Assisted by the nurse


Riley called me and said she was going to do it this time for real. So I rushed right over. Would I get there in time?

When I arrived I found her sitting on the edge of her wall table. She had a noose around her neck. Her long-sleeved shirt had been opened; her bra removed and lying on the table.

Her jeans had been pulled down, along with her lacy bottoms. Strangely, she had a hand in her crotch.

What the hell? Was she trying to get herself off??

I stood there in astonishment. But what I witnessed was incredibly arousing. She looked so sexy sitting there with that noose around her neck, her tits exposed as she touched her womanhood.

She recognized me as I stood there in astonishment. Then she tried to speak. But her words were slurred as though she’d killed a few too many brain cells. Had she gone too far?

“Gianna? I… don’t try to stop me.”

I quietly removed all my clothes except for my nurse’s hat. I was flushed from a perverse arousal. Then I seductively told her, “It’s ok, honey. I won’t try to stop you this time.”

She looked up at me in surprise, a drugged look in her expression. “You… you won’t?”

“No, honey; I won’t. Not this time. You just go right back to touching yourself. Here; let me help you.”

I lovingly wrapped an arm around her shoulder. I moved her hand back into her crotch. Then I started touching myself.

“Oh, Gianna. I… I just want it all to end.”

“I know you do,” I breathed as I trembled from a surging arousal. “It’s ok. I’m here for you, honey.”

“You’re… you’re not going to try to stop me?” She seemed astonished I was not going to intervene.

“Not at all, honey. I understand what you’re doing. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it… yes it does. Gianna, I’m so tired.”

She rested her head against me. I could see her face slowly changing color. She wasn’t fully asphyxiated yet. But she was getting excitingly close.

What the hell was I doing?? I fingered myself harder. It was erotic as hell.

She rasped as her head jerked around. Her fingers played her dripping slit like a finely tuned instrument. Did she fully grasp what she was doing? Or was she reacting purely on instinct?

“Gianna? You mean you’re really not…” She was still in disbelief I wasn’t going to hinder her progress.

“No, honey. Here; allow me to help you.”

I shifted her closer to the edge of the table. The noose tightened as a result. She rasped for breath as she went into little seizures.

“Gianna, I… what are… you doing?” Her voice rasped, barely distinguishable.

“I’m just assisting you, honey. You’ve tried so many times in the past. Let’s make sure you go all the way on this one, shall we?”

“Gianna? Gianna, I…”

“Hush. Just let it take you.”

She had more seizures as she struggled to breathe. Her hand paused a moment as though getting mixed signals from her brain. Then she went right back to rubbing and fingering herself.

“That’s the way, Riley. Doesn’t that feel good? Doesn’t that feel nice? Don’t you feel like floating away?”

Her voice rasped again. This time she struggled against me. I moved her forward until she was almost off the edge of the table.

The noose took more of her weight as she strangled. She rasped and shuddered as she tried to resist. I just kept her there, holding on while furiously strumming my own button. It was so damned erotic!

“Gianna?? I… please…”

“Just let it go, honey. Just let it go.” I made sure the tension of the noose around her throat did not loosen any.

She experienced more seizures. Her body shuddered as I held her there. Her nipples were incredibly hard.

Now it was as though she didn’t want to do it. Maybe she did and maybe she didn’t. Or maybe she simply couldn’t believe I was helping her end it all.

“Strum your button, Riley. Make it nice and stiff. Strum it; that’s the way.”

She flicked her bean as though partially hypnotized. Maybe she was in a trance. Or maybe a few more brain cells had succumbed to lack of oxygen.

She opened and closed her mouth, but no words would come. She shuddered as her arms and legs became all spastic. It was so damned erotic that I shuddered from an unexpected, yet glorious orgasm.

Riley was mere moments behind me, I recognized it in her muscles and crotch as she hitched and shuddered. She was cumming as she was fading away… and it was incredibly arousing.

Her tongue protruded as drool spilled off the tip. She stared with unseeing eyes as her body continued its spasmodic jerks and twitches. Then a death rattle emanated from her throat.

She settled down right then and there, hanging just off the edge of the table. The noose had finally closed off her windpipe. Her face was a deep shade of red.

Her crotch glistened with moisture. I was sure she’d cum at least once… maybe even twice. Her little spasms faded until she dangled there limp and lifeless.

“Damn, honey!” I breathed softly. “I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry I didn’t get here in time. You were always threatening to go all the way. This time I guess you finally succeeded.” It also meant I no longer had to respond to her dramatic overtures anymore, now that she’d finally succeeded in ending it all.

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