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Patreon and Riwas Reads updates

Riwa’s Stories at Patreon Coming March Rewards More of the Jaime Club saga. More of the Island of death row inmates. A drowning hit on a whore. Drowning at the hidden Facility with poser renders. A birthday hanging. Samantha is … Continue reading

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Gambling your life away (Part 2)

The sisters start drawing cards, but it doesn’t go well. One of them draws the unlucky joker. Will she lose her head over it? Continue reading

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Peace Treaty 8-9

The Peace Accord appears to get back on track when Prince Osman and the Capree maiden participate in joint executions by hanging. Then one more Bakir woman approaches to be hanged by little one. It is the female camera operator, disgusted with the deceptions of her people. Continue reading

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Bamboo pays the price

She claims to love only him. But a hidden camera set up at her place shows she’s been enjoying other men in her backyard pool. So he goes over to have it out with her where things get out of hand. Continue reading

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The Duel

Jennifer challenges Angelina to a duel with swords over her trying to steal her husband. The winner gets to keep him. The loser? Well… she loses her head. Continue reading

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Lastday hanging parties

Three females face Lastday when the Lifeclock crystals in their palms glow red. Each one has differing thoughts on the matter. A fanfiction inspired by the book and movie, with a hanging theme as the method of death. Continue reading

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