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New Year’s Eve burning

Dorothy and her husband attend a New Year’s Eve celebration. There is a special lottery as the clock approaches midnight, and Dorothy wins. But what she wins is not what she expects or even wants. Continue reading

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Flash Drive Infidelity

Marc is an accountant for the mob. But his wife has carefully copied all his files onto a flash drive in case he wants to divorce her to pursue his secretary/mistress. Marc believes she’s hidden the flash drive in the backyard pool due to the fact that he cannot swim. Perhaps it is located in the drain. So he calls his mistress over to help him retrieve it, only to have his wife arrive home at a most inopportune moment. Continue reading

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Update/My 12 unpleasant days of Christmas

A brief update followed by “My 12 unpleasant days of Christmas” where a former girlfriend puts me into debt with all the crazy gifts she gave me last year. Continue reading

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An execution favor for Pat Anderson

Pat Anderson from the DFN Academy has a request for me. Two of her girls have been sentenced to be executed. But they remembered me from our time together at Club X during their asphyxia training and have asked that I partake in their executions through sexual asphyxiation. When my girlfriend watches, she gets all turned on and wants to see if she would be a good candidate for the DFN Academy. Continue reading

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The sinking trailer

An earthquake shakes Carolyn’s trailer loose. It goes sliding down the hill into the lake, only for her to find herself pinned under the Entertainment center as the trailer starts to sink. Continue reading

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The cruel death of Liz

After a final blowjob, Liz is treated to some BDSM before she is noosed, hanged and impaled. (written by request) Continue reading

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