The tranny and the playmate


Emma checked the wrists, making sure they were secured. Then she tested each booted foot. But those seemed properly tied off as well.

Sahara umphed and grunted, the red pecker gag in her mouth preventing speech as she lay tied up spread-eagled on the bed. Her “clitty” was already hardening noticeably through the pantyhose she was wearing. Emma giggled at her, enjoying the way her charge struggled in vain.

“How did I do, hun?” she asked the tranny lying on the bed. “Is this the bondage you were looking for tonight?” Sahara grunted into her ball gag as her cock got harder.

“Got nothing to say to me? Aww, that’s too bad. Looks like you’re enjoying yourself though.” Emma giggled again as she allowed a hand to idly caress the growing bulge in the nylons. Sahara writhed and grunted anew.

“You like sucking on that pecker-gag? You did tell me you were bisexual. Maybe I should introduce you to some of the guys I blow. They’d love those slutty red lips I painted on you wrapped around their tasty dicks.”

Sahara moaned again as she writhed and wriggled. Emma reached down to rub her own crotch through her soaked thong. The only other thing she was wearing was a black, lacy bra which was eye candy for the helpless tranny.

“Do you have any idea how much you’re turning me on, hun? I love the way you look in that bondage.” The tranny writhed as she grunted again, struggling in her slutty top over a bra that was inflated on her chest.

“You look like you’d be ready to go out hooking if you weren’t all tied up at the moment. Would you like me to take you out and hit the streets? Who knows how much cock you could suck looking like that? I’ll bet the guys would pay good money to fuck the face of a tranny like you.”

Sahara groaned as she writhed again. Now her “clitty” was really straining underneath the pantyhose. Emma smiled as she added, “Oh yeah, mustn’t forget that, right? Now where does your wife keep those vibrators?”

She went over to a dresser she’d been told about earlier. She looked inside and picked out something that appealed to her. Then she hefted it up for the tranny to see.

“This one looks like it goes right up the butt. I’ll bet we can shove it right in and make those hose stretch even more. What do you think, hun?” Sahara groaned as she sucked on the pecker-gag between her lips.

“Oh, do you like sucking on that? Maybe we should get you some real cock, hun. How about that video store down the road? I’ll bet they have booths with gloryholes for a cocksucking slut like you.”

She grabbed the vibrating toy and turned it on. Then she reached underneath Sahara’s ass and felt around for the puckered anus. “Ah, here it is,” she said triumphantly. “Let’s see if we can push it right in through these hose, shall we? It’s ribbed so I’ll bet it’ll seat itself and stay in. This should give you lots of juicy cums.”

Emma was wet as hell as she slowly forced the toy inside. Putting the tranny in bondage was a real turn-on. This vibrating plug was going to be an added pleasure watching how it affected her.

Sahara lifted up her hips as though trying to avoid it. But that just made it easier for the sadistic Asian woman to push it right in. She slowly twisted it until it pushed past the anal ring and went right in where it seated.

Sahara moaned weakly, her eyes rolling as her cock strained underneath the pantyhose. Precum dripped off the tip of her “clitty”. “We’re really excited tonight, aren’t we?” Emma observed with a chuckle, caressing the bulging hose. Then she rubbed herself as she added… “Fuck; that’s so hot!”

She watched as the “clitty” twitched beneath the hosiery. She panted heavily as she rubbed herself a little more, all turned on by the tranny’s erotic bondage. “Let’s see what else we’ve got to play with, shall we?” Then she went back over to the dresser.

She pulled out a vibrating sheath and admired it. “This should pull all that spunk out of those balls of yours.” Then she went over to the writhing tranny lying spread-eagled on the bed.

Emma lifted up the waistband to the hosiery, forcing the sheath underneath. She pushed it down until it slowly engulfed the twitching dick, completely swallowing up the engorged member. “Now we just turn this on and watch all those juicy cums.”

Emma giggled as she activated it. Sahara’s back arched as she humped the air with her hips. The vibrator up her butt and the sheath now encasing her cock were driving her mad.

“Is this the sexy bondage a slut like you enjoys?” Emma purred at her. “Bound and vibrated? Damn, you’ve got me hotter than hell!” She rubbed her crotch as Sahara humped the air, sucking on the pecker-gag in her mouth as her grunts increased in pitch.

“Going to cum already, baby? Don’t exhaust yourself too soon. Your wife won’t be home for hours so we’ve got all night. Besides, you told me she loves tying you up and making you cum. Hell, with all the toys you’ve got in here, she’s probably done this to you many times before, am I right?”

Sahara writhed and grunted as she sucked like crazy on the pecker-gag secured between her lips. Emma moaned as she furiously rubbed herself. “Yeah, baby… suck on that pecker in your mouth with those slutty lips. Someday I’ve just GOT to get some real cock for that mouth of yours.”

She panted heavily as she watched Sahara writhe and hump on the bed. This week it was the tranny’s turn for bondage play. Emma had no idea how much she would enjoy dishing it out instead of taking it like she normally did. But they had a good thing going, switching off tying each other up and making each other cum like crazy.

Sahara looked like she was trying to fuck that sheath as her ass clenched around the toy buzzing in her rectum. “Gawd, you’re going to cum any moment now, aren’t you, hun!” Emma panted as she sat in a chair, slid her fingers under her thong and started finger-fucking her wet pussy.

“Yeah, baby… cum for me… fuck, yeah… that looks so fucking hot… let’s see that first one.”

Sahara lifted up her hips as she groaned into the pecker-gag in her mouth, the sheathed cock twitching. Emma breathlessly panted, “Fuck yeah” as she fingered herself. Then the tranny collapsed onto the bed, already exhausted from the first one as Emma cried out her pleasure.

She was just coming down from her orgasmic plateau when she thought she heard a vehicle pull into the driveway. There was a screech from worn brake pads, followed by the sound of a car door opening and closing. She looked at the tranny in alarm as Sahara anxiously looked back at her.

The front door opened and then slammed shut. A moment later they heard an angry female voice from the other room. “What the fuck is that jeep doing in our driveway? You got a slut back there? What the hell is going on??”

Emma’s eyes flew open in shock as Sahara grunted in alarm. Her wife wasn’t supposed to get back this early. Something must have gone wrong for her to have come home so soon.

Emma flew over to the bed, panting like crazy as she frantically tried to free Sahara from her bonds. But she’d secured them much too tightly. A moment later an angry voice came in through the open doorway… “Just who the fuck are you?”

Emma turned and blanched at the presence of the large women. She started to tremble, her pussy throbbing from the delicious predicament she’d gotten herself into. “I’m sorry; I must have the wrong house. I’ll just be leaving now.”

The angry wife was much bigger than the petite, 5 foot Asian. She easily grabbed Emma and slammed her into the chair she’d been sitting in. “Nobody leaves until I get some fucking answers; you got that?”

Sahara’s face went deathly pale as she moaned and grunted while sucking on the pecker-gag between her lips. Emma tried to think fast. “Look, she – I mean he – never told me he was married.”

“You expect me to believe that? What the hell did you do to him – dress him up like your average street corner hooker??”

“Look, he told me you did this to him sometimes and that he wanted me to…”

“So you knew he was married after all! You fucking tart!”

“I, uh… I’ll just be going now…”

“You sit your ass back down, you little whore!”

She slammed Emma back into the chair as the frightened Asian panted like crazy. It was terribly arousing getting caught like this. She had no idea what the angry bitch was capable of, much less what she might do to her.

A groan from the bed caused the wife to look in her husband’s direction. He tried to grunt something at her. “You just shut the hell up and take your medicine!” In his fearful excitement it looked like his cock was starting to twitch again, making that sheath it was confined inside spasm in salute under the pantyhose.

“You don’t need me here anymore so I think I’ll be running along.”

Emma stood up, only to get slammed back down into the chair with an angry exclamation of “Sit your ass back down, you fucking whore!”

“Hey! I don’t have to take this!”

“In this house you damn well do!”

Emma tried to stand up again, only for the woman to force her back down into the chair… “Stay put!” Then she started looking around for something.

“You can’t keep me here against my will!”

“You didn’t come here against your will, you little tart! What were you planning on doing… spending the night in my bedroom getting yourself off watching my tranny-slut husband?”

“We were only having a little fun.”

“I’ll just bet you were!” Then she reached underneath the bed and produced several lengths of rope.

Emma blurted out “Oh hell no!” as she launched herself out of the chair and tried to run. The angry wife went after her, tackling her to the floor. Sahara grunted in alarm as she kept writhing helplessly from her erotic bondage and buzzing toys.

“Hey, get off me!”

“Shut up, tart!”

“Get the hell off!”

“Shut the hell up!” Then Emma was pulled to her feet and roughly forced back into the chair before the wife started tying her into it with the rope.

“Hey! You can’t do this to me!”

“The hell I can’t!”


“That tranny-slut can’t help you now, bitch. You tied her up too good!”

“Get off me!”

“Shut the hell up!”

She struggled as the angry wife wrapped rope around her arms and chest. Emma tried to kick her, only to get her legs secured to the legs of the chair. In no time at all the Asian found herself all tied up, breathless and aroused as her pussy throbbed, her nipples painfully erect.

“You can’t do this to me! Turn me loose! You’re going to pay for this!”

“Why don’t you just shut the hell up?”

The angry wife went over to the dresser and pulled out a long, black pecker-gag. Emma blanched in alarm as her pussy really started to moisten. “This ought to shut you up!” the woman proclaimed as she came back to the chair.

Emma resisted before her mouth was forced open. The pecker-gag went deep, nearly gagging her. She grunted in protest as the wife tied it off around her head… “There! That ought to shut your trap!”

For a moment she paused to catch her breath now that both individuals in her bedroom were secured and not going anywhere. She looked over at her husband who was writhing and humping on the bed. Then she looked at Emma who was grunting indignantly. “So you bitches want to cum; is that it? Let’s see what I can do for you!”

She went over to the dresser and pulled out a large vibrating egg. Emma’s eyes flashed in horror as she stared in alarm. “Is this what you’re after?” the wife asked as she hefted it in the frightened Asian’s direction.

Emma shook her head as the woman came over and pulled the Asian’s wet thong aside. “I see you’re already soaked,” the angry wife observed with a snort. “Figures.”

She worked the egg up inside Emma’s well lubricated pussy. She made sure the thong was back in place so it couldn’t be squeezed out. Then she went over, retrieved the remote in the drawer and pointed it in Emma’s direction. A moment later the Asian’s eyes flew open as she started to writhe and moan.

“Is that what you wanted, you little tart? Did you come over to my house to share orgasms with my tranny-slut husband? Fine! I’ll let you have all the damned orgasms you want!”

She went around the chair, checking the rope to make sure Emma couldn’t get free. The writhing Asian sucked like crazy on the large pecker-gag in her mouth as her groans increased in pitch. The wife smiled cruelly at her.

“Gonna cum already? Figures. I’ll bet a slut like you lives for orgasms.”

She turned toward her husband who was writhing and groaning on the bed in his slutty female attire. “Is this better? You wanted bondage and orgasms and now you get to watch your slut playmate share them with you. Was that your plan all along? You’re both sluts; do you know that? I should whore the two of you out right now!”

She went over and slapped his face hard. Then she walked back to the chair and slapped Emma’s face equally hard. The two secured individuals simply writhed and moaned all the more in their buzzing arousal and humiliation.

“Well, isn’t this nice,” the wife observed as she glanced at one and then the other. “Quite an arousing little chorus we have here. You don’t mind if I join you sluts, do you?” Then she reached under the skirt she’d been wearing to rub herself.

Sahara writhed even more as her “clitty” rose up underneath the hosiery with the sheath buzzing around it. Seeing Emma in erotic bondage while her wife enjoyed their helplessness was more arousing than she could have possibly imagined. She sucked harder on the pecker-gag in her mouth as Emma writhed and moaned erotically.

“So which one of you sluts is gonna cum first?” the wife wanted to know. A moment later Emma’s eyes rolled as she groaned and shuddered. “Fuck, I might have known,” she gasped, furiously fingering herself until she had a little orgasm of her own.

She rubbed herself until her tranny husband humped the air, enduring a second climax before collapsing on the bed. Then she pulled out her cellphone and made a call. She smiled at her captives as a voice answered.

“Hello, Darrell? This is Siri. What are you doing right now? Why did I call? Because I need a fuck right now, that’s why! Yeah, my tranny husband is in bondage again and I’m horny as hell. He’s writhing like crazy and he’s going to soak the bed before he’s finished. …when? Twenty minutes? I’ll be right over.” Then she ended the call.

“Ok, you sluts,” she told them with a smirk. “You’re getting yours so I’m gonna go get mine. You might like playing with your toys, but I need the real thing. And since I’m especially horny, this might take a few hours.”

Sahara’s eyes flew open in alarm as she shook her head. His wife responded almost immediately. “Hey, shut the fuck up and suck on that pecker-gag, you stupid bitch! You did this to yourself by inviting this tart over!”

Emma moaned and whimpered, a drugged look in her expression. The wife grinned sadistically at her. “You’re not going anywhere, honey. You’re staying right there. If I’m lucky maybe you’ll cum yourself to death before I get back. Now I’ve got to change and go see Darrell so I can get myself some real cock. See what you sluts made me do?”

They were forced to watch as Siri provocatively changed her clothes right in front of them. Then she headed for the bedroom door as Emma and Sahara grunted at her in alarm, trying to get her to let them loose. “Oh no! You sluts wanted to cum, so now you’re going to cum! I could be gone several hours so you’d better pace yourselves.” Then she laughed as she headed out the door.

Emma cried out for the bitch not to leave them like this. Then she heard the front door open and close. She felt an erotic jolt the moment she heard the car engine start up.

She looked over at Sahara who looked back at her while writhing helplessly. This couldn’t be happening could it?? His wife was only bluffing, right?

They heard the car back out of the driveway. Then it roared away. Emma shuddered hard, her eyes rolling as she climaxed all over again.

They had been tied up and abandoned, left to the sadistic whims of their buzzing toys. Sahara looked over at her and groaned weakly as her “clitty” started to harden yet again. Emma started grunting and shaking her head… “No… don’t get hard… don’t let me see how aroused you’re getting… no, I can’t stand it!” Then she shuddered hard again, her hands flexing helplessly as she moaned her climax.

A few minutes stretched into half an hour. Occasionally they heard the sound of a vehicle driving by outside. Otherwise there was only the faint humming of three buzzing toys, further reminding them of the erotic bondage they were in.

The phone rang, a call for Sahara. The answering machine picked it up. Somebody wanted to know what he was doing tomorrow. Emma tried to grunt in the direction of the phone how they needed to be rescued. Then the caller hung up, and she was cumming all over again.

An hour stretched into two. Sahara came hard, causing Emma to respond by climaxing the moment she witnessed the tranny’s orgasm. But the buzzing in her ass along with the buzzing sheath around her “clitty” prevented the tranny from getting any kind of reprieve.

Two hours stretched into three. Emma was afraid she was going to orgasm to death. She climaxed again, which set off Sahara as the helpless tranny watched until her own system overloaded.

Every time a vehicle drove by, the two bondaged individuals found themselves hoping it was the wife. But each time proved to be a false alarm. Emma was soaked from her many cums while Sahara was a spunky mess.

They finally heard a vehicle pull up into the driveway to the sound of that familiar screech of brakes. A car door opened and closed. Then they heard the front door open.

“That was great!” a female voice called out. “I was horny as hell… but then so was Darrell! I hope you don’t mind that I stayed and enjoyed myself a little while longer.”

Sahara moaned weakly, her buzzing sheath fully soaked. Emma umphed as she tried to get the woman’s attention to finally let them free. Siri walked in and looked at them both with her arms crossed, an evil smile flickering at the corners of her mouth.

“You sluts still going at it?” Then she looked coldly at her tranny-husband.

“You know what? I gave this some thought while driving over to see Darrell. And do you know what I came up with?” Sahara grunted weekly, writhing as though indicating she needed to be freed from her bondage.

“I came to the conclusion you’re never going to want to give this shit up. And you’re not, are you. I’m fed up seeing how you look so much better than I do when we dress up and go out for a night on the town. So what do you think I should do with you?”

She paused as she appeared to give it some thought. “You know, there is that life insurance I took out on your ass a few years ago. If you disappeared I could wait until they legally pronounced you dead. But in the meantime what am I going to do with your slut playmate over here? She might get the urge to go tell someone… and we couldn’t have that now, could we?”

She gave Emma the evil eye as the bound Japanese woman moaned weakly while shaking her head. Then the wife noticed the wooden chair was soaked. That’s when her eyes flashed malevolently.

“I know. Let’s give you a bath, shall we?” Then she grabbed the chair with Emma in it and dragged it into the bathroom while Sahara tried to cry out for his wife to leave the little Asian woman alone.

Siri lifted Emma chair and all and worked her into the bathtub. She laid the chair down on its back, letting Emma look up at the ceiling with her head near the faucet. Then she plugged the drain before turning the water on.

Emma started to thrash about in the chair, grunting and whimpering. Siri just laughed at her. “I’d say you’ve got about five minutes to say your prayers, you little slut… maybe ten.”

In the bedroom they heard Sahara grunting anew. The wife laughed as she called in to her, “You just keep on having those orgasms while you can, you stupid slut. After I take care of this one you’ll be next!” The tranny shook her head in shock, her eyes wide in horror.

Emma cried out as the water started collecting on the bottom of the tub. Pretty soon it started rising up around her. She writhed and moaned, trying to cry out while sucking on that pecker-gag in her mouth.

“I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, hun. You know how easy it is to get my tranny-slut husband into bondage? I just didn’t count on having to get rid of his playmate at the same time.”

Emma thrashed about in the chair as the water continued to rise. She tried begging her not to do it, even as the pecker-gag filled her mouth. Then she shuddered hard as she moaned again in orgasm. Her eyes rolled, betraying the climax she’d just endured.

“Cumming again, are we?” the wife observed with a sneer. “My, but you’re a horny one.” Then she started rubbing herself as she breathed, “You don’t mind if I get myself off while you drown for me, do you?”

In the other room Sahara cried out again, the vibrator up her ass and the buzzing sheath making her “clitty” twitch. Siri just called into her, “In a minute, darling. The water’s almost up to her face.”

Emma cried out as she tried to lift her head. She got another two or three inches. But that was all.

She lowered her head back down to lessen the strain on her neck. The water covered her eyes and was almost to her mouth and nose. Siri deliberately puffed her cheeks mockingly as though indicating it might be wise for the helpless woman to start holding her breath.

Emma lifted her head back up, trying to keep her face out of the water. The egg buzzed mercilessly in her kitty. She writhed until she went off in orgasm again, causing Siri to rub herself harder… “Fuck, you just had another one, didn’t you! I’ll bet that one felt really good, didn’t it!”

Emma moaned weakly as her head went back down, only to discover she was completely submerged. She let out a bubbly cry as she lifted her head back up. Her eyes betrayed her fear as well as her intense arousal.

“Not going to be much longer, hun,” Siri breathed as she furiously rubbed herself.

From the bedroom came another muffled grunt of alarm. “She’s almost done!” Siri called in to her tranny-husband. “Don’t be so impatient! I’ll get to you in a minute!”

Emma strained with all her might, trying to keep her head above water. But it was a losing battle as it slowly rose up, covering her eyes and mouth. It finally swirled around her nose until her head was completely submerged.

Her eyes flashed in horror, pleading for the bitch not to do this awful thing. Siri just rubbed herself all the harder. “Any minute now, hun,” she told her. “Just give in and accept that last, big orgasm.”

Emma writhed as the egg buzzed maddeningly inside her. Then she winced as she started to shudder. “Yeah, there it is!” Siri gasped before crying out from an orgasm of her own.

A moment later there was a burst of bubbles out of Emma’s nose. Then the frightened Asian woman started thrashing about in the tub as more bubbles came up. There was a grunt of horror from the other room.

Siri called out into the bedroom, “Give me another minute, ok? She’s drowning now; it won’t be much longer!” Then she gasped while furiously fingering herself as she looked down at the drowning Asian… “Fuck, that’s arousing as hell, hun!”

The water sloshed around in the tub as Emma thrashed about, her chest heaving as her head shook this way and that with her black hair swirling all about. Her hands flexed as her feet cocked and curled. Then she shuddered hard before appearing to relax as a few bubbles slipped out of her nose. Siri looked at the expression of horror in the Asian’s lifeless eyes… and promptly cried out in orgasm.

In the bedroom Sahara grunted in horror, her “clitty” hard from the peril occurring in the other room. She couldn’t believe her wife was doing this to them. She heard the sloshing of water in the tub in the bathroom which was followed by the sound of the tap turning off. Then there was silence.

Siri slowly walked in with a sadistic smile. “One down; one to go, darling.” Then she walked over to the dresser and reached inside for a piece of plastic she’d used in the past. From there she went over to the bed.

Sahara’s cock was hard and bulging underneath the pantyhose. “One last fuck, honey?” Siri asked with a smile. She used her fingernails to cut a hole in the hosiery before setting the hard dick free from the sheath.

She noticed how full of cum it was. “My – my; I see you’ve had a rather enjoyable night, haven’t you.” Then she smiled evilly as she climbed aboard, impaling her cunt on his soaked dick.

She slowly brought the plastic down onto his head. “Got one last cum in there for me, honey?” she asked as she held it tightly against his face. Then she started riding him, grinding with his dick inside her.

Instinctively he thrust upward with his cock from his horrific arousal while trying to breathe around the pecker-gag in his mouth. But the plastic was helping create a good seal. He couldn’t get any air through his mouth or his nose.

Instinctively he began to thrust more anxiously as he struggled to pull in a breath. “Yeah, honey, give it up for me!” she gasped with delight. “This really is the best way, you know? This way I can move on with my life while you can…well, you know… just pass on.” Then she kissed the plastic over his forehead.

Sahara grunted as she tried to breathe, thrusting instinctively into her wife’s cunt. A moment later her “clitty” exploded as her lungs screamed for air. She thrashed about beneath the woman riding her, climaxing all the way down as her lungs heaved painfully. Then she abruptly went limp.

Siri kept the plastic firmly on his face, riding him all the way down as she climaxed all over his spurting cock. She winced as she let out one last orgasmic cry. Then she sighed as she slowly pulled the plastic away. Sahara stared up at her with lifeless eyes, a look of frozen horror in her features.

“Was it good for you too, honey? Your playmate had a really big cum in the tub as she drowned. At least you two enjoyed yourselves. I’ll wait until it’s midnight before hauling your bodies down in her jeep and dumping you both in the river along with her vehicle before walking home.”

“Oh, I think I’m gonna miss you a little. But probably not all that much considering you always seem to dress up so much better than I. You’ve always known I was a jealous bitch, right? What else did you expect was going to happen? Now you two sluts will simply disappear off the face of the earth. The authorities will think you ran off together or maybe engaged in some sort of suicide pact.”

She kissed him on the forehead once more before climbing off. Now she was the one who had to get cleaned up from her many cums. But there was a dead slut tied to a chair in her bathtub full of water. She shook her head and frowned at all the work she now had to do. Perhaps she hadn’t thought this all the way through…

© 2017 (written for Emma and Sahara Apr 18 ’17 by riwa)

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