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Janet’s erotic dreams: The gator

In a dream Janet is eaten by a gator. Continue reading

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Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 4

Janelle and her brother have sex with strangers. Then they encounter a couple of sisters, one who has just popped her sensor. Continue reading

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Patreon Update

Coming November rewards Chapter four of Team Discipline and the Club story Vanessa’s Education (completing those short series) Chapter five (and maybe six) of First-timer (a “dry” story) Chapter two of Water Babies 2-4 shorts including Consensual Drownings and Consensual … Continue reading

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Shot at dawn

A newspaper reporter goes to do an article on a man who legally shoots women who strangely volunteer to be shot. Continue reading

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A question of bondage… and drowning

Five minutes into a conversation after meeting him, Theresa knew she would sleep with him. But she had no idea he was interested in something far more sinister than sex. Continue reading

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A tourist in Berlin (graphic)

A tourist in Berlin comes across a man who is, well… let’s just say he’s not very nice and enjoys some rather wicked perversions with electricity, impalement and beheading. Continue reading

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Death of a family

A fictional imagining of what might have happened with a paranoid Emperor and the family he sired. The lives of some of Rome’s earliest emperors makes for some interesting reading. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Realtor: Mark

Rosie goes the extra mile to sell a home. This time she goes for a swim with a client in the pool of a home she’s trying to sell. Continue reading

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