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Bucket of Air

Mob secretary Renee gets caught with some files and is taken out to swim with the fishes, being cruelly given only a bucket of air to satisfy her breathing needs. Continue reading

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A Revy firefight

Two men survive a firefight with Revy and have their way with her before finishing her off. Continue reading

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Patreon and Riwas Reads updates

Riwa’s Stories at Patreon Coming August rewards More of the Jaime Club saga (the final chapter). More of the Island of death row inmates. Suzan is lured into trying a noose. Izumi has some kinky fantasies. A bride gets a … Continue reading

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An exercise in beheading

Aravana and 19 other young women are sent into the arena to be beheaded by gladiators for the Emperor’s amusement. Afterwards the bodies are abused and then casually disposed of. Continue reading

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The Many Drownings of Melissa – Diane lends a hand

Two females with a shared fantasy of drowning get together. One of them gets carried away and turns the fantasy into reality. Continue reading

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Come to me my lovely, slimy eels

Genetically engineered eels have their way underwater with a willing woman. Continue reading

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Pooja’s accidental hanging

A model during a photo shoot expresses curiosity about a purple noose. Continue reading

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Stealth jerk (male themes)

I slip into the water to sneak up on him and jerk him off. But he turns the tables on me. Continue reading

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Melissa – his bubbly little snuff-puppet

Melissa wants her Master to snuff her. So he tells her to prepare the bathtub for her bubbly demise. Continue reading

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