This is where I hang, isn’t it?


Mike heard the vehicle pull up outside in the driveway. He got up from the kitchen table to take a look. What he saw surprised him.

Some woman in a short, light brown dress was paying the driver of a taxi. He made a loop in the circular drive. Then he headed back to the main road.

Mike watched as the woman headed right for his shop. He frowned as he headed for the door. Who the hell had paid a cab to drop her off at his residence out in the country? And why was she headed for his shop?

He opened the door and looked outside. There was no sign of his female visitor. Had he imagined it all?

He looked at the shop. It would not be a very good idea if she discovered the contents. She would probably whip out her iPhone and call the police once she discovered his gallows.

Mike rushed outside. He had to stop this crazy bitch. Had she headed right for his shop? What if it was already too late?

There was no sign of her as he rushed toward the shop door. Mike strongly suspected she was already inside. Any moment now he expected his guest to come running out the door, screaming in horror over discovering his deep, dark secret.

He reached the door, only to hesitate. He listened for any sound indicating she was freaking out inside. But he heard nothing.

Had she even gone inside? What if she’d walked around the exterior of the grounds? What if she had gone hiking off into the woods?

Mike opened the door to his shop. Then he stepped inside. That’s when he immediately received the answers to most of his questions.

She was inside, all right. The dress was more golden than brown. It clung tightly to her body, hugging her curves in all the right places while showing a delicious amount of cleavage.

She had found his gallows, all right. But he was shocked over the way she had “found it”. To be more precise, she was standing upon it with her back to him, slowly bringing the coil down over her head.


She turned and smiled at him. She looked oddly familiar. “Are you Mike?”

He frowned as he looked at her more closely. She looked quite familiar. In fact she looked like…

“You are Mike, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. What are you doing in my shop?”

“This is where I hang, isn’t it?”

“I, uh…” That’s when he felt a bulge develop within his trousers.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you look like…”

“Tawnee Stone? In the flesh. How do I look?”

Mike couldn’t believe it. “You’re not really Tawnee Stone, are you?”

She laughed with amusement. “I would certainly hope I know my own name.”

“I saw you get out of the taxi before it drove away. So why are you here?”

“This is where I hang, isn’t it?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

She smiled at him as she posed on the trap. The noose was around her throat, partially hung up by her hair. If she wasn’t careful, the trap might drop and she’d get to experience it for real.

“Tawnee Stone in my shop on my own gallows. I don’t believe it.” All Mike could do was shake his head.

She adjusted her pose on the trap. His eyes started at her tall, black heels. Then his vision climbed up her slender legs, admiring how tight her dress was.

She grinned as she turned to give him a view of every angle. Mike got quite an eyeful. His cock refused to soften.

“Which do you like better?” she asked with a playful giggle. “Do you like me fighting to pry the noose off from around my throat?”

She made a show of fighting against it as she made rasping noises. “Or do you like me with my arms tied behind my back?” Then she turned her back to him, holding her wrists together.

Mike scratched his head in disbelief. What the hell was Tawnee Stone, his favorite porn actress, doing in his shed? Why the hell was she standing on his gallows in his shop out in the country?

“What do you think? Would you like to watch me hang in my dress or would you like me to take it off?”

“I… I, uh…”

“You’re a ‘more skin’ kind of guy, am I right? I kind of figured as much.”

Without being asked, she worked herself out of her dress. She wriggled it down her body, revealing a bra and panties. Then she kicked it out of the way onto the floor, quietly muttering, “It doesn’t matter if it gets dirty. I won’t be needing it anymore.”

Mike’s hands were trembling as he stepped closer. She smiled invitingly at him. “Sure; you can touch me. Go ahead, I don’t bite. I might swing soon, but I sure as hell won’t bite.”

Mike reached out and touched her ass. She certainly felt real enough. She giggled again with amusement.

Her underwear seemed to glisten as he touched her all over. “Well? How about it? Are you going to hang me or not?”

“I still can’t believe you’re real.”

“Oh, I’m real, all right. Go right ahead and find out for yourself. Just let me adjust this noose around my neck is all. Might as well get my hair out of the way, right?”

She adjusted the noose around her throat, making sure to clear her hair away. Mike touched and caressed her, wanting to make sure she really was alive and in his shop on his gallows. He still couldn’t quite believe it.

He stuck his tongue out and licked her. She trembled as she gasped for breath. “Gawd, you’re making me hot. I really want to swing for you. Got anything for my wrists behind my back? I think you want me to hang this way; am I right?”

“I’ve got some shackles. I’ll go fetch them.”

Mike eagerly rushed over to his work bench and retrieved a set. He was incredibly aroused. If this was a dream, he sure as hell didn’t want to wake up from it!

When he returned he discovered she’d removed her bra. It had been tossed over in the direction of her dress. “I pick you for a man-who-likes-bouncing-boobs. Am I right?” Mike nodded numbly.

He cuffed her wrists being her back. Then he reached out to her as he prepared to send her into eternity. His cock strained uncomfortably in his trousers.

“Wait!” she blurted out. Mike instantly hesitated. Damn; she was going to back out!

“I need to see how excited you are. I want to see you naked. So take it off for me, ok? Grant me this one last request.”

Mike only hesitated a moment before undressing. But he left his socks on. Besides, the floor was a little on the cool side.

“Now we’re ready!” she told him with a huge grin. “I think it’s time for me to dance. What do you think?”

Mike thought about it for a long moment. If he waited too long, she might change her mind. Besides, if she was this willing, who was he to deprive her of her right to swing for him?

Mike stepped upon the lever attached to his gallows. The trap instantly folded down underneath Tawnee. Perfect legs he had admired so many times during his porn searches instantly began kicking it up.

She rasped for breath as her mouth opened in a painful grimace. Mike inwardly cheered. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine he would find himself snuffing such a perfect angel.

Her dance was divine, the perfect ‘Texas two-step’. Mike’s cock was rock hard at the image of her fighting the noose. There was no backing out now. He was fully committed to snuffing such a lovely creature.

She kicked and danced, throwing her chest out. Mike could tell her panties were getting damp. Was she enjoying her last performance? He certainly was!

She wriggled in the noose as though determined to fully embrace the experience. She even humped the air in his direction. It was as though she was air-fucking him. Mike’s cock was hard as a rock.

Her struggles began to lessen. Her dance became less animated. No sound escaped the constriction of the noose around her throat.

“Damn, Tawnee! You have no idea what this is doing to me!” Then he reached forward.

Mike rubbed her crotch. Her panties were definitely soaked. There was the faintest twitching of flesh as he groped her.

“Damn, baby! That was one hell of a show!” Mike could only stand there in awe.

Tawnee gently swung back and forth. The rope creaked from her full weight. There were hardly any muscle twitches at this point.

Mike stared at the face of an angel. Her expression was one of sheer bliss. Had she really enjoyed hanging to death for him?

Mike stepped away to get a full look at her. Tawnee gently swung back and forth. She twisted a little as she dangled from the noose.

Her legs also swung a little. Sometimes they crossed from the movement of her body gently swinging to and fro. It was absolutely incredible.

Mike walked all the way around, looking her over inch by inch. She dangled quietly from his gallows. Tawnee Stone was clearly dead.

Mike looked at the heels on her feet. They seemed fitting. It was only proper she’d gone into eternity adorned with a special kind of footwear.

She looked absolutely incredible! Her nipples protruded out of her breasts. On some level she must have experienced a certain sense of arousal during her erotic dance.

Mike still wasn’t sure he believed his eyes. He walked all around his shop. But when he returned to the gallows, his favorite porn angel still dangled quietly.

She looked strangely peaceful, as though she had no problem whatsoever with the decision she had made. Mike was certainly happy with it. Hemp around the throat did that to a woman, bringing her to the ultimate sense of serenity.

Mike looked all around at his shop. That’s when he cursed himself. Here he had all the equipment to record her dance for him. But in the heat of the moment, he had been so overcome with her decision that he’d totally forgotten about setting anything up.

She hadn’t even suggested it to him. She’d simply entered his shop as though wanting to get on with it. She’d been eager to dance, so he’d made certain to fulfill her desires… as well as those of his own.

Mike suddenly blinked his eyes. He had fallen asleep in his comfortable recliner. His cock was still hard from the incredible dream he’d just experienced.

He heard a car door slam from somewhere outside. Curious, Mike got up to go check. That’s when he heard the sound of a vehicle driving away.

By the time he reached the door and looked outside, it was gone. Then he looked over at his shop. The door was wide open.

Now that was odd. He was sure he’d closed it earlier. Or had he?

Mike frowned as he headed out to his shop. He reached the door and was about to close it. Then he looked inside.

Mike jerked with a start. Some female in a golden dress was standing on his gallows. She was adjusting a noose around her throat.

Mike rushed forward. “Hey; what do you think you’re doing?” Then she turned to look him right in the eye.

She was quite familiar. He’d seen many of her porn videos. She just smiled at him as she asked, “This is where I hang, isn’t it?”

2020 (written for Mike Hunt Dec 8 ’20 by riwa. Story idea and renders by Mike Hunt.)

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