Priyamani is hanged by her boyfriend

“Are you sure you want to go through with this, Priyamani? I do not wish it as I love you very much.”

“My parents have forbidden our marriage, Naveen. I am betrothed to Pranay, but I do not love him.”

“We could always run away together.”

“A life on the run is no life, Naveen. Your affection for me can only bring us both pain. I cannot live my life with Pranay, but I do not want to live without you. This is the only way.”

“Please don’t make me do this, Priyamani.”

“Do it for me. Allow me this last opportunity to please you with a special dance. The rope I have provided should be thick enough to grant me the time I will need to perform for you.”

“It will be agony for you, Priyamani.”

“No. It will be sweet ecstasy as I give my life for your pleasure. Afterwards I have but one request.”

“What is that, Priyamani?”

“Make love to my corpse while it is still warm and dangling.”

“Priyamani, that would be wrong.”

“I want to feel you inside me one last time.”

“The dead cannot feel, Priyamani.”

“Somehow I will feel it from the beyond. Please, my love. Do this for me. Do it quickly as I have made arrangements for my family to find me here after you are gone.”

She took the small length of rope and brought it behind her back, pulling on the slip knot to tighten it around her wrists herself. “Now bring the noose down, my love. Cinch it tightly.”

With trembling hands he brought the white coiled noose down and looped it around her neck. She let out a sigh that sounded to him as a woman in rapture. Was she this in love with him?

He nuzzled her neck as she moaned softly. “Now help me onto the stool. Help me up and then tie off the rope where I showed you. They will know I was able to secure it there of my own free will.”

He helped her step onto the three legged stool that stood her a couple feet off the ground. She gasped as she wobbled on her bare feet. Then she saw him hesitate.

“Quickly! Tie it off quickly!”

He went over and secured the end of the rope, making sure it was tight around her neck. “Well done, Naveen. I will not fall far. This way I will give you a fine dance.”

He came back over to her as she stood there trembling. “Touch me, Naveen. Touch me as a lover.” So he reached out and began touching and caressing her through the dress she wore with the strap around her neck holding it in place.

“Feel how wet I am getting for you, my love.” So he lifted up her dress and felt her crotch. It was uncovered and was truly damp.

He fingered her, causing her to writhe and moan. “Goodbye, my love,” she breathed softly. Then she kicked the stool over.

She did not fall far as the rope pulled her up short. But her face revealed the unexpected agony of the noose around her neck. Almost immediately her arms began jerking behind her back as though to free herself.

She began to kick and twist, her eyes starting to bulge. Drool appeared on the tip of her tongue. She jerked and pedaled, her face a mask of pain as she fought for each breath.

Her dance was unrefined; her legs kicked everywhere. That’s what made it all the more erotic. Naveen found it strange that he loved her even more now that she was kicking and strangling for him.

She rasped and gurgled as he thought about her last request. Slowly he removed his pants, revealing his erection. He could not tell if she saw it and welcomed it or if it had even registered in her brain through her suffering.

She kicked and struggled until she slowed. He stepped up to her and lifted her dress. Then he pushed his cock up into her wet opening. Her clenching slit was well lubricated as it welcomed him.

Was she trying to give him pleasure? He could not be certain. She was certainly squeezing as she had done so many times before.

Her face turned red and then took on a bluish tint. Her neck seemed to lengthen her eyes became glassy as though she was no longer seeing. Surely she was fading rapidly.

She continued to clench as he thrust in and out of her. Her body twitched and jerked as stray muscles fired. Then she grew still.

He finished thrusting in and out of her until he experienced a release. He pulled out just in time as her bladder released a few moments later. Then he pulled his pants back up before stepping back to observe her.

She hung quietly, the rope creaking as she gently twisted in place. There was a faraway look in her lifeless eyes. Had she indeed felt his discharge inside her? He decided he would accept it as a last fond memory of their time together. Then he left as per their agreement so her family would find she had hanged herself in direct opposition of their wishes for her to marry Pranay.

2018 (written Aug 4 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the manip made by ramharraja2001)

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