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Vanessa tries to break into a waterpark through an underwater tunnel to steal a souvenir from her daring exploit. Continue reading

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Patreon (and Riwas Reads updates)

Riwa’s Stories at Patreon Coming November rewards Teri 5.0 ch 4, another peril in the holodeck setting. 3 in the pool part 7 continues Melissa’s come-uppance leading up to the CSI investigation after the event. Shelly in Cancun 7 involves … Continue reading

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Underwater hockey practice (men’s themes)

Six members of a men’s underwater hockey team get together for a little practice and a little underwater sexual activity with each other. Continue reading

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The Witch

A witch is all alone in an empty village that used to persecute and hang her kind. So she decides to go the way of all the others who were sent off into the next life by condemning herself to hang on the abandoned gallows inside the empty village prison. Continue reading

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A daughter’s murderous rage

Haley finds out her mother Meredith is fucking her boyfriend. Needless to say, the confrontation in the bathroom does not go well. Continue reading

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A night to remember 2

Chastity humiliates Carmen and Sophia and then makes them both suck my cock. Then she makes them lick a couple of her attendants to orgasm. Finally one of the forfeited women receives some special attention from the attendants because of her protests over her treatment. Continue reading

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