Choosing between Jasmine and Olivia


Note: a fan asked me to choose who I would want to drown in a story between 22 different individuals based solely on their pictures. I hardly knew of any of these individuals. Just for fun I narrowed it down to two and then came up with this goofy way of deciding who to write a story about. Naturally no harm is intended to anyone. Consider it a fanfiction and a creative exercise on the theme I like to write about. At least he loved what I came up with.

Choosing between Jasmine and Olivia

I was finally down to my two finalists – Jasmine and Olivia. I was trying to decide who I would choose to be in a drowning story out of 22 original contestants. I’d eliminated a lot of promising ladies to reach these two. Now I was struggling to choose.

Olivia’s picture was the first one I’d seen. Her body type and cleavage had pretty much set the standard by which I would judge all others. Of course I had other reasons for making my eliminations. But I always kept Olivia in the back of my mind.

At first Jasmine’s original picture did not win her any points with me. But as I researched, I discovered she’d visited a Turkish bath, gotten into the water with a manta ray, and had even gotten into the mud in a bikini. This was a woman who’d been around and was willing to get dirty. As a result, it had kept her in the running while others had fallen by the wayside. And I liked her cleavage in her purple swimsuit.

I invited them to fly down to my private suite at a Resort in Sicily. I wanted to see them for myself just to see how serious they were about this competition. Imagine my dismay when they both expressed their reluctance to show up for an interview.

I was prepared to drop the competition entirely when I heard Jasmine had changed her mind and had decided to come. She flew all around the world for the stories she presented on TV. I guess in the end she saw no reason why she shouldn’t fly down to see me.

A few hours later I heard Olivia had changed her mind as well. I was told she was also flying down. So I decided to meet these two and decide for myself who would win and star in one of my stories.

They arrived together where they were instructed to change inside my large private suite. Then they were shown the backyard where I was lounging poolside. I got up and introduced myself before thanking them for coming.

Olivia was wearing a black one-piece swimsuit. She was showing a little cleavage, but not nearly as much as I had hoped to see. She filled her suit nicely; I had to give her that much.

Jasmine arrived in that same purple one-piece she’d worn to the Turkish bath in her report. I was not impressed with her lack of originality. Even though they were now in my presence I sensed their hearts were not into my contest.

I voiced my surprise at their appearance and then shared my disappointment at their choice of attire. They both gave me looks as though I was unimportant. Apparently I was just some pervert whose presence need only be tolerated until they could depart after learning who had won the contest.

I bluntly asked why they had even bothered coming. “Morbid curiosity,” Jasmine replied, trying to be polite. “I travel anyway so I was curious about this Yank who was having this competition about who was going to star in one of his drowning stories. Besides, I love Sicily.”

“And you?” I asked Olivia.

“When I heard Jasmine was coming, I couldn’t very well say no, could I?”

“Of course you could have. You could have chosen to forfeit your place in the contest. I certainly don’t have to put you in a drowning story. I’m not some big, important writer, although I have a website and have written what… 1100 to 1200 stories with varying themes and topics starring a lot of different celebrities. And as for those people I’ve chosen not to write about? Well, I guess you could say I don’t think they deserve having a story written about them.”

I looked them both over carefully. Then I smiled politely. “Olivia, I wonder how Sky Sports would feel about your lack of enthusiasm, especially when being in the water is often considered something of a sport. And Jasmine, I know you’ve given reports from all around the world. But I’m still not fully convinced you really want to get your hair wet, much less for a story like this. Maybe one of you would like to cede the contest to the other? That way you can leave and not be bothered with me anymore. I suppose losing to the other in something like this is no big deal, right?”

Jasmine looked over at Olivia and smiled. “I guess you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.”

To my surprise Olivia politely smiled back before telling her, “That’s ok, love. I know how busy you must be. You’re probably missing an important report to give from Cairo or Hong Kong or some other place. You can go if you like; I’ll stay behind.”

“That’s quite all right, Olivia,” I offered with a smile. “You can leave if you want. I’ll just tell Sky Sports how their anchor decided not to go all the way to the end of my contest, not that they’ll care all that much. I’ll simply write a story with Jasmine as the star.”

“No – no; I can stay. She can go if she wants.”

“Really? Ok, then. Jasmine, I guess you’re excused. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. You probably can’t hold your breath as long as Olivia anyway. Remember, she reports for Sky Sports so I would assume she can hold her breath longer.”

Jasmine seemed indignant at my remark. “Hey, just because she reports for Sky Sports doesn’t mean she can hold her breath. I mean… I’ll stay and she can leave if she’s that inconvenienced to be here.” Now they seemed to be trying to get the other to go!

“Why don’t you leave, Jasmine? I can probably hold my breath longer than you can anyway.”

“Why don’t you leave instead, love? Reporting sports is not the same as taking part in sports. At least I get involved in my stories.”

“Ladies,” I said with an upraised hand. “I don’t want to make this difficult for anybody. It’s just a story, ok? It’s possible hundreds if not thousands might end up getting a look at it. There’s no telling if any of your fans will even see it.”

“I think I’ll stay a while,” Olivia stated firmly. “…that is, if you don’t mind.”

“I’ll stay too,” Jasmine countered, giving the Sky Sports anchor a sour look.

“Look, ladies. I suppose there’s one way to help me decide this. Let’s see if I can find out who can hold her breath the longest. That will make the story better if I can include some legitimate times evidenced by how long you can really hold it.”

To my surprise Jasmine jumped into the deep end of the pool without any coaxing. It caught Olivia totally off guard. “Don’t get your hair wet, love,” Jasmine told her after she popped up to the surface and tread water. But Olivia responded by jumping into the pool as well.

“Time us,” she said to me in a challenging tone. Jasmine just gave her another sour look.

“Ladies, I’ll make this easy. Just hold onto the pool ladder underwater. On the count of three I want you to go under and hold your breath.”

They both went over to the ladder and grabbed on. I got my waterproof watch ready. Then I counted them down from three.

At “zero” they both inhaled deeply and submerged. It looked like Jasmine went further down the ladder. Olivia stubbornly followed her down until they were together at the bottom rung.

I watched as they stayed down and held their breath. I checked the time on my watch to monitor their progress. At 40 seconds Olivia came back up, shortly followed by her competitor.

“Well, I guess that decides it,” I told them with a smile. “Olivia, I really appreciate you flying all the way down to see me. I’ll let Sky sports know you…”

“Wait!” she blurted out in disappointment. “You’re only going to time us on one lousy breath-hold?”

“I thought you didn’t want to be here.”

“Well I’m wet now, so we might as well go through with this. She can leave if she wants.” and she pointed at her competition.

“But I’m not leaving,” Jasmine smirked, thinking she’d already won the contest.

“Ok, ladies. I suppose you can go down again and do another breath-hold. Go ahead and get ready.”

They started inhaling deeply as I checked my watch. Then I counted them down. At “zero” they both submerged again.

I watched them go down while leaking two streams of bubbles. By now I’d noticed something had changed. They’d suddenly become quite competitive with each other.

I was fully prepared to name Jasmine the winner as she had a couple of extra things working in her favor, namely her willingness to get wet. But Olivia was slowly working her way back into the contest. I figured she deserved a chance to prove herself.

The Sky Sports anchor came up at 1:02. Jasmine came up a few seconds later. I smiled as I told her, “That shows improvement, Olivia. But Jasmine still beat you.”

She sounded unhappy she’d lost. “Is that all there is to your competition… a breath-holding contest?”

“Well, I do have additional criteria I could judge you both on. But if you need to get back home and don’t want to hang around…”

“Yes, go home, love,” Jasmine told her curtly.

“I’m not going home yet, not if he’s willing to judge us on criteria other than just breath-holding. After all, I haven’t had a chance to work at holding my breath lately.”

Jasmine smiled with mock politeness as she told her, “That’s because you don’t like getting your hair wet.”


“Ladies,” I told them with a raised hand. “To be fair I do have other criteria I could judge you by. For instance I like to see nose bubbles while you’re holding your breath.”

Olivia declared, “Then get in here with us so we can show them to you!” Now she sounded like she actually wanted to win my contest.

I pulled off my shirt and shed my shorts. Underneath were my red speedos where a bulge was beginning to appear. They both looked at me as though they suddenly weren’t sure I wasn’t some pervert.

I caught them looking and shrugged my shoulders. “My apologies, ladies. Breath-holding and bubbles are a bit of a turn-on for me. To be honest, part of the contest does involve appearance as well as how much I might be turned on at the thought of writing a story about one of you. I can understand if that offends you. You can quit anytime you…”

“It’s ok with me,” Olivia interrupted.

“I’m good,” Jasmine added.

“Are you sure, ladies? I mean in this day and age…”

“Are you going to join us and watch our nose bubbles or aren’t you?” Olivia was sounding more and more like she really wanted to win for some reason.

I went over to a lounger and retrieved a weight belt and dive mask I’d brought out for just such an occasion.  I put on the belt and then pulled the mask down over my face. Then I jumped into the water with them.

I had to work to get back to the surface where I grabbed the edge of the pool. “Ok, ladies. I’ll count you down. This time I’ll watch to see how long you can hold your breath and whether I like your nose bubbles. Ready?”

On the count of three we all submerged. I let go and went right to the bottom as they climbed down the sides of the ladder. I stood on the pool floor and watched as they held their breath while clinging to the bottom rung of the ladder.

They both started releasing nose bubbles. My bulge became more pronounced at the erotic sight. It was shamefully noticeable, but thankfully they didn’t seem to mind.

It wasn’t long before Jasmine started showing signs of distress. They’d both managed to work themselves into a longer breath-hold time. It was 1:21 when Jasmine had to give up and shoot up to the surface.

Olivia blew me a bubbly kiss as her chest heaved noticeably. Then she headed for the surface as well. I followed them up until we were all topside panting for breath.

“Not bad, ladies. I liked the nose bubbles very much. But this time Olivia won the breath-hold contest.”

“Hey! You said you wanted nose bubbles!”

“But this was still a breath-hold contest, Jasmine. Nose bubbles are to ease the strain in your lungs, not to lose all your air at once. Olivia, it seems you have won…”

“Now just a bloody minute! I beat her twice already!”

“Are you saying you want another breath-hold contest?”

“You’re damned right I do!”

Olivia looked at me in protest. “Didn’t I win fair and square?”

“I may not have been clear about what I was wanting to see. So I’m willing to do this all over again now that you both understand what I’m looking for.”

“Then we’ll go again!” Jasmine declared, giving Olivia the stink-eye.

“Bring it on, bitch!”

“Ladies, it’s just a friendly contest.” But the situation had changed. Now it seemed they both wanted to win.

I gave them the time they needed to catch their breath. Then I counted them down. At “zero” they went on down. I followed them down a few seconds later.

They went all the way to the bottom of the pool ladder. I watched as they smiled at me. Then to my complete surprise Jasmine deliberately hefted one of her breasts in her hand for me.

Olivia looked at her in disgust as though her opponent was trying to win points with me. But when she saw the affect it had on me she smiled as she started caressing her own mounds. The two began putting on an impromptu show for me, sensuously touching themselves all over.

Occasionally they released nose bubbles. But now they seemed focused on pleasing me. I watched and smiled, checking the watch on my hand to make sure of the time.

They both struggled to hold their breath. I tried to indicate how long they’d been under by motioning with my fingers… “1:30…… 1:40…..” They both started to strain, chests heaving and bubbles coming out of their nostrils.

I motioned again… “1:50…” They looked at me and then each other as though not wanting to go up first. It amazed me how stubborn women could be when they wanted to win at something.

I motioned “2:00…” as I felt the burn in my lungs. And still they pushed on. At 2:07 Olivia finally shot upward, spewing bubbles out of her nose. Jasmine triumphantly went up a few seconds later, and I followed her up.

“Not bad, ladies,” I panted when we were together at the surface. “You both broke two minutes and you both had great nose bubbles. I must admit it was arousing to watch you caress yourselves. I hope my saying that doesn’t offend you.”

“Not at all,” Olivia replied enthusiastically. “I like turning you on.”

“He was looking at me,” Jasmine countered indignantly. “And I held my breath longer.”

“You bloody bitch!”

“Ladies, please!” and I put my hand up again to silence them. “You’re both good at nose-bubbling, and you’ve both improved at holding your breath. But it’s true Jasmine held her breath longer. She’s won three breath-hold challenges so far.”

Olivia looked anxious she might lose. “Don’t you, uh… have any other criteria you can measure us by?”

I looked thoughtful. “Well… there is another thing I could use that might help me decide.”

“What’s that?” Jasmine asked irritably, no doubt thinking she should have won by now.

“Drowning conditions… I mean for the story I’m going to write.”

“Drowning conditions?” Jasmine repeated dubiously.

“What are you suggesting?” Olivia asked, the concern evident in her voice.

“Just a simple test… acting really. I pull you both down by your ankle and hold onto you for 30 seconds as you panic, struggle and blow nose bubbles. The one who does it better will have the edge. Of course turning me on won’t hurt either.”

“Is that all?” Olivia asked with a smile, now that she understood the challenge. “I can do that. And I’ll go first.” Then she gave Jasmine an “I-can-do-this-better” look.

“Ok. I’ll use my watch to keep track of your time.” Jasmine gave Olivia an icy look but said nothing.

I submerged with a burble as Olivia moved to the middle of the pool where she tread water. I swam up underneath her and grabbed onto her ankle. Then I pulled her under and held on.

She did an admirable job of struggling and kicking and acting scared. She released a lot of bubbles too. It certainly was a turn-on.

I finally let her go after 32 seconds. She popped up and gasped for breath. I surfaced to catch my breath as well.

Olivia gave Jasmine a triumphant look. “Not bad,” I admitted. Then I looked at Jasmine before asking, “Are you interested? Or should I end this right now?”

She appeared to think it over. Then she swam out to the middle of the pool and tread water. I submerged to prepare my second attack.

At the very last second she appeared to reach up and pull down on the straps to her bathing suit, blatantly revealing her breasts. From Olivia I heard, “HEY, THAT’S NOT FAIR!” Then I pulled Jasmine down with me.

She put up a pretty good struggle, losing bubbles out of her nose as she tried to kick me loose. Her breasts nicely bounced up and down. She certainly made me hard showing off her mounds like that.

It was 34 seconds before I let her go. She popped up gasping loudly for breath. I popped up with her, panting quietly as I smiled at her.

“I like your impromptu choice of attire. And I like how you seemed more panicky and into the scenario.”

“See?” she arrogantly told a fuming Olivia with a knowing smile. “You’ve got to act like he means to drown you.”

“Slut,” the Sky Sports anchor retorted sourly. Then she looked at me before asking, “Can we do another take?”

Jasmine snorted, “You lost fair and squire. Live with it, bitch!” Olivia just ignored her.

“Another take?” I asked curiously. “What do you mean?”

“Instead of pulling us down by our ankle, you can wrestle us to the bottom.” Then she gave Jasmine a haughty look as she added, “Unless that scares my competition over here.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Then why don’t you go first and prove it?”

For a moment Jasmine paused to think it over. “All right,” she finally agreed. “I’ll go first. Give me a couple seconds to get a full breath, ok?”

She moved out to the center of the pool, her breasts still showing as she hadn’t pulled her straps back up. Then she gasped, “I’m ready.” That’s when I swam over to her and pulled her under.

We wrestled as I took her right to the bottom due to my weight belt. She looked like she wasn’t as sure about all this as she wanted to be. Her breasts wobbled nicely and she released a lot of nose bubbles. But I let her go around the 29 second mark.

She burst up gasping loudly for breath. I surfaced and gave her a look as though I wasn’t quite sure about her performance. Then we both heard… “I’m ready.”

I looked to see Olivia had totally stripped out of her black one-piece. She was cleanly shaved, her breasts full and swollen with erect nipples. She smiled at me before asking, “Any objections to my going nude?”

“None at all,” I replied with a smile.


“You showed him your boobs, love. I figure I can show him anything I want.”

“I still think you’re a slut!”


“Ladies; please!”

Olivia swam out to the middle of the pool where she tread water, her naked body glistening as she smiled lustfully at me. I swam up to her from underneath and pulled her under. Then I wrapped her in my arms before letting the weight belt work us to the bottom.

She grunted and bubbled as she cried out. She released lots of sexy nose bubbles. She also pressed her breasts against my chest as she humped the erection in my speedos. It nearly made me cum.

We went at it for nearly 35 seconds before I let her go. She shot up to the surface, spewing bubbles out of her nose. I popped up beside her panting loudly for breath.

“That was pretty damned good, Olivia… if you’ll pardon my French.”

“Not at all,” she told me with a smile. “Actually I rather enjoyed it.”

“I could tell. You really threw yourself into that one.”

I looked at Jasmine and saw the expression on her face. She did not look very happy. Then she asked, “Can we do it again?”

I smiled as I told them, “Listen, ladies. This is really starting to get out of hand. I have two different scenarios in my head for a drowning story. One is a pool drowning while the other is a bathtub drowning.”

“Then I’ll act out the bathtub drowning!” Olivia declared. Her expression indicated it would give her the type of intimacy with me she would need in order to win the contest.

“And I’ll do the pool drowning,” Jasmine replied, sounding as though she was now determined to win this thing at all costs. She gave me a sly look that indicated she was willing to do whatever it would take.

“Ladies, I see I’ve brought out the competitiveness in you both. I don’t want the performance of either one of you affecting the performance of the other. So I’m going to separate you two for this one. Are you ok with that?”

They both looked at each other before saying they were fine with my rules. Then I told Olivia to get out of the pool and join me in the bathroom. She seductively climbed the ladder, shaking her fine ass at me.

“You wait out here,” I instructed Jasmine. “I’ll return to see what kind of performance you can give me in the water.” She looked at me and nodded she’d be ready.

I escorted a naked Olivia into the bathroom. It had a large, deep tub I had already used to soak and masturbate. I figured it would be deep enough to gauge her performance.

I drew a nice bath with water about the same temperature as the pool outside. I didn’t want either of them to have any perceived advantage. Olivia tested the water before she looked at me and smiled.

“Do you mind?” she asked. Before I could answer she pulled down my Speedos. Then she took my cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. She sure as hell wanted to win for some reason.

“Do I turn you on?” she asked between sucks.

“Yes you do.”

“What are my chances?”

“Pretty good, actually. When I first saw the pictures of the competitors, yours was the first one I settled on by which I measured all the others.” She smiled at that.

We both got into the water naked. She pulled me down on top of her as she submerged to the bottom. She winced as she blew bubbles out of her nose before kissing me deeply, her tongue exploring my oral cavity.

I let her up for a breath where she kissed me again. They she went back down onto her back, snorting water out of her nose. She winced again, but she appeared to be getting used to water up her nose.

She took my cock between her breasts and gave me a nice titty-fuck, squeezing her mounds together. Then she blew more air out of her nose for me. It was a real turn-on.

When I let her up for air she smiled at me. This time I stretched out in the bathtub with my back propped against the end. She stretched out on top of me and breathed “Time me” before she submerged.

She took me into her mouth and started sucking. She went nice and slow, releasing more bubbles out of her nose. She seemed determined to make this her longest breath-hold yet.

She worked me nice and slow for the first minute, never showing a need to breathe. I couldn’t resist reaching under and massaging her glorious mounds. She moaned and bubbled appreciatively.

At 1:30 she began to pick up the pace as though she was running out of air. She really gulped me down her throat. She had incredible skills; I was most impressed.

I started calling out times to her… “1:40…. 1:50… 2:00…” The more time went by, the harder she sucked and vacuumed.

“2:10… 2:20…”

She really bobbed up and down on my cock until I was buried deep down her throat. I felt her mouth massaging my quivering erection. Then I began to spurt.

She swallowed it all, more bubbles coming out of her nose. She finally burst up out of the water, panting loudly for breath. “2:34!” I announced dramatically. She just grinned at that.

“Ok,” I told her. “I’ll give you some time to catch your breath. Then we’ll work on your drowning performance.”

“But I’m ready to go right now,” she told me. “I assume this is a part of your scenario, right? I probably shouldn’t get that much of a breath?”

“I suppose you’re right. I was thinking of a drowning-the-cheating-girlfriend plot for this story.”

“Perfect,” she told me with a smile.

We changed places until I straddled her as she sat up in the tub. Then I pushed down on her shoulders until she was submerged. Right away she started bubbling and struggling.

I adjusted my position, straddling her chest with my cock between her breasts. She gave me sexy nose bubbles and a nice titty-fucking until my dick was hard again. She was really giving it her all.

She thrashed around underneath me until her lungs began to strain. “Show me you mean it,” I called down to her. She put up more resistance, unable to get out from underneath me.

I grabbed both of her arms so she couldn’t hit me. She tried to rise up but she had no leverage. She looked up at me with concern and then growing alarm as her eyes got bigger.

“Show me you want it,” I told her. Her chest heaved underneath me as she tried to fight me off. More nose bubbles came out of her nostrils. Then she swallowed water.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she gulped. A moment later she went wild, thrashing about underneath me the moment she inhaled. She lost huge bursts of bubbles as she hitched and convulsed.

She had a shocked look on her face as her struggles eventually lessened. Smaller bubbles came out of her nose and mouth. Then she stopped fighting except for the occasional muscle twitch.

Stray bubbles slipped out past her lips as I finally climbed off and looked down at her. She lay on the bottom of the tub for me like a good girl. I smiled as I told her, “Olivia, you’re in the lead right now. But I’ll have to see what Jasmine gives me first. I’ll declare a winner after that.” Then I put my Speedos back on and left her at the bottom of the tub, eyes wide in surprise and her mouth gaping open.

When I got back outside I couldn’t find Jasmine anywhere. I figured she’d quit and gone home, allowing Olivia the honor of being in my story. Then I saw bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pool.

I looked down to see Jasmine had discovered my pulley system. Her ankles were attached to leather cuffs which were attached to a white plastic cable that threaded down to the pulley and then back up. She appeared to be naked. I was impressed with her initiative.

She came back up and panted for breath. Then she saw me standing there and smiled at me. “I found your pulley. Is this what you were thinking for a pool drowning?”

“Was it that obvious? Should I not have had it set up down there?”

“Not at all. It gave me some time to do a little practicing. I hope you don’t mind if I’m naked while we’re doing this.” And with that she inhaled before pulling on the end of the cable.

I put on my dive mask and weight belt again. Then I jumped into the water. I swam down to join her as she swayed at the end of her tether.

She put the cable into my hands which allowed me to ditch the weight belt for the time being. Then she pulled me close and kissed me. Bubbles came out of her nose as she moaned into my mouth.

I started to let her back up but she shook her head… “Not yet.” Then she grabbed for my Speedos. She pulled them down my legs, releasing my growing erection.

She wasted no time taking me into her mouth while grunting up bubbles. She released more air out of her nose as well. Then I gave her some slack.

We both popped up at the surface for a breath. I noticed how hard her nipples had become as she gave me another long, deep kiss. Then she asked, “How am I doing?”

“Olivia gave me a pretty realistic performance. But I’d say you’re starting to gain ground on her.”

“Am I?” I nodded that she was. Then she told me to pull her to the bottom again.

She filled her lungs before I started tugging on the cable. Then we went down together. Once more she grabbed my cock and took it back into her mouth.

She motioned for me to time her. I kept track as she took me deep down her throat. She acted like she was really into it.

For the first minute she did well. At 1:30 I started using my fingers to show how long she’d been underwater. She sucked harder as I motioned, “1:40… 1:50…”

I couldn’t resist reaching down to grope and fondle her breasts. She just moaned with my cock in her mouth as though she really liked it. It was 2:21 when she motioned she needed back up.

I gave her some slack as we both surfaced. We panted for breath as we tread water together. “How’d I do?” she wanted to know.

“You want to know Olivia’s best time?”

“Please tell me, love.”

“It wouldn’t be fair to her if I told you. I suppose I could say you’re pretty close though.”

She caught me by surprise with her next question. “Can I fuck you underwater?”

“I… you want… you want to fuck me underwater?? Are you sure?”

“You’re horny; I’m horny; what’s the big deal?”

“My hands holding onto the cable; that’s the big deal.”

“Can’t you do something… like tie it off maybe? Then you can pull it loose when the time comes.”

“I can do that, Jasmine. That way I’ll be able to keep good track of your time.”

She kissed me again, nice and long. Then she began hyperventilating. She really wanted to win this.

She gasped for breath before I pulled her under. She went all the way down until her feet were a few inches above the pulley. I tied my end off at the ladder before I filled my lungs and swam down to her.

When I got within range she grabbed me and pulled me to her. She opened her legs apart so I could stick mine through the opening they made. Then she guided my cock to her neatly trimmed pussy before impaling herself.

She moaned and bubbled as she started riding me. I groped her mounds and squeezed her ass. She moaned again, sexy bubbles coming out of her nostrils.

I kept glancing at my watch to keep track of her time. She just focused on riding me and kissing me, wrapping me up in her arms. I finally signaled she was at two minutes.

She rode me harder and faster as her chest began to heave. I could tell she was running out of breath. She released more nose bubbles for me as I kept giving her the time with my fingers… “2:10… 2:20…”

She grunted and moaned as she struggled to hold her breath. I could feel her pussy clenching around my shaft. I felt like I was going to cum any moment.

She grunted up more bubbles as I motioned… “2:30…. 2:40…” She really strained with all her might to hold her breath. At 2:56 she motioned with a slash across her neck that she wanted up. That’s when I grabbed her and thrust hard into her pussy.

Her lungs heaved as she lost a flurry of bubbles. A moment later I was cumming deep inside her. She grunted as she responded by shuddering in orgasm. Then she lost a mouthful of air.

Her pussy clenched hard, milking me as she climaxed. Then she was drowning, hitching and convulsing. I noted the time at 3:06.

I was almost out of breath myself as she spasmed and gurgled, her body hitching as her lungs tried to inhale. Her eyes were wide in shock. I finally had to free myself before shooting up to the surface.

I got a big breath and then swam back down. She was still hitching, swaying back and forth as tiny bubbles slipped out through her gaping mouth. It was an incredible sight, erotic to behold.

I swam up to her and kissed her open mouth. I mentally told her she had won (mostly because she was the one who had fucked me and had managed the longest breath-hold time. Then I surfaced and swam over to the ladder, happy with the knowledge I now had my winner and the type of story I was going to write.

2018 (written for Bottomdweller Oct 24 ’18 by riwa)

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