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The Old Folks Home

Some guys at the old folks home where Dorothy works break into the medicine cabinet and wolf down a bunch of Viagra. Dorothy is fucked all night long until the morning nurse comes in who also gets fucked. Continue reading

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Patreon and Riwas Reads updates

Riwa’s Stories at Patreon Coming October rewards Will Maggie get into trouble for her outburst at the dolphin tank in the ongoing Island series? What will happen to Sylvia at the club with Jaime and her husband? Or will it … Continue reading

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Hanging Rusty

A bounty hunter chases a female killer into Apache territory. When he catches up to her he decides not to bother with taking her back to receive a proper hanging. He’ll do it himself. Continue reading

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Victor’s Guillotine 13

Julie sets a date with Renard, only to be kidnapped by Prudence. She is taken back to the mansion and put into Victor’s guillotine while one of Prudence’s friends fucks her. Will Renard get there to rescue her in time? Continue reading

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She-male Snuff Carnival chs 3-4

ch 3 Ring the bell with the mallet and behead the she-male!
ch 4 A brief discussion of the she-male roasting pit at the She-male Snuff Carnival. Continue reading

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Drew – Famous at the End

Drew decides to go on that TV show Famous at the End to pay off her debts and leave her folks with a little money. She wants to be drowned in the bathtub while masturbating. Continue reading

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Teri and the Pensioners

Teri agrees to put on a slut/stripper show for some pensioners, only to get more than she bargained for. Continue reading

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