Waiting for her



It had been a long day and Jasmine was glad it was over. Now she was looking forward to a night on the town.

She went into the bathroom, put on her bra, and then strapped her panties to her red stockings. Might as well look nice for the guy she was going to pick up… or the guy who was going to pick HER up. Either way, she was going to get laid tonight…

He’d been waiting for her all afternoon. He peeked around the door and watched her in the bathroom. She hadn’t heard him sneak in; didn’t know there was anyone else in the house. Not being aware of his presence would prove to be fatal…

vidcap01She gasped as an arm came around her shoulders… inhaled sharply as the large kitchen knife came into view. “Wanna get cut?” the male voice asked her.

“No!” her voice squeaked in terror.

vidcap02“Then do as I say. Let’s move to the couch.”

He guided her into the living room, sat her down on the couch and waved a pair of nylons in front of her face. “I’m gonna wrap these around your mouth,” he said. “Don’t fight me or I’ll cut you.”

She nodded in agreement, trembling as he wrapped them into a tight, thin rope and ran them between her lips. Then he tied it off behind her head, making conversation difficult. “If you’re ok with this so far then nod your head.”

She nodded fearfully, hoping he’d just do whatever he was going to do and then leave her alone. Then a small garment bag suddenly appeared in front of her. “Take this!”

She took it from him and looked at it in confusion. A moment later panic gripped her heart as he demanded, “Put it over your head!”

“NO!” she gasped through the nylons running through her mouth.

“You wanna get cut?”

Trembling, she slowly pulled the bag over her head.

vidcap03Another pair of nylons suddenly fell in front of her. “Tie it off around your neck!” he told her sternly. “Oh gawd!” she whimpered, hesitating.

“You wanna bleed?” he warned ominously.

She grabbed the nylons and shakily started working them around her head. She was shivering like crazy and she wanted to cry. “What if… I suffocate?” she whimpered.

“What if you bleed to death?” he warned.

She slowly worked the nylons around her neck. The bag puffed and shrank from each panicked breath she took. “Make sure it’s tight!” he barked.

vidcap04She jumped in fright and then slowly tightened the nylons. Her breath came in little gasps as she began to inhale her stale oxygen.

“Very good,” he said encouragingly when she was finished. “Now just sit back and relax.”

She sat back against the back of the couch and tried to breathe normally. The bag continued to expand and contract around her head. It wasn’t long before she began to feel weak and drowsy.

vidcap05“You feeling all right?” he asked solicitously. She nodded weakly, hoping he was going to leave soon.

He reached forward and caressed her inner thighs. “You’re a very pretty lady. I think red is definitely your color.” She murmured, nodding her head weakly in agreement as he rubbed her crotch.

vidcap06“You’re a very sexy lady, you know that?” She barely heard him. Her breath was shallow and getting raspy. She was so tired… sooooo tired…

He said something else, but she couldn’t make it out. Her eyelids were so heavy. Then Jasmine’s head lolled to one side as she lost consciousness.

vidcap07He looked at her lovely features, knowing that it couldn’t end this way. She was so beautiful and deserved a special fate. He came over to her, unfastened the nylons that sealed the bag around her neck and slowly pulled it off her head. With an influx of fresh air, her breathing stabilized.

“That’s better,” he murmured. “Sleep, my beautiful lady. When you awaken and are well-rested, we shall continue.” With that, he gently laid her out on the couch…

vidcap08Jasmine slept for the next half-hour. When she came to, she found herself sprawled out on her living room sofa.

She groaned, as though waking up from a deep sleep. She blinked her eyes and carefully looked around. A dream. It was all a dream.

She shivered at the frightfulness of the lingering images in her mind and sat up. “I must have dozed off,” she said to herself. “Strange. I’ve never done that before.” Then she turned and caught sight of the plastic bag on the floor in front of her.

“No!” she gasped as she stood up in horror. “It was a dream! It HAD to be!”

She looked around and discovered a hangman’s noose hanging from her ceiling and a chair right below it. She shrieked in terror. Then she saw the knife-wielding intruder sitting in a chair. She clasped her hands together above her breasts in shock.

vidcap09“Did you have a nice nap?” he asked pleasantly.


He motioned toward her with the knife as though he were directing a play. “Now if you will just step up onto that chair, we’ll get on with the show.”

“You want me to… you’re gonna… HANG ME??!!”

vidcap10“But of course!” he replied heartily. “I think a beautiful woman like you should swing!”

“But I don’t WANNA hang!” she whined.

“Would you rather bleed to death from several wounds?”

She went pale. Carefully she moved over to the chair and climbed onto it. Then she looked at him in sheer terror.

“That’s nice. Remove your bra, please!” She shivered and shook her head in refusal.

He stood up and moved menacingly toward her, brandishing the knife. “I guess we’re gonna hafta do this the hard way…”

Her eyes went wide in horror. She looked around but there was no salvation hiding in the curtains. So she nervously unclasped her bra and allowed it to fall to the floor.

“That’s a good girl. Now put your head in the noose!” he demanded.

She slipped the noose over her head. Then she gasped when he grabbed onto the other end, took out the slack and tied it off. Instantly her hands leapt to her throat in an effort to loosen the rope from around her neck.

vidcap11“Unh – unh – unh!” he warned, waving the knife at her. “Hands at your sides please!” Trembling, she lowered her arms to her sides.

“Let me get one last, long look at you,” he said appreciatively. He looked her up and down, smiling at her. Then he kicked the chair out from underneath her!

She hit the end of the rope with an “AWK” and immediately started clawing at the noose with her fingers as her legs started to kick. She choked and gagged as the noose dug into her flesh. She opened her mouth to scream, but all that came out was a raspy gurgle.

vidcap12He watched in rapt attention as her body danced for him, her legs kicking wildly and erotically. He admired her form, gazing lustfully at her breasts as they bounced up and down from her gyrations. Her enjoyed how nipples stuck out excitedly.

Jasmine kicked and struggled as the noose slowly closed her airway. She made gurgling, gasping noises as she dangled from the rope. She tried to beg him to let her down, tried to plead with him with her eyes. He simply smiled and nodded approvingly.

Her mind screamed at her, trying to tell her that this wasn’t happening. She tried to cry out but only succeeded in giving out a choked gasp. A nightmare! This was all a nightmare! WAKE UP, GAWD-DAMNIT!

She reached for the rope as her body weakened. Her kicks became feeble and she twisted less and less. She made soft, gurgling sounds as she weakly tugged on the rope around her neck.

vidcap13He watched attentively, enjoying every sound and admiring every move of her tortured body. He gazed longingly at her breasts, stared down the length of her gorgeous legs. As she moved less and less, he leaned forward with greater interest.

Jasmine’s arms fell uselessly to her sides. She was too weak to hold them up anymore. She gasped quietly and shuddered as the noose closed off her windpipe. Her arms and legs started twitching as a death rattle emanated from her throat.

The intruder watched as her head lolled over to one side. She shuddered again as her tongue hung out of her mouth. Her chest rose and fell. It didn’t rise again. Jasmine’s body swayed softly in her living room.

vidcap14He sighed appreciatively as though he’d just climaxed from a wonderful sexual encounter. He stared at her body, admiring her erect nipples, her firm breasts, her long, luscious legs, her tilted head, her long black hair. It was the perfect vision of loveliness. He continued to stare as her body swung to a halt, unable to take his eyes off her.

vidcap15“You’re beautiful, hanging like that,” he said to her. “Do you realize how gorgeous you are?” There was no answer. He stood up and walked over to her, admiring her form.

“Hanging really was the best way, don’t you think? I didn’t really wanna cut that beautiful body of yours and I don’t think you wanted me to. Besides, I think you kinda liked swinging, didn’t you?”


“I know you did,” he went on softly. “I can see it in your eyes. There was something about it that spoke to you, didn’t it?” She hung unresponsively in front of him.

He found himself irresistibly drawn to her body. He stepped forward, reached toward her and then suddenly drew back. “What am I worried about?” he asked himself. “Besides, I don’t think she’ll mind now.”

He reached forward and placed a hand on her breast. It was still warm from the life that had left it just a short time ago. He caressed it lovingly, expecting her to moan at his touch. He drew back his hand and waited expectantly…

vidcap16That’s right. She can’t moan. She’s dead!

Satisfied that she wasn’t going to interrupt him, he moved forward and began to squeeze her breasts appreciatively. He didn’t have to worry about any sexual harassment charges now.

vidcap17He ran his hands up and down her body and fondled her lovingly. She was so sexy, hanging in front of him for his enjoyment. His cock bulged in his pants as he touched her all over.

But it was the look on her face more than anything else that excited him. She looked as though she’d had a sexual experience, as though she’d just had a powerful orgasm. It made him horny as hell.

What had it been like, he wondered, having the life choked out of you? Maybe he should get more information… ask the next woman he came across.

“You don’t mind if I play with that gorgeous ass of yours, do you?” he asked. “You DON’T mind?! Why THANK YOU!” He ran his hands lovingly over her butt cheeks, feeling the soft, warm flesh on his fingertips. She really did have a nice ass.

vidcap18He looked at her appreciatively, admiring every curve, every muscle. Then he suddenly glanced at his watch and sighed. “Sorry, babe. Gotta go now. I had a lovely time. Thanks for the show!”

He walked over to where he’d tied the end of the rope and proceeded to untie it slowly, gently lowering her to the floor of her home. For some strange reason he was careful with her body, not wanting to bruise it. When he got her down, he stretched her out on the floor and looked at her again.

Jasmine looked up with wide, vacant eyes. Her mouth gaped open, perhaps as though she’d been caught by surprise… or perhaps as a result of some powerful orgasm that had wracked her body shortly before the end came. Her red lipstick accentuated her full lips. The rope lay on top of her chest, gathered in large coils.

vidcap19The intruder stared at her again in wonderment. Her body lay there, ripe for the taking. For a moment, he unzipped his fly and started to pull down his pants. Then he stopped.


For some reason, he just couldn’t. She was just too beautiful to violate in that way.

He zipped up his pants and removed the noose and the coils of rope. He put the nylon away and then proceeded to tidy up, removing all evidence of his presence. Then he quietly slipped out the door, leaving Jasmine’s body sprawled out on the floor for the neighbors to find…

vidcap20(written Dec 3 ’04 by riwa)

(Story idea and vidcaps are from ruemorgue.com. Vidcaps are for illustration purposes only.)

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