The witness

A short, bonus story today.

Tony’s lawyers kept delaying the trial until we finally tracked down their star witness to a penthouse apartment. Two officers were watching over her, trying to keep her safe. Leanne O’Neill was Tony’s girlfriend and had witnessed him brutally executing that bookie as well as ordering two other hits.

Mikey and I staked out the penthouse until we figured out the routine of the inhabitants inside. When the time was right we made our move. We went inside and easily took down both officers with our silencers.

Leanne started to scream until I pointed my weapon at her head. “Make another sound, bitch, and I’ll put one right between your eyes.” She whimpered as she dutifully shut her mouth.

We knew about the hot tub in the private alcove outside. When I found a wooden chair I began to formulate a delicious plan to take care of her. I gave Leanne a sinister smile as I sent Mikey out to the car and fetch the blue rope we had stashed away out there.

She looked at me in alarm when he returned with the rope. I told him to watch the place and make sure we weren’t disturbed. Then I took Leanne outside with chair and rope in my hands.

I slammed the chair down. Then I pointed it out to her. “Sit down, bitch!” I hissed at her.

She sat down as she blurted out, “I’m not going to testify, Bruno; you know that! They can’t make me testify!”

“You bitches will say anything to save your skin,” I hissed at her as I started tying her to the chair.

“Bruno, you know I love Tony! You’ve got to tell him that! I swear; I wasn’t going to testify or anything!”

“How come you went to the cops, Leanne?”

“I didn’t go to the cops. Someone else made that call?”

“Who could have made it, Leanne? You were the only one there.”

“Bruno, I swear I’m not going to testify!”

I know you’re not,” I told her with a sneer. Then I went over and turned on the hot tub jets before telling her, “Isn’t Thursday your day to come out here for a soak?”

She turned her head and looked at me in shock. “How did you know that?” In reply I just tipped her chair back as I began working her over to the edge of the bubbling hot tub.

I got her right to the edge. Then I hung the front legs of the chair over the side of the tub. She let out a cry before I told her to shut the hell up.

She gasped and whimpered, begging me not to do it. “I know you normally like to soak with very little clothes on, Leanne. There’s no time to let you change into a bikini. But I can do this for you instead.”

I ripped open her white blouse and exposed her breasts. Then I gave them a savage grope. They were good tits; I understood why Tony liked her so much. It was too bad there just wasn’t enough time for anything else.

She cried out as I made her teeter on the edge of the hot tub. “Time for you to suck some water, Leanne.” Then I began to swing her off the edge.

She let out a scream before I forced her face down into the jetting hot tub. Bubbles came up that I know belonged to her. Tony felt betrayed and didn’t want me to go easy on her. So I didn’t.

I pulled her head up for a breath. She came up gasping and coughing. Water streamed off her face as some of those blonde strands got in her eyes.

“You knew better, bitch. Tony trusted you. Hell, I think he really loved you. And you fucking betrayed him!”

“I didn’t, Bruno; I swear I didn’t!” I just shoved her head back down. Bubbles came up as I held her in place, making her suck water.

I pulled her head up out of the water again. She coughed and sputtered once more. Then she cried out, “Bruno; please! I’ll do anything!”


“Anything, Bruno! I’ll do anything you want!”

“Even fuck me, Leanne?” I asked as I savagely groped her exposed mounds.

She gasped and whimpered as her nipples hardened. Then she nodded as she blurted out, “Yes, Bruno; I’ll fuck you! I’ll do anything you want! Please don’t drown me!”

I must admit I actually thought about it… for about a second and a half. I figured the bitch would be a good lay. But I was angry at the way she’d betrayed Tony. And now she was offering to betray him again.

“That’s what I thought, bitch!” and I flipped her chair over backwards. She ended up on her back at the bottom of the hot tub spewing bubbles. Then I shut the jets off so I could watch her suffer.

I stood there and watched for several seconds. Then I pulled her back up so she was almost sitting upright in the chair. She gasped and sputtered, coughing moisture out of her mouth.

“Bruno; I’ll do anything! Please don’t drown me! I don’t want to drown! I love Tony; you know that!”

“You love your own skin, bitch! I’m going to enjoy watching you drown!” Then I flipped her chair over until she was floating face down.

She struggled in the chair, causing it to shake back and forth. Her hair billowed around her head. I saw a burst of bubbles that made me smile with pleasure.

I heard a bubbly scream that was followed by a huge eruption of bubbles. Then she was shaking in the chair, hitching and bobbing in the water. There were little bursts of bubbles up at the surface, making her hair fluff and flow.

For a moment she really thrashed about in the chair. Then she began to settle down. There were a few more bursts of bubbles. Then she was still.

The water became peaceful as I stood there watching. I saw a few small bubbles pop to the surface through her flowing strands. Then her hair hung down as she floated quietly.

“I’ll pass on the message to Tony you’ve decided not to testify, Leanne.” Then I got out of the water. I went inside to find Mikey who was sitting there reading a magazine. At least he was wearing gloves.

He looked up to see me. He frowned as he noticed the condition I was in. “What the hell happened to you?”

“I got a little wet.”

“Where’s Leanne, Bruno?”

“I left her soaking in the hot tub. We can go now.” And with that he put down the magazine and got up before we both headed for the door.

2018 (written Oct 10 ’18 by riwa)

Vidcaps are from a waterbondage clip and are used for illustration purposes.)

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  1. mk111211 says:

    Great job as usual. Like the pics too.

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    • riwa says:

      I liked the pics as well and wanted to write a short story around them. Glad you enjoyed it.

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