Victor’s Guillotine 13


My dream turned out to be far more erotic than the real thing. We weren’t down in the guillotine room more than a minute before Richard whispered to me he wasn’t feeling well. So I took pity on him and took him back upstairs.

Joyce and Sybil came up a couple minutes later. They were thoughtfully concerned about our guest. Richard apologized, telling them he was having a reaction in his stomach. He didn’t know whether it was mental or physical and for them to go on ahead without him.

“You can go back down, Julie. I think I’ll be all right. I don’t want to spoil your fun. Maybe I can catch a cab back to my hotel.”

My first thought was how Dorothy would want me to take care of him. So I offered to drive him back. I even told him I would explain everything to James so he wouldn’t have to worry about it.

He tried to encourage me to stay and enjoy myself. Lorraine even offered to drive him back for me. But I felt responsible for him and told her I would take him back to the hotel myself. She told me she would save some meat from Dorothy for me to take to James along with a couple of nice cuts for myself.

Richard was rather subdued the whole trip back. I told him I hoped he enjoyed himself and not to worry too much about what happened. He apologized again, telling me he first thought it was going to be ok until it started to boomerang back on him.

When I got him back to the hotel I offered to stay and spend some time with him. He thanked me, but said he was going to take something for his indigestion before taking a nap. Again he apologized for ruining my afternoon.

I told him he’d done no such thing. I said he gave Dorothy one hell of a send-off and not to feel bad about it at all. Then I kissed him goodbye.

By then it was getting late. The whole afternoon had kind of turned south on me. Besides, James needed to be told. So I drove over and gave him the bad news.

He turned out to be pretty understanding, more than I anticipated. He said he’d expected something like this was going to happen to his wife someday. When I explained how Richard had reacted he told me he wasn’t sure he would have taken it any better. But he held no ill will toward me, and he wasn’t the least bit upset Richard was shagging Dorothy the moment the blade took her head.

I drove on home as the day was getting late. I had just walked in the door when Renard called. He told me a bunch of the women rode the guillotine right after we left. But they had quit when Dorothy’s meat was ready for eating.

He said they probably stopped at just the right time. By then the timer had reached the hour mark. He admitted things were getting pretty harrowing, especially when Joyce and Sybil talked about riding the bloody thing again and again. He wasn’t sure if Victor wanted an extra body to deal with after cooking Dorothy and was glad they stopped when they did.

He apologized for not riding along with me when I took Richard back to his hotel. He asked how he was taking it and I told him about as well as could be expected. Then I told him James held no animosity toward any of us for Dorothy’s beheading and that he was looking forward to some of her meat.

I told him James told me there was no bloody way he was going to tell the kids where that meat came from. He was going to have to make something up to explain what had happened to their mother. He hoped one day he could tell them the truth and maybe they would be able to understand.

I told him I could come back and pick up the meat to take to James as well as the portion Lorraine said they would reserve for me. Renard told me that wasn’t necessary. He said he would swing by on his way home and drop it off.

True to his word, he came by late that evening with my portion as well as the portion for James. He stayed for a few minutes and we chatted about things. Then he asked if he could take me out sometime. I told him that would be great as I’d grown rather fond of him.

The next day I called James at work and told him I had some of Dorothy’s meat. He said he would swing by to pick it up. He also told me the kids were confused why their mum had not come home.

After work James came over and got his meat. That night Renard came over and I fixed him a plate of Dorothy along with some vegetables. We decided she tasted pretty damned good.

We went out three more times over the next couple of weeks. We even started talking about Victor’s next party. He told me he wasn’t sure he wanted to become intimately involved with another girl only to lose her to the guillotine. I chuckled as I told him that was the chance he was going to have to take since the thing could be so bloody addicting.

He told me he’d heard from Prudence and that she wanted to get back together with him. He wanted me to know that in case I ever heard from her. He said he told her that ship had sailed and that he was interested in seeing me now. He said she didn’t take it very well.

All this time I was having dreams about riding Victor’s guillotine. In many of them I dreamed Richard was there, having stayed to enjoy the show instead of me taking him back to his hotel. In fact the more I dreamed about it, the more Richard seemed to take an active part.

Whenever I dreamed of someone losing her head it was always Richard who was shagging her. He was even fucking me when I dreamed the blade fell and took my head. It was the same dream where Sybil lost hers while he was shagging her too. It made me wonder what Victor would do if he ever ended up with two extra bodies to roast.

I guess it was my subconscious desire Richard could have handled sticking around to enjoy watching us ride the guillotine again. I wish he would have not had indigestion when I took him back to his hotel. Maybe if he would have been feeling better I might have given him a goodbye shag.

Renard and I went out Friday night for drinks and dancing. When he brought me home we spent the evening shagging our asses off. Then he told me there was going to be another barbecue party in a couple of weeks. But Victor and Lorraine were going to be out of town tomorrow so we could have Saturday all to ourselves. I told him I was looking forward to spending it with him.

I awoke Saturday morning thinking of taking a ride in the guillotine again. Would I want to take a chance, especially after losing my friend Dorothy? The idea of Renard fucking me until I lost my head gave me such an erotic thrill.

I got ready to spend a nice Saturday with Renard. The knock on the door told me he was earlier than he said he was going to be. Imagine my surprise when I opened it, only to see it wasn’t Renard.

Prudence and her friend Wayne stood there smirking at me. I stiffened in alarm. “What do you want?”

“Is Renard here yet?”

I looked at her in confusion. How did she know Renard was coming over to see me? Had she talked to him again?

“It’s none of your business,” I replied. “I thought you two were finished.”

“Not quite. Wayne wants to help me give him a special present.” That’s when I saw she’d been hiding a white cloth behind her back in her other hand the entire time.

I let out a cry as I tried to run. But it was too late. They grabbed me and the bitch smothered my face with it until the noxious fumes put my lights out.

When I regained consciousness I found myself rolling around in the boot of a vehicle. My wrists and ankles were tied and my mouth was gagged. I grunted indignantly, but to no avail.

The car came to a stop and I heard a couple of car doors slam. Then the boot was opened. Prudence and Wayne looked down on me with gleeful menace in their eyes.

“Bring her in, Wayne. We’re going to set up Renard’s special present downstairs.” Then he pulled me out, tossed me over his shoulder and carried me to the door.

It only took a moment for me to identify where we were. We were back at Victor’s mansion. That’s when I felt a stab of fear along with a perverse arousal.

I grunted in growing alarm, a lump in my throat as Prudence let us in. Wayne carried me to the stairs with Prudence in the lead. “Daddy needs some meat for his next barbecue,” she proclaimed with a smile. “So you’re going to be nice bitch and help us out by volunteering.”

My eyes flew open in horror. I shook my head as they hauled me all the way downstairs and turned on the lights. Then we entered the guillotine room. I felt an erotic jolt of fear in the pit of my gut when I set eyes on it.

“Let’s get her strapped down, Wayne. Then you can enjoy what her pussy will feel like clenching like crazy when her head is cut off.” Her friend seemed enthusiastic about finding out.

I let out muffled grunts of horror as they stripped me out of my clothes. It was humiliating the way they strapped me down naked to the bascule. I felt a horrific jolt of fear and arousal when my head was locked down in the lunette, the stained wicker basket waiting below to catch my severed skull.

Prudence seemed to enjoy taunting me. “Let’s see; what’ll we set it for? I know. Let’s set it at zero and see how long it takes for you to lose your head, bitch.” Then she cackled as she started the program. On the monitor I saw the numbers start to count… 00:01… 00:02… 00:03… 00:04.

I whimpered into the gag in my mouth as Prudence came back and slapped my ass. Then she fingered me. It was humiliating as hell considering how wet I had become.

“Damn, Wayne. She’s nice and wet for you. Give her your cock, baby. Show her how nice and big it is. In fact, why don’t you come around front and fuck her mouth first so she can see what you’re going to stick inside her nice, juicy fuck-hole?”

He came around and showed me how big his dick was. Then Prudence leaned over and removed the gag from my mouth. “It’s such a tasty dick, bitch. I ought to know as I’ve felt it many times before. So I know you’re really going to enjoy it, especially when it’s inside you the moment the blade comes down.”

“Prudence, don’t you fucking dare!” That’s all I got out before he thrust his cock into my mouth. It filled me to the point of almost gagging me.

He thrust good and hard while she sadistically urged him on. “She’s going to cum so hard for you, Wayne. Let’s see how many orgasms she has before she loses her head.”

I was both frightened and aroused like you wouldn’t believe. Wayne thrust into my mouth until she told him he needed to fuck the best part of me. So he pulled out and walked around behind me.

I sputtered, “Prudence, why don’t you ride it if you love it so damned much?”

“Oh this isn’t for me, bitch. This is for Renard and daddy, remember? Daddy gets a roaster and Renard gets your head to put on his dining room table to enjoy while you’re digesting nicely in his stomach. He said he wanted to see you, right? This way he’ll get to see you every bloody day.”

I felt another erotic jolt at her words. Then Wayne found my pussy and pushed his way inside. His size made me gasp and whimper as he filled me.

“Doesn’t he feel wonderful? I promised him a clenching pussy. I also told him you would probably cum several times before the blade fell. Besides, I want to see how many times he can cum inside you.”

I couldn’t believe how much his bloody cock filled me. I felt a flush of incredible fear as well as an intense excitement. My arousal was off the charts considering how serious she sounded about making sure I lost my head.

I frantically gasped, “Prudence, you’ll never get away with this!”

“Oh yes I will. By the time Renard figures things out, you’ll be up in daddy’s freezer. Everybody’s going to enjoy eating you at the next barbecue.”

“Prudence, you don’t… you bloody well… unngghhhh!”

Wayne really gave it to me good. My pussy clenched greedily around his shaft as he slid in and out. It was hard to have a conversation with the bitch while he was fucking me the way he was. Besides, that timer on the monitor kept ticking my life away, giving me the shivers something fierce.

My first orgasm hit at 16:04. I shuddered hard as I cried out. By then Prudence had stripped out of her clothes and was touching herself while enjoying the sight of her boyfriend shagging me in the guillotine.

“Damn, Wayne! That looked like a good one! She’s going to have a ton of orgasms before the basket catches her head!”

I couldn’t believe his staying power. He finally thrust hard at 19:00. Then I felt his hot seed in my pussy, which set me off again.

I shouldn’t have been surprised the way Prudence got a little jealous. So she had Wayne come around front. Then she got on her knees and sucked him right in front of me as the timer kept right on going.

Wayne was a little concerned he might miss the moment the blade would fall. “Oh don’t worry,” Prudence reassured him with a sly wink. “I think we’re ok for a good thirty minutes or so… well maybe not.” Then she gave me a knowing grin.

She made him fuck my face again. I grunted as my mouth was filled with cock. The whole time I kept trying to follow the time on the monitor, gagging on his dick as my body trembled like crazy.

Wayne pulled out, went around back and pushed his cock back into my cunt. I whimpered as he really gave it to me good for a second time. Prudence laughed as she rubbed herself, telling me how hot I looked getting fucked with my head locked down ready to fall into the basket below.

The timer kept rolling along, blissfully ignorant of my plight as it passed 25:00… 30:00… 35:00. Just for fun Prudence took a couple of pictures of me on her iPhone. “Something for Renard to enjoy,” she said with a sadistic chuckle. Then she mashed her wet pussy up against my face. It was humiliating as hell.

Wayne let out a cry as he thrust good and hard. I cried out from my third orgasm as the timer hit 38:41. Was she really going to push this all the way to the end?

Wayne fucked me nice and slow, his cock staying semi hard. Prudence kept taunting me, further goading me in my helplessness and humiliation. Occasionally I tried to talk her out of what they were planning on doing to me. But she just laughed in my face.

“Imagine Renard’s surprise when he finds out you decided to meet him down here in the basement instead, locking yourself in the guillotine and setting the timer for his pleasure. I wonder what he’ll say when he finds you with your head cut off.”

“You bitch! Get m-me out of here!”

“Hunh – unh. You’ve got more orgasms to enjoy before your time is up.”

She went around behind me to her boyfriend until I felt someone slapping my ass. I was pretty sure it was her. Then I think she reached under and rubbed my nub. The whole thing was so humiliating that I came all over again at the 49:00 mark. She thought that was bloody erotic.

How long was it going to take before the blade fell? Did Renard even know where I was?? What did he think when he showed up to my place and discovered I wasn’t there? Did he wonder if I’d blown him off?

Would he come looking for me? What if he did and he was too late to save me?? My heart pounded in my chest, the fear and excitement giving me the shakes until I didn’t know whether the blade would get me or if I would suffer from a heart attack first.

While she was back there with Wayne I heard her iPhone go off. Then I heard her voice. “Hey, look at this! Renard’s on his way over! Maybe he liked the pictures I sent and wants to join in on the fun of shagging you until you lose your head! Too bad he’ll never get here in time.” Then she laughed again.

She came around front and smiled down at me. “I think Wayne should try that ass of yours, bitch. What do you say? Want to go out in a blaze of glory with his cock up your bum?”

“P-Prudence, stop it!”

“You hear that, Wayne? It sounds like she really wants you up her ass! I guess you’d better give it to her good!”


He pulled out of my pussy before I felt him pry my cheeks open to have a look. He spit into my hole until I winced with shame. Then I felt the tip of his cock push up against my sphincter.

I grimaced as he forced himself all the way in until it hurt. Prudence told me to hold on because I was in for quite a ride. She promised it was going to feel so much better in just a couple minutes. Then he started fucking my ass, giving it to me good and hard.

I gasped and moaned as the timer raced toward 1:00:00. How much time did I have left before the blade fell? Would it come down soon? Or would I have to suffer the agony of waiting a few more minutes, not knowing when my time would be up? How long would it be after I had been beheaded before Renard showed up to haul my headless corpse upstairs to the freezer?

Prudence lifted my head up and looked into my eyes as Wayne thrust in and out of my ass. I moaned and whimpered at the size of him inside me. “That must feel real good, am I right? Does it feel better than Renard’s cock up your bum? Has he shagged your ass yet?” Then she lifted up the wicker basket below me, laughing while telling me it was ready and waiting to catch my head.

Wayne had amazing staying power. The timer went past 1:05:00… and then approached 1:10:00. I whimpered anxiously, wondering how close I was to the big moment.

“Fuck her pussy and her ass, baby” Prudence declared sadistically. Wayne pulled out and fucked my pussy several times. Then he pulled back out and slid right back into my bum. I winced and moaned as it swelled within me until I cried out yet again in orgasm at 1:13:37.

I panted weakly for breath, but he just kept fucking me. Prudence looked down at me and grinned. “You looked like you bloody well enjoyed that last one, bitch.”

She pushed her cunt to my lips and made me taste her again. It was humiliating the way she humped my face. She blocked my vision of the monitor so I didn’t know how much time I might have left.

Wayne suddenly cried out as he thrust good and hard up my ass. “Fuck the bitch!” Prudence called out with sadistic glee. Then she really mashed her cunt against my face.

I had no idea of the time as Wayne went off with a load up my bum. Then Prudence flooded my face with her fluids. I let out a muffled cry as I climaxed shamefully, panting for breath when she pulled away while wondering how much time I had left.

“Make her taste it!” Prudence declared with sadistic glee. He pulled his cock out and came around front as she went around back. He shoved his dick down my throat and I was forced to taste the tang of my ass on his cock with abject humiliation. Meanwhile the bitch fucked my pussy with her fingers until I was writhing and grunting shamefully.

Prudence urged Wayne to come back around. “Better stick your dick in her and keep it there, baby. The blade is liable to fall any minute now.” Then he came away until I saw the timer on the monitor at 1:22:18. Oh bloody hell!

My heart was beating so fast I could hardly catch my breath. Prudence came back around front to watch my expression as Wayne pushed his semi-hard dick back up my cunt. I couldn’t stop clenching, and I shamefully helped him harden right back up again.

Prudence looked at the time on the monitor and then smiled at me. “Feeling lucky, bitch? How much longer do you think you can go? When-oh-when is the blade going to fall, hmm?” And with that I found myself cumming all over again.

I heard Wayne commenting how I kept clenching as he shagged me, my terror intensifying. “Anything for you, baby!” the bitch called out cheerfully. I glanced at the timer again – 1:28:41. I whimpered as I shivered with erotic dread.

I gasped and moaned as I lay there trembling, wondering how much time I had left. Was it minutes… seconds maybe?  Surely the blade would come rushing down at any moment.

I was almost paralyzed with fear as I felt another orgasm swelling within me. Bloody hell; all these cums were going to kill me! Where the hell was Renard? Was my place too far away for him to get here in time??

At that moment I thought I heard a door slam somewhere upstairs. Then we all heard Renard’s voice call out, “Prudence? Are you downstairs? Julie, are you down there?”

I was breathless as I tried to call out, “Help me, Renard! The timer’s at 1:31:00!” But I was too weak to call out loud enough because I don’t think he heard me.

We heard his voice at the top of the stairs… “Prudence? You’d better be getting her out of that guillotine right now if you know what’s good for you!” She just laughed as she hollered back, “You’d better hurry!” Then she told Wayne to fuck me good and hard while he still had the chance.

I heard footsteps pounding down the stairs. Then I saw the timer pass 1:32:00. I took a deep breath before loudly crying out, “Hurry, Renard!”

“Julie?? Is that you?”


Prudence furiously masturbated as she called to the stairwell, “You got here sooner than I thought, Renard. If you hurry you just might be able to – AUGH!”

She jumped with a start at about the same time I felt a sharp pain slice right through my neck. I tried to scream but nothing came out. The timer froze at 1:32:17 as my world tumbled.

I heard Renard’s voice as he came into the room… “Prudence, what did you – bloody hell!” Then my vision changed as my head was lifted up out of the wicker basket. The bitch actually kissed my quivering lips before turning my head around to face Renard.

“Look what I got for you! Do you like my present? I think she’ll look lovely on your dining room table, don’t you?”

I got a glimpse of my naked body spasming in its bindings. I heard Wayne gasp as he cried out, “Bloody hell; she’s really clenching!” Renard turned as though he was going to slug him a good one. Then Prudence laughingly called out, “Here; catch!”

My head flew through the air until Renard caught me. He turned me and held my head so he could look at my face. I could see a look of regret in his eyes as everything started to fade all around me. Then I was aware of nothing at all as the pain in my neck went away…

(Jul 12 ’18)

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    Is there more to come, or is this the end ?

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      There will be a last chapter that will come later this month.

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        Great I look forward to reading it. Hope Prudence gets her just deserts

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