it!” I told her and she dutifully opened her mouth. When she saw me jacking off my cock in front of her she knew what was coming. But she kept her mouth open and took every last drop I gave her.

014“Now swallow it!” I told her and she gulped it down like the dirty little slut she was. Then she looked up at me with those pleading eyes. “Now you’re going to let me go, right?” she asked hopefully. I smiled evilly at her and I think it chilled her to the bone.

015“We just got to get you out of here now,” I told her.

I put the gag back into her mouth. Then I sealed her up in the burlap bag and hauled her squirming body upstairs. I heard her grunt in alarm when I tossed her into the trunk of my car in my garage.

I drove her down to a quiet little area people use to launch boats into the water. Then I pulled her out of the trunk, still squirming inside the burlap bag.

“Calm down!” I told her. “I just have to release you in a quiet part of town is all.” She quieted down and stopped squirming as I carried her over my shoulder down to the water. There was a little boat ramp sticking out and I walked out to the very end of it.

“Ok, bitch; I’m letting you go!” I told her. Then I heaved her out into the river. She hit the water with a splash.

I thought I saw the burlap bag erupt with frantic activity as she tried to squirm out of it. Then it sank from site. I watched that area for the longest time until I saw a few bubbles followed by a big burst of air that erupted up at the surface. Then the water grew still.

“That’ll teach you for being so nosy, bitch!” I called after her. Then I turned and walked back to my car, making sure I hadn’t been seen before driving off…

© 2009, 2015

(written for Emma Apr 18 riwa)

(Pictures are from FuckedandBound.com and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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