Double-teaming the babysitter



My name is Adina. I’m the babysitter. I babysit Mr. Johnson’s kids. He has two boys – five and six – and his daughter is eight.

He works a lot but he loves his kids. They’re important to him so they’re important to me. I really like Mr. Johnson and he’s good to me! So I take really good care of his kids!

He’s divorced and he has the house. It’s a good house with a nice, backyard pool. The pool is great and I’m in it with his kids every day!

I’ve met his ex-wife. She’s a real bitch; she doesn’t know what she’s thrown away. She took up a lover and moved in with him. And she demands to have the kids on the weekends.

Mr. Johnson is too nice to deprive them of their mother even if she is a slut! So he lets them see her whenever she wants. That just means I get to come over on the weekends and have him all to myself.

You see Mr. Johnson loves fucking in the pool. But he told me his bitch of a wife doesn’t even like getting her hair wet! That’s ok with me because that just means I can come over and get a good dicking in the pool any time I want!

I think she knows about us… but frankly I don’t give a damn! And from what I’ve heard Mr. Johnson doesn’t give a damn either! She can go on and be a jealous bitch for all I care! She doesn’t do the things for him like I do!

He’s not the only one I fuck around with. Sometimes his brother comes over and joins us in the pool! I love those days the most! That just means I get a good double-teaming underwater!

Take the other day for example! His brother came over while I was in the pool giving Mr. Johnson’s cock some tender, loving care. Of course his brother quickly shed his clothes and got right in with us! But I didn’t mind one damn bit! That just meant more cock for me!

I was wearing my favorite checkered bikini, the one Mr. Johnson loves to see me in when he’s watching me in the pool with his kids. So naturally I wear it for him whenever I come over for some hot, underwater fucking! Funny thing though… it never stays on for very long. No matter! I love the way his cock gets all hard on me whenever he sees me.

Anyway I was in the pool and his brother came over and got into the water with us so I had two cocks to play with! Let me tell you: I was in hog heaven! I knew then it was going to be one hot afternoon of bubbling sex, especially since I was going to get two cocks in my pussy instead of one!

I started off being underwater with Mr. Johnson’s cock in my mouth and his brother’s in my hand. Now Mr. Johnson likes to keep himself nice and shaved while his brother has a little hair down there. But I don’t mind either way, especially if it means getting some delicious man-meat going down my throat!!

adina3-01Now I’m not one of those wussy bitches who have to come up for air every 10 seconds. Like I said before, I swim all the time in Mr. Johnson’s pool with his kids. And I’ve learned to hold my breath for quite awhile, especially since those crazy kids love to make me chase after their toys on the bottom!

I’ve gotten pretty good at it if I do say so myself! And Mr. Johnson loves it when I stay down awhile. I think he loves watching me strain to hold my breath! So when he and his brother are in the pool I don’t once hesitate! I move from one cock right to the other on the same breath, taking his brother deep down my throat and moaning and bubbling like I’m in heat or something!

adina3-03Now Mr. Johnson’s brother has one tasty cock; let me tell you! I love sucking on it like a lollipop and then taking it all the way down my fucking throat! The way it twitches in my mouth makes me so damned turned on that I sometimes think I could hold my breath and suck cock forever! And that hair above his balls is just the cutest thing!!

adina3-05But I really love sucking Mr. Johnson’s cock the most! I can suck it all day with nothing but little bubbles leaking out of my nose until my chest is heaving like crazy! Gawd; what a fucking thrill!!

adina3-07Anyway, it was right about then when Mr. Johnson’s brother got to the business of taking my top off. He loves playing with my tits, especially when my hands are full and I have a mouth full of cock. I couldn’t protest or anything because I was holding my breath with a big mouthful of my employer’s juicy dick… not that I would utter a single, solitary word of protest, mind you! After all, I love it when they grope my tits!!

adina3-10Of course my bottoms came off lickety-split! And do you want to know why? It’s because Mr. Johnson loves doing a little muff-diving!!

adina3-11Do you know what it does to a girl to have her cunt licked underwater?? Why it makes me want to scream!! I sure am glad when I can fill my mouth with cock and focus on sucking while Mr. Johnson is eating me out! Otherwise I might blow all my breath away and have to come up for air!!

adina3-12He is so fucking GOOD, let me tell you! That tongue of his drives me absolutely insane!! It’s all I can do to hold my breath and suck cock while he’s eating me out! Half the time my lungs are left heaving from lack of air!! That’s what makes it such a thrill!!

adina3-14But Mr. Johnson isn’t the only one who likes to muff-dive! His brother is just as talented! They turn me around while I’m still holding my breath and this time it’s the brother’s tongue I feel giving me a really good poke in my twat!

adina3-19With my lungs heaving and me wanting to scream I really have to focus on blowing my employer! I have to hang onto him as I take him deep down my throat while my pussy is getting a good tongue-fucking! And it’s all I can do to hold my breath when it feels so fucking good!!

adina3-21They don’t even let me up for a breath when his brother gives me a poke with his dick! By then my lungs are usually on fire and I’m hot as molten lava! Being breathless and fucked underwater is an experience I think all bitches ought to try at least once!!

adina3-22His brother always gives it to me good and hard like he ain’t had pussy in a long time! It’s a glorious fuck, let me tell you! I’m usually all dazed and breathless before I’m finally allowed to go up for a quick breath of air!

adina3-23One loud gasp and I’m right back down for more dick! This is when I try to take Mr. Johnson’s cock as far down my throat as I can! Sometimes I like to think they’re trying to drown me and I’m going to go out with a smile on my face, a hot cock in my mouth and a good dick up my cunt!

adina3-25Mr. Johnson’s brother loves to give it to me good and hard from behind! I think that’s the position I love underwater the most, impaled with dicks in both ends! By now I’m so hot for cock that I think I’ve actually stretched out my breath-holding skills by a good 30-45 seconds or more!!

adina3-28You have no idea what it does to me when I finally get to feel Mr. Johnson’s cock up my cunt! It gives me a thrill like you wouldn’t believe feeling him give me the pounding I deserve! And of course I have to make sure I don’t leave his brother’s cock unattended, right?

adina3-30Sometimes I feel that cock go so deep inside me that I can’t even think straight!! All I know is that these two could drown me any time they felt like it… and there wouldn’t be a fucking thing I could do about it!! And you know what?? Sometimes I fantasize about that!!

adina3-32With Mr. Johnson giving it to me so good I swear it must turn his brother on to see me get pounded like that! That’s when I think he gets so horny that he wants to get rough with me! I end up getting a hand on the back of my head and a cock thrust clear down my fucking throat! And with my lungs usually heaving by that point… what a fucking RUSH!!!

adina3-33Stretched out underwater with my lungs heaving… impaled by two cocks… I’m nothing but a fuck-toy to the both of them! And it’s such a fucking thrill to be used like that! They have no idea how hard I cum when I’m out of air and impaled in both ends!

adina3-36Lungs heaving… pussy being pounded… throat-gagged… grunting and bubbling… WHAT – A – THRILL!! I can’t imagine a better way to spend an afternoon in a pool!! Who cares if they drown my ass! Just drown me in cum; that’s all that matters!!

adina3-39It used to surprise me when I found out how long Mr. Johnson can hold his breath. But not anymore! One of his favorite positions is to have me sit on his cock while he’s on the bottom of the pool. And if his brother is around that just means I get to keep my mouth busy!

adina3-43It feels so fucking good riding that cock! And what a ride it is, feeling him thrust hard up into my cunt as I gag on his brother’s tasty man-meat! Both cocks at once… service for two, anybody?

adina3-45But it’s when they hold onto me and won’t let me surface that really sets me off… lungs heaving… getting all dizzy like that! I swear Mr. Johnson has a little bit of a sadistic streak; I suppose his bitch of an ex-wife made him that way! All I know is that I’m wincing – straining for all I’m worth – bubbles trickling out of my nose as my lungs scream at me! Then I’m cumming up a fucking storm!

adina3-46After going up and catching my breath – and it’s a damn quick one at that – it’s right back down below the surface where Mr. Johnson’s brother gets to poke me again! Of course my pussy is all wet from having cum so he just slides right in! That just allows me the treat of sucking my employer’s cock again!

adina3-49It may not be a monster cock or anything like that. But he sure as hell knows what to do with it! And I love sucking on it every chance I get, especially if it means I have to hold my breath while I’m doing it!

adina3-54Heaving chest… aching lungs… snorting bubbles… I don’t fucking care! It’s that cum I want to see… that yummy, creamy cum!

adina3-57And you know what? I’m always rewarded, no matter how long he makes me hold my fucking breath! Sooner or later I see him explode! I just love watching it shoot out everywhere, especially knowing I’m the one who was responsible for making it happen!!

adina3-61Then it’s over to take care of his brother! After all, he deserves to cum too! And I just love feeling his cock twitch in my mouth until I know it’s about to blow!!

adina3-66And thar she blows, jetting into my mouth! What a fucking rush! What a thrill to make Mr. Johnson and his brother cum in the pool!

adina3-68Like I say, it makes me one happy camper to have two cocks to play with in the pool. That poor bitch Mrs. Johnson doesn’t know what the hell she’s missing! Oh well… that just leaves more for me!!

adina3-71© 2014

(written Jan 7 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Aqua Entertainment and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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