I love to fuck underwater



Note: in lieu of the movie playing this weekend, maybe I should rename this 50 Shades of Bubbles?

I love to fuck underwater! It makes my orgasms so much more intense! That’s me in the picture with my eyes all glazed over, air bubbling out of my mouth from another intense climax!

fuck 1I love it when my boyfriend takes me down and fucks me underwater! He loves it too! He’s told me more than once how he loves watching me bubble and how my tits jerk around when he’s fucking me!

fuck 2I suppose part of it is the way he loves dominating me when he has me submerged. He likes to hold me down and watch me bubble. He also likes to watch me when I’m struggling to hold my breath, especially when he’s fucking me good and hard!

fuck 3But mostly he just loves to fuck me underwater, watching my expressions and hearing me grunt with each thrust! I love it too… holding my breath while his hard, thick cock pounds me mercilessly!

fuck 4First he takes me down and goes to work on my nipples! Gawd; I love it when he sucks on them and plays with them! My tits are so sensitive and he’s all over them until I start moaning and groaning!

fuck 5Then he gives my pussy a good tongue-fucking! That really gets me all worked up! That’s when I start working on improving my breath-holds because I know what’s coming next!

fuck 6That first time he thrusts his cock into my pussy always makes me grunt with excitement, I always lose a burst of air, knowing how bad he wants me… how bad he wants to fuck me underwater! Sometimes I wonder if he wants to cum in my drowning body! And sometimes I wonder if I might actually let him!!

fuck 7The way he pushes me down to the bottom with his strong body… it lets me know he’s about to have his way with me! And if I drown for his pleasure that’s just the price I have to pay! It gives me such a rush that I can’t hardly stand it sometimes!!

fuck 8Sometimes he sits me down on his lap, impaling me with his hot, throbbing fuck-rod! I get to go for the best underwater ride ever! Those times are slow and sensuous and sometimes I can hold my breath nearly three minutes like that!

fuck 9Other times he’s just so damn hungry for it that he fucks me from the rear, pounding me like a piston until I get to feel his hot cum pumping deep inside me!

fuck 10Usually he just gets a good grip on my hips and fucks me hard, watching my tits and bubbles! I can see it in his eyes, see how hungry he is for my body! Gawd; that puts me in heat something fierce!!

fuck 11Usually when he’s doing that I just lay back, hold my breath and take it! I feel sexy as hell with him fucking bubbles out of my mouth! And I know I’m going to cum so hard when my orgasm finally hits!

fuck 12But you know when it’s best? It’s when I’m up gasping at the surface and he wants me so bad he jerks me back down! That’s when I know I’m really going to get it good!

fuck 13When he grabs my ankles and fucks me hard from behind? Sometimes I reach back to brace myself! That’s when I know I’m really going to get it and I better be able to hold my breath a long time!

fuck 14He pins me to the bottom and fucks me so hard it feels like he’s going to fuck all the air out of my lungs! Sometimes I think he’s actually going to drown me! You have no idea what a rush that is!!

fuck 15Then I feel his cock explode inside me and I cum! Gawd; how I cum!! My back arches as he sucks on my nipples and I lose all the air in my lungs and it feels like I’m going to drown! Those orgasms are the best – the absolute BEST!

fuck 16© 2012

(written Nov 23 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Sexunderwater.com and are for illustration purposes only.)

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