The perfect ending to a perfect day

She awakens to the sight of the windows growing lighter. The sun is coming up. The day of their anniversary has arrived.

She feels a shiver at the present she is planning to give her dada at the end of the day. It is unlike anything she’s ever given him before. It’s a big undertaking, and she wonders if she’s going to be able to go through with it.

Her pussy is still filled with his cream from the night before. She never bothered to get up and shower or go to the bathroom after they fucked. She simply fell asleep in his arms, happily satisfied.

She can’t resist as she finds his morning wood and slowly takes it into her mouth. It’s amazing after all this time how much she still loves oral. She takes him nice and deep which ends up waking him up.

He moans and stirs, perhaps in the middle of a wet dream. She slowly takes him all the way down her throat. He moans as he stirs again until his eyes slowly open to discover what his kitten is doing to him is even better than the dream he was having.

When she sees he’s fully awake she kicks it up a notch, hungrily gulping him down as she bobs up and down on his cock. She loves the way he twitches in her mouth. It’s such a thrill the way she can get him so aroused.

She cups his balls as she gives him a smoldering look. He tries to speak but can only get out another gasp. She moans with lust as she bobs up and down on his quivering manhood.

She recognizes the symptoms of his impending release and eases off, teasing him on this special morning. He groans in frustration, having been brought close to a release and then eased back down. She giggles as she goes back to bobbing up and down on his shaft.

She spends a few minutes like that, building him up and then easing him back down. He gasps and moans, his cock swollen in her mouth. Then she giggles as she lustfully takes him deep, gulping him down as she caresses his balls. This time she wants what’s contained in those fleshy sacs.

She moans as she sucks hungrily. He feels it swell once more, concerned she’s going to back off again to frustrate him. But this time she sucks him even faster until he passes the point of no return.

The next thing he knows he is spurting hard into her warm, hungry mouth. She groans happily, excited to receive his load. For the moment her plans for the evening are forgotten as she tends to his immediate needs.

She swallows his salty cum, careful not to miss a single drop. Then she kisses him deeply as they cuddle in each other’s arms. When she finally pulls away, she smiles knowingly at him.

“I think I need to clean up, dada. After all, today is going to be a very special day.” The thought reminds her of the present she is planning to give him later in the evening. It makes her shiver from a mixture of arousal and anxiety.

She climbs out of bed and goes into the shower. She washes the sex off her body from the night before. Once more her mind drifts to the plans she is making for dada for their anniversary together.

In a few minutes he steps naked into the shower with her. She smiles at him as she soaps him down. He takes the soap and rubs it all over her body, giving special attention to her breasts and crotch.

“Starting off the day by teasing me, kitten?” he challenges good-naturedly.

“Who me?” she giggles innocently. In response he grabs a handful of hair and pushes her face into the spray from the shower nozzle.

She lets out a squeal as he reaches down and rubs her crotch. “Naughty little kitten,” he growls. She cries out while getting a faceful of water.

She can feel how hard he’s become again. This time he wants to punish her for teasing him with her blowjob. She feels an erotic jolt as her sexual desires are reawakened.

He turns her around and kisses her hard. She moans into his mouth. Then he turns her face into the spray as he fingers her pussy.

She squeals again as she gasps with delight at his control over her. He turns her around and once more kisses her hard. Then it’s another punishing faceful of spray.

The soap in his hand rubs the crack of her ass. She feels an erotic shudder. Her passions for him have once more become fully inflamed.

He turns her around and kisses her deeply. Then it’s another faceful of spray. This time she feels his hardness push against her sphincter.

He pushes his way inside her ass as she gasps and moans. Then he bends her face down as he starts fucking her. She gasps and whimpers, loving the way he fills her ass while he is being controlling.

He pulls her head up, giving her more spray in the face. She gasps and sputters before her head is forced down and she is bent over. Then she gets harder thrusts up her ass.

She moans and cries out as he gropes and fondles her tits. He forces her head around to kiss her hard again. Then it’s another faceful of spray.

Her ass clenches around his dick as he fucks her. She cries out at the pleasure of a hot anal fuck in the shower on their anniversary. Then she feels him cumming inside her, and she shudders hard at the pleasure of getting dada off with her ass.

They kiss and cuddle as they clean up and dry each other off. Then they get dressed. From there it is off to a favorite restaurant for a light breakfast.

When they return, they adjourn to the couch for more kissing and cuddling. The lull in their day gives her a chance to think about her evening present. She trembles from a growing arousal as well as an understandable anxiety.

After a while she gets up to prepare a picnic lunch. She wants to spend some time with him down by the river. It’s always beautiful down there, and she wants to enjoy it one last time on this special day.

She’s bent over the counter making sandwiches when he comes up behind her. He nuzzles her neck as he reaches around to grope her breasts. She giggles and then moans as he hinders her picnic preparations.

“Hey; I’m trying to fix something to eat for lunch here!”

“Something to eat; that’s not a bad idea.” Then he lifts up her dress and begins to lick her pussy and ass, noticing she didn’t bother to put on any underwear.

She moans as she murmurs, “I can’t reach the mustard.” She shuffles to the right as he shuffles with her, continuing to lick her out. “Gawd!” she pants as she grabs the jar and tries to go back to the sandwiches.

In no time at all he has his pants down and his cock out. She lets out a cry as he pushes right into her dripping pussy from behind. She gasps and whimpers as he fucks her right there over the counter.

She tries to work on the sandwiches; she really tries. She finally puts the knife down and blurts out, “Oh FUCK!” Hands reach around to grope her tits as she pants like crazy, her vision blurring from the pleasure.

One hard thrust and she feels him cumming again. “Yes!” she cries out as her pussy clenches around his spurting manhood. Then he cuddles her from behind with his cock still inside her.

“A special cream for your lunch meat, dada?” she asks with a giggle. He turns her head and kisses her on the lips. Then he pulls out and allows her to finish fixing their lunch.

A little cleanup in the bathroom is necessary before she packs everything into a picnic basket. Then they walk down to the river and go for a stroll. She’s always loved this view. Now she wonders if it might be her last or whether she’ll get to see it again tomorrow.

They unpack the lunch and sit in the grass. A family of ducks waddle over, hunting for a morsel or two. So they give the moochers a few bites of bread from their sandwiches.

When the ducks learn there is no more to be had, they wander off. The loving couple kiss and cuddle again. She’s not sure how she feels at that moment, considering what the evening may hold. So she decides to enjoy their time together for what it is and to let the rest take care of itself.

They return to the house and spend the afternoon kissing, cuddling and napping. Then she goes and prepares herself a bath. They are going out to a fancy restaurant and she wants to look her best.

When the tub is full she gets in and soaks in the hot water, her thoughts on the evening ahead. Once more she trembles as she wonders if he will really like the present she has planned. She’s pretty certain he will, and it gives her erotic chills when she contemplates what might happen.

He joins her in the tub, and they start making out again. She strokes him into hardness and then climbs into his lap, impaling herself on his glorious member as they sit facing each other. Then she gently rides him as they cuddle and kiss some more. This time he does not cum, but neither one minds.

They dress and then it is off to the restaurant. The meal is perfect. For dessert the waitress comes out with a covered plate and presents it to her. The cover is lifted to reveal a diamond necklace he snuck into the hands of the waitress when they arrived.

She tears up with joy as the waitress helps her put it on. Then she kisses her dada deeply. Once more she is reminded just how much she adores him and is utterly devoted to him.

She trembles as she considers her anniversary present to him. Will he really like it? She hopes he will love it and will treasure it always.

Back home they can’t keep their hands off each other. Kissing and cuddling and making out threaten to get out of hand as they slowly undress each other. “Wait!” she finally gasps when they come up for air. “Now it’s time for your present!”

He looks at her curiously for a long moment. She giggles, “What; did you think I’d forgotten? Give me a minute, dada.” Then she disappears.

He waits as his cock softens. She’ll have to get it hard again for him. He decides he might have to punish her if she takes too long. Thing is: she’ll probably enjoy the punishment.

“Almost ready” comes an excited declaration. He feels an erotic jolt at the direction of her voice. If she’s in the playroom, chances are she’s planning something deliciously sexual.

“I’m ready! You can come in now!”

He jumps up, his heart racing. His cock is hard; he wants to enjoy a hot fuck with his kitten. He throws open the door, ready to take her sexually. Then he stops and stares in utter astonishment.

She’s all dressed up in sexy black lingerie with her breasts out and her pussy exposed and glistening. She stands on a stool with her arms cuffed behind her back. Dangling down from the hook in the ceiling where their sexual swing used to hang is a thick rope noosed around her neck just above the beautiful diamond necklace she’s wearing. The free end of the rope hangs by her side.

“Well, dada? Are you going to give me my flying fuck or not?”

He slowly walks up to her in amazement. His cock feels like it’s never been harder. This was something they’d playfully discussed many times before. But he never actually thought she would take it this far.

He grabs the rope and tugs on it experimentally. She gasps as it pulls her up on her toes in those insanely high heels. He pulls a little harder, and she’s nearly lifted up off the stool before he lets her back down.

She gasps for breath, but never bats an eye. “Well?” she asks in a trembling voice. “What are you waiting for?”

He takes her in with his eyes – the sexy lingerie; the erect nipples; the heaving chest; the dripping, glistening pussy. He never thought in his wildest dreams he would see her like this. And she seems dead-dog serious about it.

He takes the rope and steps up to her, pulling her up onto her toes. She doesn’t even hesitate. She lifts her legs up off the supporting stool, wraps them around his bare waist and then pulls him to her until his erection slides into her wet, hungering pussy.

He pulls on the rope as she rides him, listening to her sexy gurgles for breath as her pussy clenches around his throbbing member. He can’t believe what he’s experiencing. It’s a dream come true.

She gasps and grunts as her pussy squeezes and clenches, using her legs to lift herself up for her next breath. He pulls on the rope to cut off her air, allowing her pussy to do all the work. It feels absolutely incredible.

He prides himself on being able to hold off. But this time he simply can’t, not the way she’s clenching and spasming around his throbbing member as she rasps for breath. His cock empties itself inside her, causing her eyes to roll as her pussy spasms around his member in orgasm.

Her legs fall away and she hangs for a moment before he lets her down. His cream leaks down the inside of her thighs. Then he removes the noose, picks her up and carries her into the bedroom.

He frees her from the cuffs before climbing on top of her in the missionary position. This time it’s a long, languid fuck. The two kiss and cuddle as they come together in passionate lovemaking.

She finally asks, “Did you like it, dada?” There’s a faint flicker of worry in her expression.

“Princess, I loved it.”

“Take me then! Fuck me hard! Take me, dada!” And with that they begin a frenzied fuck that ultimately explodes in mutual orgasm.

He collapses on top of her as they pant heavily for breath. He tells her, “Best. Anniversary. Present. Ever!”

She smiles as she kisses him on the lips. Then she says, “Oh, I’m not done yet, dada.”

“You’re not?”

She shakes her head coyly as she climbs out of bed. He hears her cleaning up in the bathroom. Then she goes down the hall to the playroom.

He calls after her, “What; there’s more?”

Her voice responds, “The best part is coming up, dada.” So he waits for her as his cock stirs yet again.

“Ok,” she calls to him. “You can come in now.”

He gets out of bed and goes into the playroom. This time she’s completely naked except for the diamond necklace around her throat. The noose has been strung back up to dangle above the stool.

“What’s this?” he asks curiously.

“My final present to you,” she breathes. Then she kisses him deeply.

“Final present?”

“Well, that’s up to you, dada. But I really hope you’ll take full advantage of my offer.”

“What offer is that, kitten?”

“To let me hang for you, of course. I want to hang while watching you masturbate.”

“Princess???” He’s absolutely stunned.

She smiles as she sees the look of astonishment on his face. Right away she notices his hardening cock twitching as it starts to drip precum. She suspected a growing erection might be his response to her declaration to hang for him. Now she’s fully committed, and it both scares and excites her.

“I saw how hard you became when you first came into the playroom and saw me all noosed up, dada. I know how much you enjoyed giving me that flying fuck. Now I want to hang for you.”

“Are you serious, Princess?” His heart hammers in his chest. For the first time since her entrance into his life, he truly does not know what he wants to have happen at this very moment.

“I want to dance for you, dada. I want to watch your cock spurt during my hanging. Then I want to feel your cock up my ass one last time… a loving fate for a kitten like me.”

“Princess, are you certain??”

“As certain as I’ll ever be, dada.” Then she steps forward and kneels before him.

“As the condemned, I’m entitled to a last request, am I not?”

“I s-suppose.”

“Then I want to taste you in my mouth one last time. As your loving kitten, it’s only fitting.” And with that she slowly takes him between her lips.

She moans hungrily as she worships his cock. She runs her tongue all around it, memorizing the feel of it in her mouth. Right now she’s a little anxious over the decision she’s made. She’s also incredibly horny.

She cups his balls as she deep-throats his cock. Then she stops before he can ejaculate. She stands up and kisses him tenderly one last time before telling him, “No, dada. Cum on my stomach as I hang for you. I want to wear your cream as I die for you.”

She goes over to a table and retrieves the cuffs lying there. She walks over to the stool and tentatively climbs on in her bare feet, hanging onto the noose for support. Then she smiles at him.

“I’ve wanted to do this for you from the first time I saw you masturbating to those hanging photos. I’ve chosen a nice, thick noose so I can kick a long time for you, dada. I really hope you like it.”

She reaches up and carefully loops the noose around her throat. She has to stretch upward as she set it high and a little tight. By the time she gets it snugged with the knot near her left ear her pussy is dripping like crazy.

She shows him the cuffs before deliberately cuffing one wrist. She draws her arms behind her back and clatches the other one, securing her arms together. Then she takes a deep breath to steady her nerves.

“This is for you, dada,” she pants with growing fear and excitement. “This is for both our fantasies. Remember to buttfuck me one last time while I’m dangling. It would be great if I’m still alive when you do it. I love you so much. Happy anniversary, dada.” Then she steps off the stool, kicking it away behind her.

She was worried she might have miscalculated as she drops. Her feet flutter as the noose takes her full weight. But she soon discovers she set the length of the rope just right. Her toes flutter a mere four inches above the hardwood floor.

Her feet curl as her legs start to kick. The noose begins to hurt as she struggles to breathe. Then panic sets in.

She wonders what the hell she was thinking about when she committed to this as her legs fly. Then she sees him grab onto his cock and start to stroke. She feels an erotic jolt watching him masturbate to her hanging.

Her legs scissor for the floor; it’s so damned close! She rasps and jerks as she thrusts her chest out, showing off her breasts. That’s when she sees him cup his balls as he strokes his cock harder.

It hurts like hell, yet it fills her with an incredible arousal. Her mind cries out, “YES – YES – YES! This is how your kitten dies for you!” Then she feels it swell inside her.

She thrusts her hips out as she rasps and gurgles. It’s almost as though she’s trying to reach out and fuck that cock he’s stroking. She can almost feel it inside her even now. Then she feels the heat of an intense orgasm that shakes her to her core as she bucks and jerks in the noose.

She sprays the floor with her cum. It astonishes her; she’s never been a squirter before. When she sees him stroking his cock even harder, she finds the strength to kick up her legs again.

He jerks his meat at the incredible sight before him. A part of him wants to take her down. Yet he fears this might offend her if he spoils the present she wants to give him. And he has to admit: it’s one hell of a present!

Seeing her cum in the noose nearly sets him off. She dangles from exhaustion, and he pants for breath as he strokes even harder. When she starts to fight the noose again, he moves closer.

She had no idea anything could hurt so bad. Yet it’s nothing compared to the eroticism of seeing him approach. She tries to kick a little more, but her strength finally leaves her.

Her tongue protrudes out of her mouth as drool spills down onto her erect nipples. Then he steps forward, eagerly stroking. A moment later her tummy is splattered by his hot seed.

She quivers with excitement, thrilled she got to see his cock spurt. Then she feels him step behind her. She feels his hands reach around to grope her tits as he thrusts his cock hard up her butt. He always was one to stay hard when he was really aroused.

She jerks at the painful penetration. Then she shudders as her body quivers from yet another exquisite orgasm. This is truly the way a kitten like her should die – at the hands of her beloved dada with a noose around her throat and a cock up her ass.

The pain does not hurt so much now. She is dimly aware of his cock filling her ass. But soon she can’t feel anything below her chest. Then her senses spiral away until she no longer feels anything at all.

He pumps her ass, excitedly mauling her tits with his hands. He can feel her clenching involuntarily. Then he feels sometime warm trickling down his legs. Her bladder has loosened, releasing a little pee.

He thrusts hard up her butt, enjoying the sight of the noose around her neck. He gasps as he thrusts harder and faster. Then with a roar he pumps her full of his hot seed.

He pants as he slowly pulls out, some of his cream leaking out of her ass. Then he comes around front. Her eyes are glazed over, her tongue bleeding from having bitten into it as drool splatters off her breasts.

He steps up to her, tenderly kissing and cuddling her. He softly tells her how awesome her anniversary present was and that he’ll never forget it as tears well up in his eyes. Then he steps back to take a long look at her, admiring her naked, dangling corpse.

The necklace looks so lovely against her skin. She looks so beautiful hanging there… so unbelievably sexy. It’s so arousing that he decides he has to masturbate again.

Once more he begins to stroke, his eyes roaming every inch of her naked body. The noose cuts into her neck in stark contrast to the diamond necklace hanging around her throat. Her nipples are still hard on her full breasts, her pussy dripping from her many cums while she was hanging. It isn’t long until he’s spurting a second load onto her belly.

It’s the perfect ending to a perfect day…

© 2017 (written Sep 19 ’17 by riwa)

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  1. Silent Thoughts says:

    I have been a fan of yours for some time… silently visiting from time to time in order to enjoy the stories you post. But after reading this most recent post I could not help but leave a comment. It is exquisite; your story is a tantalizing fantasy. I enjoyed it very much, and I look forward to future stories.

    Particularly anything that involves a beautiful, giving woman so willing to climb up on that stool, drop the noose around her neck and enjoy her moments as her dada enjoys it as well… i can only imagine how wonderful that butt would have felt in that moment. And i will continue to imagine it until your next tale.

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    • riwa says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Always nice to get feedback from a fan. Thank you.

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