An Emma short story


I thought I would share this with everyone. (Emma loved it) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Emma was not happy when she found out she had to stay after work and clean the pool. It was Christmas Eve; she wanted to spend it at home. At least she’d thought to pack her wetsuit in her vehicle. That way if she had to clean the pool, at least she could get off doing it.

After everyone had left, Emma went out and fetched her wetsuit. She locked the front door behind her, making sure no one would barge in on her. She didn’t want any unwelcome visitors, not on Christmas Eve. That would mean they were up to no good.

She quickly changed out of her clothes and into her wetsuit. She also slipped into her scuba booties. She wanted to feel the vibrations of the hose on her feet as the buzzing of her soles through her booties would give her nice, erotic tingles.

She strung the hose out and turned on the vacuum. The hose dutifully began suctioning water through its coils, water and bits of loose debris. Emma worked the shallow end first, occasionally resting a booted foot against a vibrating coil. The buzz made her moan as the tingles shot straight up her legs and settled in her kitty.

She pushed the head of the vacuum out into deeper water along the pool floor, stretching the hose farther out. She nudged some of the coils close to the edge of the pool, feeling an erotic buzz over what she was considering. Then with an “accidental kick” she sent a bunch of coils into the water.

The hose immediately headed for the bottom of the pool, spasming as it continued to suction water through its coils. Just as Emma planned, some of the loose coils “had wrapped themselves” around her ankles. She let out a cry as she was pulled off the side of the pool into the water.

She was dragged all the way to the bottom, the coils still spasming as they sucked water throughout the length of the hose. She could feel the vibrations against the soles of her feet and she swooned at the erotic “plight” she was in. She “had gotten herself into trouble” and was now all tangled up at the bottom of the pool.

Emma tugged on the hose as it continued to suck water through its coils. Her booties were still feeling the vibrations; that and the erotic peril had her right where she wanted to be. She lost a burst of air, flailed weakly for the surface, and then popped off from a very satisfying orgasm.

Her eyes rolled as she swooned, her little Japanese body shuddering from delicious aftershocks. Cumming while being forced to hold her breath in an accidental peril (albeit one she had deliberately set up) felt wonderful. Now it was time to get to the surface before she did something stupid… like really drowning herself!

Emma tugged on the vibrating coils, trying to pull them loose. They lay heavy upon her body and she had to push them away. She had more coils wrapped around her legs than she expected, and she had to shed those as well.

She felt her lungs heave; she was pushing this a little closer than she needed to. The fact that she could drown herself for real gave her an erotic jolt. It coupled with the still vibrating hose against her booties, making her swoon again. Now the very thing she used to get herself off was threatening to incapacitate her!

Emma struggled to work the hose free, her lungs beginning to burn. Now she was really pushing it; she needed to get the hell off the bottom! But the eroticism of her growing predicament was threatening to blow up in her face! Another orgasm down here might leave her too weak to get back to the surface!

Emma lost a burst of bubbles as she frantically tried to push the spasming coils away. But the hose continued to vibrate against her wetsuited body, continued to vibrate against the soles of her feet. She tried to pull her feet away from the thrumming coils, but the damned hose was everywhere!

She was almost out when the hose suddenly spasmed, wrapping around her body and curling up through her crotch. It buzzed her kitty just right as her lungs heaved in breathless agony. Emma’s eyes flew open in horror… “NO; THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING TO ME!” Then she popped off again, losing the rest of her breath in a froth of bubbles that spewed away to the surface.

Her eyes rolled; she was dizzy as hell. Her lungs were on fire; she had to get off the bottom right now. But it was as if the hose had come alive and had become a malevolent being… “You wanted to use me for your kinky purposes… and now I’m going to drown your sorry ass!”

She tried to shoot up to the surface but it clung greedily to her legs… “Oh no; you don’t!” Then her lungs gave out and she inhaled pool water.

Emma’s eyes flew open in horror as she started spamsing and convulsing, violently coughing up bubbles. The hose wrapped around her as though determined to envelope her and keep her on the bottom. She got more entangled as she doubled over in spasms.

She felt a last flush of pleasure as she orgasmed once more. It would be the last one she ever experienced. Then she stared up at the surface with a vacant expression.
Her last conscious thought was how stupid it had been to carelessly drown herself. Now she wouldn’t be found until someone showed up Monday morning. The spa would be closed Friday and over the weekend. It would be days before anyone showed up and found her at the bottom of the pool.

And with that Emma’s consciousness faded away. She lay all tangled up at the bottom of the pool in her wetsuit. Unattended, the hose continued to spasm and vibrate, sucking water through its hungry coils…

Dec 24, 2014

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