Peace Treaty 11-12


The Peace Treaty

By riwa

 Author’s note: This is written by request for Arachnid with his permission and with him previewing the material, being as how it is his original idea.

An impoverished Caribbean island nation nears bankruptcy.  In order to raise cash income from “tourists”, the nation’s leaders in desperation pass a law — consensual executions of sane and un-coerced foreigners by other foreigners will be legal in public execution areas on the island. (Original idea for the Island of Consensual Executions created by Arachnid.)

11 Threatened Handmaiden

I am so miserable that I find supper to be unappealing. I excuse myself from the table despite my handmaiden’s best efforts to get me to eat something. I tell her I will be all right but that I want to be alone.

I head outside for a long walk, wishing to converse with no one. But I cannot escape the sights and sounds of the island. Passing anywhere near the hotel means risking witnessing the use of the gallows or perhaps a beheading over on the deck. Then I hear the echoing sound of a volley of rifle fire at the shooting range, causing me to jerk in response as tears well up in my eyes.

The sun is nearly down when I am drawn back out to the tidal stakes. I remember the young woman who was there before and curiosity gets the better of me. Perhaps it is the memory of my sister Anoria that draws me to that place.

When I crest the ridge I see the tide has come in, the water level having risen precipitously. The young woman is still there. But she is not alone. When I draw closer I observe that a male is in the water with her. To my surprise it appears to be Prince Osman.

He is floating nearby, hanging onto the stake as the water level rises. I can hear their words as I pause at the water’s edge. I should grant them the privacy they require, but my curiosity has been raised. Then I hear, “Help me, brother! I cannot help myself! My body struggles to live!”

“I cannot do this! I cannot let you drown!”

“You can, my brother! You must!” Then I hear sputtering as though she has swallowed water. The tide is up at her mouth.

There is brokenness in his voice as I hear, “Goodbye, my beloved sister!” Then he pulls her head forward and down into the water.

My breath catches in my throat as a shameful arousal surges through me. For a moment there is nothing but what appears to be a man swimming out near the tidal posts. Then there is a burst of bubbles as a struggle ensues.

The Prince tries to hold on. He seems determined to keep her head under so she will not suffer long. The sound of his quiet sobs reaches me and it pricks my heart.

There are more bubbles as it looks like he is struggling to keep her head submerged. Then the struggles lessen. A few tiny bubbles pop to the surface, but there is no further activity.

He remains there for the longest time, perhaps to make sure the deed is done. It seems difficult for him to leave his sister, just as it was for me. My heart softens toward him as I slowly begin to realize we are nothing but pawns in a macabre dance of death and peace between two warring countries.

He looks up to see I am standing there observing him. His pride returns as he scowls at me before looking down at his sister. There is no further movement on her part.

He leaves her to swim to shore. I see a folded towel next to a set of clothes. I find it interesting his best man is nowhere around.

“What are you doing here?” the Prince demands resentfully as he starts to dry himself. “Are you here to witness the execution of the last of my family? I hope it satisfies your bloodlust!”

Is this sorrow I am actually feeling toward him? My manners return as I bow my head low. “Forgive my intrusion, Prince. I have no bloodlust. I have interrupted an intimate moment between you and your sister. I am sorry for your loss.”

He snorts derisively as he slips back into his clothes. “Save your sympathies for the wedding, Capree scum. I fully intend for there to be one more execution in the morning. This time it will be your handmaiden who will give up her head as a blessing toward our impending nuptials.”

I gasp, stiffening in horror. “You BEAST! You Bakir are all alike! All these deaths are not enough to quench your thirst? Must you crave even more?”

“My parents… my entire family… all dead, no thanks to you!”

“My family as well!” I spit back in disgust. “My nieces and nephews have become orphans because your people cannot get enough blood! They will grow up without a father and a mother! Two sets of parents are dead now and will never see their little ones grow up because of your precious Peace Accord!”

It all comes back to me, overwhelming me until I lose all control. I rush forward and beat in vain upon his chest… “I hate you – I hate you – I hate all Bakir!” Then I break down, sobbing for my family… sobbing over my only remaining friend Gabrielle who now seems destined to lose her head come morning.

He looks at me as though momentarily at a loss for words. Then he abruptly turns and walks away, leaving me alone to my tears. All I can do is wail with grief, my anguished cries drifting out over the tidal stakes while the submerged body of his departed sister remains secured to the post as the tide flows over the top of her.

It is a strange paradox. She is dead while I yet live. So why do I feel she is the lucky one?

After a few minutes I walk back to the hotel. But I pause as I observe a couple approaching the block upon the deck. There is paperwork in his hand, indicating an execution is about to take place.

They kiss each other tenderly. I am moved by their apparent love for each other. “Excuse me,” I murmur uncomfortably. “I will leave and grant you some privacy.”

“No,” the young woman says softly as she puts up a hand up to stop me. “Please stay and share this moment with us.”

My mind is on Gabrielle and the threat the Prince has promised. So I wordlessly accept their invitation with a solemn nod of my head. My heart thumps loudly in my chest when I consider this will be happening to my beloved handmaiden in the morning, beheaded by that filthy Bakir.

The young woman kneels and opens the trousers of her beloved. She takes his flaccid member and coaxes it into full hardness with her hands and tongue. It is not long until she has him in her mouth, moaning as though she has longed for this moment for a long time.

He thrusts gently, his hand upon the back of her head. Then he tips his head back and grunts as he releases his seed into her hungering mouth. He pulls out abruptly, allowing some of it to spill upon her face.

She rises up, only for him to unbutton her blouse. She is wearing no undergarments and her pale breasts are fully exposed. Then he ties her arms behind her back.

He helps her kneel in front of the block before pushing down on her head. She looks up at him with love, her chest heaving from her anxiety of the moment. Her nipples are noticeably erect from the illumination immediately surrounding the area of the deck. Clearly she is aroused.

I see him pause to admire her hanging breasts. Then he lifts the scimitar and measures his strike. “Good bye, my love,” he breathes softly as my heart catches in my throat.

“Goodbye, my darling,” she answers in reply. Then he brings the blade down…


Her head flies forward as her body instinctively rises up, blood gushing out of her neck. I inhale sharply, ashamed of the climax that suddenly washes disgracefully through my being. Then she topples over, her body spasming and jerking in its death throes.

He picks up the head and holds it so she can see her headless form writhing on the deck… that is, if she still has her sight. There is a wet spot in her skirt where she has pissed herself. Then he tenderly kisses her lips. Finally he shows her head to me so that I can see the tired expression of death in her features.

“She has… HAD an incurable disease,” he says by way of explanation. “She has always wanted me to behead her. It has been a fantasy of hers for a long time. I’m glad you were here to share this moment with us. I think it actually made things easier.” Then he offers her head to me saying, “Would you like to, uh…?”

I nod, a lump in my throat as I step forward. I accept the head from him and give it a thorough examination, imagining it belonging to my handmaiden. The tears well up in my eyes.

“Thank you for allowing me to share this moment with you. It was an honor.” Then I carefully hand the head back to him before telling him, “Now if you will excuse me, I must be going.”

“Certainly,” he nods kindly. He is still there with her when I turn and head back to the hotel. I have made my decision. I can only hope it will spare Gabrielle.

I walk straight to the front desk and get the information necessary for locating a certain room. It is the only option I feel I have left if I am to save my handmaiden. Then I ride the elevator to the appropriate floor, walking purposefully.

When I arrive at my destination I can’t help knocking hesitantly upon the door. “Enter,” a voice says from the other side. I open the door and step through.

Prince Osman is sitting on the bed and is none too happy to see me. “What are YOU doing here, Capree scum?”

I bow my head with deference, determined to sound contrite and submissive. “I am here to intercede for the life of my handmaiden, my Lord.”

“Oh?” he snorts in derision. “What, pray tell, do you have to offer me in exchange for her life?”

“This,” I tell him plainly. Then I slip out of my clothes, allowing them to fall to the floor, deliberately revealing my nakedness to him.

“I am here for you, my Lord,” I say in a quivering yet submissive voice. “You may take me here and now; do anything to me that you wish. I will not stop you nor resist you in any way.”

He looks at me in shock. Then he sees in my expression that I am in earnest. At that moment a wolfish grin appears on his face as he looks me over. It sends an erotic shiver rippling through me.

When I see the unbridled lust in his eyes I conclude that I will not last through the night. I fully expect him to have his way with me and then sacrifice me in the morning in exchange for Gabrielle’s life. I know I will only have his word on this. But I am willing to forfeit my life if it means my handmaiden will live.

I no longer care about the peace process. Perhaps both our countries are doomed to slaughter each other until no one is left alive. But I am no longer willing to sacrifice even one more of my loved ones, not if it will cost Gabrielle her life.

I am trembling like crazy, my nipples hard in fearful anticipation of the way he will soon treat me. But that is his right. I will submit if it means regaining the life of my handmaiden. Then he rises up from the bed and comes for me, his eyes lusting upon my quivering breasts.

Strangely I find myself becoming aroused…

12 Capree Whore

He throws me upon his bed, quickly shedding his attire. Then he is upon me, mauling my breasts in a feeding frenzy. I cannot help myself as I cry out instinctively, only to bite my lip in an attempt to silence myself.

His lips are all over me, his teeth biting and nipping at my soft flesh as he presses down upon my body. Then I feel his hardness press against my opening. I am about to be a virgin no longer.

He thrusts in hard as he brutally kisses me. I cry out into his mouth from the pain as the blood of my torn hymen stains his bed. Then he rapes me with no remorse whatsoever.

I try to blink the tears out of my eyes from the assault. I must yield and not resist as his hard member pounds me relentlessly. But I am surprised to find myself experiencing sensations of unexpected pleasure despite the cruel violation.

He is savage and brutal, taking me like an animal. A part of me actually relishes in it, for I believe it is my due after having executed all the members of my family. I cannot help myself and I begin to respond, wrapping my legs around his waist.

“Capree scum!” he gasps as he continues raping me. “Capree slut! You will not offer yourself to me! I will TAKE what I want!” Then he rams it in home.

It swells within me like a gathering wave of the sea that has been launched by a tsunami. He pounds me hard until it crests and breaks over me. Then I cry out as a shameful orgasm is raped out of me!

He roars with triumph as he deposits his seed deep inside me. “I KNEW it!” he proclaims. “You are nothing but a Capree whore!” Then he pulls out and roughly turns me over so he can take me from behind.

He is quickly back inside me… raping me… hurting me. I am humiliated that I am enjoying my punishment so much. There is no thought at all of my beloved Akiel to whom I was once betrothed before this all began.

The Prince glories in my suffering as he thrusts even harder. My face is mashed into the bed as I let out cry after muffled cry. He wants to hear my pain… wants to hear me respond to his brutal attack.

Another orgasm is forced out of my quivering body. Once more I shudder from a shameful pleasure. Then he pulls out of me before he positions his member at my other opening.

There is no time for protests, not that it would benefit me. He is insatiable. “Take THIS, Capree whore!” he cries out triumphantly.

I feel him violate my ass, the first time I have been penetrated there as well. The pain is tremendous, and I grunt into the bed as he rapes my tender rosebud. But I am only getting what I deserve, so I still do not resist.

I embrace the violation, my voice crying out “MORE… MORE… GIVE ME MORE… VIOLATE THIS WORTHLESS CAPREE SCUM! I AM NOTHING – GIVE ME MORE!” He pounds me harder as though determined to hurt me, to exhaust himself at my expense. Then it unexpectedly hits and I scream from a climax so massive that I cannot believe it.

The Prince lets out a roar as he leaves a second deposit, this one deep in my rectum. Then he collapses on the bed, bringing me down with him. The two of us pant heavily, his member remaining in my ass for a few moments before it softens and slips out.

“Clean yourself up!” he demands, tossing me off the bed. “Take a bath and then return!”

“Yes, my Lord,” I nod submissively.

My body is heavy with the sensations of forced pleasure. I feel as though I have just completed a physically draining combat training exercise with my handmaiden. But I cannot work up any tears over my mistreatment. I am almost numb, all cried out from the events of the past two days.

I draw a warm bubble bath before climbing into the deep tub, taking a washcloth in with me. I scrub the Bakir filth off my body and am soon feeling better. Then it occurs to me I could simply submerge below the surface and drown myself right now, ending my nightmare here on this island.

The revelation startles me and I find myself seriously contemplating the matter. For all I know the Prince will go back on his word and have Gabrielle beheaded anyway. This way I would not have to watch him take her from me.

It occurs to me he has not officially given me his word as to sparing her life. Is it possible I have done all of this for nothing? I am suddenly filled with despair until I slowly slip down into the tub as the water covers me.

I hold my breath, telling myself all I have to do is open my mouth and let the water in. It would be so easy. Bubbles slip out of my nose and past my lips as I struggle with my decision, my sinuses stinging. Then the decision is made for me when the Prince suddenly pulls me up by my hair.

“What is this?” he demands as I come up gasping. “Is the Capree scum trying to drown herself before our arrangement has been completed to my satisfaction? So be it, Capree whore!” and he forces my head back down in a flurry of bubbles. He laughs as he snarls, “Perhaps I will take you down to the tidal stakes so you can visit my dear sister!”

I bubble wildly, my body instinctively trying to live where moments ago I was contemplating death. He pulls me back up for a breath or two. Then he cruelly pushes me right back down.

I thrash about, my bubbles spewing everywhere as I struggle not to drown. What I was once considering mere moments ago I now cannot seem to make myself commit to. But if the Prince has his way I will soon tire and give in.

He lifts my head up out of the water until I cough and sputter. Then he climbs in with me, sitting me in his lap and impaling me with his hardened member. “NOW you can drown, Capree scum!” and he pushes me over backward below the surface.

I feel him inside me as he holds me down until I cry out in a froth of bubbles. It is frightening beyond belief as he rapes me in the large bathtub while savagely groping my breasts. Water sloshes everywhere as he thrusts into me while forcing my head to remain submerged.

He pulls me up for a quick breath and then cruelly pushes me right back down. I am certain I will not be allowed back up. Now he will fill me again with his seed as he sends me into the afterlife. At least I will be reunited with my family.

I feel him erupt inside me. Once more it triggers a shameful response on my part. I am devastated by a massive climax.

My body shudders as air spews freely out of my mouth. But before I can complete the process of drowning he jerks my head up out of the water. I gasp and sputter, astonished I still live.

I look into his eyes, expecting to see the triumph of a sadistic Bakir. But that is not the expression I see. Instead I witness a look of complete and utter horror on his face.

He pulls out of me and holds me at arm’s length as though seeing me for the very first time. It confuses me. Then I am shocked when I see tears well up in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry!” he gasps as though heartbroken. Then he embraces me tightly. I cannot believe the words coming out of his mouth as he starts to sob into my shoulder…

“No… no… this isn’t right… this cannot be… no… I love you, Capree Princess… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… this is not how a Bakir treats the one he loves… I’m so sorry…”

NO! This cannot be happening! I must not let it happen! But it is far too late for that. It has already happened.

I first felt it when I saw him forced to execute his parents. I tried to deny it when I saw how broken he was as he drowned his sister. It was a seed that stubbornly began to grown despite my best efforts to stomp it out.

I did not come up here to offer myself to him to save my handmaiden, although I did hope he would be merciful. And I did not come up here just to receive the punishment I deserved, although I accepted it in full measure. I came up here because of something far more disturbing.

I can no longer deny it. It is unfathomable. Our shared misery has had a profound effect upon me.

I am here because I love him.

The shame is overwhelming. But it begins to melt away as I am softened by the tears of a heartbroken Bakir. That is when my own tears flow unbidden as I too begin to sob into his shoulder…

2011; 2018 (written for Arachnid Dec 25 ’11; ed. Aug 26 ‘18 by riwa)

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